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Friday, March ist" 1907.

I cardigan.



--------------- ---------------'FOOTBALL-


'FOOTBALL WELSH AMATEUR CUP. FIFTH ROUND. ABERYSTWYTH v. PORTMADOC. This match was originally drawn to be played at Portmadoc, but the Aberyst- wyth Town Committee, with commend- able enterprise, persuaded Portmadoc to charge the venue for a consideration. In doing this, they relied upon their sup- porters to come to their aid and the goodly number which assembled on the ^icarage Field on Saturday afternoon showed that their reliance was not mis- placed. Both sides of the field was well lined with spectators. The referee, Mr J. Roberts. Bangor, had officiated at Bangor on the dav before in the match between U.C.W. and Bangor College. The following represented the Town :-Goal, Crowther; backs, E. Dickinson and O. Green halves, A Potts, E Peake, and J W PMwards: forwards. Low Rees, D Hughes, R Peake, D H Parry, and T. Rees. Portmadoc:—Goal, S Roberts; lacks, A Hughes and E Jones: halves, W Rob- erts, It Ellis, and R Jones: forwards, R D Roberts, B Evans, Owen Jones, J Hart and T Jones. Town won the toss and elected to play towards Llanbadarn-road end with a bril- liant sun behind them. From the kick- off, Portmadoc showed good form and in the first minute their outside right tested Crowther with a good shot. From the clearance, Low Rees was put in posses- sion and a good centre from him was nearly turned to good account by Hughes. Town continued the pressure, but were terribly weak in front of goal. Port- madoc defended well, but several mis- kicks by their backs were luckily covered y by their goalkeeper who was showing first- class form. From the ensuing goal kick the ball travelled to the right wing, and J W Edwards made a feelue attempt at a tackle. Tne ball was sent out to R D Roberts, the Portmadoc right winger, who immediately gave the spectators a glimpse of his sprinting powers. He tipped the ball past Green and raced for goal with Green in close attendance. But speed told its tale and Roberts with a grand oblique drive scored the first goal. Crowther actually got his hands to the ball, but could not hold owing to the terrific force behind it. From the centre, the Town came along as if they meant business,, but they met with a de- termined defence. A melee in front of the visitors' goal saw Peake miss a yard from goal. Again the Town came and T Rees worked his wav down the wing and sont in a fine centre which was equally well saved by the Portmadoc custodian. Roberts then made a run on the Port- madoc right, but finished weakly. Town retaliated and Pi. Peake sent in a fast grounder which was safely negociated. Exciting play on the right resulted in a corner for Town. I'. Rees took the kick and, placing it beautifully. Green all hub scored with a "header," the Port- madoc goalkeeper bringing off a brilliant- save, tipping the ball over the bar. Not to be denied the Town pegged away and from a foul by one of the Port. backs, a penalty was given. 0 Green took the kick and kicked it against the custodian who caught the ball and conceded a fruitless corner. Portmadoc outside right npxt had a run, but his pass to the in- side man was placed behind. Another run by Roberts and the ball hovered for a few seconds in front of the Town goal and, in trying to clear. Potts unluckily put through his own goal. From this to half- time mid-field pfyry ruled. Half-time score:—■ PORTMADOC 2 <muh ABERYSTWYTH o'" On the resumption, it was seen that Portmadoc were playing three full-backs I and that they were determined to stop the Town from scoring by packing their goal. It was also noticed that Oswald Green, the Town full back. was determined to pull his team through. The game this half was not quite so open as the first half. undoubtedly owing to the tactics of the Portmadoc men. The first item of note was It scramble on the Portmadoc left. Bob Peake received the ball and cleverly worked his way in but was badly fouled when a few yards from opal. A penalty was given, and O. Green made no mistake this time. This oocurred after thirteen minutes' plav and seemed to put new life into the Town attack. E. Peake made a good run and passed to T. Rees who centred. The