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ptoltenwus. ro THOSfc WHO REUARD HEALTH. BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER, as B used by the Army and Navy, is the only genuine article for making Bread without Yeast, and Pastry and Puddings with half the usual quantity of butter and eggs. Directions by the Queen's Private Baker. It is particularly recommended for theuse of Invalids and persons troubled with weak digestion 11 will keep for years. To be had of all Druggists and Grocers n Id., 2d., Id, and 6d. Packets, and is., 2s. lid., and 5s. Can ters. [I A. IMPORTANT '10 DAIRY FARMERS. FKEfc.AJvS LIQUID ANNATTO FOR COLOUR ING CHEESE AND BUTT JR. J FREEMAN, having mads great improvements • in the manufacture of Annatto, now fearlessly challenges the worid for quality and cost. This preparation was introduced to the public ,in 1829 and is now generally used in England and Wales, Holland, Scotland, and America, in preference to all others, for the richness and durability of its colour, convenience in using, and cheapness. The following Testimonials are respectfully submittf to Dairy Farmers :— Raydale Hall, Leicestershire Jan 5, 1856. Dear Sir,—Your request has ust been communicate to me—that I would give a perfectly unprejudiced opinion of the quality of your Annatto. I have no hesitation in stating that in point of COST (so small a quantity sufficing), and in its peculiar brilliancy of colour, it is the best thing of the kind I have yet seen. I have great pleasure in adding my humble testimonial as to its merits as a colour- ing for cheese and butter. I am, dear Sir, yonrsrespectfully, JOHN NUTTALL. Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wilta, July 17, 18i9. Sir.-Having used your Liquid Annatto for two years, we have pleasure in reporting its superior colour to any other, and much cheaper, und free from grit and we can well recommend it also as a saving of much labour. To Mr. Kreeinan. JAMES and ISAAC BEAVEN. Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wilts, July 23rd, 1849. Sir.—Having tried your Liquid Annatto, i have plea-' sure in declaring that I have not found any equal to it in brightness of colour and durability. To Mr. Freeman. Joint BRICKER. Whaddon, near Melksham. Wilts, July 23, 1849. Sir,- Having purchased your Liquid Annatto lor the last two years, it gives me great pleasure in stating that it is superior in colour to any other, is much cheaper, and is also a saving of very much labour. To Mr. Freeman. HANNAH REDMAN. Northop Hall, Flintshire, March 11;.1848. Sir,—Your Liquid Annatto was used in my Dairy last season, and 1 have much pleasure in reporting that my cheeses stood their colour better than ever before,besides having a much richer appearance; and I never intend using any other.—Y our obedient servant, To Mr. Freeman. KOBBRT WHITJ.ET. 1, icton, near Chester, Maich 25, 1848. Sir,—I have tried your Liquid Annatto, and can confi denrly recommend it as preferable to any ( ake Annatto I have ever seen. My cheese, at the end of winter, never looked toO bright. 1 shall never use any othfr whilst yours is to be had.— Yours obediently, To Mr. Freeman. ROBERT LLOYD. Prepared only by JOHN FREEMAiN, CuEalltil and IMPOKTER of ANN A I TO, 13, BLACKPKIAHS ROAD, qnd 49, COLLINGWOOD STREET LONDON. Sold in Quart, Pint, Half-Pint, and Quarter-Pint Bottles. Agents for- -GLOUCESTER, Fouracre -troud, Mills, Brothers; Berkeley, rope and Son; Bath, Pointing Bristol, Budgett dnd Co. ^alisuury, Squarey and Read Wells, Simper, Morris Fulltord, (iillingham Bradford, T. and E. Taylor, W. Taylor, Barton Corsham, Stantial; Frome, Harvey Devizes. Cripps, House. [A 6 OUGHSEDU t. AND SUMMERS R Manufacturers of ,ODA WA ER and PO TASS WATER, LEMONADE, UINGERADE, and FLUID MAGNESIA; also of the IMPERIAL GERMAN SELTZER WAIERS, 15 and 37, BRIDGE-STREET, BRISTOL. There are probably no Mineral Waters in the world whose curative powers in a great variety of diseases are so indisputably attested when used at the spring, as those of Neider Seltzer, in Germany, known in England as Seltzer Water, and yet it is equally true that no Mineral Waters have more extensively tailed as a Therapeutic agent when administered in this country. A German philosopher of repute, who had taken great pains t" collect information respecting them, bears testimony to their un- doubted efficacy in all disorders of the kidneys and bladder, in gouty, rheumatic, scorbutic, cutaneou-and putrid disorders, in dyspepsia, consumption, and hypochondriacal and hysterical affections, and (owing to their diuretic properties) in dropsy. Another writer, of scarcely less eminence, pronounces them as of the greatest service in glandular obstructions, as they" render the blood and juices more fluid, promote a free, vigorous, and healthful circulation, and correct viscid humours." Hoffman recommends