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ilotifts. BRECF^XSH^RE SESSIONS. BRECOXSHIRE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEX, that the next GEXE- jN RAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for iht County of Brecon, will be held at the Shire Hall, in Brecr,n, in and for the said county of Brecon,on TUESDA I-, the Fourth day of January next, at the hour of Eleven in the Forenoon. At Twelve o'clock at Noon, the business relating to the Assessment, Application, or Management r>f iht County Rate or Stock, will commence. The Court will also order and make a Police Rate, wuier he provisions of the 19th and 20 th Victoria, c. 69, ai d of (he several Acts referred to therein. All Witnesses in any Appeal are to be ready in Court, fo answer to their names, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, on the aheve-mentioned day, when all Appellants and Res- pontic! must also attend. Grat'd and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, and Wit- nesses, must attend on wednesday, the lifth day of January next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. Impositions must be forwarded to the Clerk of the Peace tevei clear days before the Sessions, and in all cases. arising subsequently, immediately upon being taken. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIYEX, that all Persons having claims upon the County, must attend, with their Accoun's, be- j ,re the Visiting Magistrates to the Goal, at the Sltire Hall, Brecon, on Tuesday, the 28th day of December instant, at Tea o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several Accounts will be audited. 4nu that all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County, must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not after. v.ards be allowed. And further, that all Appeals and Traverses for Triat must lIe entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sit- ting of the Court, at Eleven o'clock on Tuesday. A NT) NOTICE IS IIKREBY ALSO GIVEN*, that application will he made to the Justices assembled at the said Sessions, in direct that a fit and proper place be provided for the holding of the Petty Sessions within the Division of iMvynnock, in the said County, and that the expenses thereof be paid out of the county rate. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Peace. Beeon, 6th December, 18.58. [2661 LOST—A Small SPANIEL BITCH, aged about two years. Colour, yellow and white, and b'131v tail. "Whoever will brins: the same to Mr. CHARLES PHILLIPS, William IV., or to the Garth, Bassalleg, shall be handsomely rewarded. DEPOSIT AND DISCOUNT BANK.— FIVE PER CENT on sums for fixed periods, or at seven days' notice, or Three per Cent, at CALL. The Right Hou. the Earl of DEVON, Chairman. G. H. LAW, Manager. Offices: 6, Cannon-street, West, E.C. [2700 npHORLEVS FARMERS' ALMANACK _5i_ for 1859, Second Edition, is now ready. First Year of Publication. Upwards of 100,000 have already been distributed gratuitously. Thirty-two pages, post 8vo, gilt edges, in handsome Wrapper, with Engravings on Steel: free bv post on receipt of two stamps, on application to JOSEPH THORLEY, AlmanackDepartment, 77, New- gate street, London.—No Farmer should be without, it. [2707 ROYAL HUNT AND FANCY COSTUME BALL. J NAT HAN, COURT COSTUMIER, 18, .0 CASTLE-STREET, LEICESTER-SQUARE, LONDON, BE^S most respectfully to return thanks to the Nobility and Gentry of Newport and its vicinity, for past favours received, and begs to inform them tha, he has just com- pletci a new and splendid assortment of FANCY DKESSES, comprising Characters of all nations and D.ntes, suitable for the approaching Balls. Observe! JCIlN NATHAN", 18. Castle-street, Leicester-square, Loudon, only.- Tableaux and Amateur Performances cor- rectly dressed. ACCIDENTS ARE OF DAILY OCCURRENCE. INSURANCE DATA show that ONE PER- T SON in every FIFTEEN is more or less injured by Accident yearly. An Annual Payment of 23 SPCUTCS A FIXED AI LO WANCE OF LC, PER WEEK In the event of Injury, or £ 1,000 IN CA5E OF DEATH. FROM ACCIDENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, By Policy in the RAILWAY PASSENGERS' INSURANCE COMPANY, whidi has already paid in compensation for Accidents, £ 37,R>69. Forms of "Proposal and Prospectuses may be had at the Company's Offices, and at all the principal Railway Stations, where also RAILWAY ACCIDENTS ALONE may be INSURED AGIXIN^T bv the journey or year. NO CVMRGE FOR STAMP DUTY. C A PI TAI-ONE MILLION. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. Railwav Passengers' Assurance Company, Offices, O: Old Broad-street, London, E.C. [2701 Q 0' he £ *t. LLANTARNAM ABBEY ESTATE. LAND TO LET FOR THE ERECTION OF T-, MANUFACTURING- PREMISES. npO BE LET, adjoining the RAILROAD, 1 at Cwmbran, several Lots of Land, with ample FRONTAGE, for the Erection of Manufacturing Premises, atiJ the building of Workmen's Cottages. Apply to Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON, Vaio.ers and Estate Agents, High-street, Newport, Monmouthshire [1277 TO P-UTLDERS AND OTHERS. TOWN OF CARDIFF AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. VALUABLE BUILDING LAND TO BE LET for a Term of 99 Years. At ROATH- Houses of IS ft. and 20 ft. Frontages,also Villa Frontages. At LuNDAFF—Do. do. „ At NORTH ROAD—Do. do. At TONGWINLAIS and PORTOBELLO- 16FT. AND 18FT. FRONTAGES, 11 Advances can BE made to responsible parties on the above buildings, commencing when the first floor of Joists re laid on. Apply to Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, at his Offices, 4, Elm-street, Roath Road. ROPE WALK. A Piece of L AND TO LET for the above purpose, within ten minutes' walk of the Docks, 900 feet Icnz, 30 feet wide.— .\r) .)<- AS abore. [2029 TO BE LET. with immediate possession, that desirable Family Residence, BIIYNDERYN VILLA, Maindee, in the occupation of Mr. Middleton.— Apply TO Mrs. PlnCE, IS, Hill-street Newrort. [2653 TO BE LET, the LARGE CELLARS under the NEW CUSTOM HOUSE, with Crane and Front Entrance, in DOCK-STREET.