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PWLLHELI Main Road Grant.—The County Council have voted £204 to the Town Council for main road maintenance during the past year. V' itiv —fho death rate of Pwllheli for 1913 was 10.5 and of Lleyn rural district 13.3 The birth-rate of Pwllheli was 17.5 and that of Lleyn 20.1. The death-rate of Pwllheli is one of the mosi; satisfactory in the county. LLEYN RURAL COUNCI-L, Wednesday, Sep- tember 30th.—Mr. J. Hughes-Parry, presiding. Taken Over. The Surveyor reported on the state of the road leadinrr from the beach at Aber- soch which the Parish Council desired the Council to take over Mr. Owen Jones .said the road carried a heavy traffic and served a wide district It was decided to take the road over. Completed. The Surveyor reported The completion of the bridge at Bryncroes. The cost was £ 54 4s. lid. against the estimate of £ 46; but it had to be borne in mind that the estimate was based on the price of materials two and a half years ago.- Several members expressed the satisfaction of The residents at the satisfactory char- acter of the work. Thanks Accorded. Mr. J. T. Jones announced that the County Council had decided to contribute J350 toward Ynysgoeh bridge and half the cost of Bryneroes bridge On the proposi- tion of Mr J R Jones a vote of thanks to the local County Council representatives was accorded. Hedge Levelling. Mr. D. H. Parry, surveyor, reported that the hedges in Llanaelhaiarn required clipping and topping. At one point where there was danger of motor collisions in con- sequence of narrow roads, sharp turnings, and high hedges the tenant offered to give the services of one Ulan conditionally on. the Council giving another workman. Mi-. R. O. Roberts observed that the need was greater for widening, the road than for topping the hedges Mr. J. T. Jones, said it was war time and the Council had to be careful of their resources Mr. R. O. Roberts: The greater the need to provide work for the unemployed.-—Mr. Owen Williams S'< id the request and the tenant's offer were reasonable.—The Surveyor was authorised to supply a man as requested. Barbed Wire. The Surveyor said the Council some time. ago issued notices that barbed wire at Afon^en Wflg to be removed and it had not been done.—Mr. Griffith Evans said the wire was not dangerous to man or h<>-ast.. He failed to see why the Council should insist on its removal The Chair- man said the matter had been discussed over and over again and Mr. Evans had never before stated that aspect of the case.- Mr. J. R. Jones said the Council should insist on carrying out the law before an accident happened Mr. D. Roberts said the wires were a distinct danger to the public The Surveyor explained that there were five w.ires placed on the outside of the posts. The Parish Council had repeatedly complained The Council give the Clerk instructions to serve a final notice calling on the owner, Mr. Wynn, to remove the wires, failing which to take legal proceedings. Vital Statistics. The Medical Officer reported twenty-one births and fifteen deaths, a low death-rate of ten per 1,000. Nine of those who died were over sixty-five years. There was no infantile mortality The report was deemed satisfactory. Lack of Water. Complaint was made of lack of a water supply for six houses at Penygroes, LIany- stumdy, and it was decided to call on the owners ( the representatives of the late Mr. R. Thomas, Criccieth) to provide a supply. Model Dwellings. The Clerk submitted correspondence re- ceived from Mr St John Hancock, secretary of the Welsh Housing Association, and ex- plained the presen-, position. As far as he couJd see, tHe Council could expect no further assistance from the Association which, judging by its attitude, was self- condemned as it was unable or unwilling to carry out the specific work it was in- tended to do. The Clerk read the follow- ing letter In reply to the postscript I had fully intended in my last letter to make clear that in the absence of other local building work I could not undertake the erection of the Mynytho houses, I gave as my reason for that, that Pwllheli Urban Council did not appear disposed to pro- ceed with the housing scheme in quenee of which the journey to Mynytho for four houses only would be impossible owmg to the personal efforts it involves. It is a day's journey to Pwllheli and a motor journey from there to Mynytho, the difficulties, of which during the winter time you will fully appreciate. Had the Pwllheli scheme proceeded under my case at the same time the journey to Mynytho would not be such as would prevent my undertaking the business; and in point of fact, the Mynycho work is so interesting as to have induced me to make some sacri- fice to carry it out because in my opinion from local circumstances, I could set up such an object lesson in building cost as would be of the greatest service to the whole district. I do not put this on the ground of travelling expense or anything so paltry; but, entirely on the ground or physical inability to control so small a job at such a great distance without other work proceeding in the same locality. It is true that I am likely to carry out a substantial scheme at Criccieth and for that reason I suggested the Llanystumdwy scheme because of its convenience to Criccieth. I do not, however, consider the journey to Criccieth in the same light as a journey to Pwllheli, with which you will fully agree. In the letter referred to I endeavoured to make it clear also that personal supervision w&s more important than designing the cottages andfJur that reason my coiiirnitte,6 would not press me to prepare designs and unless I am also commissioned to superintend the comple- tion. These are matters of which I, as an architect with some experience, am the best judge; but I can fully understand that your Council may hold different views. In the event of the Council making other arrangements I need hardly say that, short of any professional advice and msponsi-, bility, my committee will be glad to give them the assistance they may seek. On the other hand, should the Pwllheli scheme proceed and it becomes necessary for me to visit Pwllheli in that connection I would keenly desire to carry out the Mynytho contract. In the event of the Council taking up the larger proposition already indicated all questions as to personal effort would vanish on my part."—The matter was left in the Clerk's hands to find a solution to the problem.


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