them as the most safe and gentle of an Mineral Waters. He says they contain none of that bitter purging salt which is a disadvantage in most mineral springs, but act directly on the system and kidneys, whereby they may be used with ad- vantage by persons of the most weakly constitution. The qjuestion arises, how is it that waters which hav been product ve of such unquestionable good in Germany, should fail of their purpose when imported into England I The answer has « been supplied by the researches of Hoffman, Dr. Uroekiesby.and others. The Seltzer waters are more liable to be spoiled b" keeping thart.any other waters,and they seldom or never reach England in anything like good condition. Dr. Brocklesby discovered, as the result of maliy experiments, that they did not depend for the r efficacy so much upon their salts as upon the combination of'those salts with fixed air. He ascertained that the factitious air yielded by a bottle full of the water, containing a oz. 7 drachms, in a heat never exceeding 116 degrees by Farenheit's scale, amounted to a quantity which occupied a space that required 2 oz. 2 j drachms of water to fill it. As the result of several examinations of the Mitt of the Seltzer water, he found that, by the time he came to act upon them, they had let go by much the greatest part of their fixed air, and had thereby probably lost most of the virtues in- herent in the pure fresh water itself; and Ur. Brocklesby cons eluded,as the result of all his researches, that the active virtue of this water depend more on this elastic matter, or fixed air, han on any combination of its saline and earthy contents." It appearing to Messrs. Roughsedge and Summers that the experiments thus instituted with the Waters had solved the problem of their failure in England, and finding the results of the investigation confirmed by the well-known commercial fact that the mere accident of leaving a small space between the cork and the water in a bottle of the imported Seltzer will deprive it of its pungent flavour, they devoted themselves to a study of how a Mineral Water could be produced which should contain, in the exact quantity and proportion,the exact Salts of the Koyal Seltaer Spa,in combination with an equal or greater quantity of that elastic air upon which, in the opinion of the best authorities, Its active virtues depend. They have the satis- faction if announcing that some years of experiment have re- sulted in complete success, and that they can now manufacture a Water which is to the full .extent as medicinally efficacious, as, and even more pleasant than Selt*er Water drunk from the natural spring. The Imperial German Seltzer iVater, Manu- actured by Koughsedge and Summers, will be always found equal in quality, and in perfect condition, while its perfect I dentity, chemically, with the German Water, is attested by the following certificates from W. Herapath, Esq., F.C.S.. C.M.E.S, Professor of Chemistry of the Medical School in this City, and from E. Frankland, Esq., Professor of Chemistry, Owen-Colege Manchester,- Bristol Laboratory, Jan. 28th, 1856. Messrs. Roughsedge and Summers. Gentlemen-I have made comparative analyses of your Seltzer Water, and of that of the lloyal Seltzer Spa of Germany, and find them to be as nearly as possible of the same composition, and consequently 1 have no doubt of their having equal and similar medicinal properties. I am.gentlemen, yours respectfully, WILLIAM HettAPATM.Sen., F.C.S., C.M E.S. Manchester, Dec 20th,185.). J hereby certify that 1 have tested your Effervescent Seltzer Water, aud I find it fully equal in quality to the best German Seltzer Water, whilst its effervescent properties render it much more agreeable to the palate. E. FRANKLAND. professor of Chemistry at Owen's College, Manchester, and Lecturer on Chemistry at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Sold by all the principal < hemists in England and Wales. N.B. None is genuine without the Label over the Cork bears the name of Roughsedge md Summers. A 7 ONLY TO BE KNOWN TO BE VALUED DR. ROBEltTs'y celebrated OINTMENT, called the POOR MAN'S FRIEND, is confidently recommended c the public as an unfailing remedy for wounds of every descrip- ion, a certain cure for ulcerated sore legs, if of twenty years tanding cuts, burns, scalds, bruises, scorbutic eruptions, and imples in the face, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads, cancerous humours, &c., and is a specific for those afflicting eruptions that ometimes follow vaccination. Sold in pots at Is. ljd. and 2s. 9d. Also his PILULE ANTISCROPHUL^E, confirmed by more than forty years' experience to be without exception one of the best alterative medicines ever compounded for purifying the blood, and assisting Nature in all her operations: hence they are useful in scrofula, scorbutic complaints, glandular