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TOWX-HALL, NEWPO ilT.—FRIDAY. BOROUGH POLICE. [Before H. SIIEPPAKD, Eiq. Mayor, R. F. WOOLLETT and JOH.V JENKINS, Esqrs.] FOWL-STSALING.—John Burns and William Lawrence, porters in the employ of the Monmouthshire Railway and Canal Company, were brought up by Superintendent James Hill, on a charge of stealing fo wls from a hamper on tne Western V illeys Railway. la consequence of the prisoners signalling each other, he secretly watched them. While Burns was on the look out, Lawrence entered a truck, where he opened a hamper and took out the fowls, placing them in the bottom of the truck, and again fastening (he hamper. The men's jackets were subsequently hung up in the office, and the fowls were found by the Superintendent wrapped in them. Air. Champ defended the prisoners, -) afterwards pleaded guilty, and were sent to prison fir four months. o Thomas Murray was fi.ied -3i. for hiring been drunk and disorderly. Robert Parker, of Marshes-road, was charged with assaulting Margaret Gibbon in consequence of a dispute concerniag tbe water tap. The Mayor recommended them to consider the season, aid shako hands, which they did. R'hardT.iomaswts summed for 11. 51. wa"esdue to Will. Bird, a sea-nan. Case dismissed. ° MOXDAY. (Before the MAVOII, Alderman E VAX's, and L. A. HOMFHAY. Esq ) ALLEGED HOBBEH-Y.—Jane Morgan, a prostitute, was brought up on the charge of stealing £ 2 from the person of William Morgan. The robbery was alleged to have' taken place at a house m Birchgate-street. 0 Prosecuter did not appear, and the accused was discharged. BROTHEL ROBUEHY.—Lucy Evans, a prostitute, from 1 liars-fields, was charged with stealing 7s. an 1 a bunch of keys from the person of a sailor. The robbery took place in a b othel. Prosecutor did not wish to press the ch-irge, and the case was dismissed. DJIU.VKSXNESS.—'Iheophilus Jones was fined -5s. and costs for drunkenness. The Mayor remaiked to the prisoner that he had the satisfaction of knowing—if it was any satisfaction to him-that he was the only person who had been locked up for drunkenness during the Christmas holidays. ROBBERY BY A SOLDIER,-Alfred Bates, sergeant in the 23rd Regiment of Foot, was brought up in custody charged with stealing £ 50, the property of Major Duff and Mr. Munday, grocer, Newport. Prisoner was apprehended by Sergeant Curtis at Liverpool. On tbe application of Superintendent Huxtable, the prisoner was remanded until Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. (Bef,re the MAYOR and G. GF.THING, Esq.) Joanna M'Gra, charged with being drunk and dis- orderly in Commercial street on Monday morning last, was sent to prison for one month, being an old offender. ° ASSAULT.—Tiiomas Francombe was charged with having assaulted William Evans, a lc.il, on Friday even. ing last. Complainant said he was going to the South Wales Railway with a ba k. t of meat, when defendant ca ne and pulled it olf his shoulder and struck him. In cro-s examination by Mr. Champ who appeared for the defendant, the complainant said he supposed it was be. cause he would not move out o' the way to allow some ladies to pass into the station. Defendant was further charged with assaulting William Baker, who had inter- posed between the lad and himself. A witness was called who proved seeing dfendant strike Baker in the eye. For the defence, Mr. Champ called a witness named C oss^ who said he saw the lad at the station door with i basket, and some 1adies being about to enter the statiou Francombe asked the lad to stand aiide to permit them to pass. Did not see Francombe strike the lad, but saw Baker strike Francombe with a stick. Baker was in- toxicated. Ca e dismissed, the Bench observing that there were faults on both sides. "VAGRANTS.—John BurLs and William Blackburn wete charged with vag ancy. Mr. Huxtable proved the offence. They were begging from door to door, and were abusive to several persons. P.O. Gould also proved seeing them begging, and stopping and abusing parties in the street. Inspector Wil lams saw them beg- ging at eight houses in D.ck-street. The prisoner Blackburn denied having begged. The Mayor stated that Blackburn met him in the street and abused him like a pickpocke:. They were sentenced to twenty-eight days' impusonment. Blackburn said the nex; tirae he came to the court it would be for housebreaking. ASSAULT.