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FATES IN SANCTION. M>TlCti MCATILF MA RKE NE WFO h T. ESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & BON, at the repeated request of many of Joral Friends, have decided to hold a MON f HLY SALE 13Y AUCTION, of FARMING TOCK, in ihe Cattle JJARKET, Newport, on the FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EVKRY *JONTH, at Eleven o'clock, a.m. Entries for these Sales should be mane by let-er, or •Iherwise, at the Offices of the Auctioneers, one wee.i pnor to the s«le day, or on the morning of sale by notice to Itr HAZiiLL, Clerk of the Maiket. Fat or other stock arriving from a distance can he pro Vided with keep, and receive every attention. A very fcxlerate fixed charge per head will be made, including *U expenses. Auction and EsUte Offices, 15, High-street, Newport, October 3rd, 1865. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE MR. HENRY VENNOR will SELL BY AUCTION, at the WESTGATE HOTEL, Newport, On THURSDAY, November 9th, 1865, at Three for Four 0 clock in the afternoon precisely, the following DEISH. ABLE PROPERTY LOT I.- Ail that Messuage or Dwelling House, Shop, Mid Premises, No. 5, Llanarth-street, Newport, afijresaid, -'ith the warehouse iti t e rear thereof opening on Fiiars- fields, now in the occupation of \lr. Joseph I odd and •thers trustees of the Co-operative Society ot .Newport. LOT 2- All that Messuage or Dwelling House, Shop, Premises, adjoining Lot l.and being No LLiuarth •^aet.afort-sai-l, with the stable in the rojif thereof opening "o Fiiars'-fieliis, r.fosesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Walter England, butcher. These premises are hold for the residue; of a term of 70 years from the 1st day of July, 1835, aud are subject to a ground ren of JE3 12. 8d., which will be appor- tioned a the time of Sale, l To view,apply to the rsnective Tenants, and for further particulars to the AUCTIONEER, 4, Llar.arth-street, aforesaid, or to Mr. F. Y. JACQUES, Solicitor, B'btwin "treet. Bristol.. [8897 MONMOUTHSHIRE. COPPICE WuOD, 1 A M) STORES. 3k wvljrwm *4kbk MR. J. DAVIS will SELL BY AUCTION', at the GEORGE HOTEL, on TUESDAY, tbe 21st day of November, I860, the foliowii g COPPICE WOOD, TIMBER, ,vc.:— -LOT 1.— l he r ALL Auk of the Great Grondra Wood, jD the parish of Miiienewton, containing about 40 Acres, •°gether with 88 O ik double and treble Stores, uumb-red j^ogressive'iy wit.ii red paint from 1 to 88 32 Ash Timber ^rees, nurnbeied progressively with white paint from 1 to *> 14 Wych Timber Trees, numbered progn s>ively with ^bite paint from 1 to 14 anl 3 Cherry Trees, numbered "ltb while paint standing therein. LOT 2 30 ASH TIMBER JREES, numbered pro- I^ssively with whiie paiut fiom 1 to 30; 10 Wych Trees, numbered progressively with white paint *rotn J to 10 • 'and 2 Cherry Tieec, numbered with whi'e the Claypitts, in he parish of Shirenewton. r^be lots will be shown by applying to the Grondra X^se, any farther particulars may be Known by applying T?t^V. E. TOYE Esq, Solicitor, Chepstow,or to the AUC- i £ 2^ER, Ash Cottage, [Chepstow. [8925 DOBSON'S FARM. JI: M-ILE: FROM ABERGAVENNY, ON THE MONMOUTH NEW ROAD. MR. WILLIAM J. HANDS will SELL BY A. AUCTION, at the above Farm, on THURSDAY ISOL^KIDAY, &be 2-3rd and 24th days of Noveinlier. $?a, the FARM 1NG STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, the pioperty of Charles Wheeley, Esq., who is plQg the fn:m, », Consisting of 14 head of Herefords and shorthorns, 141 "ghsh sheep, 7 cart horses ami colts, a very handsome Pey mare, a good hack, am! first-class in harness also a Pay cob, 14\ h ands, good in harness, and an excellent ^ck; 1 breeding sow, 1 sow and 10 pigs, 8 stores IMPLEMENTS.—Broad and narrow wheel carts and ragons, dipping &ud weighing machine, rick clothe, Irnip outters, slicer, and pulper turnip drill and roller, r<?a ploughs and harrows, wood ditto, horse hoes aud f*«e8, tedding machine, threshing and cutting machines, 'arge and small ireu roders, long and abort harness, rick 'loth, pikes, rakes, &c-, &c., also a general assortment of •airy utensils- FARM PRODOOE.-3 ricks of wheat in the straw, 1 lick of barley, 6 ricks of hay and clover, and about 20 acres of sweeds and inangolda. An excellent dog cart phaeton, equal to new also gig in exe.liezit or(-ier, A Luncheon wil I, be prepared at Eleven o'clock, and ilia ale will commence at Twelve precisely N.B—The turnips and straw to be consumed ou the arm, the remainder of the produce to go off, for \vhi.:h oiple time will bo allowed for tho removal, and bills of ree months taken on approved security on the produea •° be removed. Full particulars and order of sale in catalogues to be M »e'6n days prior on application to tho AUC- ■CIO^LEii. [SH7L HEATH & SONS will SELL BY AUC- TION, at the WESTOATE HOTEL, Newport, Mon- S^uthshire, on TUESDAY, the 2lst day of November, ^065, at Two o'clock, p.m., (unless previously disposed of Private Contract, of which due notice will be given). j^bject to such conditions as will be then produced, and j? 8Uch LOIB as shall be then and there determined on, all >°T\t custom >rv FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWEL- t&NG-ROUSE. FARM BUILDINGS, LANDS, and ^•BMlSES, called TYLLWYD FARM," in the parish of ytlyddisl wyn, in the county of Monmouth, now in the rw**pation of Mr Moses Jenkins,with the valuable STONE ^*uARRY thereon, containing in the whole 2(JA OR 33r. j>. thereabouts. All that PIECE or PARCEL of STURE LAND numbered 237-A in the Tithe Map of 2 6Parish of Peterstone, in. the said county, and containing £ ,?•». 10p. njore or less, now in the occupation of Mr m H°Pkin. All those TWO PIECES of PASTURE the numbered 344 and 406 in the said tithe map of 2a ffar's'1 °f Peterstone, and containing respectively B 'JS 36P., and 2A. 3B. 22P., now in the occupation of l»t,^ illiam Morgan. All that customary FREEHOLD j, ASSUAGE or TENEMENT, Buildings, Lands, and called DOKALT B'ACH," situate in the parish Henllig, in the said county, aud containing 8A. 3R. 14P. p thereabouts, now in tho occupation ot Mr William ^ocker. And all that TENEMENT, Garden, aud remigeB) iu the parish of Rudiy, in the county of ^latnorgan, now or late in the occupation of Mr Isaac "rice. To view,apply to the respective Tenants, and for further ParticularB) to Mr E. HOWARD, Solicitor, 66, I'^ter- 3108ter Row, London the Auctioneers, at their Estate aDd Agency Offices, Totnes, Devon, or to Mr WALTER G. ROGERS, Solicitor, 10, Queen-street, Exeter. .■Plans and Conditions may also be obtained at tLs P,ace of Sale. ated 21st October, 18G5. [8831





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