swellings, particularly those of the neck, &c. They are efficacious in rheumatism, and form a mild and superior family medicine, that may be taken at all times without confinement or change o iet. Sold in boxes at Is. lid., 2s. 9< 4s. 6d., 11s. and 22s. each. Mr. J B. Cull's (of Weymonth) little boy, when an infant, had a scurvy place on the crown of the head; it was Ghoirn to his medical man, but his skill was quite useles he tried everything he heard of, but without performing a cure; it got worse, and ran all over him, so that he was obliged to be removed about in a sheet; the only thing that relieved him was the Radapole Spa, until he was persuaded to try the I-oor Man's Friend, and two pots performed a cure, after suffering more than eighteen months; he is now seven years old, and a fine boy. Another boy, by the name of Groves, and three children of Mr. Edwards, Dentist Dorchester, were cured of the same complaint, by the Poor Man's Friend -September 13th, 1855. Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, BEACH AND BARNIOOTT, at their Dispensary, Bridport; by the London houses; and retail by all respectable medicine vendors in the United Kingdom. OBSERVE.—No medicine sold under the above name can pos- sibly be genuine unless" Beach and Bamicott, late Dr. Roberts Bridport," is engraved and printed on the stamp fflxed to each vacket. WHITE'S MOC-MAIN LEYER TRUSS is allowed to be the most effective invention in the curative treatment of Hernia. The use of a steel spring, so often hurtful in its effects, is here avoided a sofr. bandage being worn round the body, while the requisite resisting power is sup. led by the Moc-Main Pad and Patent Lever, litting with so much ease and closeness that it cannot be detected, and may be worn during sleep. Recommenced by the following eminent surgeons:—W. Fergu- on, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surge' y in King's College, Surgeon to King's College Hospital, &c. C. G. Guthrie, sq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital W. Bowman, Esq., F.R.S., Assistant-Surgeon to King's College Hospital > T. Callaway, Esq., Senior Assistant-Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; W. Coulson Esq., Surgeon to the Magdalen Hospital T. Blizard Curling, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital W. J. Fisher, Esq, Surgeon-in Chief te the Metropo- litan Police Force Aston Kev, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; W. Liston, Esq.,; J. Luke, Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society Erasmus Wilson, Esq., F.U.S.; and many others. A descriptive circular may be had by post, and the Trusi which cannot fail to lit) can be forwarded by post, on sending the cumference of the body, two inches below the hips, to the manufacturer, Mr. WHITE, 228, Picoadiliy, London. Price of a Single Truss, Itis., 21 s., 2Cs. 6d., and 31s. 6d p ostage, Is. Price of a Double Truss, Sts.fid., 42s.,and 52s,6d. pottage, ts.S('. Post-Office Orders to be made payable to John White. Post- Office, Piccadilly. ELASTIC STOCKINGS KNEE-CAPS, &c., for vsricose veins andalleausofweaktiessandswel"goftbe legs, sprains, &c dhel are porous, I ght in textu and inexpensive, aud are drawn on like an ordinary stocking. Price from h. ed. to I •ach. Postaga, 8d. Manufactory—228, Piccadilly Loaian. iøttl1nutout'. 00 HE'S HERBAL EMBROCATION FOR THE HOOPING COUGH. This is the only discovery affording a perfect Cure, without administeringinternal medicine,the difficulty and inconvenience of which, in all disorders particularly incident to Children, are too well known to need any comment. The Inventor and Pro- prietor of this Embrocatiou, can, with pleasure and satisfaction, declare that its salutary effects have been so universally expe- rienced, and so generally acknowledged, that many of the most eminent of the Faculty now constantly recommend it as the only known safe and perfect cure. without restriction of diet or use of medicine. Many thousands of children are cured annually by this remedy; on the first attack, an immediate application of the Embrocatioi, will prevent the complaint taking any hold of the constitution, and a few times using otten completely cures. In most cases, one bottle will produce the desired effect. The Pro- prietor therefore earnestly and conscientiously recommends it to Parents, Guardians,and all those who have the care of children. For the protection of the Public, and to preven imposition "J. RocHk"is signed on the Label accompanying each bottle and the name of the sole Wholesale Agent, Mr. Edwards, 67 St. Paul's, engraved on the Government Stamp. Price 4s. per bottle. Sold by Pouting, Ferris, and Co., Hartland, Selfe Fendick, Taylor, Sanders, Wine, Lavington, Isaac, Webb Stoddart, Bristol Ccoper, Clifton Gordon and Rich, Westou uper-Mare; and by most respectable Chemists and