-J uhn M'Cabe was charged with assaultinor Jeremiah Donovan, on Monday last. The parlies were drinking together, and the defendejit jumped off his chair and kicked him on the eye without provocation. Complainant's eye was dreadfully bruised. In cross- examination by Mr. Champ, complainant admitted having a poker in his hand, observing, that it was neces- sary in, self-defence. Complainant called a witness named Edward Irving, but he.could recollect nothing of it, as they were all drunk together. The defence was that defendant was called in to clear the house—the complainant and a lot of others being very disorderly, and in the melee that ensued complainant met with the blow. Bound over to'keep the peace for six m n-h-R, ANOTHER ASSAULT.—Mary Hilton was charged BV Margaret Miles with having assaulted her. Defendant stated that the complainant charged her with steaV" >. watch. Defendant admitted the assault. Ordered. to pay 6" 6d. cost". DISORDERLY HOUSB.— Charles Church was charged with p.rmittingfighting in his licensed house, the Crown Inn, on Sunday morning at two o'clock. P.C. 5 proved the oifeuce. Fined 20s. including costs. BEER.HOUSE CASES.—Cornelius Burt was charged with keeping his beerhouse, t'ue Oddfellows' Arms, Com- mercial-road, open at an illegal hour on Sunday- last. P.C. 11 proved the oilence, and said the .parties were fighting in the house. First offence. Fined os. and costs. John Cox was summoned for keeping his beerhouse, the Wellington, Commercial-road, open for the sa'G of beer at a prohibited hour on Tuesday morn. ing last. Sergeant Pratten proved the case. Defend- ant denied drawing any beer after 11 o'clock. FTSC offence. Fined 5s. and costs. ASSAULT.—Michal Ctimmings, charged with having assaulted Ellen Mad-d611. v-'us ordered to pay costs, 6s. od. STEALING Mo.v^—Alfred Bates, late pay-ser anc of the 23rd Regiment, stationed at Newport,was chargcd with having stolen £ .20, the property of Air. Samuel Munday, grocer, &c., lligh-street. Prisoner, in com- ply with a corporal of the regiment, deserted, ta llg with them the mony obtained from Mrs. Munday. Ser- geant Curtis apprehended him in Liverpool on Mcmday last. Mary Munday said My husband supplied groceries to the company of the 23rd Regiment at the Barracks, and prisoner was sergeant. On or about the 2nd of this month prisoner came to the shop, and said he should require £ o0 in Silver and gold. It was to be sent to the Barracks before four o'clock, to pay the men. I ;r.ld him my husband was from home, and I couldn't sejad it till he returned. Prisoner afterwards sent a man for :t. but I would not give it him. About three o'clo K. the same day, I sent by our boy, Henry Thomas, JE40 in gold, and €10 in silver. The prisoner was to have sent back notes for it. The bov returned with £ 30 in bank-notes, and the written note produced. I believe the note pro- duced is prisoner's handwriting. If nry Thomas said I ara 1!1 Mr. Munday's service. On the day mentioned I took £ 10 in gold and JEIO In sil- ver to the pay-sergeant (prisoner). He gave me £ 30 in notes, and the written note produced. On the evening of the same day I SltW the pay-sergear.t run by the biirv with something under his arm. On Thursday last I went to Liverpo )1 and identified the prisoner. Sergeant Curtis apprehended the prisoner it, Liver- pool, he having dc-serted from the regiment. Found £ 6 in gold, and foreign money to the extent of £ 3, He had paid his passage to America, haying the passenger- ticket in his possession. He admitted stealing the money, but said the c .rporal with whom he deserted in- duced him to do so, and the latter had since rebbed him r of £10, Fiisoner pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to six months' imprisonment, wiih hard labour. The money found ou the prisoner was ordered to be giren up to Mr. Munday.

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