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PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, NEATLY$EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THE Hldiit faeral Ipriritng 15, COMMERCIAL-STREET, ifeWPOUT, NON BOOK-PRINTING, BUSINESS FORMS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, CIRCULARS, CARDS, REPORTS, &C. WR. MATTHEWS and CO., TEA and • COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT. BONDED AND FREE STORES FOR SHIPS. [5 TOBACCO MANUFACTURED IN NEWPORT. GEORGE FOTHERGILL, 68, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT, MON., BEGS to announce that he has OPENED the above Premses as a TOBACCO AND SNUFF MANUFACTORY, And he hopes by punctual attention to all orders entrusted to his care, and supplying a first-rate article at the lowest possible prices, to merit a share of public support. Importer of, and Dealer in, all kinds of FANCY SNUFFS, Havana and other CIGARS, &c. [3149 MISS HORNE BE^S to inform the Public that she has OPENED a branch of MUDIE'S LIBRARY at her ESTABLISHMENT. Berlin Wool Repository, 63, High-street, qqt Newport, Mon. 333O FURS FURS FOT.S Cleaned and altered to the newest Fashion, by MRS. EVANS, 23, COMMERCIAL ROAD, NEWPORT. (Established 13 years.) Moth effectually destroyed. Feathers cleaned, curled, or dyed. [3323 H. P. BOLT, CONTRACTOR AND, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE, HAS FOR SALE a large assortment of GLAZED STONE-WARE DRAIN PIPE3 of the Best Staffordshire Clay, varying from 3 inches up to 18 inches, with all requisite Junctions. Bends, and Syphons. Also, a fine assortment of TERRA COTTA GOODS, FOR ornamenting Pleasure Grounds, &e. [2402 NO. 42, HIGH-STREET, BRISTOL, SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1858. The Only Manufactory in ENGLAND for the MOULDED A -GUTTA PERCHA BOOTS AND SHOES. The Moulded Gutta Perciia Boots and Shoes are the ■BEST and cheapest made. Twelve Months' trial before the Public has proved them, for durability, style, and com- fort, to excel all other kinds. MANUFACTORY, 42, HIGH STREET, BRISTOL. AGENTS: JOSEPH HAWKES, 103, Commercial-street, Newport. HODGES, Bootmaker, Aberdaro. D, Cox, F> Guernsey. H. BUTLEB, Shepton Mallet. RN-.NC. W. CROFT, Rhymney. [320_I THE ONLY ABERTHAW LIME in Mon- -t- mouthshire may oe obtained of JOHN EVANS, LIME BURNER, Pillgwenlly, Newport, at the possible terms. L,I4X CHRISTMAS P R E S E.N J RPILE most acceptable form of GJOOD J- to a Friend or Relative, is a R& obtained in *C„ VILLIERS AND ANDREWS', ARTISTS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS, 59, High Street, Newport, Mon. N.B.-SUNSHINE NOT REQUIRED. [1870 CHEAPER THAN EVER. J. POWELL, BOOT AND SHOE ESTABLISHMENT, 106, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, has now commenced putting on GUTTA PERCHA SOLES :—Gentlemen's, at Is. 6d. per pair Ladies', Is. ditto Children's, 6D do.; Ladies' Over Shoes, at Is. 9d. All other Boots and Shoes equally cheap. Observe the Address 106, COMMERCIAL STREET, Two Doors Below St. Paul's Church. [3303 H. JAM E S, MANUFACTURER of the Improved White Glazed STONE WARE SPIRIT JARS, &c., Glazed STONE and RED WARE SEWERAGE and LAND DRAIN PIPES, BRICKS, TILES, &c. COURT-Y-BELLA STEAM POTTERY WOBKS, Newport, Mon. [2939 MR THOMAS WILLIAMS, HERBALIST, VINE COTTAGE, 182, COMMERCIAL ROAD, NEWPORT, MON. [28 ENTLEMEN WHO desire a superior VJT FW and FINISH should try C MILNES, TAILOR AND TROWSERS MAKER, 158, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. [1013 DR. DE JQNGH'S (Knight of the Order of Leopold of Belgium,) LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER OIL. CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, COUGHS, RHEIT. > > GENERAL DEBILITY, DISEASES OK THE SKI- TIOYS> CKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, AND ALL SCROFULOUS I„TABLE Dr. DE JONGH'SOU is the most efficacious, the most palataoie, nd from its rapid curative effects, unquestionably tl _jt_ aomical of all kinds Its immeasurable therapeutic si J over every other variety is established b) innumerable sponta neous testimonials from Physicians and burgeons o reputa-tion. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS:- BAITON FOUAUIEB. Professor of the University of Paris, Physician to his late Majesty, Louis Philippe, ifee., tic. "I must openly acknowledge that you have rendered an emi- service to "science by acquainting practitioners with tne TTifl fre1l'ent irregularity in the effects of Cod Liver Oil, -th the i?rfi £ tlleir attention to a proper choice. It is, therefore, •-1 tnfhe SHP1 pleasure that I pay my tribute of well-merited praise tot lie b"cc^sfui efforts of th'e Earned physician and che- mist, wh after truth have cost him so many sacri- fices, and ^io nas shown us the way of rendering highly effec- tual the administ 'inon of one of the most powerful medicines we are acquainted "N ltn. I HENRY LSTHESYTEsq., M B, F.L S., Imfessor of Chemistry™'1 m the Medical College of the London Hospital, U.ffi of Health to the City of London, < £ C., (FEE. N "In all cases I have found l>r. cle ,Jongh's Cod Liver Oil pos- sessing the same set of propel tl < which the presence of choalic compounds of iodine in orSanic combination are the most remarkable in fact 1 „ ^(>r''esponds in all its characters with that named Huile on■> n« described as the best variety in the masterly treatise ot • "It is, I believe, universally acknowledge that this descrip- tion of Oil has great therapeutical powei ana, iron, my inves- tigations, I have no doubt of its being a pure and unadulterated rticle." R. D. EDGECUMBE, Esq., M.R.C.S., Surge,o to the, Royal Dispensary, Pimhco, c "I have used Dr. de Jongli's Oil in my own family iwth luarked success, and believe it to be in its effect supeuoi to y other preparation. I am desirous of introducing it into the Royal Dispensary, Pimlico, of which I am one of the smgeous. Sold ONLY in IMPERIAL Half-pints, 2=. 6d.; Pints, 4s. 9d. Quarts, 9s capsuled, and labelled with Dr. De JONGH S stamp and signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE CAN POSSIBLY BE GEN LINE by all honest Chemists. SOLE CONSIGNEES, ANSAR, HARFORD, & Co., 77, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. SOLE AGENT AT NEWPORT, MR. T. J. JONES, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, H GH-STREETi 3348 r §^*00*0. 32, COMMERCIAL ROAD, NEWPORT. NEWPORT and PILLGWENLLY LOAN and DISCOUNT Office. Sums advanced from £ 2 upwards returnable by weekly payments, or otherwise, as agreed* L E. DAWSON, (Late Miss EVANS,) FASHIONABLE DRESS AND MANTLE MAKER, 203, COMMERCIAL-ROAD, NEWPORT. All Orders in Town or Country punctually attended to. [2897 CATTLE SHOW, LONDON. THE HYGIENIC SPRING LATHS BEDSTEAD, (GEYELIN'S PATENT,) COMBINING the advantages of Metallic C Bedste ids with the comfort of a Spring Mattress, .» 1p« than half the cost. Certified by Medical men as ufta+ and most comfortable Bedstead ever invented invaluable for hot climates cannot possibly harbour ver- Also Patent VOIDING HYGIENIC SPRING LATHS BEDSTEADS F0 3-feet £ 2 10a.; and 4-feet 6, £ 4 10«. Hygienic Mattresses and Bedding of the Best C ass only. MAGIC HORSE-TAMING NOSE-PINCHERS, (GEYELIN'S PATENT.) Warranted to subdue the most vicious Horse at the in- stant Kicking, rearing, plunging, and running away ren- dered impossible. It is simple, ornamental, and can be fixed to any bridle. TITP TTVIVERSAL GAS BURNEIIS' REGULATOR, (GEYELIN'S PATENT.) The only one in the world with a valve the flames from all burners remain invariable under all variations of pressure. Price 3s. each, one sent by post on the re- ceipt of 3s. 6d. in postage stamps -PATP-NT ENDLESS BRICK, TILE, AND SOCKET PIPE MACHINE, The most perfect, compact, and portable ever invented. Illustrated Catalogues on application, post free.—Agents, Wholesale and Retail, Mr. G. GREGG, 47, Baker-street, close to Madame Tossaud's Exhibition and Mr. W. H. KENNEDY, 462, Oxford-street, W.C., London. [3265 DONALD DUNCAN'S CELEBRATED T)URE SCOTCH MALT WHISKIES. In JL consequence of the increased demand in England for these splendiecl Whiskies, DONALD DUNCAN has OPENED an ESTABLISHMENT at O, BURLilGH- STREET, STRAND, W.C. KOYAL BALMORAL. WHISKY, a very fine mild anil mellow spirit 15s. per gallon. THE PRINCE'S USQUEBAUGH, a much-admired and delicious spirit, 18s per gallon. DONALD DUNCAN'S CELEBRATED REGISTERED D.D. WHISKY, Of extraordinary quality and age, as supplied to many thousands of private families, to the principal clubs, hotels, &c., &c in Scotland and Englaud, 20s. per gallon. Two gallons, and upwards, of either of the above sent to any part, or Sample forwarded, for twelve postage stamps Terms. Cash. Orders from the country must contain a Post-Office Order. -m- n 5, BURLEIGH-STREET, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. [3377 THE EUROPEAN & COLONIAL WINE COMPANY. No. 122, PALL MALL, LONDON, S.W. r J^HE above Company lias been formed for the 1_ purpose of supplying the Nobility, Gentry, and Private Families with PURE WINES of the highest character, at a saving of at least 30 per cent. Per Doz. SOUTH AFRICAN SHERRY .20s. & 24s. SOUTH AFHICAN POR I' 20s. & 24s The finest ev..r introduced into this country. ROYAL VICTORIA CHERRY (soft, nutty, and dry) 32s SPLENDID OLD (Ten in the wood) .42s Equal to that usually charged 60s pei *»;. ST. JULIEN CLARE1 (pure, and without ac Y)&- PALE COGNAC BRANDY '•AiVidpd Bottles and Packages included. « Their South African Wines are not only agreeable, but Darticularlv delicate and pure, and Without that over^ loading of spirit so commonly found in low priced wines. — Vide Morning Post, Feb. 17, 1839. The quality of the Royal Victoria Sberry ia s° rlc^ full-flavoured, and yet so delicate to the t will soon be found by the public not to be unworthy of Royal name."