Bookseller 11 KNOW THYSELF: The Original Graphiologis Kate Russell, continues with immense success to giv her interesting and useful delineations of character from an ex amination of the handwriting, in a style of description peculiarly her own, and which cannot be imitated by the ignorant pretenders who profess to have a knowledge of the science. Persons desirous of knowing their true character, or that of any friend in whom they may be interested, must send a specimen of their writing, stating sex and age. or supposed age, with the fee of 14 penny postage stamps, to Miss Russell, Custle House, Southampton- street, Mornington Crescent, London, and they will receive, in a day or two, a full and minute detail of the gifts, defects, talents, tastes, affections, &c., of the writer, with many other things hitherto unsuspected, calculated to guide them through life. All letters are considered strictly confidential, and to prevent mistakes, applicants are requested to enclose an envelope pro- perly directed to themselves. The many thousands who lid ve thankfully acknowledged the value of advice given, and the aC4 curacy of Miss R.'s pourtrayals of character, establish the truth and value of the science beyond a d-ubt, Extracts from Testi- monials :-From S. P. Many thanks for your truthful portrait.' R. H I fear his character is too truly as you so freely describe it." W. B. Your long letter, though very flattering, my friends say is amazingly correct." A. D. ".Mamma says the character you gave me is very just, and not too good." Rev. H. F, faith in graphiology is confirmed; your success is extraordinary B. W. "X am glad your opinion of her character coincides wit my own." From the Press" By these means men about to engage in partnership, or to have important transactions with any one, may know beforehand the character of the person wit whom they will have to do; in like manner lovers may be mad wise beforehand; and those who have secret enemies may be warned, and enabled to prepare for the worst."—Household Words. We see no more difficulty in graphiology than phre- nology, and we have little doubt that in innumerable instances he character is read with equal precision.Famil Herald. r2267 FOR COUGHS, SHORTNESS OF BREATH, ASTHMAS, &c POWELL'S BALSAM OF ANISEED under the immediate patronage of several of the most dis tinguished Nobility and Gentry in the Kingdom, in Bottles, at Is iid. and 2s. 3d. each. Thisinvaluable Medicine has the extraordinary property of immediately relieving coughs, colds, hoarseness, difficulty of breathing, and huskiness in the throat. It operates by dissolving the congealed phlegm, consequently causing a free expectoration Those who are tioubled with that unpleasant tickling in the throat, which deprives them of rest, night after night, by the incessant cou-,h which it provokes, will, by taking one dose, find immediate relief, and one bottle in most cases will effect a cure. Numerous cases have come to the proprietor's knowledge where young people have been troubled with coughs, spitting of blood, and gradual wasting away, with every appearance of goingïnto a decline, by taking a few doses, have been entirely cured. In asthmas, chronic coughs, difficulty of breathing, &c., no pen can describe the wonders that have been performed by this invaluable medicine. Many, who for many years have been unable to lie down in their beds without a danger of being clinked by an accumulation of phlegm (which invariably causes a dread ful cough); others, who with difficulty could breathe at all in a recumbent posture, have, by taking one dose of this excellent balsam, been enabled to lie down comfortably in their beds. But the testimonials of those who have experienced its wonderful effects will do more to recommend and insure it the support of the public, than anything the proprietor can say in its favour, and by particular request he has published the following extraordinary case Mr. Wright, of Mile-end road, was many years afflicted with cough, shortness of breath. and sense of suffocation, whenever he attempted to lie down in bed, owing to the great accumulation of viscid phlegm which he was unable to expectorate. He had tried every means to obtain relief, but without effect; he couid get no sleep but in his arm-chair. In this state he continued to linger, without any hope of recovery, his friends expecting that every fit of coughing would terminate his existence. At length he was prevailed upon to try a bottle of the Balsam, and (very extraordinary) I half an hour after the first dose he was able to lie down in his bed and before he had taken three bottles, was perfectly cured!" IMPORT ANT CAUTION.