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ABERYSTWYTH. Jumble Sale.—A jumble sale in con- nection witH Wesley Church, Queen's- road, was held at the Coliseum on Satur- day. There was a large attendance and good business was done. The proceeds, which amounted to JE4 5s., were in aid of the piano fund. The stall-holders were the Misses A. and M. Collins, Mrs. Burrows, Mrs. Smith, Miss Gertie Jones, Miss M. Price, and Mrs. J E. Jones. Aberystwyth Workhouse.—At a special meeting of the Guardians, yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, Mr.. and Mrs Lloyd, master and matron of Ellesmere Workhouse, were appointed master and matron of Aberystwyth. Workhouse. Women's Unionist Association. — A meeting of la-dies was held on Thursday evening of last week at the Oriental Cafe, Great Darkgate-street, to form a local branch of the Women's Unionist As- sociation. Captain G. Fossett Roberts presided and Mr R E! Jones, Aberllolwyn, gave a short address. The meeting was well attended and all present were en- thusiastic. The following ladies were appointed :—President, Mrs. Powell, Nanteos: vice-presidents, Mrs H. At- wcod, Mrs Ballard, Mrs Bonsall (Fron- fraith), Mrs Morris Davies, Miss Da vies (Glyn), Mrs J. T. Davies i,Bronygan), Lady Evans, Mrs Harries, Mrs Hugh Hughes, Airs R. E. Jones (Aberllolwyn), the Misses Jones (Fronygog), Mrs Lewis (Abermaea), Mrs Morgan (Nantceirio), Mrs T. Owen, hs Parry (Glanpaitli), Mrs Jones-Powell, Mrs Phillips, Lady Pryse, Mrs George Fryse, Mrs Fossett Roberts, Mrs Roberts (Penwern), Mi-s Henry Rob- erts, Miss Watkins (Rock House), Miss Williams (Abergeldie), and Mrs Wynne. Committee, Miss Andrews, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Henry Davies, Mrs Evans (Penrock), Miss Gnoertson, Mrs Gyde, Mrs A. J. Hughes, Mrs R. J. Jones, Mrs J. Jenkin Jones, Miss Knight, Miss Phillips, Miss Rea, Mrs Jack Thomas. Miss lompson, Miss M. Watkins, and Miss M. Williams. Treasurer and secretary, Miss Noyes. Missing Schooner.—There nas Oeen posted at Lloyd's as "missing," which in effect means that she has been given up as lost, with all on board, the Welsh-regis- tered schooner, "Ruby," which sailed from Runocrn, near Liverpool, on October 6th last, on a voyage, to Padstow, laden with a cargoe of coal, and has not been heard of since. She was sighted between the South Stack Lighthouse and Bardsey Island by the schooner, "Amanda," which vessel sailed for the Mersey in company with the "Ruby." Shortly alter the vessels parted company a heavy gaie raged, and the Amanda" was able to run into Penzance Bay for shelter, where she rode out the gale in safety. Nothing further was heard of the "Ruby," and it is conjectured she must have foundered in the gale off the entrance to the Bristol Channel, with the whole of her crew. The "Ruby" was under the command of Captain Sj Illey Sykes of St. Biazey, Cornwall, the owners did not know the names of the. other members of the crew, as there might have been changes before the vessel left Runcorn on her ill-fated passage. The "Ruby" was a wooden schooner of eighty- eight tons gross and seventy-five tons net register, built in 1866, owned by Mr. B. C. Slnde, and registered at Aberystwyth. The County Member.—Mr. Vaughan. Davies, M.P., has been seriously ill from influenza at Tanybwlch; but on Monday was reported to be recovering. County School Entertainment.—A suc- cessful entertainment was given at the School on Thursday evening, December 15th. The spacious Central Hall was crowded onoe more, bearing testimony to the popularity of the function. The first part of the evening's proceedings consisted of the dramatic perlormance of a piece entiCed" Defeated." The acting on the whole was gcod. Colonel Cayenne Currie," a pepperv old gentleman, was played by LIew C. Evans. The part of "Lilly Flowers," his niece and ward, was well carried out by Madge Davies. "Mrs Buckram," a Quakeress, a starchy old lady was capitally represented by Nellie Lioyd, whose acting throughout was par- ticularly good. So also was the acting by Kittie Francis, who represented "Deborah Dumpy," Mrs. Buckram's. companion. George Coller," a spicy young gentleman, the hero of the play, was impersonated in a fine fashion by R Maelor Thomas while the part of "Anonymous Jones, a hotel waiter, was excellently played by Mervyn Griffith. The second part consisted of the performance of an operetta" Prince Ferdinand." The following were the characters:—"Prince Ferdinand," W. E. Jones; "Princess Helena," Belva