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LLANDAFF CATHEDRAL. The following Report has just been issued. We are glad to find that the new organ is to be opened in the restored Cathedral of Llandaff on Tuesday, September 18th "Deanery, Llandaff, June 29th, 1861. "Four years have now elapsed since the partial re- opening of the Cathedral, on the 16th of April, 1857, and as the principal pprticn of the subscrlp* *ioris so liberally promised on that occasion towards its entire Mstoration, has been both collected and expended, it seems but right at the present season to state the results of the movement which was then inaugurated. The once ruined sec ion of the nave has been thoroughly restored—its arcade and its western front upaired-its clerestory and its side aisles rebuilt—its walls plaist ered-its windows glazed, and a new roof thrown over its whole span. The partition wall, whkh so long severed it from the portion still in use for pub;* c worship, has been removed, and from the western entrance the original design of the architect is once me: e manife,;t in all its beauty. "Ihe roof of the side aisles of the eastern end has also been restored, with the exception of the two bays which extend beyond the Chapter House, and which are separated from the others by a small vaulted chapel. The Bishop's throne is nearly completed, and a portion of the stalls, with the screen on one side, has been erected, while contracts have been entered into for another section of the work. "The progress of restoration has indeed now ad. vanced so far that only those who have actually seen the Cathedral in former years can either realize its extent or picture to themselves the half-ruined condition of the febric but a short time ago. Much, however, still remains to be done.-the re-construction of the roof of the two bays alluded to before-the completion of the atalls with their appropriate canopies-the permanent ioori::g of the western portion of the nave, and of the two side aisles-the repain of the monuments-the finishing of the parapet of the southern aisle-the pro- vision of new doors for the great western entrance, and for the two Norman doorways in the northern and MotLthern aisles. 11 The rebuilding of the southern tower may perhaps fce looked upon as a separate work and as one which admits of temporary delay but it is deemed very desir- able, both for the sake of appearance and for construc- tional reasons, that the building should be advanced another stage so as to reach the height of the clerestory wall. The chapter room again which, if not an integral portion of the Cathedral, stands to it in something like the relation of a transept, requires a considerable outlay and the entire re-construction of its windows and its io J. F r the cost of these two works no estimates have as y been made it has, however, been ascertained, that finish the roof of the side aisles-to complete the parapet of the southern aisle-to lay the flooring—to j rovii.'e doors-and to finish the sta Is-all works which shou'd be immediately undertaken and which would, when ucmpliahed, almost crown tho work of restoration, WOLL; I voive an expenditure of but £ 1,200. But the De n -till Chapter have no funds applicable to this purp-i, as the contracts already entered into will more than < x',aust all the resouroes which they can at present antic: a e, and leave indeed a debt only to be cancelled by tr s, contributions. I Aii organ is being constructed by Messrs. Gray and D Lcn at a cost of LI,000, "00 of which have been a.ieady subscribed with a readiness and generosity which call for grateful ackn jwledgment. The icstru- iBent is to be ready for use by the end of August, and it is intended to celebrate its erection and the further Mstoration of the Cathedral by a full choral service on Tuesday, the 17th of September. Where so much has teea so liberally and so cheerfully given it may perhaps seem importunate to ask for more but the Dean and Chapter are well assured that there are many who feel, tike themselves, & common interest in the work, and who Will never be content until it shall have reached its last atage, and the Cathedral Church of Lland ,ff shall have jegained, from tower to foundation stone, its ancient character and beauty.