—Observe that the Words, THOHA POWELL, Blackfriars-road, London," are (by permission of he Stajesty's Commissioners of Stamps) Ejgraved in White Letter upon a Red Ground OD the Government Stamp, pasted over the op of each bottle, without which it cannot be genuine. I A FITS AND NERVOUS COMPLAINTS- MISS PIKE'S POWDERS. This invaluable medicine, for the cure of Epileptic, Hysteric and every other description of Fits, has for many years been gratuitously and successfully administered by the above lady but, in consequence of the increasing demand and the earnest solicitations of fiiends, it is now offered to the public for sale, It has also proved highly serviceable in Nervous affections of the Head, inducing mental weakness, and, in some cases, bordering on insanity and in the alleviation and ure of tre varieas species of Nervous Complaints (■'•n"" ment or restra'^t. more than that of being efPperate, is necessary during >3 use,"an it is perfectly harmless, and a child may take it. Sold in bottles at 2S. Yd., -is. 6d., and lis. each, by the pro- prietor, Miss i'ike, 15, Park-place, Clifton, near Bristol (late of Berkeley, Gloucestershire); and in London by Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Panringdon-street, sole wholesale agents. Agent* for Bristol and the neighbourhood :-Ferris and Co, Unlo street; J. W B. Ash. 78, Redcliifhill, Bristol; Cooper ar Lawrence, 1, Mall, Clifton—Walker; Davies, (jrcen, and C, Bath-Prockter; Lea, Perkins, and Smith, Cheltenham ■ Furacre Walker, Gloucester- White, Berkeley and Vursle f I and may be had through all respectable Vendors of Medicine In theUnited Kingdom. Cures effected by this medicine have come under the observa tion of the following highly respectable individuals D- Jenner, F.L.S., &c., Berkeley Frans. Hands, E.q., suigeon, Berkeley the Rev. Sir Geo. Prevost, Hart, stinchcombe Mrs Georgiana Fletcher Welch, Ebworth Park, near Painswick Mrs. Mary Isabella Gainer, of Kingswood, near Wotton under Edge the ltev. John Maynard, M.A., Curate of Berkeley the Rev. E. J Carter, M A., Curate of Slimbridge and Minor Canon of Bristol Cathedral Thomas Croome, Esq., Breaditone, near Berkeley; Mr. T. Clarke, Whitecliff Park, near Berkeley Mrs. Ellis, of King street, Stroud; John Weight, Esq., attorney Wotton under-edfee Mr. Josiah Hunt, Alniondsbury-all in the county of Gloucester Mr. W. Maule, Stapleton road, near Bristol; Airs. Long, Royal Hotel Clifton; Mrs. Glover, Worcester Cottage, Wellington place, Stoke's Oroft, Briatol j Mrs. Hunt, 24. Christmas street, liristol; MrLAsliton, Torringto Devoll; Mrs. Mallett, Buckland Filleigh, near Torrington, Devo Mrs. Sherbourn, 24, Mornington place, Hainpsteaa road, Lon don; William Woolwright, Esq., attorney, Itl, Bretherton's buildings, North John street, Liverpool; F. C. Ladbury, Esq., surgeon, Wednesbury, Staffosdjshire Mr. J. T. Baker, 46, Broad-quay, Bristol; Mrs. Marin, Bell Hotel, Gloucester; and many others. To Miss Pike-Dear Madam I sliouldbe wanting in gratitude and common feelings of civility, were I not to express to you how much benefit 1 have received from your powders. Since taking them I have had scarcely a return of the epileptic fits, which I feel no ordinary blessing. On two or three occasions, I have bad once weekly, without epilepsy, a return of those attacks which deprived me for a time of sensibility but even this has been gradually wearing away, so that i am hoping perfect wstoration will be my happy portion. Physicians Surgeons, &c. for years have exerted themselves to cure me, but generally gave me up in despair; but now matters are altered, and 1 shall not be cen signed to su iering and discouragement. Pardon me, Madam for thus troubling you' Your medicine I hope to assist in its efforts according to your wish, with abundance of air and exercise; and,, also to add thereto moderation in thinking, eating, and drinking with calmness of mind and feeling.—Most gratefully thanking you I have the honour to remain very faithfully yours J. WILLIAMSON, Incumbent oC Theale. 8 Lower Maudlin st. near the Infirmary Bristol, 7th Sep., P¡j3. N B.-Be very particular in observing that the name,' Sarah Menett Pike Berkeley Gloucestershire," is engraved in white etters on and ground, in the government stamp, as none other an be genuine. [A 3 OPEU1FIO FOR BHhUMATISM, A certain and immediate Cure foi Rheumatism, • oothache, Tic-Doloureux, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Growing Pains, Sprains, Swellings, &c. l AYLOK'S SPECI- FIC LlNI.vlE.NT has received the highest Testimonials from Clergymen Missionaries, and others as to its efficacy in effecting a perfect cure in the abovenamed and similar painful Diseases. With each Bottle of the Liniment full directions are given, which, when strictly followed, have-never been known to fail of their object. Sufferers fron. Rheumatism, Toothache, Neuralgia, Lum- bago, &c., will .10 well to read the following important Testimonial, selected from a large number;—TEfiTlMO- NiAL.