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fl O A I What are the essential qualities in uUAL Coal? HEAT. A glowing hot fire is most necessary both for Kitchen anti Parlour. CLEANLINESS. To obtain Coal that is practically smokeless is every Housekeeper's wish. DURABILITY. Having once made up a fire it lasts for many hours without further care. Having paid ap-cial attention to the various BITUMINOUS COALS, I can now guarantee the above Good Qualities in thf' coal which I aupp!y. Consignments of Four Tons and upwards can be delivered carriag. paid tr, the neirefit Station. For further particular- and prices, apply t. W. J. PHILLIPS, ABERAYRON. hSS7 F I Cambrian Railways Company. LIST OF LODGINGS, HOTELS, &c., SEASON 1906. Persons Wishing to Advertise Apartments, dc., IN ABOVE SHOULD COMMUNICATE AT ONCE WITH MR. W. H. GOUGH, TR"FI%i £ ™ENDENT' AS THE LISTS CLOSE IN A FEW DAYS TIME. FEE, Is. C. S. DENNISS, Oswestry, Secretary and General Manager. February, 1906. i2 CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. National Welsh Festival, St. Paul's Cathedral, February 27th Cage Bird Show at the Crystal Palace, Feb. 9th, 10th, 12th & 13th. Craft Dog Show at Royal Agricultural Hall, February 14th to 16th, Horse Shows at Royal Agricultural Hall, London Shire Horge Show, February 27 to March 2nd. Hackoty Horse Show, March 6 to 9th. Thoroughbr. d and Hunters' Horse Show, March 13 t. 15th. Polo and Riding Pony Show, Marcit 16 and 17th. On Febry. 9th, 13th, 26th, & March 5th, 9th & 12th CHEAP EXCURSIONS TO LONDON (EUSTON) Full particulars at the Stations or from Mr W H Gtough, Traffic Superintendent, Oswestry. C. S. DRNNISS, January, 7906. i 192 Secretary and General Manager. -=- MANCHESTER & MILFORD RAILWAY TRAIN ALTERATIONS WINTER SERVICE. THE following alterations will be inade on and from October 2ud, 1905. UP TRAINS. The 7 45 a.m. train, Saturdays on'y, from Lampeter to Carmarthen, &c., will leave at 7-50 a.m. The 915 a.m. train from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, and London will be continued. A new train will leave Aberystwyth at 11 0 a.m. for Stations in South Wales and London. The 3 0 p.m. train from Aberyntwyth will be continued. The 6-15 p.m train from Aberystwyth will have a through connection to Carmarthen, and on Saturdays only to Swansea. DOWN TRAINS. The 6-30 a.m. mixed train, Pencader to Aber- ystwyth, will leave at 6.40 a.m. and be later throughout. The 10 25 a.m. from Pencader will leave at 10-18 a.m. and be earlier throughout to Aberystwyth. The 2-55 p.m. train from Pencader will be con tinued. The 6-5 p m. train from Pencader will be accel- erated and be due at Aberystwyth at 8-0 p.m. instead of 8-10 p.m. Through coaches will b", run on all trains be. ween Aberystwyth and Carmarthen excrpt the 15 p.m. which will be Saturdays only. These trains keep accurate time between London and Aberystwyth owing to the distance between London and Newport (133J miles) being run both up and down without any intermediate stop. LLANGYBI STATION. The following Trains will stop at Llangybi Plat- form on and from 23rd October, 1905, until further orders DOWN TRAINS. The Train leaving Pencader at 2.55 p.m. for Aberystwyth will arrive at Llangybi at 3.43 p.m. Tbef Traiiij leaving Peneader at 6.5 p.m. for Aberystwyth will arrive at Llangybi at 6 52 p.m. UP