Portmadoc left back mis- kicked and Bob Peake had the ball at his toe five yards from goal. but could only send in a weak shot which was easily cleared. A good shot by Green nearly did the trick, and a fine drive from D Hughes deserved a better fate than a corner. Two corners fell in succession to the Town but with no result. Town were now pressing hotly, but lacked method in face of the sturdy defence op- posed to them. Portmadoc* broke away occasionally and were always dangerous on such occasions owing to the weak tackling of the wing halves. Inciting play in front of the Portmadoc goal resulted in the ball being placed to Green. He wriggled his way in and, though ham- pered by several men, he let drive with his left foot and scored a beautiful goal. Time was now drawing near and once Portmadoc were nearly successful from a free kick. No more goals were scored and the score stood ABERYSTWYTH Two goals. PORTMADOC Two REMARKS. It was an exciting game, but proved to he dull at times. Portmadoc were full value for their money and, taking every- thing into consideration, fully deserved to draw. They were twice as quick on the ball and never let the home men settle down to their game. Strong in defence they made full use of the oppor- tunities afforded them. In fact they tunities afforded them. In fact they played the proper cup-tie game, worrying their opponents with rare persistence. It was a never-say-die" policy and nearly ii succeeded in winning them the 11 The shining lights among them were the I' goalkeeper and Roberts, the outside right* j | although the latter had few opportunities I in the second half. I The Town had an off day; at any rate they did not oome anywhere near their usual standard of play. The forward lino lacked cohesion and were badly served by their wing halves. An improvement will have to be effected in the half-back line it the cup is to come to Aberystwyth this year. Oswald Green was the mainstay of the team and it is entirely due to liim that the Town managed to draw, as the ioiwards never looked like scoring. I! INTEH-COLLEGIATE MATCH AT BANGOR. UNIVP:RSITY COLLEGE OF WALES M v. UN IVERSITY COLLEGE OF 1 N ORTH WALES. 1 The annual match took place on Fri- day last at Bangor, on the Town Ground, and attracted a record crowd, the day being gloriously fine. For the last four years, victory in these series of matches has rested with the Aberystwyth repre- iientatnes, but this year the Bangor stu- ents were determined to win and entered the field with an unbeaten record. The beams were:—Bangor, Meikle, goal; Nemo and W J Jones, full backs Buckley Roberts, Bannister, and E.. Robinson, half backs; W E Jones, D E I Davies, C E Thomas, Smedley, and W H Jones, forwards. Aberystwyth: Roderick, goal F- Hemming and E. Dickinson, full backs; W 1) Thomas, T W James and J D James, half backs; Arden Davies, D E Price, D H Parry, Low Rees and H S Clarke, forwards. ,Bangor immediately pressed at the out- set and Smedley headed an inch or two wide. The Bangor defence was called upon to check a rush by H S Clarke; but the Langor right back was all there. The ball travelled quickly from end to end, 1 Meikle being the first custodian to be seriously tested. Roderick jumped up and cleared a shot from D H Jones, but D E Jones met his clearance and banged the ball into the net amid great enthusiasm. Bangor were certainly getting the best of malters, Smedley almost doing the trick again and directly afterwards he i°-V £ in a from quarter ground which took Roderick all his time to negociate. Suddenly Clarke bore down the field and Meikle left his charge to intercept him, but unfortunately for him the Aberystwyth man was the quicker of I + jVOf, Tho do«'nfall of the unpro- tected Bangor goal seemed imminent, when the right full back came up and when the right full back came up and cleared. During one of the attaeL-,3 on the Bangor soal, Bannister fouled an opponent and J D J antes equalised from the resultant penalty kick. Later on, 1) E Price tested Meikle with a beautv and there was a sigh of relief when the custodian captured the ball. Another penalt\ as given against Bangor for handling and James was entrusted with the shot. Hard and true James drove in, but Meikle jumped up and