— We, the undersigned, Ministers of the Gospel, having instances within our personal knowledge of striking attestations from members of our congregations, or others equally well known to us, of the astonishing efficiency 01 I'aylor's Liniment have much satisfaction in calling public attention in this manner to its medical virtues in removing rheumatism, lumbago, tic-doloureux, spasms, swellings, &c., and we think the community is under special obligation to the proprietor for its prepara- tion. We trust ere long, when its remedial properties are better known, it will be found not only in every apothecary's shop, but also in the dwelling of every family.—(Signed) D. CBOOM, .Minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Portsburgh, Edinburgh; W. TAS- KER, Minister, Dr. Chalmers's Territorial Church ROBERTSON, Minister, United Presbyterian Church Newington, Edinburgh; D. iVCRWAN, Minister, South College-street Church, Edinburgh." WHOLESALE AGENTS.—DUNCAN, FLOCKHART- & CO Edinburgh; BARCLAY & SONS, and ED. WARDS, London RAIMRS & CO., York and Liver- pool. May be had of most Medicine-Vendors, price ]s. ljd., 6d. per Bottle. ARSHALLS UNIVERSAL CERATE, m (Established for more than a century) Is the most certain and efficacious remedy for all kinds of Wounds and Chilblains, whether broken or unbroken, Cuts, Sores, Scalds, Burns, Old Ulcers, Sore Breasts, Eruptions of every kind, and more especially Sore and Ulcerated Legs of 20 years' standing, have been cured without the least confinement, after having been dis- charged from hospitals. In short, this wonderful prepara- tion will be found far more efficacious in the cure of the above complaints than all the Ointments and Plasters hitherto made use of. Witness the numerous cases speci- fled in the handbills. Chilblains are prevented from breaking by Marshall's Cerete, and their tormenting itching instantly removed but where this certain remedy has been unknown or neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated or broke, the Cerate will ease the pain, and very speedily heal them Sold wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SONS, and all other wholesale in London and by most Medicine Vendors and Druggists in the Uniied Kingdom, in boxes, Is. I 14 and 2s. 9d. each, the larger containing three of tAl small. UPTURES CURED WITHOUT A TRUSS. —All sufferers from this complaint (especially thote who have been deceived by the pretensions of empirics who have ad vertised their so called" rt-med es) are earnestly invited to communicate with Dr. Thomson, as he can confidently guarantee them reIiefjn every case, His remedy has been extensively used for many years past with perfect success, and is now made known as a public duty, through the medium of the press. In every case of single or double Rupture in either sex, however bad or long standing, it is perfectly applicable, effecting a radical cure in a short tune, without confinement or inconvenience, and it cannot fail to be appreciated as a blessing to those who have been for years, perhaps, obliged to wear galling trusses, or other modes of support. Patients in any part of the Kingdom can have the remedy sent to them, post free (packed so that no one tan know the contents), with full and simple instructions for use, on receipt of 10s. in postage stamps, or by post oliice order, payable at the General Post Office, to Dr. Ralph Thomson, I A Arlington street, Hampstead-road, London. Sufferers are informed that this remedy can be procured OTHER WAY than by sending direct to Dr. T. for it: thus they are effectually protected against the possibility of imposition. The following Testimonials are selected from upwards of 2,700 in the possession of the Doctor, and are used with the full consent of their writers If anything is worth knowing, it is woithyof being extensively known, and I consider there can benodegrada tenr tion in your advertising your remedy, as you aim at the mitiga- tion of suffering, and the preservation of life, and your name and position ought to protect you from the shafts of envy and malice." J. Pereira, M.D., Professor of Medicine. "Your remedy quite cured the case I told you of." J.M., Esq., Surgeon, Edgeware road. "I fiud myself completely cured, and have tried every means to prove the cure by lifting and running, which I alii happy to say, I can do without pain, or using any truss," f. W. Many thanks for your remedy I have thrown my truss away, glad enough to get rid of the torture of it." G. H. Your remedy has cured my rupture, and I have used violent exertion since without any sign of its reappearance." Miss s. A fair time has elapsed since 1 used your remedy, more ver I have been examined by our surgeon, who declares 1 am quite cured." J. My rupture being 28 years' old, I never expected so perfect a cure." E. L. "My boy's rupture is cure and he is now quite easy, and can play about without pain." Mrs. H. P. I applieu your remedy six weeks ago, and it .gives me great pleasure to inform you my rupture has not been down since." D. L. I have not been so comfortable for many ears, thanks to your treatment." Miss E. i now write to teli you my dauftUter is perfect!