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EASTERTIDE Hopes for a fine Good Friday were but partly realised. The day opened as on the preceding thirty days with a glorious sun, but towards eleven a'clock banks of cloud suddenly appeared followed almost immediately by a sharp shower —the first rainfall in four weeks. It was now noted that the wind had veered from south to northwest and the numerous holiday seekers who were just setting out for the day armed themselves with mackintoshes and umbrellas. But in less than half an hour the sky once more bore a summerlike garb and ths rain protection- ists during the next three hours as the swelter- ing heat made itself felt began to think that they had unnecessarily lumbered themselves. By three o'clock, however, they were congratulating themselves on their precautions. Thexe was a sudden fall in the temperature like as from mid- summer to mid-winter, and the sky in a few minutes became completely overcast, Two hours elapsed before rain fell and following a few showers there was a return once more to a clear sky but the wind maintained its rawness as it did next day, Its effect on Saturday, however, was completely neutralised by sunshine of July- like power. The same conditions obtained on Sunday and Monday, but assuming a more genial phase on the latter day, panamas and flannels once more making their appearance. Good Friday was marked by the usual quiet in Portmadoc, the footfalls of the few vho appeared in the main streets in the afternoon breaking a silence as deep as that reigning in the dead of night. Outings and pic-nics were the order, a good number going by trap, manv by train, and still more on foot, the Black Rock be ng the favourite objective: of t,he pedestrians. Traffic at the Black Rock taxed the tea caterers almost as much as it does on a busy summer's day. Not a few golfers made their appearance on the new links on Morfa Bychan which are already in tolerable playing order. Scores of anglers turned out on river and mountain brook, but sport although good compared with Eester of last year, was not up to what it has bf-eri during the past few weeks. Certainly very few there were on the Glaslyn who did not nmke a capture or two, but the size of the fish regarded generally were nearer to that of the two onnce tiddler of the mountain brook than that which one has a rMht to expect when fishing a noble stream like the Glaslyn. Those competent to speak ittiribute the anglers'evil time to the imminence o: rain and that other blessed resource of the unlucky rodman, thunder in the air. The Tremadoc fair fell this year on Good Friday, and the holding of other fairs in the district on the preceding and succeeding days made it impos- sible to change the date. As might be imagined business, never very brisk in Tremadoc at the best of times, fell to zero stage on Friday, this being attributable in some measure to the banks being closed. The usual services, includ- ing the three hours' service, were held in St John's and other Anglican churches in the disj trict, but the Free Churches who in many instances held prayer meeting's last Good Friday, trod the old groove this year. On Saturday, a company of about sixty left for Welshpool to witness the final in the Welsh Amateur Cup competition between Portmador and Buckley. The game ended in a draw-twc goals each-and the contestants will try fuith, i conclusions on Saturday next. On Sunday and Monday, the annual preaching festivals of the Beddgelert, Borthygest, and Morfa Bychan C ngregational Churches were held, the Revs E!vet, Lewis and J. Rhydderch I Waenfawr, preaching at Beddgelert, and tht I Revs R. Roberts, Rhosllanerchrugog, R. P. Williams, Holyhead, and Roland Hughes, B.D., Bangor, at the latter places. On Sunday, Mr Hughes and Mr Elvet Lewis occupied the Memorial pulpit, and Mr Rhydderch and Mr Roberts the Salem pulpit. Easter Monday saw the usual exodus from Portmadoc, there being absolutely no attractions in the town. Over a thousand left by train for Pwllheli, Criccieth, and Carnarvon, the vast majority going to the former place, which this vear embarked on an innovation in the form of a dog, poultry, and cage bird show. Residential visitors to the district were few in number, the Vale of Madoc being outside the pale of the Easter holiday makers. Remote as it s, however, there can be no question that the district could do much better in the way of early visitors were its own attractions and its prox- imity to places of unrivalled scenic beauty brought to prominent notice. Many months ago, a committee was formed by the Council (with power to add from outside) to take steps in this direction. The Committee has done absolutely nothing except appoint officers and build castles in the air.