Jones; "Titania," Dorothy Husselbee; "Hecate," Mable Parry; "Gabalo," E Rhys Harries; "Fairies," Hilda Siiburn (forget-me-not), Olwen. Jones (daisy), Cissie Lloyd (poppy), Jeannie Edwards (rose); "Wroodsprite3," M aurice Appleton, Arthur Oliver Evans, James Davies James, Arthur Rhys Beddoes. The young performers did their part in a way that won general approba- tion, and the applause that greeted them at tne close ot the finale indicated how they had pleased the audience. The music was singularly charming and was sung throughout in excellent intonation. The get-up or the whole was pleasing to the eye and reflected much credit on Miss and Mr. Ashton who were respon- sible for that important work. Much praise is due to Miss Dalley and Mr. Ernest Jones for the immense pains they had taken to perfect their pupils in recita- tions, solos, and duetts, and also the actions which contributed so greatly to the successful rendering of the niece. Miss Katie Griffiths, A.L.C.11., acted as pianist with her usual artistic skill. The Weish national air was at the close sung by Mable Parry, and God Save the King" by Belva Jones. Dancing was indulged in for some time before the pupils left for their Christmas holidays. Dorcas Society.—The twenty-fourth annual distribution of clothing in connection with the Dorcas Society took place at the Town Hall on Friday. The members present were Mrs. Morgan, Nantcaerio (president); Mrs. Cosens (vice-president); Mrs Bassett, Mrs. Benbow, Mrs. Captain Doughton, Mrs. J. T. Davies, Mrs. Evan Evans, Mrs. D. Howell, Mrs. Norman Jones, Miss Jones, Mrs. Rowland Morgan, Miss Owen, Mrs. R. J. Rees, Mrs. William Thomas, Mrs. Daniel Thomas, Mrs. Rufus Williams, and Mrs. David Williams. In spite of the stormy weather and the pour- ing rain, there were nearly 160 recipients several coming from Penparke, Llanbad- arn, and even Bow Street and Clara eh, as well as other country districts. Every- thing passed off pleasantly and without a mtch, those coming from a distance being attended to first whilst those from town patiently waited their turn. Each one was given a bundle of warm clothing and a 1 packet of tea. It was gratifying to see their faces brightening as they received their parcels. After all had been attended to and were gone, the members ?a^ viovv:i t'ea „ which had been prepared '17 Mrs. David Williams and Mrs Norman -Jones of the Theological College. Liberal Club.—The "opening of the new Parliament" proved an interesting attrac- tion at the Liberal Club on Friday even- ing. There was a large attendance, al- though the high tide was an excuse for many members to remain in their con- stituencies. Professor Levi, pre jdent of the Club, was the Speaker, and dis- charged the duties with discretion and success. He conducted the proceedings impartially and in good order. Having read the orders of the day, the Speaker called on Mr. J. H. Richards, foreign secretary, to introduce a Bill dealing with adult suffrage. This was seconded by Mr. E. R. Thomas, B.Sc., secretary for Wales. The rejection of the Bill was moved on behalf of the Conservative opposition by Mr. R. Williams, Glen- hurst, seconded by Mr. Lewis Thomas. The Bill was supported in a lucid and eloquent way, but the Opposition al- lenged its passage with stern conviction and fierce denunciation. The Govern- ment was supported by members of the Irish and Labour parties, the part of Mr. John Redmond being vigorously sustained by Mr. oJ. R. Griffiths and Mi. Jenkin Humphreys leading the Labour party. At question time, the ministers were severely heckled and the questioners showed much ingenuity. The ministers, however, succeeded in holding their own and the questions were satisfactorily answered, until the Irish leader demanded more information concerning the guar- antees from the Crown." Failing to obtain satisfaction, he moved the adjourn- ment of the House. This somewhat up- set the Government's programme and their supporters were evidently per- turbed as they depended on the coalition" of the Irish and Labour members. The Opposition (naturally supported the motion, as well as a few "independent" members, but on a division, the Irish leader preferred to stick by the Govern- ment and the situation was saved- His action, however, called forth cries of "Traitor" and an independent member, Mr. N. d. Thomas, was named by the Speaker and removed to the Tower in charge of a constable. Another diversion was the appearance of the suffragettes who were forcibly carried out, while one member made a bold stroke by crossing j the hoor. The principal business of the; evening was the introduction of th-. "yetoj resolutions" by Mr B. Taylor Lloyd (prime minister) who gave a clear exposition of the Government's proposals in dealing with the House of Lords. With the best: stylo of a leader of the Opposition, Mr Barclay Jenkins moved the rejections of the resolutions and a spirited debate en- sued. in the division, the Govermeut were defeated, and it is expected that the leader of Opposition will be called to office for the next session. Petty Sessions.