—Yide Court Jouriutl, Feb- "Terms Delivered free to any London Railway >~t • » Cash. i e Tisti sent free on Price Lists sent free on application to Mr. THOMAS WALL, 20, Dock-street, Newport, Sole Agent for South Wales. [3123 [A CARD.] ,T MR. R. N. OSBORNE, SUR G EON DEN TIS T, 17, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. [1121 MR: GRAHAM YOUNG. SURGEON DENTIST, of No. 7, I'AEK- STKEET, BRISTOL, attends periodi^UY (AS or E last 12 years) at NEWPORT, tbe first WEDNESDAY and at CARDIFF, the following Til^/vSI^t ;p/at Month, when he may be consulted on all case a his Profession. „ iinw, Mr. YOUNG'S next visit will occur as follows:- NEWPORT—At Mr. Wansbrough's, No. 4, Commercial. street—Wednesday, February 1st. Duke-street CARDIFF-Mr. Perrott's, Tailor, No. 2, Duke street. —Thursday, February 2nd. i—■— TEETH. MESSRS. LEVASON AND ROBERTSON, QURGEON DENTISTS, 11, BRIDGE-STREET, S HEREFORD. One of the Firm will attend Monmouth Newport, Abergavenny, and Brecon FORTNIGHTLY. DAYS OF ATTENDANCE. MONMOUTH—Wednesdays, January llfn and 25th, at the BEAUFORT ARMS HOTEL. TH NEWPORT—Mondays, January 2nd and lot KING'S HEAD HOTEL. 17FH ABERGAVENNY—Tuesdays, January <ird ana > alBRE00! Wednesdays, January 4th and 18ib, at the CA|T^C^STT^-T Attendance at 11, Bridge-street Hereford. \_MiQ_ MR. PARSON, nrPftFON DENTIST, of 17, Orchard- OLJUJL Greerl) Bristol, respectfully acquaints street, Col nentrv. and Inhabitants of New- the Nobility, Cleray, 7 consulted in the port and KINO'S HEAD various branohes of p Wednesday in each month CTdifff the following TTemsf which are extremely moderate, may be known on application as above. MHJ 9 TILL 5. A"S"S.™ }« N—V. 1!9 RUPTURES. BY HER MAJBTY'9 BOYA1 LP JFOC- HUXLEY'S IMP ROVED PAIEJN 1 MUC MA.IN TRUSS. IBMFECTET) BY THE irrER^mUSS^' THE ORIGINAL UOC-MAI*, '1841, KNOWN AS EVANS' PATENT, Di^- friIE RESULT of this Improvemenl is to I DISPENSE ENTIRELY with the^?I,^tSllv LEVER SPRING, and, by a combination of b^utitully elastic material, insure Comfort, Security, am at a little more than one-third the cost of t o Truss.. Measure required circumference—two inches ei Truss. Measure required circumference—two inches below thPr^ePofSingle Truss, 12s. Postage lOd Double Truss, 18p0^tPOffifee Orders payable at "Old Cavendish-street Post Office," to Edward Huxley, 12, Old Cavendish- 8TMANS2TMEFSE''TL Elastic Spiral Surgical Belted Air Pad," for Hernia, Pregnancy, Qbeaity, «W. V*1* I &t. T. P. WANSBROUGH, PLUMBER, PAINTER, GLAZIER, PAPER-HANGER, AND DECORATOR, HAS NOW ON HAND a large STOCK of PAPER-HANGINGS, and DECORA. TTONS of everv description. UNEQUALLED FOE EXTENT, VARIETY, AND CHEAPNESS. MARK THE ADDRESS T. P WANSBROUGH, PLUMBER, PAINTER, GLAZIER, AND PAPER-HANGER, and 5 COMMERCIAL-STREET, Opposite the Westgate Hotel, Newport, Monmouthshire. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN SENT TO ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY. [2926 HAMS"! WILTSHIRE, YORK, AND SUFFOLK HAMS, rf The Finest Quality ever offered. Prices from 9J. to Is. per lb. STILTON CHEESE, TRUCKLES, AND FINEST CHEDDARS, AT COMPTON'S PROVISION STORES, 58, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. C AN D L E S WCOMPTON, TALLOW CHANDLER AND M E L T F. R ff e 58, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT. W. C. calls attention to his improved RED WICK DIP CANDLES, which are free from that offensive smell which the common Dips possess, and give a brilliant Light. [3386 DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, and those who may wish to consult them. MESSRS MOSELY, SURGEON-DENTISTS, of 30, BERITFWS-STRFFT, OXFORD-STREET, London .iYL have the honor to announce that they will, for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope t6 meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the ^T^HEIR^ days^of ^USDA^C^FW^JA^I^RY^WTL^BE^ON MONDAY, the 23rd, GEORGE HOTEL, Chepstow; on » 52#s £ °ss £ rre?r iisrs apartments at all the Hotels. ATTENDANCE from Ten to Five. Attendance from Ten to FIve. Single teeth, from 5s. Sets, from £ 5. Stopping decayed teeth, 2S 6d. ,R I_ 4. OFTNNTINN of their Datients, and those Who may wish to consult them, that they Messrs-MoSELT beg to call the GUMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the can now supply Arti ONTIRELV sunersedin" the use of wires or ligatures of any description. They are also remaining teeth is avoided and GUM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, which is added to the Teeth, and the Patentees and INV restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary in Specimens of these beautiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every the adaptation of AR Every other description of Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete set, at half TH^^UAL^KSES? Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children s Teeth attended, and every operation pertaining^o Dental Surgery. [1926 SPA VILLA ACADEMY, MELKSHAM, WILTS. MR. ALFRED GILCHRIST, G.C.S., RECTOR. rnHIS Educational Establishment combine all"lhe advantages of a GRA51MAR SCHOOL I KNATWMV THARFI is an efficient staff of Resident and lsiting Teachers, whose duties JL with those of an ALAD • UDII9 IN those branches of study which will be most useful to them in are to promote, as rapidly as p FAC^JON THE progress of the pupils, so generally expressed, which the their respective • EN iU8tifies him in prosecuting his successful routine of practical instruction earnest efforts of the Rector ha g ,J 8 M AN experienced educator and instructor, appreciated, he and education. Grateful in LE^° YVJ*R ~ETH<^ of education and instruction are known, in their remits, the PI^ESTOWED UPEONMBTSEESTABLUHMENT will be even jet more extended Taking an acUve share in the duties of the School Hall himself, the Rector can, with great confidence, submit SPA VILLA ACADEMY to the patronage of Parents and Guardians, who are desirous of sending out their Boys to an efficiently-conducted ijducatioual EstablishiLent. The same principles which have hitherto prevailed throughout the Domestic Department, and which have received the unqualified approbation of all who know them, will still be followed out. The DINING Hall Tables are supplied on a scale of the utmost liberality. The Dormitories are spacious and well-ventilated, every care being taken to maintain health and promote comfort. The situation and air of Spa Villa are well known to be very oonducive to the strengthening of the Pupils' physical powers. The House, School Premises, and Grounds, for their conveniences AND cnifahilit.v for scholastic purposes, stand unrivalled in the West of England. and suitability^ scdo^ SCPH(FOL RE-OPENS ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 19th, 1860. [3405 — THE ATHEMEUM. TH« attention of the Proprietors has been directed to tbe inconvenience caused by the increasing bulk of the yearly volumes It has been represented to them that when the ATHEN^BUM started in its career its yearly volume con- risted of 840 naees whilst now it has increased to double that number. The Proprietors have therefore resolved that the ATHEN.SOM shall in future be paged in.half-yearly volumes, and an enlarged Index given with each Volume, in January and July. Every Saturday, price FOURPENCE, of any Bookseller, THE ATHENJEUM JOURNAL OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND ART; I (Stamped to go free by post, 5d.) contains:— „ I I IMPORTANT New English Book, and of the more important Foreign Works. REVIEWS, with Extracts of.eve^ Abstracts of Papers of interest; REPORTS of the Proceedings of the L,earnett oociei.* A»THISTIO AOOOO™ of SRF»G«»I^X"G "J Art. FOREIGN CORRESPONDS CA (,■ A F Exhibitions, Picture Collections, New Prints, &c. CRITICISMS ON ART, .WL^ Critical Not1ceA Concerts, Theatres, New Music, &cj ORIGINAL PAPERS AND POEMS. MISCELLANEA, including all that is likely to interest the informed. THE ATHENAEUM Is so conducted that the reader however distant, is, in respect to Literature, Science, and the Artson an equality in point of information with the best-informed circles of the Metropolis. Office for Advertisements, 14, WELLINGTON-STREET, NORTH, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. [3382 vpw WEEKLY MAGAZINE OF POLITICS, LEGISLATION, LITERATURE SCIENCE, AND ART. THE OLD-FASHIONED WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, as regards mere news, is fast «NR>er«edfd by the Cheap Daily PressinTownand Country, and inconsequence, the long-established and intellectual paper* the JLEADER, will ON AND AFTER SATURDAY, 7th JANUARY, initiate a NEW SERIES, to be issued as the LEADER, AND SATURDAY ANALYST. CONSISTING ENTIRELY OF ORIGINAL ARTICLES AND ESSAYS, BV WRITERS OF THE HIGHEST ABILITY IN THEIR VARIOUS PURSUITS. The character of a newspaper will so far be abandoned chat nothing will be admitted but SPECIALLY WRITTEN ARTICLES although a RECORD of the most important events will still be afforded, and occasionally highly im- portant and 'historical Documents reprinted for future reference but nothing will be inserted that has not undergone s&sS'^ ansssrissuH- THE L, be co„. ;irJ it it.'new WFDE™ for, being news-crammed by the daily paper, it is anticpated that they must prefer, to the unavoid- ably stale intelligence, able commentary and powerful eliu dation of the topics of the week. No expense or labour ^NBE^SPMMNN K^EPIN^OGE^^ AND INFLIJENTIAL WRITERS, WHO WILL ANALYSE AND REVIEW ALL THE IMPORTANT ^SYIN?VFFIEEDINGS' SSSSL^SI'ERS, AND E?TERARY' PRODUCTIONS, QF THE *< £ OCCURRENCES PRICE FIVEPENCE -STAMPED SIXPENCE.