TRAINS. The Train leaving Aheryatwyth at 11 a.m. for Pencader will arrive at LlaRgybi at 12-14 p.m. The Train leaving Aberystwyth at 3 p m for Pencader will arrive at Llangybi at 4.13 p.m These Trains will be run in addition to these al- ready arranged for on Fair days and Market days THE REST TEA IS lib and lib Lead Pckt I- ——■ ■ — -■ —■■■ ■ fT— ==^ MAGtC* 2/0 and 2/6 per pound ALADDIN'S MAGIC TEA RICH, LUSCIOUS FLAVOUR. Wholesale only of :W. WILLIAMS & Co., Tea Merchants, 5, Burton Street, Liverpool. (Goddarcfs I Plate Powder for Cleaning Silver,Electro Plated jc Sold everywhere 1 £ 2/e>& ■+/<> The Oldest Billposting Establishment ia Town and District. JOHN LLOYD & SONS, TOWN CRIERS, Billposters & Distributors, t Having the largest number of most prominent Pouting Stations In all parts of Aberystwyth lind District, they are able to take large jontracte of every description. Over 0 Stations in the Towu and District. Official Billposters to th« Town and Coutity Councils, G.W.R. Co., Cambrian Railway Co., M & M Railway Co. the A.F.O., all the Auctioneers of the Town and Diatiict, aLd other public oodles. Frivate Ad(iress- J Cangwyn, Trinity-road, Aberystwyth. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS WELSH AMATEUR CUP TIE (Semi-final) ABERYSTWYTH v. BUCKLEY ENGINEERS :at NEWTOWN MARCH Srd. Kick-off, 3-45 P-m- On the above Date CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued from Aberystwyth to NEWTOWN by 1.10 p.m. train. Return Fare 2/6 Passengers return by 7.45 p.m, train same day. Full information can be obtained at the Stations or from Mr W H Gough, Traffic Superintendent, 0-westry. Oswestry, February. 1906. i 319 TOURIST TICKETS Are Issued from the Principal Cambrian Stations to all HEALTH RESORTS On the Cambrian Railways > also to WATERING-PLACES IN ENGLAND, NORTH WALES, ENGLISH LAKE DISTRICT, NORTH EAST COAST, &c, &c, &0. WEEK-END EXCURSION TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY TO EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW (By the direct route via Whitchurch Crewe, Preston, and Carlisle), Available for Return on the following Sunday (where Train Service permits), Monday or Tuesday. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, the several stacks of well-harvested HAY, of the growth of 1905 (except where otherwise stated), standing at the undermentioned Stations on the Cambrian Railways, and estimated to contain the respective quantities, more or less, also under- mentioned, viz. :— intimate* ntimated STATIONS Weight. [ STATIONS Weight Tons. I Tens Fenn'a Bank 7i rLlanymynech 3J ( Bettisfield 4f Four Crosses 7 Ellesmere 12J Harlech 81 Overton-on-Dee 9 Talsarnau (1901) Banpor-on-Dee Talsarnau 5j Rhyd Meredith Driccieth 8 (Nantmawr Abererch 4$ Branch) —■————— — EXTENSION OF WEEK-END AND EARLY CLOSING FACILITIES! For full particulars see the Company's New Excursion Pamphlet. To be obtained at all stations, or from Mr. W. H. Gough, Traffic Superintendent, Oswestry. BARMOUTH BRIDGE PROMENADE. UNTIL further notice the Cambrian Rail- ways Company will issue Season Tickets over Barmouth Foot Bridge available for the periods and at the charges named below 8. d. 1 week 0 6 1 month 2 0 3 months n. 3 6 6 months h. 6 0 12 mouths. 10 0 The tickets will also allow the holder to take a bicyc!e free, but are not available in the Company's trains over the Bridge, nor are they transferable. LIST OF LODGINGS.