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THE BEST TEA IP r lib, Lead I i and II 3/0 j I per I ¿ n d s >.UU30«W-v MAGief |' S i JmSfa t s p | 11 :i!-y -ii y ALADDIN'S MAGIC TfA a RICH LUSCIOUS FLAVOUR A Wholesale only cf W. WIMJAMS AND CO g lea Merchanta. Bnthon Street, Liverpoo1 ?s CD PURITY & QUALITY.5 Is all the food you eat pure ? No. I II Is your Bread pure 1 You don't know. To be certain use only FOUR BELLS ?- ar d ask for Bread baked from any of the BELLS brand. I Hall-mark of Purity. Fe A.I. QUALITY. 3, .It2" wa iV?5ES'S COUGH MIXTURE RELIEF FROM 4 ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE COUGH ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE IN 5 MINUTES ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE lor Coughs ■ AVIES'S COl'CiM MIXTURE tor Colds ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for Asthma ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for BroncSdtls ■ AVIESIS COUGH MIXTURE for Hoarseness ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for Influenza ■ AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for Coughs AVIESIS COUGH MIXTURE for Sore Throat AVIESIS COUGH MIXTURE Most Soothing AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Warms the Chrtsl AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE dissolves the PbL^m I AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for Singers AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE for Public Speakers | AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE ByChemlstseverywhere AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE 131d. & 2/9. Postage 3d. AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Proprietor— AVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE HUSU DAVIES, ] VIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Chemist, hikzhynll&b. It -14, i (t) aq 00 rn (t) .00 IE EYESIGHT IS TH8 MOST VALU- | ABLE OF THE SENSE■'S. | it^must people go on from week to week without 9 ever thinking of the eyas until compelled g troubled with your eyes, why not consult a 9 alified Optician and have proper glasses fitted. 5 W, MIALlJ JONES, I "harmaceutioal Chemist and Optician How of the Inatitute of Ophthalmic Optician Fellow of the Spectacle Makers' Company. TERRACE TWYTH .¡. < PRIVATE I A*NU la AM" am 0 j ) t B 8< L B t twt CHRISTMAS AND L A A M NEW YEAR 1 rt ww S! n H. JLw JLJ W W JL CARDS! in m mft i !j"% M! rirt! r%!na rB r CAMBRIAN NEWS' I v< !ti't!w tit- t< q h to 4 t, STORES, 1 4 4 Terrace Road, I 7 l 6 I 8 d t ABERYSTWYTH. d r 11 b n "L.I'=- e 8 f. II b The largest number of ? 4 2 Books in Wales to select 11 from at the "CAMBRIAN j t NEWS" Stores. I ] I 1- 'OE.a;-t.L;l";6¡ t NEW i AND j E BEAUTIFUL j ] J DESIGNS. DV* Books sent anywhere. Note the Address — r% K% 14 n m 'CAMBRIAN NEWS' STORES, Terrace Road, ABERYSTWYTH, all d ai, .£.LI4 qvjmimotjgjm LIFE ?!' de it ia found to ba necessary by most mea and women to take medicine from time to time, ij a We are but human, the best and wisest of us, and being so, we are fa:- from perfect in tis wisdom. We are subject to frequent lapses from the strictly correct laws of hygiene, f] !ai We are often neglectful of oar health, for example, part*kin^ of food that is not suited to S sp us, putting too severe a strain upon our mental and bodily organs, robbing ourselves of 3a our proper amount of sleep. The result is that Nature rebels, and we suffer from in- S| \vl digestion, liverishness, headache, poor appetite, heavy, tired filing, and other indications 9 an of irregular action of the stomach and digestive'organs. B cu D! LJ A in BEECHAMS 1 be N PILLS ri. th are the handy home remedy they afford immediate relief, and are a perfectly reliable |j j11; medicine. They exert a very necessary and tonic action on the entire system When- 13 ever the stomach, liver, and bowels are out of order, B-'echam'* Piils will be found |j ^>1, beyend compare the best means of restoring tnem to healthy action. At ail times wnen 11 p1 there is a sensation of lassitude and depressioa, or when pain is experienced after food, js a->n they should at once be taken, for^they ji Will Surely Assist ITosi. 1S St. co Sold Everywhere in Boxes, price 1/H (56 Pills) and 2/9 (168 Pills). |j th C>nI.-1') 'III" ,=.IIIIa:i8 1\"] — ———— .— —- ta 1 JAMES REES, r)t 1It.Tr.II. r- ,1 ^IM AL SUKUUKY, £ 30. ALEXANDRA ROAD, £ ABERYSTWYTH. J\j (Same Street as Railway Station). E IEGARON, the first and last Tuesdays in 01 each month at Mrs Drewi Williams, ill Stanley House. LMPETER, the 2nd and 4th Fridays in each w; noath at Mrs R Evans, Milliner, Paris House, oj Harford-square. a: BERAYRON, on the 1st and 3rd Wednes. days in each month at Miss Lampshire. C1 9, North-road. ei a A.CHYNLLETH, the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in ij sach month at Mrs Trevor Jones, Gruthyn House Penrallt-street (close to the Hospital), ai n Teeth filled, Sets remodelled and repaired. B Teeth Extracted by the Latest Proct" n All Materials Guaranteed ti Moderate^harges. jj MAE TN GYMRO. n Ti

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