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Brevities. Among those recently reported wounded is Gunner T. C. Broad, R.F.A., of Pen- cader. Mrs. Hughes, wife of Mr. Spencer Leigh Hughes, M.P., has died at 57, St George s- road, S.W. Cribyn, in Cardiganshire, is said to have a record number of soldiers for an agri- cultural district, nearly sixty having joined the colours. Proclamation of the Wt!'sh National Eisteddfod 'to be held at, Birkenhead in 1917 took place at Cannon Hill, Birken- head Park, on Saturday. The Prince of W ales' national relief fund has reached a total of £ 5,909,097. Of that sum C3,318,000 has been allocated to date for distribution for relief. The National Union of Rai?waymen has declared for railway nationalisation, on the ground that private ownership is no longer compatible with social progress. It was announced at the annual meeting of the North Wales Baptist College that Dr. Owen Davies, one of the College tutors, had resigned after fifty years ser- vice. The Rev. the Hon. W. Talbot Rice, vicar of Swansea, has been appointed to a prebendary stall at St. David' Cathedral, consequent on the death of Principal Bebb Lampeter. The War Office h-as issued instructions that boys under seventeen are to be dis- charged from the army and boys over seventeen and under nineteen are to be placed in thQ reserve In the Court of King's Bench. on Satur- day, Mr. Justice Horridge said, "I have not much sympathy with people who give too long credit. They manufacture debtors for this Court." A cheque intended "to be devoted to some object dear to the teacher's heart" v^-ii-a s y,ef t!y were presented to Mr. YVilliam Edwards, M.A., chief inspector for the Central Welsh Board at Cvfarthfa on Saturday At the meeting of the Royal Patriotic Fund Corporation in London last week •j S>r\Fl*her' MP- who presided, said that the last pensioned survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade died on the previous day. His name was Thomas Warr. The Central Control Liquor Board, who are acquiring licensed premises in Carlisle and district, have already made a com- mencement with their scheme and work- men are busily engaged in transforming the old Post Office into a modt4: refreshment house. Since the outbreak of war the number of decorations awarded to warrant officers, non-commissioned officers, and men is as follows :V.C" 86; military cross, 130: D.C.M., 6,150; military medals. 1.700. The decorations to commissioned officers are not included. The report of the National War Savings Committee shows that 325,677 of the 15s 6d war savings certificates were sold during the week ending on June 10th ad that the aggregate number of certificates sold up to that date was 4,214.902. The sales for the week amounted to £ 325,677. The Prince of Wales recently visited a number of the advanced burial grounds on the front in France and was much inter- ested in the arrangements made to give effect to the decision of the French to pro- vide permanent resting places for British officers and men who have fallen on French soil. At an inquest at Southampton on Sarah McAlpine, the husband stated that ten days ago she took a tissue paper packet from a drawer and threw it en the fire. It contained L130 in notes, which he had saved. The mistake greatly upset her and on Thursday he found her hanging from the ceiling. Prizes to the value of £10,000 were offered at the seventv-seventh show of the Royal Agricultural Society aT Manchester this week. Women workers' demonstra- tions were an interesting feature. Four acres of ground have been allotted for ploughing, working, and preparing the land for a turnip crop Much regret is felt in Montgomeryshire that the Government cannot accept the offer of 500 acres of land for the purposes of a colony for soldiers and sailors made by Colonel David Davies, M.P. Professor Bryner Jones, the Welsh agricultural, com- missioner, and Colone' David Davies now agree that the site is not suitable. Mr. Lloyd George spent the v eek-end with his family at Walton Heath. His daughter 01 wen some time ago s,t, for "A Welsh Maid," a picture of a Welsh girl in national costume. Mr. Elh, Roberts, the painter, has presented the picture for the benefit f Welsh troops, and a f -w friends intend to purchase it for 400 guineas Ii)jd present it to Mr and Mrs. Lloyd George. The North Wales Calvinistip Methodist Association, at Llanidloes fi-,t week, con- sidered its relation to the Roval Commis- sion on ^education in Wales. The Rev. John Williams dwelt on the importance of the bearing which the Commission might have on the future of the theological students. The establishment of theological chairs in the university colleges might be filled by men of scholastic attainments 1mt who might have no sympathy with religion.