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CORRESPONDENCE. TREGARON RUhAL COUNCIL Syr, -Yn eich newyddiadur clodwiw amyr wythnos Haenorol. yr ydych yn rhoddi hanes gweithrediadau Uncteb Gwarcheidiad Tre- garon. YnyCynghor Dosparth, rhoddwjd cwestiynau i'r Arolygydd 'nghylch y frech goch (scarlet fever) yn Llanddewibrefi. Ei ateb yntau ydyw fod yna. achosion wedi troi allan yn Cross Inn, GaruYi, Gogoyan, a Llys- dewi. Cefais fy nharo a syndod pan y gwelais yr adroddiad, gaii niae dyna y waith gynt.af i me gael a'r ddeall fod yic(irl-et fever, yii Llys- dewi. Syndod, y frech goch yn y ty a minau heb fod yn gwybod. Na, ii,t, nis gallai y fath beth ddigwydd, ac yr wyf cvhoeddi ir byd a'r Bettws na fa ddim o'r fath yn fy nheulu yr adeg y cyfeiria yr Arolygydd, ac os ydyw adroddiad yn wertli i gael y mae ei werth yn ei gywirdeb.—Yr eiddoch, J. W. EDWARDS, Llysdewi, Llanddewibrefi. TARIFF REFORM. Sir,—Seeing in your paper that the Tories are pressing tariff reform on us by saying if bread will be dearer, the working man's wages will be higher, what about the widows and the unmar- ried women who have to earn their liv- ing the best way they can and have no husband's wages coming in? Dear bread will be the same to them as to the man whto has higher wages. 1 think tariff reformers have forgot helpless women, of whom there are thousands in this oo-untry.-I am, etc., A WIDOW. Nov. 26th, 1910. MERIONETH SOCIETY FOR WOMEN'S FREEDOM. Sir,—I shall be grateful if yiou will find space for this letter. It appears to be widely believed hereabouts that Mrs. Flora A. Steel is the authoress of a skit called "The Perfidious Welshman." Now anyone possessing the smallest modicum of literary taste can see that that gifted authoress would be incapable of writing (not to mention publishing) such peter trash! A report of that kind is calculated to damage a cause I have very much at heart. I have therefore asked Mrs Steel to allow me to deny it absolutely. The cause to which I refer is the advance- ment of women. r Mrs Steel has lately inaugurated a I society at Aberdovey entitled-" The Merionethshire Society for Women's Freedom"—from which we hope great things.-iours faithfully, BUDDIG A. PUGHE. Hon. Sec., The Merionethshire Society for Women's Freedom. MERIONETH CANDIDATE. Sin,—You refer in your last week's issue to a general report that I was going to contest the seat for this county in the Unionist interest. I have been much amused by the many newspaper cuttings sent to me making the above announcement—some of them on good authority." Please kindly allow me to state in your paper that however good the authority, I am in no way implicated. Mr. J'ones Morris being willing to stand if desired I should not consent to my being pro- posed. Moreover, I should not approve of the seat being contested this time and I ex- pressed that opinion at the meeting of our Association. My reasons are—that the questions now before the country are substantially the eame as those on which a decision was given less than a year ago. That the number of new voters would be infinitesimal in proportion to the total. That therefore it is obvious that a very large majority of the constituency of this county is in favour of the Liberal policy. My reasons must be taken collectively, HUT Hvt me ndrl t,ht, PVPII though at some future time the conditions might he the same to that extent, they might not lead me to the same decision. So many things have to be considered.—I am, etc., R. C. ANWYL. A RESPITE FOR WOMEN. Sir,—Now that the time of year has arrived when those gifted with a "f ow of language" are preparing lectures for the benefit of friends and admirers, who care to go and listen to them, may I lift up my small voice to ask that the British wife and mother may have a respite? She has been told in learned and un- learned discourses how she should clothe herself, how she should bring up her children and, often in the case of the lecturer being an all-knowing lady bachelor, she would be advised in every minute detail of her life—her duties to her husband and children, even to the perennial and daily smile with which she is to greet the man who honours her with his name and perhaps the few hours of his time which he uses in grumbling at his home and in eating his meals. Poor thing!! She has been told she must not degenerate into a household stone. She must not give impatient re- plies to the man of her heart, however irritable his questions may be. In fact, she must be a combination of divine knowledge, of angelic smiles, of rare business capacity, and be prepared at any time to cover up her husband's indiscretions and her children's shortcom- ings. Most marvellous of all, she has done so and-lias earned a rest. Dear lady and gentlemen lecturers, give her a sporting chance to be herself, to mother her children and look after her home as she has done in the past and to send out into the world men and women of distinction, learning, and honour, who have made their mark in the world Let me whisper in my turn one bit of advice. Turn your attention to the hus- band. There is a fine field for your fiercest onslaughts. Make him look at himself as in a looking glass. Be as minute in your advice as vou were to the wife and- mother. Tell him his duty as husband and father—that the wife lie has taken from her home in her youth and innocence, she who has laboured by his side for the best years o.f her life she who is the mother of his children, is worthy of something better than the neglect she often gets for the soiled dove who gives him the pleasure of the hour, who does not hesitate to wreck a home and sell her honour and womanhood for the price of the furs and feathers he gives her. Tell him his duty to his children both by example and precept. Impress upon him the cruelty, the degradation and shame he brings upon the innocent and helpless when he discards his responsibilities and forgets his honour. A LOOKER ON. N'



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