-Apply to Mr. WM, HUNT, Park-place, Newport. [2677 rpo BE LET, a convenient HOUSE, No. 14, JL HILL-STREET, Newport.—Apply to Mr. HOLMES' 55, High-street. [2690 TO BE LET, and entered upon imme- diately. a BLACKSMITH'S SHOP and HOUSE, situate in the centre of the flourishing and rising Town of Blaenavon. A "ood Blacksmith might do a large trade.— Apply TO Mr. JAMES JOSHUA, Baily-du, ne&r Cwm- avon Station. TO BE LET. that 01d-Esfabli-dierl CORN and PROVISION "WAREHOUSE, with Cellars, No. 25, LLANARTH-STREET, Newport close to the River, Canal, and Railway. A good ^VELHNG HOUSE adjoining, may be had it REQNUEV J OR P. T Q]}- apply on the Premises; or to ^Ir. J ROCQ7 BETT, System-street, Splott, near Cardiff. RIVER WYE.' Valuable Sahnon Fishery in that River, together ivun a Ferry, and Dwelling-house Outhouses, and Garden. TO BE LET, that valuable several FISHERY. in the River Wye, known as the Huntsliam Salmon Fishery, which extends on both sides of the river from Old Forge to the Black Rock, on the Rocklands Estate together with the FERRY known as Huntsham Ferry, with Ferry-boat; and a substantial DWELLING- HOUSE, Outhouses, and Garden, adjacent to the river. 'j The property is situate near Goodrich, about four miles above Monmouth. Apply to JNO. LLOYD, jun., Esq., Dinas, Brecon. IRON FOUNDRY, NEAR NEWPORT. I^OR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, or TO BE LET, with immediate possession, the TYDEE IRON FOUNDRY," with the Water-course and Pond, Blacksmiths' and Carpenters' Shops, Fitting- up Shops, Turning Ilooms, and Dwelliug-House belonging thereto, situate at Bassalleg, within about two miles of Newport. The premises are held by lease from Sir Charles Morgan, for an unexpired term of 32 years, at an annual rent of £5 S*. Applv to Messrs. GRAHAM and CO., Auctioneers, Newport; or to Mr. CHARLES HASSELL, Solicitor, Bristol. [2645 Wanted. TO TINMEN. WANTED immediately, an experienced WORKMAN. None need apply whose character will not bear the strictest invelltigation.-Apply, if by latter, to Mr. JOHN A. LEWIS, Abergavenny. NEWPORT COMMERCIAL ROOM. RRHE ADJOURNED ANNUAL GENERAL JL MEETING of the SUBSCRIBERS, for the Disposal of the Newspapers and Magazines, and other business, will be held on FRIDAY Evening next, the 7th instant, at Seven o'clock. THOMAS LATCH, Treasurer. EDWARD WELLS, Hon. Secretary. Newport, January 1st, 1859. NEW PERIODICAL. No. 1., January 1, 1859. Price 2d. Weekly; and in Monthly parts, fid. ,VI). 1 & part 1. ready Jan. 1., 1859. IEN THOUSAND WONDERFUL JL THINGS including everything Marvellous and Rare, Odd, Curious, Quaint, Eccentric, and Extraordinary, in all Ages and Nations, in Art, Nature, and Science and comprising all the Wonders of the World. No. 1, Two- pence, and Part 1, Sixpence, ready January 1, 1853. London WARD & LOCK, ),38, Fleet-street. [2G65 Price 2d. Monthly. On Jan. 1, No. 1. With Original Illustrations engraved by E. Jewitt. To be completed in Twelve Numbers, Price 2d. each, and Profusely Illustrated. THE FAMILY CYCLOPAEDIA OF USEFUL INFORMATION being a complete Cabinet Treasury of Reference on all subjects hearing upon the Common Interests and Daily Wants of Mankind, as well as a Dictionary of Social and Domestic Economy the whole Copiously Illustrated, and Carefully Written, under supervision of the Editors of the Family Friend." London WARD & LOCK, 158, Fleet-street. f2665 PRICE 6d. ATLAYAY MANAGEMENT The OFF1- \I CIAL VIEW REFUTED being a Reply to Objections urged against a Plan for the Government and Working of a Railway. By THOMAS WRIGLEY. London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Manchester, Johnson and Rawson, 89, Market-street; George Simms, St. Ann's Square. [2685 EAST INDIA HOUSE, 21st DEC., 1858. By order of the Secretary of State for India in Council. r|^HE Finance, Home, and Public Works JL Committee HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that they will be ready, on or before TUESDAY, the 4th January next, to receive PROPOSALS in writing, sealed up, from such persons as may be willing to supply IRONMON- GERY and that the conditions of the said Contracts (two in number) may be had ou application at the Secre- tariat Office, where the proposals are te be left any time before Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon of the said 4th day of January, 1859, after which hour no Tender will be received. J. COSMO MELVILL. [2696 NOTICE OF DIVIDEND. BANK OF DEPOSIT, No 3, PALL MALL EAST, LONDON, S.W. THE WARRANTS for the HALF-YEARLY Interest, at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum, on Deposit Accounts, to the 30th instant, will be ready for delivery on and after the 12th proximo, and payable daily between the hours of 10 and 4. PETER MORRISON, Managing Director. December, 1858. 0 0 Parties desirous of Investing Money are requested to examine the Plan of the BANK OF DEPOSIT. Prospectuses and Forms for opening Accounts sent free on application. [2699 PATENT WASHING MACHINES. HENRY LEONARD, IRONMONGER, 22, HIGH-STREET, AGENT FOR BRISTOL. These Machines present many advantages over any other yet introduced. Expeditious, simple, and easy work- ing thorough cleaning, even the dirtiest Clothes no strain whatever oil the Linen can bo easily worked by a Lad or girl 15 years of age. Lever Machine, Zinc Lined E3 8 Large Ilotarv Machine £6 10 11. L. is also AGENT for the PATENT PORTABLE MANGLES, which possess all the efficiency of the old cumbrous Mangle without occupying one fourth of the •pace Small Size, to stand on Table £ 3 10 Ditto, on Iron Stand £ i 10 Large Size, ditto R5 0 Leamington KITCHENERS, Oven and Boilers 3 feet, £ 5. Price Furnishing Lists on application Gratis. Patent STOVES, the only Stove without Flue, 8s. 6d., 10s- 6d., 12s. 6d. Patent FUEL for ditto, 2s. 6d. per Bushel, or 6s. a Sack. 22, HIGH-STREET. To be S3en in use on Tuesdays, at HIGH-STREET, between the hoiiisof Eieven nnd One o'clock LEONARD'S WASHING MACHINE. [2519 Emigration. EMIGRATION FOR AUSTRALIA FROM NEWPORT DOCKS. rF,HE Fine First-class Fast Sailing S,LIP ^K^HERLAN"L) & OR AN J E," 1,000 Tons Burthen, P. C. ROSIER, Commander, Will SAIL about the latter end of JANUARY, 1859, TO ADELAIDE. This beautiful Ship has excellent accommodations for Passengers, &c. For further particulars, apply to the Cowmander on Board or to HENRY EDWARDS and CO., 2695] Dock-street, Newport. NOTICE.