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ABERDOVEY. Literary Institute.—The usual monthly committee was held on Thursday evening when the following members were pre- sent:—Messrs W. Jones Hughes, R. Wil- liams, Dr Jacfcson, Captain John Evans, Hugh Lewis, H. H. Clayton, Geo. Davies, C. F..Ellis, ,W. V Thomas, Lewis Ed- wards, and W. J. Eves. Mr W. V. Thomas was in the chair.. A letter was read from the Board of Trade consenting to the erection. of a new sea wall. The secretaries were instructed to write to the Office of Woods to say that the In- stitute had received the consent of the Board of .Trade and were prepared to proceed with the work. The Committee made a mew rule that in future dogs should not be allowed in the rooms. St. Peter's ..Church.—On Sunday the usual Christmas services were held. The services, wliich was fully choral, were in- toned by the Rev S. Evans, B.A., and the Rev Caaton ? Rowlands, M.A., preached both in English and Welsh. The lessons were read in the morning by Mr J. R. Atkin, K.C., and in the evening by Mr Evan Davies. The anthems sung were "His Glorious Name" (Caleb Simper) and "Yn y Dechreuad yr oedd y Gair" (Tom Price). The singing at both services was good. The Church was tastefully decor- ated with evergreens and flowers. The collection was, at the request of the Bishop, in aid of the widows and. orphans of the poorer .clergy fund, and realized over £8. Sale of Work,—On Friday the Council Schools a sale of work was held in aid of the funds of the Congregational Church. The sale was opened by Miss S. Williams, Ardudwy, and the Kev W. D. Evans presided. Miss S. Williams said—First, I wish to say how very pleased I am to be with you to-day. Though, 1 must stvy, it was with grea\ reluctance 1 oonseJited to accept this hon- being conscious of my inefficiency to effectivelv perform this honourable cduty. But when 1 thought how faithfully and :steadily the friends had worked, plough- ing the lonely furrows to produce the pretty and useful things you see on these stalls, I laid self consciousness aside; ,;3000 ■especially when I remembered the kind- nesses I had received from you all when ¡Il!Y strength would only allow my get- ting as far as your conveniently-situated chapel on an occasional Sunday morning, I said. "I'll try." So far whatever may he wcking, pray, accept the will for the deed. Well, we have just passed through the general election and we are calling io-sdtJ-J a conference between buyers and sellers- And, however divided we may be in our views on the great politicals principles, I am sure we ivill all join in the one desire that Liberal laws may rule here to-day. Free trade m'ith moderate tariffs;; free imports of money by visitors; and no dumping of goods on them. The purse shx.ll be supreme and no veto on amounts spent. No taxes on food stuffs; and then let us hone that when our friend, Miss Price, the ch&ncelloress of the exchequer, makes up the board of trade returns, she will announce to the cabinet council that the result of the budget is that there is enough surplus in the war chest to provide for the eman- cipation of the cause from local loans. (Laughter and applause.) The rooms were tastefully decorated and the stalls were well stocked with good and useful articles, most of which had been made by the lady members of the church at their weekly sewing meetings. There .was a crood attendance and the sale was well patronised. The confectionery stall and the tea rooms were also very busy.. The amount realized was over £60. The sale was in charge of Miss A. J. Owen, sec- retary, and Miss M. J. Price, treasurer, with most of the lady members of the tclmrch as stallholders and atteiMxa-nt-s at the tea. rooms. Concert.—Chs Monday, a concert was held at the Council Schools in aid of the Presbyterian Church. The concert was arranged by the younger members of the congregation. The secretary was Mr. D. O. Foulkes-Jones, and Mr. W. Jones Hughes, C.C., presided. The room was crowded from end to end. The singers were the four popular Aberdovey artistes —the Misses Bessie Jones., Maggie: Willitwnis, Jane Laura Davies, and Annie Hughes. All of them received a good reception and added to their reputation by their fine singing. They were sup- ported by Messrs. W. E. and J. 0. Jones and their sister (Miss lEssie Wynn Jones) who played a pianoforte solo and accom- panied her brothers in their-fep^ndid sing- ing. At the earne&t request of the audience, they also, with Mr. Humphrey Lewis, sang "Penillion." Mr. Hilton Kershaw appeared in two musical monologues, "The Single Hair" and the ''Workhouse Man," and was accompanied on the piano "by Mrs. Jackson. He had an enthusiastic reception and was recalled each time he appeared. He recited ""The Station Master" and "Ginger James" as encores. Mrs. Jackson gave a good yeci- tatkm, "Duke Leopold's Stone," and was given a good reception. The other accompanists were "Mists M. Richards ami Miss Annie Evans. There were two sing- ing competitions—one for children under sixteen, in singing "Remember Now Thy Creator." Three entered for the com- petition (Comer, Enid, and loan), and all sang the niece through. The prize was a silver medal. presented by S. Williams, Ardudwy, Mr. J. O. Jones gave the adjudication of his brother and himself and awarded the prize to loan (Master Thomas Owen Williams), and said the piece was too difficult for children; that the winner had il- good voice, wording good, sustained ths piece well, effect good. The other competition was a chal- I lenge solo, the prize being a silver cup. 1 Fin" entered for the competition, but only one came forward (Miss Jane Laura Daviee) who sang her .piece. Mr. W E. Jcnes expressed his regret that the other four had not appeared. He said that Miss Davies had given a fine rendering, well worthy of the prize, that ,she had a splendid soprano voice, but inclined to be too correct in the singing of each note. The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to Mr. Hilton Kershaw, Mrs. Jackson, the singers., and the accompanists. Mr. David Hughes seconded the motion which was carried with cheers. The Rev John Lewis proposed, and Mr. A. Spencer seconded a vote of thanks to the Chair- man which was also carried with cheers. The concert was closed by the singing of the Welsh National Anthem and God Save the King." The proceeds of the concert were greater than was expected. G.F.S. Social.—On Wednesday, a pleasant social was spent at the National Schools by the members and associates of the Girls' Friendly Society. They sat down to tea at three large tables which were beautifully decorated and covered with a plentiful supply of good thirds, Crackers were given out by Mrs. Stewart, the cracking of which caused fun. After the tables" w-ereicleared, an entertainment was given. A piay was acted, entitled "A Burning Question." Miss B. Pughe Rossitti, conducted, and the following took part: Misses B Pughe, A. Jones, M Owen, Sarah Williams, Nellie Watson, Sarah Partridge, Katie Foulkes., and Ddys Richards. A musical piece.. "Three Old Maids of Lee," was also acted, and songs, Christmas carols, and recitations given, and numerous games indulged in. A pleasant evening was spent and great thanks are due to Mrs. Stewart, Miss B. Pughe Mrs. IBell,-and Miss May Williams for the admirable way in which the meet- ing was arranged. There was a large number, present, amongst whom were Miss Howell, P'las Penhelig; Mrs. Gurney. Miss (Barlow, Miss Paull, and many others. A successful evening terminated with the singing of the National Anthem.


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