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TIlE SEC:Œ L' SOCtKTIliS IX IRELAXD. Tne official investigation into the charges preferred against flic youthful patriots from Skiobereen and oantry, ot being members of a secret and illegal society, commenced on Liev.iay morning, in the Cork County (j.ioi. It was conducted with strict privacy the press oeuiff excluded. The. Examiner, however supplies an out line of the proceedings" The magistrates before whom the investigation was held were Messrs. Davys and Fitzmaurice, stipendiary magistrates; Sir AL Harrington, Crown Solicitor, and i ifass's'aat> conducting the case on behalf ot tbe Crown; and Messrs. T. M'Carthv Downing, of Skibbereen, and II. B. Julian, ot Cork, defending the prisoners. Between eleven and twelve o clock a body of the city police, armed with carbines, arrived at the gaol for the purpose, as was under- stood, of conducting the accused from the place of confinement to where the iuqtury was to take place and the proceedings couimenejd about twelve o'clock! The lirst. witness examined was the approver. He deposed to having been present at several meetings of the Phoenix Society, and also to the administration to himself of two oaths by a party who has up to the present contrived to elude arrest, but an active search after whom is bcinrr earned on by the authorities. He also swore that he had seen the prisoners drilling several times at ni.ght, in places a little outside the town of bkibbereen. The Constitution, says Nothing could exceed the app arent levity and carelessness of the prisoners dur- ilig the inquiry. They appear to be confident that the evidence egainst them wili be so weak as to insure their release within a brief period. The evi. d'nce of the approvcr is very conclusive, and contains the proceedings at several meetings of the society at which he was present. He also deposes to two oaths having oeen administered to the members of the society by a man named Cotter, for whom an active search has been instituted by the police. The terms of the oath were very nearly as follows 1 have something to tell you which will be a benefit to you and to the country. 1 can tell it to you if you promise to keep it a secret. I have promised to keep it secret. An oath of sec;'es\ was then administered, after which the following :— I, A.B., do solemnly swear that I will, to the utmost of niv power, endeavour to overthrow the British Government; that I will join with and assist any foreign army which may arrive in this country for that object; and that I will obey and carry out the orders of my superiors in this society to the best of my ability. At the close of the inquiry, and after a short delibe- ration on the part of the magistrates, the following decision was announced Eugene ATCart.y, James Stack, and Jeremiah DriscoII to be discharged on their own recognizances of £100, to come up for trial when called on Jeremiah Cuilinane, Tlmothv Dug- gan, Dennis Downing, Patrick Downing, Timothy M'Carthv, Thomas O'Shea, and William O'Brien to be admitted to bail, themselves in jElOO each, and two sureties each of £ 50 to appear at the assizes and Daniel M'Carthv, Denis Sullivan, Jeremiah Donovan (Hoes I), Morty Moyneaan, William O'Shea, and Morty^ Downing to be committed for trial without bail. The solicitors for the prisoners then returned thanks to the niagistrates and Crown Solicitors for the manner in which the proceedings had been conducted.

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