—A QUARTER—6s. 6d. per Post. Published every Saturday. A Friday Edition for the Evening Mails. As a specimen is far more explanatory than any description can be, a Sample Copy of the first number of the New Series, issued on SATURDAY, the 7TH OP JANUARY, ■n V. (VIRIRARDFID on the receipt of an order and a postage stamp. will be forwarded on tne RECE^P^ CATHERINE STREET, LONDON, W.C. To the Youtlg Men of England who Buffer from Nervous Debility. JUS PUBLISHED, THE EXPERIENCE OF AN INVALID designed as a Caution to others, supplying, at the same time, the means of SELF CURE, by one who has cured himself, after undergoing the usual amount of Medical Imposition and Quackery. Single copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the Author, ARTHUR DIXON, Esq, Hounslow, near London. DEPOSIT, ASSURANCE, & DISCOUNT jL7 BANK.—FIVE PER CENT. on sums for fixed periods, or at seven days' notice, or Three per Cent. at Call. G. H. LAW, Manager Offices, 5, Cannon-street, West, E.C. [3417 rp ]\ 1 ERSEY LINE of AUSTRALIAN J_VL PACKETS, sailing from LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE, LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE, On the 25th of each month. Passengers conveyed by Steamer at Through Rates to all ° paris of Australia, &c. Tons Tons To Sail. Sliip. Commander. Regi3ter. Burthen. Bucephalus.Bake Fdi.' I860 P Themagnificent'Clipper '« BUCEPHALUS^ ^OO^TONS burthen, is the packet of the 2oth JANUA^V following of the fastest vessels afloat, having made the following extraordinary passages, viz.. GO (IAY3. Liverpool to Bahia, (deeply laden) WAY Pernambucoio Liverpool. •• •• •-••• 'r'al jays She has maintained a speed of 14 knots IOI ^IFE^CABINS are fitted up IN THE1DPOOP WM^LSO challenge comparison in comfort W1^0 terms^of Freight or Passage, apply to EDMUND THOMPSON & CO., 20- Water-street, Liverpool or to N W TONES & CO., Ship Brokers, Newport; J AM.TO R\W'N Auctioneer, Aberdare; TITUS JONES, Auc- HONEER Merthyr J JENKINS and REES, 16, Somerset, Xe 'sS.^} or to R. W. PARRY, Ship B^erj CARD ESTABLISHED 1812. MESSRS. PROCTOR are now prepared to l take Orders for their special MANURES for 1860, which they unhesitatingly state are of a superior quality and charged at the lowest possible prices, viz :— TURNIP MANURE, WHEAT do., POTATO do,. GRASS do., BARLEY do., CLOVER do., OAT do., BEAN do. Also PERUVIAN GUANO, BONE DUST, SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, &c., &c., All of which are warranted of the best quality, II. & T. PROCTOR, AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTS, CATHAY, BRISTOL. [3397 BURROWS AND CO., WHOLESALE WINE MERCHANTS, LIVERPOOL. STORES.—Lime-street. OFFICES.-54, Duke-street. The Proprietors beg most respectfully to call the atten- tion of the Trade, Noblemen, Clergy, and the Public to their extensive stock of pure Wines of rare vintages. Burrows and Co., are not disposed to comment upon the purity of their Wines, which is daily most laudably ac- knowledged by the public and eminent medical men of all countries, as the inoreasing patronage of the highest families in the land is a sufficient guarantee. They beg to call particular attention to their pure Tonic Wines, as being so valuable to invalids and persons of weak stomachs. A simple case, containing three full sized wine bottles, will be forwarded to any address cn receipt of a Post-office Order for 6s. 6d or a dozen for 24s. It is a well-known fact that impure and adulterated wines are the greatest foes to health, debilitating the di- gestive organs; while pure wines will accelerate the digestive powers, invigorating, strengthening, and bracing the nervous system. Their Tonic Wine is admitted to be most essential to invalids, both old and young, and should never be absent from the homps of the weak aad sickly. It properties are duly acknowledged and appreciated by the leading men of the faoulty both at home and abroad. To prevent imposition, eaoh bottle is sealed with the I some of the Arm. I All øfdell to be lD.IÀo PAYABLE to Henry Barrows, I C, AML., CHAS., AND FREDK. WARE TAILORS, Sfc., 48, PARK-STREET, (From 38, College Green,) BRISTOL. [2806 VERY PRIME SEVILLE ORANGES, For MARMALADE, &c., at Is. to lB. 6d. per doz., NOW SELLING AT F E X X E L L S HIGH STREET, OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, NEWPORT. NEWPORT ROPERY COMPANY. MANUFACTURERS of PATENT FLAT and ROUND ROPE of all descriptions, Engine Yarn, Hemp, Flax, dressed and undressed, Sacks, Sacking, Twine of all descriptions, Fishing Tackle, Halters, Plough l ines, Waggon Ropes, and White Rope of all qualites. THE LONDON MANURE COMPANY, i- ESTABLISHED 1840, Are'now prepared to send out the following MANURES • SUPERPHOSPATE OF LIME, of Best Quality DISSOLVED BONES, CONCENTRATED URATE, MANGOLD MANURE, BLOOD MANURES, for Corn and Roots, CORN MANURE, for Spring Top Dressings, PERUVIAN GUANO, NITRATE OF SODA, and every other Manure of value. Any of the above can be obtained on the best terms from Mr. PHILIP FISHER, Chepstow; Mr. C. BUL- LOCK, Weston-under-Penyard, Ross the Agents of the Company. E. PURSER, Secretary. 