—A new and re vised edition of the List of Hotels and Inns, Farmhouses and Country Lodg- ings in the district served by the Cam- brian Railways will be issued ready for the coming season. A fee of one shilling will be charged for the insertion of any name and address, Names and Addresses "f Farmers,Hotel Proprietors, and Lodging House Keepert3 having accommoda- tion to offer should be sent to any of the Company's station masters or to Mr. W. H. Gough, Traffi Superintendent, Oawestiy. accompanied by remit- t tance not liter that February Itit next. The Company reserve the right of acceptiug or reject- iug aoy II pplica.i()h. C. S. DENNISS, Secretary and Geueral Manager. Oswestry, Feb., 1906. i22[ EVAN SIMON, GENERAL TAILOR, WOOLLEN DRAPER, UtI. POST OFFICE, LLANBADARN FAWR, Every description of Gentlemen's Clothing on the aaott reasonable terms. Breeches and Liveries of all kiadt Mourning Suits, etc., etc. I tAl Prioes charged are tbe lowest possible or pod quality .nd first-rate workmanship. ttsit •w— IIr MR CHARLES PANCHEN, ORGANIST & CHOIRMASTER, T. MICHAEL PARISH CHURCH. ABERYSTWYTH, Hon. Local Examiner (Scholarships), R.C.M., RECEIVES PUPILS FOR INGING, ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, FLUTE AND HARMONY, 20, New-street, Aberystwyth. Next Term begiss Monday, January It.%s 10 I (gftttcatimt ABERYSTWYTH THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL ABERYSTWYTH. HEADMASTER R. A. POPE, M.A., Formerly Classical Scholar of Sidney Suenz College, Cambridge. A few BOYS can be received as BOARDERS For all nformation— ADDRESS 18, SOUTH MARINE TERRACE. ABERYSTWYTH. CAERLEON HOUSE Collegiate School for Girls. PRINCIPAL MISS RHODES. STAFF Miss RHODES, assisted by Miss WARREN, B.A. Miss RICKS, Inter B.A. Miss WEDD, Cambridge Higher Local (HoRours) Miss STOKOS, Senior Oxford (Honours). Fraulein BUCHHOLTZ (Certificated), Traimed Teachers' Training College, Frankfort. Mdlle BONJOUR. Diplome Supérienr Music, Piano: Miss HERBERT-JONES. L.R. A.M. (Theoretical and Practical.) Miss STOKOE (Adv. R.A.) Violin: Mr BERTIE OLLERHEAD, Miss HERBERT-JONES. Singing Miss HERBERT JONES. Drawing and Painting: Miss RICKS, Certifi- eatea Art Teacher, S.K. Miss WEDD, Certificated S.K. Dancing and Calisthenics Miss HADEN. Gymnastics: Miss TEMPEST, Certificated Bed- ford College. Swimming: Miss RICKS (Pupil of Professor O'Rourke). Preparatory Form for Young Children. PUPILS PREPARED For London and Welsh Matriculation. Oxford and Cambridge local Examinations, Associated Board of Royal Academj Royal College of Musil, Trinity College, and other examinations. m Gymnasium, Hockey, and Tennis. HIGH SCHOOL FOR mRLS VICTORIA HOUH VICTORIA (MARINE; TF AOS. ABERYSTWYTB SEPARATE KINDERG* PRINCIPAL: MISS KATB B I,-HOYB, Certificated Mistress, Assisted by a Staff of htghly-quaiifie Xftsident Governesses. RicirzimieNcizs- Tkos, Jones, Esq., B.A., H.M. Inspeotor of oet. Llanelly; The Rev. O. Evans, D D., King a Cross, London. E. H Short, Esq, H.M. Inspector, Aberystwyth Print,. a)Roberts, M.A., U.C.W. Principal Prys, M.A., Trevscca Collogt Dr Scholle, Aberdeen University. Rev. T. A. Penry, Aberystwyth. Pupils prepared for the London TTelsk Matriculations, Oxford and Cambrids/f LoW Examinations, &o. For Terms, &c., apply PRINCIPAL