— the White Star" Clippers, comprising the largest, finest, and fastest clippers in the world, icill be despatched punctually at noon of the lsi and 20th '1 every month. "WHITE STAR" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX ROYAL MAIL PACKETS, £ ? O A I L I N G FROM O LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE, On the 1st and 20th of every Mouth, AND FROM MELBOURNE TO LIVERPOOL, On the 1st of every Month. Passengers forwarded by steamers to all parts of Aus- tralia, Tasmania, &c., at through rates, Red Jacket,M H O'Halloran White Star.T. C. C. Kerr Prince oftheSeaaH.A.Brown Star of the East.Gaggs Blue Jacket Clarke Shalimar J. R. Brown Mermaid Jas. White Arabian M. Gaudy Beechworth Thos. Fraiu Sirocco J Flood Cyclone Geo. Kerr Sultana Brewster AND OTHER CELEBRATED CLIPPERS. PrinceoftheSea.s.H.A. Brown 1427.45i)0.Jan 20 Blue Jacket J. Clarke 1042.3500.Feb. 1 Arabian M. Gaody .110S..3500.Feb. 20 Passengers embark on the 19th and 31st January. PACKET OF THE 20th JANUARY, The very magnificent, clipper "PRINCE O F T H li SEAS," 1427 tons register, 4500 tons burthen, Capt. H. A. Brown. The Prince of the Seas" is one of the largest, hand- somest, aud fastest c'inpers afloat; she was designed ex- pressly for the Australian passenger trade, and is complete in every essential for the general comfort of all her pas- sengers. She has sailed, heavily laden, the extraordinary distance of 392 knots, or 431 statute miles, in one day, a rate of speed surpassing some of the fastest clippers afloat. Her saloons are sumptuously furnished, and supplied with bedding, linen, piano, library, chess boards, &c. the ship also carries a cow for the use of saloon passengers. Her second cabins are in front of the poop, asd fitted up in an elegant and superior manner whilst the between decks are extensive, lofty, and thoroughly lighted and ventilated. For Freight or Passage, apply to the owners, H., T. WILSON and CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liver- pool C N. NAISH, 29, Llanarth-street Newport or to W. H. WHITLLOCK, 3, Oxf>r(.l-terrace, Wide- marsh-street, Hereford. [yog marsh-street, Hereford. [yog WHITE STAR" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX-ROYAL MAIL PACKETS. O A I LI NG BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND MELBOURNE, t ^is O'1 all(^ 20th of every month And forwarding Passengers by Steamers at through rates to all parts of Australia. PACKET OF THE 1st OF FEBRUARY, The beautiful new clipper ship "BLUE JACKET," Captain Clarke; 1042 tons register 3500 tons burthen. This elegant clipper is sister ship to the celebrated clippers" Mooresfort," "Genii," andSir W. U- liams" (which made her last passage home from Australia in 67 days), and was built expressly for this trade. Like her companion ship the Red Jacket," she is of exquisite symmetry, her lines are remarkably sharp, 4nti she is ex- pected to prove one of the fastest clippers in the world. Her main saloon is a magnificent apartment, fitted up with great splendour, and replete with every appliance for the luxurious enjoyment of the voyage. A piano, library, linen, bedding, chess boards, &c., aie provided for the saloon passengers, for whose use a cow is also carr ed. The accommodations for second class, intermediate, acd steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. For freight or passage, apply to the owners, H. T. WILSON & CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool C. N. NAISH, 29, Llanarth-street, Newport; or to W. H. WHITELOCK, 3, Oxford terrace \Y ideiaarsh-street, Hereford. [2688 jíC(\n\ (tonutnudcation. Winter Arrangements On and After 1st October, 1858 WATERFOIID, LIMERICK, AND SOUTH OF n IRELAND. ?FWF^T^AILY COMMUNICATION (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) BY ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. First-class Steamers (in connection with the Great West- ern aud South Wales Railways), Her Majesty's Mails, leave the M'ilford Haven Railway Pier on the arrival of the 9 30 a.m. Express Train, at 8 p.m., and 6.10 a.m. Third Class Train, leaving Paddington daily. Returning from Watertordou the arrival of the Limerick Train at 3 p.m., reaching Milford Haven, (wind and weather permitting,) so as to secure the departure of the 9.15 a.m. Express Train, reaching Paddington about 6.0 p.m., also the third class 7 5 a.m. Train to London. Apply for Tickets at the first-class Railway Stations, Great Western and South Wales Railways; of Messrs. FOllD & JACKSOX. 33, Cannon-street, London, and Milford Haven or of Mr. DOWNEY, Adelphi Wharf, Waterford. Through Fikt-eg-London to Waterford, 50s 40s., and 24s. (xl. Intermediate Stations in proportion. Milford Haven to Waterford, 12s. till. and 7s. 61. Sea passage only 70 miles. Letters intended to bo forwarded by this short and ex- pediitous route, must be addressed uia PEMBROKE DOCK. [619 I STEAM COMMUNICATION liETWEEN CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. rr'HE Cork Steam Ship Company's fr) JL Screw Steamer "OSPKEY, 700 Tons, h If fP\ 250 Ilorse-power, JonN CROFT, Com- mander, is intended to ply as underneath, unless prevented by any unforeseen occur- rence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow Vessels,during the month of JANUARY, 1858.- For CORK, from CARDIFF Saturday 1st, at 3 after NEWPORT .Saturday 8th, at 71 morn CARDIFF Saturday 15th, at 2 after NEWPORT Saturday 22nd, at 71 morn CARDIFF Saturday 29th, at 2 after From CORK, for NEWPORT Wednesday 5th, at 6 mom CARDIFF Wednesday 12th, at 8 morn NEWPORT Wednesday Iflth, at 2J after CARDIFF Wednesday 2Gt!i, at 8 morn Reduced Rates and Fares may be ascertained at the Agents Offices. Fares to Cardiff or Newport, Best Cabin, 17s. 6d.; Deck, 7s, (No Steward's Fees.)