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ABERAYRON. COUNTY SCHOOL MANAGERS, Sntur- day, December 17th.—Present: Major Price Lewes, Tyglyn Aeronl (in the chair); Dr. J. Davies, vice-chairman; Mr. E. Lima Jones, Mr. J. Morgan Howell, J.P.. Mr. J. Jones, Cwmere, J.P., Mr. Morgan Evans, J.P., Mr. C. J. Hughes, B.A., headmaster; and Lr. lB. C. Jones, clerk. Proposed Changes in Elementary Schools.—The suggestions respecting practical education in elementary schools, and the proposed changes submitted in a paper sent out by the Director of Educa- tion were discussed.—The Chairman thought it was a mistake to interfere with the present method of teaching, cookery and to withdraw the sum of £140 now paid for a cookery teacher in the county schools in order to do something else. It was true that the finances were more satisfactory just of late, but the Central Welsh Board inspectors, the_other day, were foreshadowing large changes which would involve heavy expenditure. As to gardening, some masters who had it in them might do some good for the children, but the hideous rockeries that were left as records of the last effort in that direction did not give encouragement. —Mr. E. Lima Jones said he was of opinion that girls at elementary schools were tco young to appreciate cookery lessons so as to benefit by them. Further he thought that it was a mistake to aud to the curriculum of the- elementary schools. He had been long of opinion that the education given in the Boarn Schools was a great deal more efficien. than that supplied by the present Council Schools, bearing in mind the vast increase in the cost.—Mr. John M. Howell hoped the proposal of Mr. Jenkyn James would not be adopted. They had at the county schools provision in cookery for girls at an age when they oould appropriate the teaching.—Mr. John Jones thought that remark applied to a small proportion only of the girls of the disticrt. Only a few found their way to county schools.—Mr. J. M. Howell: Just so, and for others all over the county there are always avail, able a course of university extension lectures. Every district can avail them- selves of the facilities thus afforded. This craze for techineal subjects in elementary schools will only result in giving a plausible excuse for failing to teach read- ing, writing, and arithmetic efficiently; and certainly the knowledge imparted in cookery by the system proposed to girls at from ten to four- teen years of age will be of very little value. By attempting too much they would fail in the lot.—Dr J. Davies thought it would not be a good plan to bring a class of elementary school children into- the County School kitchen.—Mr. Morgan Evans concurred in the opinions expressed!—It was agreed to make repre- sentations on the lines of the opinions expressed at the meeting of the Finance Committee on Thursday., the 22n:a Decem- ber. Adapting, the County School Curri- culum.—Mr. J. Jones's motion again came up for consideration. The motion attempts to find a solution of the difficulty of adapting the curriculum of the School to meet the requirements of the children who did not go. in for a university course. Mr. Jones mentioned' the principles of agriculture, book-keeping, and kindred subjects.—It was pointed; out that tho Managers who had met the four Central Welsh Board inspectors in a long confer- ence had put before them with emphasis that view of the question, showing that forty per cent, of the pupils left alter one year's tuition. Mr. Owen Owen had re- plied that that indicated a feature and situation which had be considered.—The Headmaster pointed out that any arrange- ment for teaching those extra subjects would necessarily involve additional teachers.—The Chairman: That was why he objected to meddling with the present income of the School.—Mr. Lima Jones suggested that lr. Jones should defer further consideration of the motion till the report of the inspectors had been re- ceived. There would surely be a reference to the subject in the report.—That course was adopted. School Grounds, Etc.—It was resolved to empower the Clerk to negotiate with a competent gardener to maintain the grounds in order.—It was resolved to contribute £3 15s., or half the cost of placing iron pillars on the side of the pathway leading to the School on jconcfition that the Urban Council undertook to put the surface of the path in proper order and maintain it so.—Mr. Ei. Lima Jones was deputed to see Mr. John Da vi er; Feathers Hotel, with the view of securing his co-operation in keeping the path in better order. Miscellaneous.—Dr. J. Davies was deputed to ask Mr Lorimer Thomas to take Mr. Tyrrel Green's place and to deliver an address to the pU!)ilS on prize- day, Thursday, December 22nd.



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