} cured by your remedy." Mrs. H. "It is with the most pleasureabie feeiings imaginable that I write to inform you 1 am quite cured of my rupture." W. M. I have received a perfect cure from the remedy you sent me; mine was an old rupture,and very bad indeed." H. T. Persons residing abroad must send a remittance sufficient to cover the expense of Postage to them of a Package weighing rather more than two ounces. Unless this be done, no Foreign Oraers can be executed. Patients in Ireland or Scotland will not have to send more than the cost of the remedy. UUACKERY DEFEATED.—A Hospita Pliysi 01 cian, of 31 years' standing, who has had vast experienc all" been successful in the treatment of thousands of cases o Nervous and General Debility, Loss of Memory, Failing Sight Epilepsy, Consumption. Indigestion, Giddiness, Headache, and a long train of similar diseases, will send-gratuitously, past free, to any suiierer, a copy of his Work, by tile aid of which they may recover permanent health in an incredibly short time, at a trifling expense, and without recourse to any of the so-called remedies of the day, which are entirely superseded by his discoveries. Ad- dress, enclosing two penny stamps (to prepay postage), to Dr. Thomson, i A Arlington-street, Hampsiead road, London. A few Extracts from bona-fide reviews :—"The doctor deserves all praise for issirng such a book, the utility of which is undeniable." — Christian Times. This work is 'popular in every sense of the word, and its worth is untold."—iiaptiit Magazine. "We say to all our readers, Get it."—Critic. Barely can we recom mend a medical work but we do so in this instance lionestly. Literary Gazette. [2267 COMPOSITE CANDLES.—The PARAGON COMPOSITE CANDLES,made by W. S. HALE, London, do not require snuffing, and exceed in brilliancy and softness of light the finest Wax or Sperm, at one third the Price, defying comparison in their cleanlines of burning, without the slightest tendency to gutter and as two will give the lightof three moulds, they are really cheaper than common tallow candles. Sold by all the principal Family Grocers inN evk port, and every other tity and town in the Kingdom. Observe the Name, W. S. HALE, on each Paicket, as there are several spurious imitations. fou, INFANTS, INVALIDS .J..1 LADIES WHO Alit NURSING, AND PERSONS OF DELICATE CONSTITUTIONS. BULLOCK'S SEMOLA. This Substance is prepared solely from the finest Wheat. Its great merit consists in its being rich in gluten, the pure nutritive or staminal principle of thjit grain. One part being equal, in nutritive power, to five parts of wheaten flour, t contains absolutely more nourishment than beef or mutton. For Invalids it sup. plies a most agreeable substitute for gruels. As a food for Iufants and weakly Children it is invaluable, as it oontains exactly ihe organic materials suited to their growth, and uniformly agrees with the stomach. Taken by Mothers who are Nursing between their ordinary meals, or for supper, it increases the quantity fond greatly improves the quality of their milk. As a general rule Semola is applicable in all cases of debility, whether general weakness of the system or local weakness, as of the stomach, lungs, or other organs. Many leading Physicians recommend it, and thtir report is uniformly most satisfactory. Semola must not be confounded with Semolina, which is an entirely different alticle. Sold only in Tins, is. 6d., 3s., 10s., and 21s. each secured with the Signature of the Proprietors. PERKINS & B A It N I I (Late BULLOCK & PALMER,) OPERATIVE CHE vl ISTS, 22, LO.\DUIT-STREET REGKNT-SI'REET, LONDON; And may be obtained of all Chemists. 1 M P E R 1 A L 0 I N T M E JS T. 'J' e Cures whicb are performed by this celebrated Salve are quite astounding. Piles, Bad Legs, Abcesses, Ulcers, and Kheuuiatism quickly succumb to its influ ences. Everybody should possess it. 1127, W ingfield-sircet City, August 4, 1856 -Gentle men I think it my duty to inform you of a cure effected by your Ointment, in a wonderfully short space of time, on an old gunshot wound which was accustomed periodi- cally, about twice a year, to reopen and cause great pain, which has given me great trouble for fourteen years, but now, I am happy to say, it is perfectly cured and almost invisible. I endering my acknowledgment to you for the great services your medicine renders to the public, 1 am, your obedient servant, VVM. WARNEH." repared and Sold in jars, I s. 14d. and 2s. 9d. each at 122a, Aldersgate-street, London Wholesale by Sangar, Hannay, Oxford-street; Barclay, Faningdon-tltleet, Newbury, St. Paul's Churchyard, London Retail by all respectable Chemists. N L, KVU Ksss silAKI NO OF THE HAN D, AND LIMBS, LUMBAGO, PAIN* IN THE BACK AND LOINS, WEAKNESS. DEBILITY, &c. THE POOR MAN'S HERBAL PILLS are a certain and safe remedy for the effectual cure of the above complaints. 