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Machinery multiplies production; Chemistry often purities our food but applianees-in-aid are not always improvments for instance, time was when good Tea was readily obtainabJe-pltre icholesome teiJ-Dr. Samuel Johnson liked s,iel, the frtqljentli s of Garway's" in the days of Char)csII.obtained such; and wise people seek such now. John Chinaman said Iin»lish mer- chant like good looks," and so ha made all his tea good looki,,iy,, for fie was iiot I )w ir, fi,idirig o,it -Lilit it would aid him to disguise his brown flivourless autumn leaves; for by colouring all qualities alike, he doubtes his own and the merchant's profits. Jlornitnan 3- Co, London prefer quality before appearand1, and therefore import only the choice spring sorts, that have no n"ld to be disguised with powd-red colour -.—this every English tea drinker admits is a real improvement," as this Tea is ahmn/s- good alike." It is supplied only in PACKETS through Ilorniman's own AGENTS for list of agents in Tins LOCALITY s:?O advertise aent in this day's paper. THE ATLANTIC TEI»EGRAP-H. —A.n extraordinary meeting of the shareholders in the Atlantic Telegraph Company was held on Wednesday, for the purpose of re- ceiving a report from the directors relative to the pre- sent state of the company's affairs. The report gave a history of the past events of the company, and the failure of the cable. It also announced a fresh and formidable defect on the Newfoundland side, and having referred to the great services rendered by the cable during the short time it was at work, concluded by stiting that application had been m^de to the Govern- ment for assistance, in the shape of a guarantee of 41 per cent. on £ 550,000 new capital. The chairman (Mr. Stuart Wortlev) expressed a hope that the Government would grant the required assistance. Unless they did so, he could not see any way out of their present diffi- culties while on the other hand, if they obtained the guarantee, he believed the company would carry their project to a triumphant issue. i'he report was adopted unanimously. LEEDS. —A reform meeting was beltl on Thursday night in the Town Hall. Three thousand persons weie present Uderjnau Lucock, the chairman of the Reform Registra- tion Association, preside I. Mr Edward Baiues proposed a resolution to the effect that the meetiug was decidedly of opinion that a large aud effective measure of reform in the representation of the people in Parliament is of urgent importance. Mr. baines contended that the constituencies mi^ht be safely doublet, and showed what considerable improvements had taken place in the social aud intellectual postion ot working men, aud which abundantly qualified) them for the franchise. llr. William Brown seeon,le I the motion, which was enthusiastically carried Councillor L/arter moved that such a measure of reform should include a lar,;e extension of the suffrage with the protection of the vote by ballot. Councillor Musgrave seconded the motion. Councillor ilerton proposed, as au addendum, that after the words large extension of the franchise," should follow the c; .use :—" Such an extension as would i :clude in England aud Wales every male person of full age and not subject to legal incapacity who was rated to the relief of the poor in respjet of premises occupied within the borough, and that the county franchise should be ten pounds." This was seconded by a working-man named Campbell, and carried. Three cheers for Mr Bright wound up the proceedings, lieforua meetings in the north would appear to be very general just now. At Hudders- fi.ld, the meeting parsed a resolution requesting Mr. Akroyd, their member, to retire iuto private life. A_ movement, too. is taking place at Worcester, with which Mr. Lislett, M.P. for the city, has identified himself; but the bon. gentleman speaks in guarded language, and is evidently impressad with the idea that the Constitution may be involved in danger. THE CONDEMNED CONVICT, BUUOBSS.—After sen- tenceof dea-li was pronounced on this wretched man for th;! murder of his little daughter, he was removed from the dock to the condemned ecll of the county gaol. Here the prisoner became very vi dent, and made fearful imprecations on those who gave evidence against him. He was, however, at length subdued, and has since re- lapsed into the taciturn mood he preserved before his trial. Such is the o inion of the value of capital pun- ishment as examples entertained by the officials of Somersetshire, that it is wished, if possible, to avoid making public the day appointed for the execution of Burgess Miry Newell, aged 22, was convicted of the wilful murder of her child at Reading assizes on Wednesday, and Sentenced to deatn. The ehilti was illegitimate, and the mother having been reduced to a state of frenzy by tiie refusal of the brutal father to contribnte to its maintenance, threw the infant into a canal. The jury ricomraende.i the wretched prisoner to mercy, and she is not to be executed. The fatber of the child gave evidence ugainst the prisoner. Ill the evening he was leaving Reading by rail, when he was set upon by a mob, ducked in a pond, kept half rm hour in a ditch up to his neck in mud, and nearly killed. The sentence of death on this unhappy woman has since been commuted to penal servitude f°r I'fe. The intelligence of the Royal clemency was communicated to the pri- soner on Wednesday, and she received it with emotions of deep than inquiries had been frequent as to the time when she was to suffer the extreme penalty of the law, and her conduct since her conviction haa been extremely becoming one so situated. Gratifying as this intimation of tne reprieve his been to the town, it would have been move satisfactory had the sentence been commuted to an imprisonment for a term of yaara, instead of penal servitude fjr life.