—Return Tickets, available for one Month, 27s. Horse", Carriagcs, Live Stock, aud Goods intended for Shipment, should be alongside one hour before the time of sailing. The Company also give notice, that they will not be accountaole or Passengers' Luggage, unless -the value thereof be declared, and freight paid accordingly, at the time of shipment; and that Passengers from CARDIFF must obtain their tickets at the Office before going on board. Foi Freight or Passage. apply at the Company's Office, Cork; or to Messrs. OWEN and DOWNING, Ship Brokers, Cardiff; or Messrs. BENSON and MADDOCKS, Merchants, Great Dock- stieet, Newport. l656 BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. ''M'TV rPiIE Bristol General Steam Naviga- V*>I tion Companv's splendid Paddle Steamer Br "TAFF." Captaiii C. WHEELER, or other suitable vessel, will ply during the ensuing Week as fo.Hows:- Bristol to Sewport. Newport to Bristol. JANUARY. JANUARY. Saturday 1 4 after Monday 3 after Tuesday *4 6 morn Tuesday 4 4J after Wednesday 5 61 morn Thursday 6 61 morn Friday 7 7A morn Saturday S morn To and Fro from Bristol. *»* A Waiting rpom is provided opposite the Landing Place at Hotwells, where Passengers are taken on board free of charge, about fifteen minutes after the time stated in the ills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the Hotwells to and from PORTTSIIEAD daily (Sundays excepted). FARES—After Cabin, 3s Front Cabin, Is. 6d. To and Fro same day, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Four-wheel Carriage 18s., Two-wheel ditto, or light Phaiton, 8s Two-wheel Carriage, or light Pliaoton, drawn by one horse, with Driver, 12s.; Horse, 5s.; llorse and Rider, 6s., Dogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Horses and Carriages shipped at Bathurst Basin one hour before Bailing, Further particulars may be obtained at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where all Goods, Packages, Parcels. &c should be addressed. Bills and other information can be obtained of Mr. JOHN JONES, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells; or of Mr. R. P. JONES Rodney Wharf, Newport. Bristol 'to Cardiff.. Water mark, near the public JAKUARY. road; but no charge will be Monday 3 6 morn made for small parcels carried Wednesday 5 7 morn on shore by the Passengers. For Friday 7 8 morn particulars, apply to Mr. T. Cardiff to Bristol. j LYll Cliff Terrace. JANUARY. Bristol to Tenby & Carmarthen. Saturday 1 2! after JANUARY. Tuesday 4 4 after ■ Thursday 6 7 after Thursday 6 ot morn Tenby only. Saturday 8 morn T,)lhy lQ Bristol to B'uleford, Lynmouth, JANUARY. and Il/racombn. Tuesday 4 6 after JANUARY. FARKS—Cabin, 13s. Children Tuesday 4 6 morn | under twelve years. 6s 6d. Ser- Friday 7 8 morn vants in the Cabin, 8s (including j r,s Steward's Fees.) Fore Cabin, Bid'jori, Lynmouth. and Iljra- u 6(L chi)dreu ,m(kr twelve combe 0 Bristol yearS( 4s_ Carriage, 42s; Pair- JA\iAm. horseph;eton,31s6d; Smallone- baturday 1 2 hnrse ddto/iSs Gig, 20s; Horse Wednesday 5 5 morn 20s Dou. 3'8 Saturday 8 6J morn KETURN CABIN TICKETS avail From Ilfracombe, weather per- able 10 days, 15s or 20 days, mitting, 4 hours after leaving 18s.; with the option of return- Bideford. in- by either of the Company's From Lyrimouth, weather per- Steamers plying between Bristol mitting, 5 hours after leaving and Tenby, Carmarthen, Pein- Bideford. broke Dock, Cardiff or Newport. FAKES—Bideford, Best Cabin, Bristolto Pembroke Dock,Milford. 9s., Fore-Cabin, os. Ilfracombe, and Haverfordwest. Best Cabin, 8s I ore-Cabin, os. JANUARY LvxMOUTii-The above steamer i c calls off Lynmouth on the voy- T1 7 f age to and from Ilfracombe, r. 't p i* iQo"r> v t ka weather permitting, where a 1 A**s-Cabin, 13s, Deck,7s6d large boat exclusively employed Pembroke. Dock to Waterford. is always in attendance for land- The "JUVERNA" as soon ing and embarking Passengers, after arrival from Bristol as on payment of Is. each. Luggage ) circumstances will permit. to be paid for at the rate of 6d. FARES.—Best Cabin, 12s. 6d. per package, delivered to High Fore-Cabin, 7s Cd. No) tCE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passengers Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of jE2: nor for any Deck Passengers Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 20s unless in each"case entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same, at the time of delivery, nor will they be answerable for any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) un- less entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery. 40 BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. NOTICE—A comfortable Waiting-room is provided at Rownham Ferry, and Passengers and heir Luggage are embarked and lauded free of expense. rIMTK New Stream Packet Com- -'j? 1 -JL P'ny (Limited) hereby announce ^'2 ft lj J Vt that their fast-sailing Screw Steamer. Vf-"AVON," W. HOWE, Commander; SEVERN, T. LODGE, Commander; I., SEVERN, T. LODGE, Commander; (unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) are intended to sail as follows, during the month of JANUARY, 1859:- trom Bathurst Basin, Bristol. From EMllfort Wharf NeVJpnrt 1 Saturday-no sailing, p 1 Saturday 2 45 after p 3 Monday 5 45 morn 3 Monday -no sailbig. r 4 Tuesday 5 45 aftei P 4JTuesday 5 0 morn 5 Wednesday—no sailing. p 5 Wednesday 5 15 after p 6 Thursday 7 15 morn 6 Thursday-no sailing. M 7 Friday 7 30 morn p 7 Friday 6 45 morn P S Saturday morn 8 Satnrday-no sailing. M 10 Monday 9 15 morn p 10 Monday 8 6 more p 11 Tuesday e. 9 43 morn ji 11 Tuesday 8 45 morn M 12 Wednesday ..10 15 morn p 12 morn P 13 Thursday .11 30 morn M 13 Thursday .10 30 mora M 14 Friday 12 45 after p 14 Friday 11 30 morn p 15 Saturday 2 after M 15 S.1t.nrday 1 0 after M 17 Monday 4 15 after p 17 Monday 3 0 after 1 p IS Tuesday 5 30 morn u 18 Tuesday 4 30 after ■9 Wednesday—no sailing. p 19 Wednesday ..5 0 after p 20+Thursday 7 0 morn p 20 Thursday 6 0 after P 21 Friday 8 0 morn 21 Friday-no sailing. M22 Saturday 8 30 moru p 22 Saturday 7 0 mors p 24 Monday 9 30 morn M 24 Mondav 8 45 morn M 25 Tuesday 10 0 morn p 25 Tuesday 9 0 morn p 26 Wednesday ..10 45 morn M 26 Wednesday .10 0 morn M 27 morn p 27 ThursdaY.e10 30 morn p zb'Friday 1 0 after h 23*Friday .12 0 noou M 29 Saturday 2 0 after p 29 Saturday 1 15 after p 31 Monday 4 15 after JI 31 .Monday. 