116, Fenchurch-street. HENRI'S HORSE AND CATTLE FEED. HENRI'S PATENT CATTLE FEED is the most perfect preparation of the day for HORSES, COWS, CALVES, or SHEEP, as hundreds of Testimonials certify Price 42s. per cwt. HENRI'S PIG MEAL, 24s. per cwt. HENRI'S PATENT MEDICATED HORSE FEED, administered nightly, will quickly restore Horses that are sick or off their feed, into splendid and healthy condition, without interfering with their daily work. In stables where this is used, swollen legs, cracked heels, or surfeit never appear. Boxes, containing 56 Feeds, 12s. HENRI'S FEED is the only one patented (1855), and is sold, with a Guaranteed ANALYSIS, by HENRI'S PATEN CATTLE FEED COMPANY, Steam Mills, Hull, the so manufacturers, to whom or their duly appointed Agent orders must be given, and Post Office Orders mad payable. LONDON DEPOT, 40, KING WILLIAM STREET. NEWPORT Lloyd and Barfoot. Chepstow .Philip Fisher. Brecon Edward Webb, Corn Miller. Pontypool. Davies & Edwards, Ironmongers 17 ROM £ 50 to £ 75 PER ANNUM JP ADDITION to INCOME.—Any respectable Tradesman or other person having a Shop or Parlour in the principal street of the Town in which he resides, such town being in this district, may realise this Addition to his Income, by devoting two hours upon three evenings per week to a matter of a very light easy character. None need apply who cannot give satisfactory references as to his past character and present position. Direct, with full name and address to E. 1. 0., 159, Packington-street, Lower-road, 5 Islingtou, N., THE WORKMAN'S CANDLE. DECIMAL PALM CANDLES—CHEA- PER THAN TALLOW CANDLES, with two wicks, 8d. per lb., with one wick, nd. per lb., ten to the lb. These candles, though ugly, burn well, and without guttering. They are admirably adapted for all who re- quire one which emits a great light. For Artisans, Turners in Metal, Sempstresses, Tailors, Shoemakers, for the win- dows of small shops, and for persons of weak sight, where the light is of primary, and appearance of secondary im- portance, these candles are incomparable; in short, one Decimal Palm Candle, with two wicks, gives the light of three ordinary candles, and with one wick, the light of two ordinary candles, and does not require snuffing. Sold by Grocers, Candle Dealers, and Oilmen, and whole- sale by PALMER & Co. (the Patentees), Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, London, E.C. [3341 COCOA AND CHOCOLATE. TAYLOR BROTHERS, LONDON, from their position as the largest Manufacturers of Cocoa in Europe, are enabled to supply all kinds of Cocoas and Chocolates on the best terms. Taylor Brothers' Patent Lentilized Cocoa Is pronounced by Professor Letheby and Dr. Hassall to be superior in nutritious element to all others; see their Reports printed on the Labels of each Canister. Price Is. 6d. per lb. Also a good quality, adapted for the work- ing classes, h. per lb. Taylor Brothers' Homoeopathic Voeoa Stands unequalled as an article of Diet for Homoeopathic Patients. Sold in Tin Foil Packets, at Is. 41. per lb. Taylor Brothers' Soluble Coeoa (Hexagon Packet), Pearl Cocoa, and Soluble Chocolate, Are articles easy of Solution, and being very moderate in Price are well adapted for economical housekeepers. Sold by all Grocers and Tea Dealers. TO THE NERVOUS OF BOTH SEXES. RETIRED CLERGYMAN, having been i~U restored to Health in a few days, after many years of great Nervous Suffering, is willing to assist others, by sending (Free.) on the receipt of a Stamped Envelope, properly addressed, a copv of the Prescription used.