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Welsh Amateur Cup,


Welsh Amateur Cup, SEMI-FINAL. ABERYSTWYTHTVT CARNARVON. This replayed tie was olaved off urday at Portmadoc Tit er,+ r clement weather there wn P °f the her of soeotitn'o e w as, a largs num- commcnced (\r'1CSe w 'en the gam0 laro-olv i« „ ^narvon supporters were made "tho ldenoe» close on 300 having WltA the t€am- Aber' numb r altnough not great in numb -i, made themselves prominent with th-elr continuous "bell-ringing." Carnar- von relied on the same team that did duty the previous Saturday at Towyn while Aberystwyth introduced Austin Jenkins and Harry Evans in the place of Patter- son and Jach: Jones in the forward line- All E V Davies (Llanidloes), was again the referee and at the call of the whittle both teams lined out as follows • — Abervstwyth-Goal, H D Roberts; backs, M Jenkins and 0 Green; halves, T Rees, (captain) P Edwards, W V Vfo"Var^ T J James, Bert James, Wright. 8, n'y Evans> and Carnarvon: Goal, J H Jones; backs. Evan Hughes and A Griffiths; halves, J Griffiths, lv Herbert, and E R Jones; tor- wards R li Roberts, T Roberts, W Jones, 'i± Roberts, and J Jones. Carnarvon had the good fortune to win the toss, and no doubt winning the tosS meant winning the game, as the Aberyst- wy hians were put to face a strong wind, + rain also pelting in their faces. \ber- ystwvth were the first to become a^ereS" 7 7 r. he way they openl-d it looked as if Carnarvon were in for a de- feat. Right in tho first couple of min- utes, Austin Jenkins tasted the Carnar- von goalkeeper with a swift shot wliicb Jones just managed to kick out. No sooner had he done so than Thomas again shot into his hands. However, Carnar- von, with the aid of. long swinging passes, came down the field and gained a corner which Peter Edwards cleared. A minute later they again became dangerous, and a mis-kieK by Green let in Jones who drove hard and true. Roberts, in goal, saved the Carnarvon player's shot in a remark- able manner, but from the rebound H R. Roberts drew first blood for Carnarvon. The Aber. custodian threw himself at full length in a vain endeavour to save. This mistake of Green's proved costly to his side. After some mid-field exchanges, Aberystwyth forced a corner which proved fruitless. Carnarvon showing effective football, got going, and a centre from Jones on the left was fisted out by Roberts, who was laid out in doing so. Carnarvon were at this time having most of, the game. The Aberystwjiih forwards oould not get into their stride, relying too much on the short passing game. On the other hand, Carnarvon played the ball from wing to wing, gaining much ground, and it was evident they were much too fast for the Aber. halves. From another rush, they again scored, the ball hitting the crossbar before entering the net. The Carnarvon supporters were now in a merry mood and urged their favourites on with timely shouts. However, Aber. were not slow in retaliation, and in a short time Austin Jenkins raised the hones of the Aber. supporters by scoring a. splendid goal. After this, both sides pressed in turns, and Roberts, in the Aber. goal, dis- tinguished himself by bringing off a mar- vellous save, managing to keep out a ter- rific drive by throwing himself at full length. It was a remarkable save. From now until half.*time, the game was hard fought, and Aber. came very near equal- ising when a shot by Peter Edwards, who was playing a good game, fell on top of the network. Half time was called with the score in favour of Carnarvon by two goals to one. Co After the interval, Carnarvon came away with a rush, but the Aber. backs proved a stumbling block. Later from a good centre by Wright, H Evans failed to trap the ball when a good opportunity presented itself. Aberystwyth made de- termined attempts to draw level, but the Carnarvon players did not hesitate to send the ball out of play, evidently believing that the best plan of campaign was to waste time. Hereabouts, a regrettable in- cident took place. The Carnarvon outside right was robbed by Green, who sent the ball into touch. One of the Carnarvon supporters deliberately hit Green with the ball right in the face and a hand-to-hand fight seemed imminent, but order was re- stored. After this the Aber. players were subjected to much "barracking" by » portion of the crowd who, owing to absence of ropes, encroached on the field of play, at one time being yards over the touch- line which gave the Aber. wingers no room to move. Aberystwyth were noW exerting great pressure on the Carnarvon goal, and it looked odds on Aber. drawing level. Onco Oswald Green made a good attempt to go through, and from his pass Harry" Evans just skimmed the bar. Another time, both Bert James' and Austin Jenkins were robbed by Griffiths when on the point of shooting. No fur- ther scoring, however, took place, and full time was called with the score— Carnarvon Two goals. 1 Aberystwyth One goal. ABERDOVEY v. BORTH. A football match was played last Satur- day on the Aberdovev football field be- tween Aberdovey and Borth. Borth won the toss and elected to kick with the wind at their backs. After fifteen minutes' play, T. Jones, the Borth outside right, scored..Five minutes from half time, r- Jones, the Aberdovey outside left, equalised. During the second half Aber- dovey were pressing, but the Borth de- fence was very sale. When the whistle went for full time, the score was Aberdovey one goal, Borth, one goal. ABERDOVEY JUNIORS v. EORTH JUNIORS. This match was also played at Aberdovey last Saturday after the senior match. final score was Aberdovey Juniors, four goals, Borth Juniors, one goal.