'I'hese Pills contain no mercurial ingredient whatever, and therefore occasion no risk of cold, or other injurious efiect on the system, from exposure to the weather whilst taking them; nor is any change of diet necessary; moderate exercise promotes their good effects t hey are equally suitable for both sexes, and, by regulating the dose according to the directions, for every age and con. stitution. they strengthen the digestive organs, and pro- duce a healthy action of the liver and kidneys; are an xcellent preparatory to warm bathing. Females find these pills peculiarly beneficial. An oc- casional course removes and prevents irregularities and obstructions, and the symptoms attendant on the same, viz., sickness, sick head-ache, dimness of sight, nervous- ness, otc. By cleansing and purifying the fluids of the body, they restore impeded circulation, and invigorate the whole system, substituting energy and cheerfulness for anguor and depression of spirits. With renewed health, sallowness, blotches and dimples on the skin, quickly disappear, and the complexion is restored to its natural freshness of colour and appearance. They will also be found an invaluable remedy for the following disorders, Flatulency, Spasms, Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaints, Worms, Piles, Eruptions upon the Face and Skin, diseases which have their origin in an im- pureor obstructed state of thesystein, as attacks.of Gout Rheumatism, &c. No better or safer prevention or means of relief can be had recourse to. Their invigora- ting action on the constitution amost exceeds belief; Pains in the Back, Gravel, Lumbago every symptom of Nervousness and Decay so speedily removed that the body becomes instantly enlivened and restorei the stooping' areworn victim of depression becomes a new man; his mind, previously gloomy, wretched, and desponding., is again animated and cheerful he stands erect, in the dig- nity of health, and pursues his avocations under theplea- ging consciousness of new vigour and increased determi- nation. Persons of full habit, subject to Headache, singing in the Ears, palpitation of the Heart, pains in the side, &c., should take them occasionally, and thereby averi many dangerous diseases. Sold, with full directions for use, in Boxes, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d and lis. A 4s. 6d. box sontains the quantity of two 2s. 9d.; and] Is.size, of five 2. 9d. Post Free, 3s., 5s., and ]2s., on receipt of the amount. They will be sent to any address packed free from observation. EXTRACTS FROM TESTIMONIAIS RECEIVED, From John Harris, Post Office, Worcester, May 7th, 1852.— Sir,—I shall ever consider myself under an obligation to you, for the cure performed on me by your Pills I consider them the best medicine in the world for nervousness of long standing. You may depend I shall recommend them whenever I have an opportunity. I will thank you to send me another 12s. box, by retuvn, they are for a friend of mine who is almost better by taking them, but pleaee direct them to me. From Henry Thompson, Westminster Bridge-road, March 12,1854. Sir, I think your Pills are the best medicine known for nervous weakness attended with pains in the loins. I have tried many advertised medicines, and consulted medical men, and they have all failed to give me that relief 1 have on every occasion experienced from taking your pills." Prepared only by CHARLES HENRY JENKES, the ole Proprietor may be had Wholesale and Retail at the DEPOT, 41, POLAND.STRG,ET, OXFORD. STREET, LONDON. On receipt of a remittance, by stamps or otherwise, they will be forwarded airectfrom the Establishment. AllLettei8 te be addressed to C. H. Jenkes, 41, Poland street, Oxfo>d-ts e-t. 4 ONE HUNDRED POUNDS ltEW'AIlo ON CONVICTION.— The fearful dangers to invalids from spurious imitations of DU BARRY'S invaluable HEALTH-RESTORING PEVALENl'A ARAB1CA F OD led to an investigation, and, upon application i 1854 for protection, the High Court of Chancery granted an injunction restraining Alfred Hooper Nevill, his servants, work men, and agents, under a penalty of £jO()II, from selling any article resembling or being a eolourable imitation of Du Barr>'s ltevalema Arabic a, of which weave the sole proprietors. Now, therefore, this is to give notice, that the above reward will be | paid U;JOII conviction, to any one giving information of any I breach of the injunction. An intelligent public requires no ad- | monition to shun all shopkeepers who may attempt impositions. London, 77, Regent-street, lb58. BAAar De JBABRY & Co. (589S







Jviulmatj €im Cute.