- Direct the Rev. E. DOUGLAS, 18, Holland-street, Brixton, London. P RICHARD'S AROMATIC STEEL PILLS are the only acknowledged specific for pain in the face and head, nervous and general debility. They give energy to the muscles and nerves, and strength to the stomach, speedily im- parting vigour to constitutions weakened from illness, or shattered by the cares and anxieties of a city life. These piils are absorbed hr the blood, and tlius circulate through the whole system, so that no part of the body can e>cape their truly wonderful influence. III boxes, Is. lid., 2s. 2d" 4s. 6rl., and lis. Prepared only by Mr. Prichard, Apothecary, 65, Charing Cross, London, Agents:—Newport—Phillips, chemist; Pontypool-Wood, che- mist; Pontyprirld-Bassett, chemist; Tredeg-ar-Crowe, chemist; nrymnawr-George and Son, chemists; Usk-Clark, bookseller; Ross —Cary, Cox, and Roper; Abergavenny—Warkins, chemist Cardiff— Ivernick, chemist; Dowlais—J. James; Mertliyr Tydfil- Smyth. chemist; Monmouth Cossens, chemist, and Farror, bookseller; and may be had through all medicine vendors. (3122 ESTABLISHED 1806. COUNTY FIRE OFFICE, c 50, REGENT-STREET, LONDON. CAPITAL, £ 400,000. RETURNS PArD TO POLICY HOLDERS— £ 237,700. Policy-holders are respectfully informed that the Christmas Renewals are now in the hands of the several Acents of the Company, and should be paid before the 9th of January. Farming Stock and Implements 5s, per cent. No extra charge for thrashing by steam. The PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, established in the same year, and under the same management, has been eminently successful. POLICY HOLDERS' CAPITAL, £ 1,434..587. ANNUAL INCOME, £IR3,802 -BONUSES DECLARED, £1,197,560. Claims paid since the establishment of the Office, £ 2,923,884. T Agents fw Newport and its neighbourhood. ^ewpoet Mr. W. DAXIELL. Ahergavenny Mr. John Daniel. Brecon Mr. T. Evans. Carmarthen and Pembroke Mr. W. Hulm. Haverfordwest Mr. J Sais. Hereford Mr. C. Bennett. Monmouth Mr. E. Richards. Swansea oo. oo. oo. Mr. J. Ilore. [340 1 AN Established LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, with a Capital fully subscribed of BIOO.OOO, is desirous of APPOINTING an active, energetic AGENT in every Town and Village of this district. Commission, 50 per cen'. upon all New Life Premiums 10 per cent. Second Year Renewals and 5 per cent. all subsequent Renewals. Should the Agent be moderately successful at the end of three months, a smalt Salary will be added, and a Bonus at the end of the year. None need apply who cannot give unexceptionable references. Direct, with full name and address, to B. L. U.. 23. Cftrnden-grore, JP««kb»in, LONDON, S.E. fttsmratOT H CU, N I X F I R B ASSURANCE p COMPANY, LOMBARD-STREET and CHARING-CROSS. LONDOIT. Established in 1782, TRUSTEES AND DIRESTORS. DeeunuR Burton, Esq. Kirkman D. Hodgson,Esq.. Travers Buxton, Esq M.P. OctaviusEdw. Coope, Esq. \Vm.James Lancaster, Esq. William Cotton, Esq. John Dorrien Magens, Esq. John Davis, Esq. John Masterman, Esq. Geo Arthur Fuller, Esq. John Timothy Oxley, Esq. Charles Emanuel Goodhart, Benjamin Shaw, Esq. T. Esq. Wm.James Thompson,Esq. James Alexander Gordon, Henry Heymen Toulmin, Esq. Esq. Edward Hawkins, jnn.,Esq. Matthew Whiting, Esq. AUDITORS. John Hodgson, Esq. Peter Martinean, Esq. Joseph Samuel Lescher, Esq. SECRETARIES ]■ Wilmer Harris, Esq. J George William Lovell, Eaq. ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR—Joha Shaw, Esq. SOLICIToRs-Messrs. Dawes and Son, Angel-court. Insurances against Loss by Fire are affected bv the PHOENIX COMPANY upon every description of Pro. perty, in every part of the World, on the most favourable Terms. Persons insuring with the PHCENIX COM PINY are not liable to make good the Losses of others, as is the case in some offices. Insurances with this Company expiring at Christmas must be renewed within Fifteen Days thereafter, or they will become void. Receipts are now ready at the principal Offices, LOM- BARD-STRE.ET and CHARING CROSS, and with the respec- tive Agents throughout the United Kingdom. AGENTS FOR MONMOUTHSHIRE, &c. NEWPORT-CORNELIUS EVANS and SON, Auctioneers aDd House Agents Cardiff—John Bird, Esq, solicitor; Mr. J. Phillips cashier, Old Brecon Bank; Mr. T. H. Lyndon Abergavenny—Mr. W. James, clerk to Provincial Bank Chepstow—Messrs. Baldwyn add Morgan, solicitors Monmouth-Mr. Charles Hough, bookseller and stationer Pontypool-Alr. John Philpot, estate agent Pontypridd—V acant Ulik-Michael Davies, Esq., solicitor New Radnor—Vacant Presteign—Mr. H. M. Jones, printer and bookseller Merthyr Tyrlfil-Mr. John Edwards, gentleman ESI Ot ENGLAND FIRE AND LIFE r f INSURANCE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED AT EXETER, 1807. Office for the Metropolis, 20, BRIDGE-STREET, Blackfriarg. EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT. CAPITAL, £600,000. TRUSTEES: Right Hon.Earl FORTESCUE j Sir T. D. ACLAND, Bart. Right Hon. Earl MORLEY J EDW. DIVETT, Esq., M.P. SAMUEL TREHAWKE KEKEWIOH. END M.P. LIFE INSURANCES. In April, 1817, in order to place this Company on & similar footing with the most popular Offices, and to afford the Policy holders greater advantages than had hitherto been enjoyed by them-it was resolved by the Proprietors to grant a Bonus every fifth year, accruing from four-fifths or eighty per cent. of the profits of Life Insurance. At the DIVISION OF PROFITS up to Christmas. 