—The weekly Petty Sessions were held at the Town Hall on Wednesday before the Mayor (T. J. Samuel), and Robert Doughton, Esqrs.— An application by Mr. Ward for an ex- tension _of time until two o'clock on Boxing night on the occasion of a dance wa.4 granted.—Joseph Jones, labourer, Tre'rddol, was charged by the Guardians with leaving his wife and children to become chargeable to the common fund of the Aberystwyth Union.—In reply to the Clerk, deiendant said he had not found a house and had only been working two days last week owing to the rain. He was now working at Camddwrmawr and was earning 18s. a week when fully employed. He had been looking for a house at Penrhvncoch and L land re Pen- bont. The Clerk (Mr. Hugh Hughes): lou promised last time you would pay inwards the maintenance of your wife and cuildren, but you have not done so — Defendant. Weil, nobody asked me to', I will -62 las. next Saturday and will pay out of that 253.-The Bench said deiendant would have to pay 25s. next Saturday and 25s, a month until he found a house. vZ}Je Goferddan Hunt—Sir Edward Piyse,_ master of the Gogerddan Hunt, aas kindly acceded to the Council's re- quest ana has fixed a meet of his fox- *hef 27th lown Clock on Tuesday, Special Court.—At the Police Station on Tuesday, before the Mayor (T. J. Samuel) and Robert Doughton, Esqrs James Pugh, 3, Castle-lane, Trefechan was charged with having stolen a great coat, valued at 3Cs., the property of David LA. Jones.—David Llewelyn Jones, a student residing at Highlands, Buarth- road, said that on December 1st, he was at the Laboratories and left his great coat m the cloak room about nine o'clock and when leaving later in the day missed it. He identified the coat produced which he valued at 30s. as his property by ita Di -V/ anu mar^s inside.—Inspector Phillips, giving evdence, said that about hair-past six on Thursday evening in company with P.C. T. P. Davies, he went to defendant's house and saw him. Wit- ness told defendant that four great coats had been lost from the Laboratories within the past two months and asked him if he knew anything about them ? Pugh replied that he did not. Witness pointed to a great ooat hanging on the kitchen door and asked defenuant if the coat was hIs Defendant replied that it was. Questioned as to whether he had another great ooat in the house, defend- ant replied in the negative. Witness asked defendant if he had any objection to his seeing what was in the house, and defendant replied that he had not. Wit- ness then searched upstairs by candle- light, and found hanging behind the bed- room door the coat produced. Defend- ant was called upstairs and the coat was pointed out to him, when he said that it was his Sunday coat. Witness told him he would take possession of the coat, as it answered the description of the one missing from the Laboratories.—De- fendant, who elected to be dealt with summarily, pleaded guilty.—After deli- beration, the Bench said defendant would have to pay the costs of the prosecution and would be bound over in the sum of £5 to be of good behaviour for twelve months. Mr Lloyd George and the Antiquarian Society.—The Rev J. F. Lloyd, Llanilar, secretary of the Cardiganshire Antiquar- ian Society, has received a letter from Mr. John Rowland saying he was glad to be in a position to say that the Right Hon. D. Lloyd George hoped to be able in the course of August and September to arrange- and attend a meeting of the Society at Tregaron. Mr Rowland adds that Mr Lloyd George takes deep inter- est in the archaeology of Wales and was always wishful to encourage antiquarian socIeties. A Gallant Skipper.