15 after p The davs on which Passengers are taken, M Merchandise only To and From Cumberland Basin. t To and Fro from Bristol. t To and Fro frani Xewport. FARES:—Arter Cabin, 3s. Fore-Cabin, is Gd.; To ami Fro the same day (provided a To and Fro Ticket be taken) Ajter Cabin, 4s. Fore Cabin, 2s.; Four-Wheel Carriage, 18s.; Small Four-Wheel Carriage, 12s. 6rl (rig, or Light Pkmton, Ditto, with llorse and Driver, 12s.; Horse, 5s Horse and Rider, 6s.; Dogs, Is. each.- Reereshmentsmay be had on board. Horses and Carriages must be alongside Two Hours before the advertised time of sailing, to ensure shipment. Goods, Carriages, and Hor,es,on deck at shipper's risk. Live Stock shipped and landed at the owner's risk. Return Tickets will be issued from Saturday to Monday, at To and Fro Fares. The Proprietors give notice that they will not be accountable for Passengers' Luggage, &c and their responsibility in respect of Goods in general is restricted by the terms of a Notice affixed in their Offices at Bristol and Newport. Goods regularly and and punctually forwarded by careful Cariers to all parts fit the country. For conditions of Freight, apply at the Company's Offices, opposite the Seamen's Floating Chapel, Grove, Bristol, and Beaufort Wharf, Newport As it is intended that these Packets shall start punctually at the t i nips adve i-tisetl, the shipment of Goods per same days Steamer cannot be guaranteed unless they are longside one hour before the time of sailing. NOTICE —The cheapest route (via Newport and Hereford Rail- way Company) to Liverpool, Birkenhead, and places adjacent in the North, is by these Packets. First, Second, and Third Class Trains leave Mill-street Station, Newport for Birkenhead and Liverpool, At 11 10 a m. and 2.30 p.m Fares to Birkenhead-First Class, 29s 9d. Second do.,21s. Third do. 12s. 4d E. M. BROWNE, Traffic Manager. 968 THE WORKMANS CANDLE. DECIMAL PALM CANDLES—CHEAPER THAN TALLOW CANDLES, with two wicks, 7Jjd. per lb with one wick, Ttl. per lb., ten to the lb. These candles, though ugly, burn well, and without glit- tering. 1 hey are admirably adapted for all who require one which emits a great light. For Artisans, Turners in Metal, Sempstresses, Tailors, Shoemakers, for the windows of small shops, and for persons of weak sight, where the light is of primary, and appearance of secondary n* portance, these caudles are incomparable in short, one Decimal Palm Candle, with two wicks, gives the light of three ordinarv candles, and with one wick the light of two ordinary candles, and does not require snuffing. Sold by Grocers, Candle Dealers,and Oilmen, and whole sale by PALMER & Co. (the Pukwtees), Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, Loudon, E.O 2C33 llotifegi. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, JU the APPARATUS or FURNITUJBE of the INCLINE at the OLD PENYVAN COLLIERY, Aberbeeg, near Newport, consisting of 1 very strong short link CHAIN, 2 CARRIAGES, carrying four Trams each, Sundry wrought iron RAILS and CHAIRS, And all the smaller articles necessary. The Inclintt is 400 yards long, the Materials are all in good working condition, and a moderate price would be taken for the lot as a whole. Price, and further particulars, may be obtained on ap- plication to Mr. JOHN COLE, Pillgwenlly, Newport Mon. [2689 417 BRECON AND MERTHYR TYDFIL RAILWAY. CAPITAL— £ 130,000. SHARES, £ 10 each. DEPOSIT, 5s. per share. PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS. J. PARRY DE WIN TON, Esq., Maesderwen, Bre- conshire. J. P. W. GWYNNE HOLFORD, Esq., Buckland, Bre- consliire, and Kil<;wyn, Carmarthenshire. HENRY THOMAS, Esq., Llwynmadoc, Breconshire, Director of the Vale of Neatb Railway. G. T- CLARK, Esq., Dowlais House, Merthyr Tydfil. The Rev. WALTER JONES WILLIAMS, of Brecon and Cui, Breconshire COLONEL PEARCE, K.H., Ffrwdgrech, Breconshire. JOHN BOYLE, Esq., Chairman of the Rhymney Railway. (With power to add to their number.) ENGINEERS. Messrs. BIRKENSHAW AND CONYBEARE, 22 Abingdon-street, Westminster. The PLANS, SECTIONS, and BOOKS OF REFE- RENCE have been duly DEPOSITED, according to the standing orders of Parliament. Prospectuses may be obtained at the Banks of Messrs. WILKINS & CO., at Brecon, Merthyr, and Cardiff; at the Offices of the Solicitors, Messrs. MAYBERY & Co., Brecon and the local Solicitors, Messrs. MORGAN and SMITH, Merthyr; and Mr. C WILDITON, Cardiff; and the Secretary, JOHN WILLIAMS, Cardiff, to whom applications for Shares should be addressed. 2593] a > REC ON SHIRE RAILWAY & CANAL JD COMPANY. CA PITA L~ £ 100,000, In 10,000 SHARES of £10 each. -DEPOSIT, £ 1 per Share. PROVISIONAL DIRECTORS. JOHN PARRY DE WINTON, Esq., Maes-i g g £ derwen, Breconsbire. c go JOHN POWELL, Esq., Watton Mount, pq s? and Clydach Iron Works, Breconshire. s a Rev. HUGH BOLD, Brecon. Jj > ■§ WALTER MA'S BERY, Esq., Brecon. f o 3, g, THOMAS DAVIES, Esq., Llaugattock Court, S I., > Crickhowell. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Esq., Aberbaiden, Abergavenny. J S S ° a Colonel PEARCE, K.H., Ffrwdgrech, Brecon. JOHN EVA\; S, Esq Old Bank, Brecon JOHN MAUND, Esq.. Duffi yn Mawr, Abergavenny. WILLIAM DE WINTON, Esq., The Priory, Brecon.. EDWARD DAVIES, Esq Herbert Hall, Crickhowell. The Rev. GEORGE HOWELL, Rectory, Llangattock. HENRY TOOTAL, Esq., Finchley New Road, St. John's Wood, Director of the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford, and Worcester and Hereford Railway Companies. RICHARD W. JOHNSON, Esq., The Laurels, Edg- baston, Birmingham, Director of the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton Railway Company. LIGUTLY SIMPSON, Esq., Gower-street, Bedford- square, Director of the Eastern Counties Railway Company. With power to add to their number. BANKERS. Messrs. WILKINS AND CO., Brecon. Messrs. BAILEY, WILLIAMS, & CO., Abergavenny. ENGINEER—JAMES B. BURKE, Esq. SOLICITORS. W. T. MANNING, Esq., 20, Great George-street, West- minster. Messrs. MAYBERY, WILLIAMS, & COBB, Brecon. LOOAL