1852, the BONUS declared upon this principle ranged between TWENTY-FOUR and FIFTY-FOUR PER. CENT. on the Premiums paid during the previous Five Years, and < tAt the DIVISION OF PROFITS for the Five Years ending Christmas, 1857,the BONUS ranged, between the ages of 72 and 14, from TWENTY-SEVEN to SEVENTY-THREE PER CENT. VOLUNTEER CORPS. Any person whose life is insured in this Company is at liberty to serve in any Volunteer or Rifle Corps, within the United Kingdom, without prejudice to the Policy. Accumulated Funds, £ 1,500,000. Annual Life Income, nearly £ 200,000. Amount already paid in Claims and Bonus, £ 3,188 785 Medical Fees and Policy Stamps are paid by the Company. FIRE INSURANCES. In the Fire Department the Company stands seventh on the list of Offices in England, and second in Ireland, having paid to the Government duiing the year 1858. Duty amounting to JE.57,848, and its present Iucome, from Premiums only, amounts to nearly £ 100,000 Losses arising from Explosions by Gas are made °-0od bv this Company. ° J Steam Threshing Machines allowed to be used on Farms without any extra charge. WILLIAM CANN, Secretary. CHARLES LEWIS, Actuary. Exeter, December, 1859. Insurances may be effected either through the appointed Agents or any respectable Solicitor the proper Forms- may be had of the Agents, or at the Head Office. N.B.—Agents are required in Towns in which the Company is not represented. AGENTS NEWPORT Mr. DAVID GRIFFITHS^ Pontypool Mr. And re w Hair Cbepstow.Mr. Jos. Davies Aberdare Mr. Thomas Evans Neath Mr. Thomas Thomas Cowbridge and Bridgeud .Mr. John Thomas [3421 UARDIAN FIRE AND LIFE ASSU- G RANCE COMPANY, No. 11, Lombaril-street, London, E.C. DIRECTORS. HENRY HULSE BEHENS, Esq., Chairman. HENRY VIGNE, Esq., Deputy Chairman. Chas. Win. Curtis, E-q. Stewart Maljoribanks, Esq. Francis Hart Dyke, Esq. John Martin, Esq. Sir W. M. T. Farquhar, Bt., Rowland Mitchell, Eaq. M.P. James Morris, Esq. SirWalterR.Farquhar, Bart. Henry Norman, E"q. Thomson Haukey, Esq ,M.P. Henry R. Reynolds/Esq. John Harvey, Esq. Sir Godfrey J. Thomas, Bt. John G. Hubburd,E8q.,M.P. John Thornton, E-q. John Labouchere, Esq. James Tulloch, Esq.' John Loch, Esq. AUDITORS. Lewis Loyd, Esq. Henry Sykes Thorn ton, Esq. John Henry Smith, Esq. | Cornelius Paine, J un., Esq. Tlios. Talleinach, Esq., Secretary. Samuel Brown, Esq., Actuary. LIFE DEPAHTMENT.- UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF AS ACT OF PARLIAMENT, this Company now offers :o future Insurers FOUR-FIFTHS OF THE PROFITS, WlTH QUIN- QUENNIAL DIVISION, OR A LOW RATH OF PREMIUM without participation of Profits. The next division of Profits will be declared in June, 1860, when all Participating Policies which s i.ill have subsisted at least one year at Christmas 1859 will fc-o allowed to share in the Profits. At the Five Divisions of Profits made by this Company the total Reversionary Bonuses added to the Policies have exceed £ 913,000. At the last valuation, at Christmas, 1854, the Assurance* in force amounted to upwards of the Income from the Life Branch in 1854 was more than X200,0.90, and the Life Assurance Fund, after Division of Profits, (independent of the Guarantee Capital) exceeded £ l,540,000. LOCAL MILITIA AND VOLUNTEER CORPS.—NO Jxtra premium is required for service thertin. INVALID LIVES.—Persons who are not in such sound health as would enable them to insure their L: VCR at the Tabular Piemiurus, may have their Lives insnn-d at Extra Premiums. LOANS granted on Life Policies to the extent of their values, provided such Policies shall have been effected a sufficient time to have attained in each case a value not undergo. ASSIGNMENTS OF POLICIES.—Written Notices of, re- ceived and registered. MEDICAL FEES paid by the Company, and no charge will be made for Policy Stamps. Xc/ice is hereby giren, that the Fire Policies which expire at Christmas must be renewed within fifteen days at this office, or with the Company's Agents throughout the Kingdom, otherwise they become void. Losses caused by Explosion of Gas are admitted by this Company. AGENTS. NEWPORT JOHN CROSS. Monmouth Philip J. Wanklyn, Abergaveuny .James Gosden. Cardiff M. Grover. Ditto .Stowe and Slooombe. TONES, Chemist, 5, High-street, Newport, AGENT FOR HOKMMAN S PURE TV,alwoys good alike, recommends these well-known Teas with the utmost con- fidence the repute in which they are held everywhere has been acquired by their very excellent quality, and "also from their being always good ahke. Horniman and Co.'s Teas have no arti ficial covering on the surface, for, consisting wholly of choice Spriny gathering, there are no brown flavourless etlyes that want to be disguised with a coat of COLOUR; consequently defieien strength is Perer fouml in Ilt"e T& No secured packets.$ F*