—During the recent storm, the Brixham trawler, "Gratitude," found another Brixham trawler, Friend- ship," in distress off Lundy. The skipper, Captain Gempton, and the third hand set off to effect a rescue in their small boat. Before starting. Captain GeTiipton kissed his son and wished him "Good-bye," add- ing that he might not see him again. Al- though tne sea was running mountains high, the two men boarded the Friend- ship" and rescued the surviving members of the crew who had given up all hope. Captain Gempton, who is a typical man of the sea, was in charge of the same trawelr when he was instrumental in rescuing the cre\T~~ of the Aberystwyth brig, "Crusader," which founded in the gale known as the blizzard of io91 off Tre- vose Heau, Cornwall. Among the sur- vivors of that disaster are Mr W. Ellis, the Chateau, Ropewalk Hill, and Captain Thomas Williams, Dinorwio, Main Roads Committee.—A special meeting of the Northern Main Roads Committee was held at the Town Hall on Tuesday when Captain T. Doughton was voted to the chair. There were also pre- sent Messrs Peter Jones, Robert Ellis, C. M. Williams, Edward Evans, and J. H. Davies, Aberystwyth; R. S. Rowland, Garth; J. P. Lewis, W. Morris, Evan Evans, clerk Ivor Evans, assistant clerk and 1'. E. Owen, surveyor.—The Surveyor (Mr Owen:) reported that during the ex- ceptional gale which occurred at high tide on the nignt of Friday, December 16th, the sea made two breaches in the breast- work at Horth. The debris was thrown on to the main road with a great quantity of shingle, which made the road impassable for vehicular, traffic. Steps were taken as quickly as possible to have the road cleared, which, he hoped, would be done by that day. One breach in the breastwork is opposite Snowdon House and the other a little to the north of the Hotel. Each breach was about thirty yards in length. The breast-work op- posite Snowdon House was erected ten years ago and the other about two years ago. He asked for instructions to have the breaches repaired, as at present there was danger of the road being entirely washed away. The cost of clearing and repairing the road and reinstating the breast-work would be about £60. Three or four short groynes would strengthen and assist the breast-work and probably save a recurrence of the trouble.—Mr. Morris said the sooner the- work was done the better.—On the proposition of Mr. Peter Jones, the Surveyor was authorised to proceed with the work. The Surveyor was also instructed to prepare a plan and estimate for the short groynes. Sea Gulls.—On Sunday, hundreds of sea gulls were on the meadows between the Vale of Rheidol Railway and the Rheidol. Not a solitary gull was to be seen on the upland fields around the service reservoir Camping Ground.—General Lloyd is re- ported to have stated that the authorities have selected Pembrokeshire as the Territorial camping ground for next year. Young Women's Christian Association. —The junior branch of the Association had an enjoyable evening last Wednesday before closing for the Christmas holidays. The programme consisted of music and recitations, the chief item being letters written by the children on a Gospel talk at the previous meeting. The members number about twenty-five and are in- structed every week in sewing and various other things. Death of Mr. Collins.—The death took place on Thursday last week, at 37, Great Darkgate-street, of Mr. Thomas Collins, ironmonger. He was one of the oldest natives of the town, having been born seventy-one years ago at No. 3, Marine- terrace. For over fifty years he has carried on an ironmongery establishment at 37, Great Darkgate-street. The deceased was a member of the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel, of which he was trustee, and had acted as circuit steward for the past fifteen years. He was well known by the Wesleyan ministers of the South Wales Circuit. The funeral took place on Tuesday morning. The officiat- ing ministers were the Rev. Llewellyn Morgan, St. Paul's, and the Wesleyan minister of Borth. An appropriate address was given at the Cemetery Chapel by the Rev. Llewellyn Morgan. The chief mourners were Mrs. Collins (widow); Mrs W. P. Wrilliams (daughter); Miss Ida Collins (daughter); Mr. George S. Collins (sr?/); and Mr. and Mrs Montague Smith (son-in-law and daughter.) Great sympathy is felt for Mr. Alfred Collins, who has been for the past five years in New Zealand and intends sailing for his native land at the beginning of March. A number of deceased's oldest friends followed deceased to his last resting-place. New Market Hall.—The longest picture yet shown in Aberystwyth was seen in the New Market Hall on Monday. Tues- day, and Wednesday, entitled "Uncle Tom's Cabin, of 2,500 feet 111 length. It was greatly appreciated by the large audiences. Amongst the many pictures to be shown, "The Great Train hold up" should be equally as exciting on Thurs- 1 day, Friday, and Saturday. Musical.