SOMERVILLE SCHOOL BOARDING & DAY SCHOOL 14 and 15, SOUTH MARINE TERKAGB ABERYSTWYTR, PRINCIPAL MISS MARLES-THOMAS Pupils have very successfully passer* ariooa public examinations The course of work is specially arranged irittf a view to preparation for the University Calk lege, where scholarships have already been ellt tamed. Great attention i. paid to physical Edaoak tion. GYMNASIUM AND SWEDISH DRILL. BARMOUTH. BARMOUTH COUNTY SCHOOL (ros BOYS AND GIRLS), HXADVASTXB EDMUND D. JONES, M.A. (LOND.), SCIENCE MASTXR TALIESIN MORGAN, Inter. Sci. (Lows.) SENIOR MISTRESS: MISS C. MORGAN, B.A. (WALES.) ASSISTANT MISTRESS MISS M. P. ALLEN, B.A. (Lond.) TEACHER OF COOKERY MISS A. DANIEL. TEACHER or MUSIC MISS F. E. WILLIAMS. TEACHER OF DRAWING AND PAINTIN8- A. J. HEWINS. School Fees,;El Its, payable in advance. CHIEF SUCCESSES DURING 19C4. Sir Alfred L. Jones's Science Scholarship of IN per annum, tenable at University College of Vfales* Aberystwyth, three Honours Certificates, oae Senior Certificate, and bix Junior Ceit-'ficat-es of the Central Welsh Board, one London Matriculation Certificate. Prospectus, fco., on application from the REA., T I .t:T'r1'IT "1rT"Ii.T f"y M AnlttK.or from it. IjJL.1^ w UiLi Xn un ,v*er*« TOWYN. TOWYN COUJNTY SCHOOL. rilHE School Buildings are large and cmaa- JL modious, are admirably suited fci tkets purpose, and include Headmaster's House, built specially for the accommodation of Boarders the ordinary Class Rooms, Music Room, excellently equipped Chemical and Physical Laboratories I Science Lectura Room Workshop, Kitchen, mi laundry. Pupils are prepared for the UnirersitiM. th* Profesion and Commercial Life. SUCCESSES DURING 1903. London Inter. B.A., 1; London Inter. B.'Ir. 2; Prelim. Scientific, London Mstriculatiox, 4; Honours Certificate Central Welsh Board, 7 (14 distinction): Senior Certificates, ditto,. 10 (18 distinctions); Junior Certificates, ditto. 7 (7 distinctions); Bo&Ed of Education A, ranced Certificates &3; Trinity College, S; Pitman's Shorthand, 5; Bank Entrance, *i SCOLARSHIPS, Ac. Principal's Scholarship of:040 per annum at Aberystwyth College; Comercial Traveller's Scholarship of L20 per annum at Aberystwytw. College; Entrance Scholarship B30 per annuitf at Bangor College (bracketed first on the list); Entrance Scholarship of P,2 5per annum at Bangor College (bracketed third on the list); Entrance Exhibition of Pll la. per annum at, Cardiff College; Rendel Exhibitons of 210 per annum. During the last five years Scholarships. eta., of the value of £1,665 have been gained, bit pupils direct from the School. Tuition Fees, fC per annum. For Prospectus, Boarding Feet, &e. apply Headmaster, or to E. J. EVANS, Towyn, Clerk to the Govir OSWESTRY SCHOOL FOUNDED 1407. ONE OF THE OLDEST PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN ENGLAND. CLASSICAL AND MODERN SIDES, PREPARATION for the Universities of JL Oxford, Cambridge, and Dublin. Also for the usual Professions and Business Occupations, School Chapel and premises in beautiful surround- ings. Many University successes gained in recent years. The present harden of New Colleges, Oxford, the Archdeacons of Maidstone and Wake- field, Canon Giloertson of St. Paul's, Admiral Tudor, R.N., and many other distinguished pupils educated at the Schoo Arp'y to J. J. LLOYD WILLIAMS, Oxoa. I tiodmastor.