SOLICITORS. B. J. GABB, Esq., Abergavenny. WM. LEWIS, Esq., Crickhowell. For Prospectuses and Applications for Shares, apply to JAMES PEIRCE, Secretary, Navigation House, Aber- gavenny. [2612 MEUTHYR, TREDEGAR, AND ABER- GAVENNY RAILWAY. Capital zC250,000, in 12,500 Shares of X20 each. Deposit £ 2 Os. 0,1. per Share. Such Deposit, LBS 5S. per Share towards preliminary and other expenses, to be returned, in the event of an Act of Parliament not being applied for next Session. DIRECTORS. CRAWSHAY BAILEY, Esq M.P., Aberaman Park, Glamorganshire. JAMES CHARLES HILL, Esq., Llanwenarth House, Monmouthshire. JOHN JAYNE, Esq.Paut-y-Bailey House, LUnelly, Breconshire. EDWARD CHARLES CHETHAM STRODE, Esq., South Hill House, Somerset. HENRY THOMAS, Esq., Lwyn Madoc, Brecknockshire, Chairman of the Quarter Sessions, Glamorganshire. SECRETARY- -A. T. GORDON, ESQ. ENGINEERS. Messrs. BIRKENSHAW and CONYBEARE, 22, Abingdon- street, Westminster. J. GARDNER, Esq., 18, Adam-street, Adelphi, London. SOLICITORS. S. F. NOYES, Esq., 5. Liucoln's-inn-Fields, London. W. F. BATT, Esq., Abergavenny. LOCAL SOLICITORS. E. J. C. DAVIES, Esq., Brynmawr and Crickhowell. Messrs. MORGAN and SMITH, Merthyr and Aberdare, R. WATERS, Esq., Tredegar. BANKERS. Messrs. MASTERMAN and Co., 3.5, Nicholas- lane London. Messrs. BAILEY, WILLIAMS, and Co .Abergavenny. WEST OF ENGLAND AND SOUTH WALES DISTRICT BANK Tredegar. Messrs. WILKINS and Co Merthyr. BROKERS. Messrs. R. & J. SUTTON, No. 22, Royal Exchange, London. TEMPORARY OFFICES. 18, ADAM-STREET, ADELPHI, LONDON. Applicationsfor shares may be made to the Secretary, Brokers, or Solicitors. [2510 gtmuwe itotiee. GUARDIAN FIRE AND IIFE ASSU- RANCE COMPANY, \JT RANCE COMPANY, No. 11, Lombard-street, London, E.C. DIRECTORS. HENRY HULSE BERENS, Esq Chairman. JOHN G. HUBBARD, Esq., Deputy Chairman. John Dixon, Esq. John Martin, Esq., M.P. Francis Hart Dyke, Esq. Rowland Mitchell, Esq. Sir W. M. T. Farquhar, Bt., James Morris, Esq. M P. Henry Norman, Esq. Sir Walter R. Farquhar, Bt. Henry R. Reynolds, Esq. Thomson Hankey,Esq.,M.P. SirGodfrey J.Thomas, Bart. John Harvey, Esq John Thornton, Esq. John Labouchere, Esq. James Tulloch, Esq. John Loch, Esq. Henry Vigne, Esq. Stewart Marjoribanks, Esq. AUDITORS. Lewis Loyd, Esq. Henry SykesThornton, Esq. John Henry Smith, Esq. Thomas Tallemach, Esq, Secretary. Samuel Brown, Esq., Actuary. LIFE DEPARTMENT.—UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF AN ACT OF PARLIAMENT, this Company now offers to future Insurers FOUR-FIFTHS OF THE PROFITS, WITH QUIN- QUEJSNIAL DIVISION, OR A Low RATE OF PREMIUM without participation of Profits. The next division of Profits will be declared in June, 1850, when all Participating Policies which shall have subsisted at least one year at Christmas 1859, will be allowed to share in the Profits. At the Five Divisions of Profits made by this Company, the total Reversionary Bonuses added to the Policies have exceeded 1.913,000. At the last valuation, at Christmas, 1854, the Assurances in force amounted to upwards of j64,240,000, the Income from the Life Branch in 1854 was more than £ 200,000, and the Lire Assurance Fund (independent of the Guaran- tee Capital) exceeded £ 1,700,000. FOREIGN RISKS.—The Extra Premiums required for the East and West Indies, the British Colonies, and the northern parts of the United States of America, have been materially reduced. INVALID LIVES.—Persons who are not in such sound health as would enable them to insure their Lives at the Tabular Premiums, may have their Lives insured at Extra Premiums. LOANS granted on Life Policies to the extent of their values, provided such Policies shall have been effected a sufficient time to have attained in each case a value not under JE50. ASSIGNMENTS OF POLICIES.—Written Notices of, re- ceived and registered. MEDICAL FEES paid by the Company, and no charge will be made for Policy Stamps. Notice is hereby given, that Fire Policies which expire at Christmas must be renewed within fifteen days at this Office, or wit., the Company's Agents throughout the Kingdom, otherwise they become void. Losses caused by Explosion of Gas are admitted by this Company. AGENTS. NEWPORT.JOHN CROSS. Monmouth William Wanklyn. Abergavenny .James Gosden. Cardiff M. Gtover. Ditto., Stowe and Slocombe. ^vstmuut gotes. EST OF HXGLAND FIRE AND rf LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY EST A B LIS H E D AT EXETER, 180 7 Office for the Metropolis, 20, Brid e-street, Blnckjriars, EMPOWERED BY ACT OF PARLIAMENT CAPITAL, £ 610,000. TRUSTEES Right Hon. Earl Fortescue. Sir T. D. Aclaud, Bart. Right Hon. Earl Morlcy E iward Divett, Esq., M.P. Samuel Trehawke Kekewich, Esq., M P LIFE INSURANCES. This Company off IS to the Public, besides the Security of an ample paid up Capital, a Bonus of 80 per Cent., or four-fifths of the Profits, to the Assured for X100 and up- wards, every successive period of Five Years. The Share of Profits alloted to each Policy may be added to the sum insured, and payable at the death of the Life,-or its present value in cash may be received, or an equivalent reduction of the Future Annual Pre- mium obtained at the option of the Assured. At the DIVISION OF PROFITS for the Five Years end- ing Christmas, 1857, the REVHRSIONARV BONU" declared upon the Policies participating in FOUR-FIFTHS of the Profits of tho Company, ranged between the ages of 72 and 14, from TWENTY-SEVEN to SEVENTY-THREE PER CENT, upon the Premiums paid duiing the Five Years. Assurances may be effected at a lower rate of Premium, without a participation of profits. Money advanced on the security of Policies of adequate value. Reversions purchased, and Annuities granted. NO CHARGE FOR LIFR POLICY STAIIPS. FlR15 INSURANCES Are effected by the Company at the usual Reduced Rates, on the various descriptions of risks. DUTY PAID FOR THE YEAR 1857, £67593. The Forms of Proposal, and Prospectuses detailing the advantages of the Company, may be had on application at tho Chief Office, or to either of the Company's Agents. WILLIAM CANN, Secretary. CHARLES LEWIS, Actuary. Exeter, December, 1858. N.B.