—All pupils entered by Mr G. Stephen Evans, A.R.C.O., 3, Lisburne- terrace, were successful at the Associated Board examinations local centre* examina- Len held at Cardiff:—-Miss 01wen Evans, intermediate pianoforte playing. Locai school examination held at Aberystwyth: higher division, singing, Miss Sophie Rowlands; lower division, pianoforte Miss HeJsn Fossett Roberts elementary pianoforte, Miss Phyllis Fossett Roberts Miss Olwen Jones, and Master Sydney D. Richards. Success.—Mr. Hugh M. Jones, Wesley i Tre'rddol, has been successful in obtaining Pitman's elementary shorthand certificate. Mr. Jones is a pupil of Mr D. Evans, 5, St. George's-terrace, Llan- badarn-road. VVedding The wedding took place at Tabernad Chapel on Wednesday mornino- of Mr William Edwards. Brigydon, Sea V lew-place, an<j Miss Nellie James daughter of Mr Richard James, Troedy- roel, Llaruarian. The ceremony was per- formed by the Rev. R. J. Rees, M.A. (pastor), ihe bri¿; was given away by ■ • B. -Bickerstarf in whose service ino bride had been as housekeeper for over nine years. She was attended as brides- maid by her sister, Miss Kate James, Ihe best man was Mr J. H. Edwards, Ys- tradgvnlais, brotheI of bridegroom. After the ceremony a reception was given at Minyfron, North-road, by Mr Bicker staff. Later in the day Mr and Mrs Edwaros left ior Liverpool where the honeymoon is spent. They were the recipients or a large number of valuable presents. Obituary.—The death occurred on Sat- urday morning of Miss Anne Jervis at the residence of her nepnew and niece, Mr and Mrs J. W. Price, Hadfor, Dinas- terraco. Miss Jervis, who had only re- sided at Aberystwyth since July, formerly lived at Astley, near Shrewsbury, where she was well known aruT highly respected. Although sue had reached the partri- archial age of eighty years, all her faculties were in a remarkable state of preservation. The funeral took place on Tuesday, the remains being conveyed to Llanwnog, near Pontdolgoch, in Mont- gomeryshire, her native place. The Rev. Warburton Lewis officiated at the housa and the Rev John Jones, vicar of Llan- wnog, conducted the service at the Church. Mr J. Lewis Evans, Great Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth, was the un- dertaker. Musical.—Examined lately in London, Dorothy tl. Dixon, Pier-street, haspassoo the local centre examination held by the Associated Board of Music (intermediate grade). At the school examination held by the Board, Bessie Davies, the Vicarage, Llanddewi-brefi (elementary) and Lowri Jones, Troedybryn (primary) were success- ful. The successful candidates are pupils of Mr ana Mrs Panchen, 20, New-street. The subject of examination. waS- pianoforte playing. Christmas Market.—-The annual Christ- mas marKet was yesteday (Thursday). There was a fine show of geese and turkeys and good prices were obtained. Geese were sold at 8d. to 9d per pound turkeys, 10a. to lid. per pound: and ducks, 7s. to 8s. per couple. DEATH OF MISS JONES, FRONYGOG. The death 'occurred on Tuesday night of Miss Anne Jones, Fronygog. Deceased, who had reached an advanced age, was e'dest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Jones and is survived by three sisters, nmely Mrs. Rimner, Liverpool; Mrs. Canon Lewis, Carmarthen and Miss Mary Jones. Fronygog. Much sympathy is felt with the family in their bereavement. The late Alderman Thomas Jones, father of the deceased, was a well-known ropemaker and shipowner in the town. He was a justice of the peace and deputy- lieutenant and one of the most prominent men in the county. The Fronygog family are highly respected in North Cardigan- shire for their charitableness to the poor and unceasing devotion to the Church. The deceased lady was particularly liberal in supporting deserving causes. She had been in failing health for the past two years, but was previously of jin active disposition and took much interest in the welfare of the community. She will be greatly missed by Church people who re- garded her with affection and esteem. St Michael's Church, in particular, has lost a generous benefactory, for the Misses Jones made substantial contributions to the building fund and presented a beauti- ful reredos in memory of their parents. The funeral takes place on Saturday morning.













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