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PONTYPOOL UNDER SHERIPP.-E. B. Edwards, Esq., of this town, has been re-app ointed Under Sheriff of the county, the duties of which he has honourably discharged for several successive years. OPENING OF A JEWS' SYNAGOGUE.-The need of a place of worship has been long felt by the Jewish oommu. nity in this town, and in order to supply the want a. com- mittee was formed some time ago, and they exerted themselves to such good purpose that a very neat and beautiful little synagogue has been erected at Wainvelen, near this town, and which was opened on Sunday last. The consecration of the edifice, or that portion of it, how. ever, more directly devoted to religious purposes, com- menced at 3 p.m., when the Rev. D. Marks, of Cardiff, followed by the wardens and officers, brought the Scroll of the Law to the door of the synagogue, when the Rabbi, standing under the canopy, asked for the opening of the door, and the request having been complied with the pro- cession entered, chanting an appropriate psalm, and pro- ceeded to the ark, and thence walked round the synagogue seven times, chanting Psalms, the scroll being handed to each member in sucoession as they made a separate or individual circuit roand the place of worship. The sermon was preached by the Rev. N. Jacobs. The Rev. gentleman exhorted his bearers to be regular in their attendance in the temple they had now opened for the worship of God, and to keep the inward temple of their hearts spotless and undefiled, and to devote and dedicate themselves to God's service. Amongst the prayers offered was an appropriate invocation in behalf of the Queen and Royal Family of this country. After the Rev. D. Marks had announced the offerings, which were of a liberal character, the proceedings were brought to a close by giving a paraphrased ode, and singing a Psalm of praise and thanksgiving to God. Besides the two reverend gentlemen mentioned, the Revds. L. Har- feld (Newport), and — Rosenthal (Pontypool), also took part in the consecration, at the termination of which the company repaired to a lower room in the building, in which refreshments of a sumptuous description were bountifully supplied. Mr. D. Marks and Mr. Crawcour occupied the ohairs, and due acknowledgments were made and thanks given to all who had in any way contributed towards bringing the undertaking to a successful issue,the names of Mr. J. Jacobs (president), Mr. Folliok (treasurer), Mrs. Bloom, Messrs. J. Bloom, A. Bloom, A. Bloom, and other members of that family being honourably mentioned, as well as those of other contributors, and others residing at a distanoe. The female portion of the congregation (to whom separated seating is appointed in the synagogue) very gracefully discharged the duties and honours per- taining to the refreshment tables. The strangers who were admitted to the ceremony, which was of an im- posing and solemn character, were muoh interested in the proceedings. ■




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