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SALE OF COKN BY WEIGHT.-Tbe Liver;,ool Albion s.a'es that, the new weight, equal to lOflbs. avoirdupois, to be called the ;< cenui," will be adopted exclusively for ail trarsac ions in the Liverpool Corn Market on and after the 1st of February next, all other eights, except for minor portions ot the Ceu:a\" a, d the measures of every kind whatever, being from th-it date excluded At Hull likewise, it has been reived to adopt the cental," not only for all grain, l fand met!, out fcr seeds also and Wakefield and Lee Is are exneeted to concur in the movement. Mr Johu Murray, the publisher, whobo:ds the copyright of the works of Lord Byron, is ab, ut to publish a complete people's edition. The first part -> ill be out towards the end of January next, and will contain Childe Harold," complete, with notes biographical a: d critic.), aud choice steel engravings. The miners employed by Messrs. CVilincwoo 1 and Chad- wick, of Little borough, at the Oatehouie Colliery have returned to work, having obtain* I a second advance, amounting to b. 2 1. per score. The first advauce they L'ot was 81. per score, making the total incr.eseof wages la. 10J. per score. ° Coughs colds, asthma, shortness of breath, s itting of blooi and all affections of the chest and lutirs, effectuate cured by Lanibert's Ast imatic Balsant. Perso s wtio are subject to or suf. ferin- from bronchia r any of the abovo complaints, s.ioulc? im- mediately take a few dos s of this extraoriiinarv medicine, vhi 'l s a certain and elticacious remedy. It frequently cures p SO is whom the faculty proao nc? incurable, and there is noith;r medicine known that is so certain and effectual. Extr'-c- of I letter from Mr. Stephen iiennett, High-s re t Kensington — 'T > Mr Lambert. 2', Jermyu sueet, Hayutrket. London.— have been afflicted nearly six years with a-th'^a. and ^pitti iir 0 blood, and great difficulty of breathing; after e\p»n '.in- Upw~ rd of fifty po .nits in medicine, without obtaining any reUf. 1 m induced to try Lambert's Asthmatic Balsam, and bv its use, nd artention to the prescribed regimen. aLd totally abstaining f om spirits and malt liquor, 1 am effectually cured. Feeling grateful for the same, I publish this statement in hopes that others so af- flicted may have recourse to your invaluable meuicine and thereby erive great benefit." Soid in bot'.Lsa: 13.1., 2s. 3d. and 4s. 6d. and by all druggists ai, I b oi^ihers. 2403


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