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CAPTURE OF AN ABSCONDING MANUFACTURER.— William Canley, manufacturer, of Stockport, who some- time siuca abscouded from that town with property to the amount of £ 4,;K)0, and against whom a fiat of bank- ruptcy has been issued, was apprehended at Birkenhead on Monday, and taken into custody at Manchester. Tiie London Gazette contains a notice from the Medical Registration Office, Bolton-street, Piccadilly, calling at- tention to the provisions of the Medical A :t, 21 and 22 Vic'oria. By ooe of the sections of this Act no person i3 entitled to recover any charge in any Court of Low for medical or surgical advice and attendance unless he be registered undtr the Act. Bv section 40 it is provided that any persou who shall wilfully and falsely pretend ) to be, or take or use the naaie or title of a physician, doctor of medicine, licentiate in medicine and surgery, bachelor of medicine, surgeon, general practitioner or ap>thecary, or any name, title, addition, or deacriptiou implying that he is registered under this Act,or that he is recognised by law as a physician, or surgeon, or licen- tiate in medicine and su gery, or a practitioner in medi- cine or an apothecary, shall, upon a summary conviction for any such ofltnce, pay a sum no' exceeding t20. THE PRINCE IMPERIAL'S HIGHLAND DRESS.—The Highland dress prepared at Inverness for the Pr nee 1m- .?, r i, perial of France has now been completed. The kilt is of shepherd tartan, with belted plaid and hose to match; the jacket b ack velvet, ornamen'ed with cairngorm buttons and silver embroidery the waistcoat of brilliant crimson, suitably adorned. Wherever it was possibie Highland ori^menrs only were used, and the designs are al-o characteristic of the north. Thus, the shoulder- brooch represents a rock, on which d, er"s gras and the cranberry spread their picturesque tendrils, and be- neath the huge cairngorm are sheltered a number of deer, beautifully carved in silver, which seem also to support and set off the stone. The dirk, skian-dirk,&c., are ill furnished in miniature complete. A number of remarkably fine lin ;ey-woolseysare also being despatched for the Empress. They are made specially for Her Ma- jesty and partly from her own designs. The colours are very brilliant, but harmonize admirably. Along witn the under-clothing are sent a few choice tartan silks of the Iloyai Stuart pattern, also for the Empress.—luver- IILSS Courier. IILSS Courier. AMERICAN SLAVERY.—AH atrocious murder was re :a, cenrly perpetrated in Northumberland County, Virginia, under die following circumstances as narrated by the Al xfir.dria Sentinel" There had been a party of per- sons engaged in trafficking with servants for stolen goods and they carried it to such an extent that the commu- nity, in self-defence determined to put a stop to it, and held a public meeting and passed resolutions no,ifyillg I to the perpetrators of so much evil to dispose of their property, and leave the couuty in a limited time, and generously providing to secure them against loss in case they had to sell at a sacrifice. Tiie ti i.e appointed ar- rived, but they still remained, when a number of persons repaired to the premises of one of the party, and in ap- proaching the house discovered signs of a scuffle having taken place, and upon examination found, a short dis- tance on, the remains of a coloured man iu a horribly lacerated condition, covered over with dirt. After the body had been found, a man who liv. s in the neighbour- hood testified that he had been a witness of the murder, and had been deterred from revealing it by the threat of the murdereTs. He said that several days before, as he was. passing by the place, he heard the cries and groans of a person apparently in great agony, and upon leaving his waggon and going to the spot whence they proceeded, he found the coloured man suspended from a tree, and the persons mentioned cutting him to pieces with branches of switches, and at the same time, a fire burning under him and that he cut him down as soon as he coald, but too late to save his life, as he died soon after, suffering intense pain. He also said that there were some free n-gro accomplices, who cut the B-.Vitches with which he was scourged. They were immediately arrested, and given oJ on their bare backs, and ordered to leave the country, ihe excitement was so great that many were in fuvour of lynching the demons who com- mitted the foul act, but law and order prevailed, and they were handed over to the authorities, who committed them to gaol to await the judgment of the law. The reason given for the commission of the deed wai, that the negro, with whom they had been trading, had in- formed against them. His name was Bill, and he be- longed to Mr. George Brent. The coroner's inquest brought in a verdict, that the deceased was whipped to death, and implicating four men named Blackerly, aqd two others named Coleman and Marshy in aidipg P,44 abetting in his death."



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