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LAMPETER. Accident,—On Saturday Mr D. Evans, brran^ham House, was walking out of Lampeter in the direction of Cwmmane. When he was near the bridge, a trap from Cellan coming from behind, the shafts came in contact with Mr Evans and he was thrown, on the ground and the wheels went over him. Dr E. H. Griffiths who happened to 7>? fn the vicinity of the accident, found that Mr Evans had fractured one of his ribs "and had some bruises. He is progressing sat- isfactorily towards reoovery. ° Lampeter District Nurse's Associ- atiort. -The annual meeting of this Association was held at the Parish Room on the 6th December, Mr J. C. Har- ford presiding. The following report was read by Mrs Thompson, the secre- tary, and adopted. At the general meeting of the Association, Mrs Camber Williams resigned 'her post of vice-presi- dent, and Mrs Inglis Jones was unani- mously electe-d in her place. The oom- mittee were re-elected. Since issuing the last report, the District Nurse Associ- ation has suffered the loss of several friends. Death has taken Mr David Jones, who was treasurer of the Associ- ation since its start, and Mrs Lloyd Jones an active member of the com- mittee. The Committee also regret losing the services of Mrs Evans, of Bontfaer" who has left Lampeter. The number of cases visited by Nurse Jarmyn during the year was 130, and the visits paid 3,150. A jumble sale and sale _of work in the autumn was held on October 26th, and resulted in a clear profit of jM2 12s 4d. On November 16th an impromptu sale was held in the Town Hall to get rid of s.Ac,me lof the remaining jumble tlungs, and £1 9s 8d. was realised. The collectifc-n at the Harvest Festival at the Parish Church and Maestir amounted to £5 8s 7d. The thanks of the Committee are due to those who .oIhave kindly given clothing and old linen, etc., during the year. Obituary.—On the 29th November the death took place at the Workhouse, of Mrs Elizabeth Ashb formerly of Hill Cottage, Derry Ormond, at the age of seventy-nine. The deceased was the widow of Edwin Ashby a coachman, and resided for many years in Herefordshire. After the decease sf 'her husband, she came. to Wales and entered the service of Mr and Mrs Cotterell. In her. latter years she had become very much inval- ided and on the removal of Mrs Cotterell from Hill Cottage, the deceased was taken to the Workhouse. Her remains were interred at St. Peter's Church on Thursday, 1st December. Alltymynydd Sanatorium.—The sum of R23 8s. lid. has been forwarued to the Sanatorium as the result of the enter- ainment organized bv Mrs Walker. St. Peter's Guil-I.-The members of the truild met cn Monday evening at the Parish Room when Mr Roderick Evans J.P., presided over a large gathering. The subject for discussion was "That the if r i J 16 H°use Lords should be abolished. Mr J. Bartlett, Merlin read an excellent paper in the affirmative and ^r K, J Parry vigorously defended the an excellent paper in the affirmative and ^r K, J Parry vigorously defended the House. A. warm discussion followed when the following spoke on the affirmative rVe:7~ s,srs W. Reginald Lloyd, D. F. i xi. r^llss Thbmas, Brynllewelrn' and the following showed bv their speeches that they were inclined rather to favour the negative:—Messrs Josiah Jenkins, Pleasant Hill, and Wm. Lewis, Arfryn. On a vote being taken the uouse was equally divided, and on the Chairman s casting vote being demanded hy a member, he gave it in favour of the ).eto- -At the close of the meeting the Vicar (the Rev Canon Camber Williams) moved a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the l eaders of the papers, which was seconded by Mr JoSIm E. Evans, Nantv- gelly, and carried unanimously. Soar Chapel.-The weekly meeting cf the Christian Endeavour Society was held on Wednesday evening, Mr E. D. Rees presiding. A splendid report of the visit of the Congregational Union of Wales to the town was given by Alderman T. Richards. Mr Richards spoke in his usual racy manner and 'his address was enjoyed. Various incidents at the meet- ings and m preparing for them were also given by Messrs Evan Price, John Rees, J. E. Jones, Eryl; J. EVnrys Jones, and Tom Davies, and Mrs Morris and Mrs E. D. Rees. Fancy Dress Ball.—A fancy dress ball .was held at the Memorial Hall on Fri- day evening when there was a large gathering. It was got up by Miss Jen- nie Jones, who is to be congratulated on the success of the ball. There were sev- eral picturesque fancy costumes. Music was supplied by the Institute Band which has improved lately. The conductor was Mr E. Davies Jones. The M.C.'s were Dr Evan Evans and Councillor James Morgan. Siloh Chapel.—The weekly meeting was 'held on Thursday evening of last week when the Rev T. LI. Roderick presided in the absence of the president, Mr Arnold Davies. It took the form of a miscel- laneous entertainment, in which the fol- lowing took part:—Solos, Mr E. J. Mor- gan, High-street; Miss Jennie Megicks, Miss E. Moses, Miss Nancy Thomas, and Mr Wentworth Megicks: quartette, Mrs Jones, Miss Nancy Lloyd, Mr D. 'Davtes, and Mr E. J. Morgan. A prize was given for the reading of an unpunctuated piece of prose which was divided between Mr T. J. Thomas and Miss Moses. The Rev T. E. Prytherch, the pastor, also de- livered an address as well as the Chair- man.









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