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-------St David's Day.



AT THE COLLECE. St. David's Day was celebrated in the College by holding the annual soiree on Friday evening. After a reception given by the Presidents of the Students Repre- sentative Council and the Women's Sectional Council, a Welsh play entitled "Cariad a Thlodi," composed by Mr. T. Sectional Council, a Welsh play entitled "Cariad a Thlodi," composed by Mr. T. Gwynn Jones, was performed by Mr. D. T. Morgan. Miss Shani Pugh, Miss Ellen Evans, Mr. E. T. Evans, and Miss Hannah James. This was the first attempt at the production of a Welsh play by the stu- dents and it proved thoroughly successful. The acting and the play were splendidly received. Representatives were present from Bangor and Cardiff College, as well as old students from Cambridge and London. The second part of the pro- gramme consisted of simultaneous con- certs and in the third part a dramatic entertainment was given by Mr. P. P. Jones. Mr. Emlyn Evans, Mr. W. Richards, Miss M. Cane, Miss E. Lewis, and Miss S. Corke. The annual eisteddfod was held on Saturday evening under the chairmanship of Principal Roberts. The conductor was Professor Edwards and the principal adjudicators were Mr. J. T. Rees, Mus. Bac., music; and Mr. Gwynn Jones, poetry. The chaired bard was Miss Dorothy Bonarjee (of India), whose par- ents were present. Out of four com- petitors she was adjudged the winner of the oak chair for an ode to "Owain of Wales" (Owain Lawgoch), and was chaired amid enthusiasm. Her father, Mr. N. E. Bonarjee, an Indian barrister, yielding t4 the demands of the students for a speech, said if India had given birth to a poet. Wales had educated her, and had given her an opportunity to develop her poetic instincts. The following is a list of other awards:—Ladies choir, Miss E. E. Roberts and party; male voice choir, A. G. White and party quartette, T. Picker- ing and party; duet (open), T. Pickering and D. Johns; champion solo, D. Johns; baritone solo, Joseph Jones, Rhydlewis; soprano solo. Miss Shani Pugh, Towyn; contralto solo. Miss T H'. Morgan, Aber- ystwyth pianoforte solo. Miss Short, Bir- mingham lyric poem, Miss Garro Jones, Milford; eng'yn (Welsh and English), Lloyd Thomas, Carmarthen; sonnet. Miss Monshall and D. Hughes Jones, Blaen- pennal; translations, D. Hughes Jones, Blaenpennal; translation (Welsh into Eng- lish), Miss S. Pugh. Towyn; translation (English into Welsh), L. Edwards, Lli-n- gwyryfon; essay, Miss H. J. James, Ton Pentre; essay. T. Quayle (Cumberland) and D. Davies. Cwmavon; collection of field names, Miss K. Pugh, Towyn; geological essay, W. J. Push. Welshpool; impromptu speech, Miss Davies Bryan, Cairo; English recitation, the Misses Owen and Ida Lloyd Welsh recitation, E. T. Evans, Conwii Elfed; 3 sketches, S J Jones, Glynarthen; design for cover of "Y Wawr," W. C. Foster and H. M. Angus (Cardiff); hand-made blouse, the Misses Whittaker and Heron.