saved in grand style. At the interval the scores were level. Aberystwyth were the first to press in the second half, D H Parry being placed offside when in a grand position. '"Thomas afterwards put Bangor ahead. D H Parry looked like scoring when Smedley checked linn. Of the two teams the Bangorians were showing most dash. It looked once as though Arden Davies was fouled within the penalty area, but the Referee thought otherwise. Right to the finish, Bangor pressed, but no further scoring took place the final result beinsr- BANGOR COT,LEGE 2 rroals ABERYSTWYTH COLLEGE'V." 1 goal.' ABERYSTWYTH COUNTY SCHOOL MACHYXXLETH COUNTY SCHOOL. The Aberystwyth County School played the Machynlleth County School in the return fixture at Aberystwyth on Thurs- day last. The weather was very cold and a strong wind biew across the field which was rather deceptive to the play- ers. The visitors' captain won the toss and decided to play down the slope. The early exchanges were of an even char- acter. The two "Machynlleth backs, R. • Ijvans, and T. M. Evans cleared well on several occasions. Machynlleth had I' nes no^ to score, A. Jones shooting outside after a good effort. After this, A her played up weW and scored a rather lucky goal, the goalkeeper having saved, but it was ruled that he was standing behind the line. Up to the interval no more goals were scored. Aber leading at half time by a goal to nil. Soon after the interval, Machynlleth equalised ftirotigh Reggie James. The game be- came exciting and Aber were given a penalty, but Margrave failed to score. R Parsons put them ahead again and they were awarded a penalty, but Peter Ed- wards failed with the T J Evans put them further ahead with a good shot, but the same player failed to score from a third penalty. Soon after. a. pleasantly- contested game terminated in favour of Aberystwyth by three goals to one. The referee was Mr T. Pierce. B.Sc. LAMPETER, COLLEGE v. HENDY (Pontardulais.) A match between the College and Hendy teams was relayed on the ground of the former on Saturday in ideal foot- ball weather. Appended are the teams: Lampeterj Back, Ivor Jones; three- quartei bacivs, George Davies, T H Parry, R A C Richards, and W T Evans; half- backs, Ben Davies and Godfrey Evans; forwards, Dan Thomas, William Thomas, 4 £ ''i010"' J? K Roberts, J L 11 Jones, H H Hurst, R E M Haines, and J Percy Evans. Hendy Back, Sam Morgans; three-quarter backs. Evan Willams, Isaac Edwards, Richard Kdwards, and Jack Evans half-backs Tom Morgans and W Williams; forwards, W Hiddleston, J. Hiddestone, Will Jones, Tom Jones, Har- old Sampson, Silas James, Luke Jones, and Sam Davies. Referee, Mr. J. S. Jones, M.W.K.U. Hendy kicked off against the wind, George Davies returning to touch in mid- field. From a line-out the home forwards worked the ball to the visitors' twenty- five. They were, however, soon driven back, and Hendy kept up a hot attack on the Lampeter line for some time. A free kick was awarded Hendy inside the homesters' twentv-five, a minor resulting. A bout of passing by the Hendy backs saw their wing man tackled "on the line. Evans, the Lampetei wing man, was next conspicuous with a fine run to within a few yards of the visitors' goal when he- was pushed into touch. Hendy again transferred operations to mid-field. Evans made a good run for the homesters and the ball getting loose, Picton picked up and, running strongly, scored wide out I the same Plaveil, failing to add the extra ? points. Picton was again prominent a few minutes later, l>eing tackled a yard j from the line. Half-time score :— LAMPETER One try I HENDY Nil. t Picton restarted and the home forwards following up well prevented a return. Somo passing by the home backs nearly resulted in a score. Flvatis being helti just outside. Hendy forwards by good footwork carried play to the homesters quarters and the pressure was kept up for a considerable time, but try as they would they could not break through the homesters' defence, George Davies saving his side time after time. Evans made a run to the visitors' 25. and the ball get- ting loose the visitors' were soon near the Lampeter line. Tom Morgans scored just on time which was converted. Final score:- I HENDY One goal. | LAMPETER One try. I