—Agents are r quired in Towns in which the Com- pany is not represented. AGENTS: Newport .Mr. DAVTD GRIFFITHS. Pontypool Mr. Andrew Hair. Chepstow Mr. Joseph Davies. Aberdare Mr. Thomas Evans. Neath Mi-. Thomas Thomas. Cowbridge & Bridgend.Mr. John Thomas. [2691 ESTABLISHED 1806. FOUNTY FIR E OFFICE, c 50, REGENT-STRERT. LONDON. CAPITAL £ 400,000. Returns paid to Policy Holders £ 228,600. Policy-holders are respectfulJy informed that the Christmas Renewals are now in the hands of the several Agents of the Company, and should be paid before the 9th of January. Farming Stock and Implements 4s. per cent. No extra Charge for Thrashing bv Steam. The PROVIDENT LIFE OFFICE, established in the same Year and under the same Management, has been eminently successfully. POLICY HOLDERS' CAPITAL. £ 1,423,460. ANNUAL INCOME, £ 170,050. BONUSES DECLARED, £1,197560. Claims paid since the Establishment of the Office, £ 2,779,014. Agents for Newport and its neighbourhood. NEWFORT Mr. W. DANIEL. Abergavenny Mr. John Daniel. Brecon Mr. T. Evans. Carmarthen and Pembroke Mr. W. Huliru Haverfordwest J. Sais. Hereford Mr. C.Bennett. Monmouth Mr. E. Richards. Swansea Mr. J. Ilore. J2686 (Etfttatifln. CLASSICAL AND COMMERCIAL BOARDING SCHOOL, WESTON GROVE, BATH. C. CLIFFT AND SON, PRINCIPALS. THE Duties of this ESTABLISHMENT JL will be Resumed on JANUARY 15th, 1859. Pros- pectuses on application. SUMMER HILL HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES. ST. GEORGE'S, NEAR BRISTOL, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. (Conducted by Mrs. SANDKRSON.) MRS. SANDERSON respectfully announces to the Public arid her Friends, that the duties of her School will be Resumed, D.V., the 18th of JANUARY, 1859. [2705 EDUCATION BY THE SEA. Weston-Super-Mare is pleasantly situated on the South Wet Coast of tlte Bristol Channel, and enjoys the repu- tation of being one of tllc most healthy towns in England, AT MRS. WHITE'S Establishment, young ladies are, on Christian principles, carefully instructed in all the essentials of a aoimtl English Education, and those accomplishments usually taught in a first-class School. The best teachers are eng-tged, both Native and Foreign three, besides the principals, are residents. Able masters attend. The house is very commodious, and replete with con- veniences, affording, with kind treatment and a liberal board, every facility for the health and comfort of its inmates. Terms, references, fce., on application. An opening for an Articled Pupil ScboolRE-oPENS(D.V.), January 17th. The Crescent, Weston-super-ilave. [2706 LONG AS '.TON, N F, I Tt BRISTOL. MRS. HOBDELL AND DAUGHTERS receive a limited number of YOUNG LADIES to BOARD and E DUG A IE. The course of Instruction includes every requisite of a finished English Education, with superior advantages for the attainment of Music, Singing, and the Modern Languages. The Pupils enjuy all the comforts of Home, and the constant companionship of the Principals. The present Vaotion will terminate on the 22nd inst. Long Ashton, J'anu irv 1st, 1859. EDUCATION. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. AFTER the CHRISTMAS VACATION", the OTTERY ST. MARY SCHOOL will be removed to tULLANDS HOUSE SCHOOL, TAUNTON. Fullands House is beautifully situated in about Twenty Acres of its own Grounds, one mile from Taunton. It is replete with eve" Y accommodation, having large and well ventilated School-rooms, aud excellent Dormitories, a dry Play-ground, and a Field of several acres in extent, for Cricket, &c.; a:¡ excellent and safe Bath, supplied from a running stream in fae;, every convenience necessary for a First-class School. After the 1st January, all cotnmunica'ions are requested to be addressed to Fulland's House, Taunton The School will RE-OP^M on the 21th JANUARY, 1859. Prospectuses, containing an exposition of the system, a view of the House, and a plan of the estate, will be for- warded on application; and references given to Gentlemen residing in Monmouthshire aud South Wales, whose sons are now in the School. WILLIAM REED, PRINCIPAL, 2052J Licentiate of the Royal College of Preceptors. BLENHEIM HOUSE ACADEMY, B LEA. (Distant from Gloucester, ten miles Ross, five.) Conducted by Mr. IRVING, F.S.A., and Competent Masters for every department. At this Establishment, noted for salubrity of situation, Young Gentlemen are prepared for the Learned Profes- sions, Military Colleges, and Commercial Pursuits. The course of instruction embraces the Greek and Latin Classics, French (which is taught generally, and without any extra charge), by a resident master, native of France; German, Mathematics, Music, Wiitirig, Drawing, Practi- cal Land Surveying, Merchant's Accounts, &c &c. The system ot tuition is calculated to ensure the pupil's rapid progress in his studies. The prominence is given to religion which its importance demands. Reports of con- duct and progress are issued quarterly, and rewards periodically distributed-by which, and other means, a spirit of emulation is excited, and the full powers of the youthful mind are drawn into action, without any recourse to corporal punishment.. Parents may relv upon every attention being p»"d to the heulth and comfort of their children as the domestic arrangements are on the most liberal scale. To avoid unnecessary expense in the supply.printed books, when preferred, a small charge only will be made for the use of such as may be required. The premises being only half a. mile distant from the Miteheldean Stationof the Hereford, 1"019, and Gloucester Railway, are of easy access to pupils travelling by the South Wales Liue. Distance from the Grange Junction five miles. A Prospectus and View of the House, with Inclusive Ter i s, if required, which are extremely moderate, will be forwarded on application, by letter, to the Principal, 79, Queen's-road West, Chelsea, London, until the 20th of January, when the duties of the school will be resumed. NUMEROUS REFERENCES. ESTABLISHED 1 38. [269 COLLEGE SCHOOL, GLOUCESTER. HEAD MASTER—The Rev. HUGH FOWLER, M.A late Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, and University Examiner. SECOND MASTER-The Rev. HERBERT HAINES, M.A., Exeter College, Oxford. I^HE COLLEGE SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on TUESDAY, February 1st. The system of the School is designed for the preparation of Boys for the Universities, for Professional and Mercan- tile pursuits, and for the new Oxford and Cambridge Examinations. Both the Head and Second Masters receive BOARDERS, and they have at present a limited number of V ACAN CIES. College Gardens, Gloucest r, Dec. 30tb, 1858. [2698 (^duration. P EDUCATION IN FRANCE ENSIONNAT STE. BARBE ESTABLISHED 1830, At Gravelii,es, near Calais, Conducted by Mons. SELINGUE, Member of the university of France. Home comforts. Situation healthy, oil the sea-side. Terms moderate. For Circulars and References, address Mr. BENSON Dock-street; Alr. HUGH MORGAN, Commercial-street wr/nci Lancasaire" Insurance O.fiey Mr. WILKES, Stow-hill; Mr. PICKFOiiD, Clifton-place, •Newport. by gUwtiou. ELIGIBLE INVESTMENT MR. -T. BOTHOMLEY Will SELL BY AUCTION, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, New- port, Monmouthshire, on WEDNESDAY, the 12th day of JANUARY, 1839, at Three o'clock in the Afterncon pre- cisely (subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced), the following very desirable PROPERTY auil t 01 icy of Assurance — LOT 1.—All that convenient RESIDENCE, called CLAKEMONT COTTAGE. together with the several Pieces or Parcels of Land adjoining thereto, containing by esti- mation 24 acres or thereabouts, as also a SM VLL COTTAGE respectively situate, lying, and being in the Parish of Xalpas, in the County of Monmouth. and, except the small cottage, now in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Jones, until the 2nd February next. The above Properties (except about seven acres of the land, held from year to year, at £ 1-3 per annum) are held uuder lease for 21 years from the 2nd day February, 1850 at the yearly rent of £ 10, aud produce an entire rental of £ 69 per annum. LOT 2 —A POLICY of ASSURANCE, numbered 1,of tho Lancashire Assurance Companv, bearing da^e the 23rd day of -January, 1858, on the life of a person now aged 48 years, for the sum of EI,10, subject to the TInient m^Ul11 '•> payable by quarterly in- For further particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, or to Mr. R. J. CATHCARP, Solicitor, Dock-street, Newport. [2G30 Important and unreserved Sale of First-class PICTURES, in Maple and Gold Frames, and a valtt Me LIBRARY of ROOKS. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at the OLD MASONIC HALL, 15, High street., Newport, on TUESDAY and \ED- NJiSDAY, thy 4th and ofcli days of January, 1859, a aplendicl collection of 60 First-class PICTCJllliS, and Modern MAPS, all elegantly framed; and a choice Library of 500 vols of valuable BOOKS, comprising works in all branches of literature. The whole will be on view the day before the Sale. Catalogues may be obtained a week before the Sale, on application t) the Auctioneers. The Sale will commence each day at 2 o'clock precisely, and there will be no reserve. Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-street, Newport, and Brook House, Llautarnam. [2693 MONMOUTHSHIRE. COPPICE WOOD. A/FFR. C. BURTON will SELL BY AUCTION, "T oa SATURDAY, the 8th day of JANUARY, 1859, at the vv HITS SWAN HOTEL, MONMOUTH, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as will then be produced,-THIRTY-THRKB ACRES OF EX. CELLENT COPPICE WOOD, (16 years growth,) now standing and growing on the Birchen, otherwise Thomson's Farm, in the parish of Grosmont, three miles from the Pandy station on the Hereford and Newport Railway eight miles from Abergavenny. The bailiff, William Colebourn, at Grosmont Wood Farm, will show the lot, aud further particulars may be known on application to the Auctioneer, at Monmouth. PEMBREY, CARMARTHENSHIRE. 500 FAT SHEEP. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, at PEMBREY, JL near the Railwav Station, on MONDAY, the 17th of January, 1859, FIVE HUNDRED FAT SHEEP, nearly all wethers, in prime condition, consisting of South Down and cross-bred Sheep weights from 121bs. to 26 lbs, per quarter.—Also, a few WELSH SHEEP. Nine days' keep allowed, if required. Sale to commence at Half-past One o'clock precisely.- Luncheon on the table at Half-past Twelve o'clock. CRICKHOWELL, BRECOXSHIRE. ELIGIBLE INVESTMENT. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, WAREHOUSE, and BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, situate in BRIDGE- STREET, Crickhowell, formerly occupied by Mr. Edward Burfield, deceased. The above Premises are substantially built, and adapted to carry on a large business, and will be sold at a mode- rate value. For particulars, apply to Mr. T. M. LLEWELLIN, Solicitor, Newport, Mon. or to Mr. E. J. COX DAVIDS, Solicitor, Cnckhowe U. [2709 AN APPRENTICE WANTED to the PRINTING BUSINESS. Apply to Mr. CHARLES H. OLIVER, Stationer, 21, Commercial-street, Newport. CENTENARY OF BURNS. IT has been resolved to celebrate the CENTENARY" OF BURNS, (25th JANUAET, 1859), by a PUBLIC DINN ER, at the KING'S HEAD HOTRL. Newport, open to all admirers of the Bard of Scotland and a Committee his been formed to carry out the arrangements. D. R. WILLIAMSON, Esq of the Lawers, Perth- shire, has kindly consented to preside on the occasion. Dinner Tickets, 12s., iucluding a bottle of wine. Gentlemen who propose dining on the occasion, will oblige by sending in their names as early as pos3ible to Mr. LLOYD, or to J. c. PATKRSON, STAR OF GWEMT Office.) THOS. WILSON", Dock-street, Secretary >Secret&iie5 to the Caledonian Society. J Newport, Mon., Dec. 23rd, 1858. fates by Ruction ANNOUNCED If THIS DAY'S MERLIN. By Mr. J. BOTHOMLEY—Property, &c, at the Kin/t Head Hotel, January 12. By Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON.— Pictures and Books, at the Old Masonic Unit, Newport, J n. 4 b 5 By Mr. BURTON"—Coppice Woods at White Swan Hotel, Monmouth, Jan. 8. Flit Sheep, at Pemb'-ey, January 17,


THE nXanunmthshire yierfm.