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GLAMOT^AXSHIRE EPIPHANY SESSIONS. The Epiphany Quarter Sessions were commenced on Tueslay, at Cardiff, and there was full bcncti of magis- trates, including the folluwiny :—II. A. Bruce, Esq., M.P., vice-chaiitman C. R M. Talbot. E^q., M.P,, Lord-Lieutenant; II. Hussey Vivian, Esq., M.P., L. L. Dillwyn, Esq., M.P., Admiral Sir George Tyler, Walter Coffin, Eiq., R. O. Jones, E?q., Ilowel Gwyn, Esq., Ad- miral Warde, M. Moggridge, Esq., Captain Boteler, R.E., J. J. Strick,. Esq., 11. F. Jenner, Esq., R. L. Jenner, Esq., Birt Jenner, Esq., It. Hatt, Esq., Dr. Came, E. David, E-q., R. Bassett, Esq., C. C. Williams, Esq., Coloii'4 Tynte, X. Gwyurie, Esq. H. T. Lee, Esq., Uevs. H. L. Blosse, W. Bruce, E. Morgan, D. li. Griffiths, H. Richards, J. M. Traherne, and J. Harding; t J. Samuel, Esq., T. E. Thomas> Esq,, Iltyd Thomas, Esq., Lieutenant-Colonel E. Morgan, R.A., li. 0. Yiney Esq., and R. Franklcn, Esq. THE GRAND, JURY. Mr. J. D. THOMAS, auctioneer, Fortmin. M A. Cooper, hotel keeper, JSute Docks. „ Samuel Dimond, ditto, djtto, James Dunn, iuu.ve~-i>^r> Bute-terrace. Joseph Fliut, grooef» Duke-street. Joseph Hu't'iaud. M'smt.eet, Wellington-terrace. Daniel Jones, builder, Bute-street. David Jones, co;,1 merohaut.. Bute-cresoen.t.. J. T. Jones, etiemist, Bate-road. Charles Miluer, Bute-street. W. H- Moretou, ageut, Canton. }t W- North, innkeeper, Bute-road. W. Price, clothier, St. Mary-street. J. liowe, accountant, Roath-road, .» J. Rogers, ship broke;, Bute Dooks. >i g. Stowe, agent, North Church-street. )) T. Taylor, ship chandler, St. Mary-street. H. Thauias, draper, Bute-stvaet.. „ W. Thomas, ditto, ditto. James NV are, ageut, Bute Docks. The proclamation against vice and immorality having been read, The Deputy-Chairman, in addressing the grand jury, said the Chairman being inevitably absent, by reason of domestic affliction, it was his duty to address some obser- vations on the bills which would be submitted for their examination. He was happy to inform them that the calendar did not present a very grave character, neither in the number of cases, nor the quality of the offences, neither were they such as to call for particular remark from him in fact the number was considerably less than were often dealt with at quarter sessions, and on the whole the quali y was less grave and heinous, nor was there much in their nature requiring explanation. Two or three cases he would make a few remarks upon. There was rather a serious case of riot in Cardilf. To consti- tute a riot it must be proved that three or more persons assembled and conducted themselves so as to inspire terror. In this case there was a large gathering of people, and they chased the police into a house to rescue a man whom tile police were after; and great disorder followed. It would be for the grand jury to batisfy themselves of the nature of the evidence. APPEALS. TAPE VALE RAILWAY COMPANY V. THE PARISH OF RADYR. Mr. Giffard appeared for the appellants, and Mr. Bowen for the respondents. This was an appeal agaiost I the sum to which the company had been rated by the respondent parish to the relief of the poor. A prelimi- nary objection, that tho proper notice had not been given,