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iMwgsitsi. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS rpHE Counties of SOUTH WALES, bor. J- daring on England, offer the most valuable and profitable fields for ADVERTISERS that can be found within the same extent in the empire-if we exclude the great Metropolis, and the rich teeming districts of the ever-productive, the ever-absorbing NORTH. MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, with their large population, commercial enterprise, and .Y rapidily-increasing wealth, are, unquestionably, COUNTIES to which Advertisers may look with confidence for an ample return for any outlay they may incur, in pushing their several interests, with a view to large and produc- tive sales, &c. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN, GLAMORGANSHIRE AND BRECON SILURIAN, AND SOUTH WALES ADVERTISER, haa been for more than a quarter of a century, the GREAT ADVERTISING MEDIUM OFTHE DISTRICT. Advertisers desirous of availing themselves of the pub- licity of its columns, are requested to address the Publisher, Mr. CHRISTOPHERS, NEWPORT, MON- MOUTHSHIRE. Advertisements inserted on a Moderate Scale; and when Contracted for by the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, the terms are proportionately reduced. NEWSPAPER CIRCULATION. EXTRACT FROM: THE LAST ANNUAL STAMP RETURN ISSUED—ending 31st December, 1854 :— *as MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN 110,425 2124 Cambrian 79,000 1519 Star, of Gwent 76,100 1463 Merthyr Guardian 61,500 1163 Swansea Herald 58,250 1120 Monmouthshire Beacon 36 500 702 Silurian 35,375 661 At the close of the year 1855, the circulation of the Silurian was added to that of the MERLIN. P R I N T I N G OFEVERY DESCRIPTION, NEATLY EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THE lltelm (bratrat <0ffwt, 15, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. BOOK-PRINTING, BUSINESS FORMS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, CIRCULARS, CARDS, REPORTS, &o. LADIES' SCHOOL, LONG ASHTON, NEAR BRISTOL. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. MRS. SANDERSON begs to announce her intention of REMOVING her Establishment -next MIDSUMMER, from LONG ASHTON to the more con- venient Premises lately occupied by Dr. STONE, at SUMMER HILL, St. George's, Gloucestershire. [2204 EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL WEIGHING- H MACHINE. ENRY POOLEY AND SON, 20, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON PATENTEES OF THE PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINE, WEIGH-BRIDGES, &o.. Suitable for all Commercial, Mining, and Manufacturing Purposes. WORKS AT LIVERPOOL. AGENTS for the SALE of DONKEY-ENGINES IMPROVED TAPS & VALVES; PRESSURE GAUGES, and all BRASS MOUNTINGS for Steam Engines and Boilers, &c. AMERICAN VULCANIZED INDIA. RUBBER BELTING, PACKING, HOSE, &c BOLTS, RIVETS, &c. j MACHINERY BELTING CHUBB'S PATENT FIRE and THIEF PROOF SAFES. DETECTOR LOCKS, &c.; THE FRANKLIN PATENT GAS REGULATOR; TIDMARSH'S PATENT LUBRICATORS OR OIL CUPS; LUDLOW'S PATENT MALT-SCREENING MACHINE. [1015 H P BOLT CONTRACTOR' AN D' BUILDER, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE, HAS FOR SALE a large assortment of GLAZED STONE-WARE DRAIN PIPES of the Best Staffordshire Clay, varying from 3 inches up to 18 inches, with all requisite Junctions. Bends, and Syphons. Also, a fine assortment of TERRA COTTA GOODS, for ornamenting Pleasure Grounds &c A variety of NORWAY" SPARS on hand. [2008 DEPOSIT AND DISCOUNT BANK. FIVE PER CENT, is paid on all Sums re- ceived on paid half-yearly. The RIGHT HON. the EARL OF DEVON, CHAIRMAN. Offices 6, Cannon-street West £ c. 1965] G. H. LAW, MANAGER. STIVENS'S ORIGINAL GREEN GINGER s WINE.-Price 18s. per Dozen. t Beware of imitations, and observe the Signatura over the neck of each Bottle- The above is manufactured by W. & E. COOPER Bristol. Also, the celebrated V I N MOUSSEAUX, or Sparkling Champagne," in One-dozen Cases, 24s. per Dozen. STIVENS'S UNIVERSAL SAUCE and the Extra- ordinarily Cheap BRISTOL SAUCE, 6d. per Bottle. AGENTS:— Mr. J. DAVIES, Grocer. Newport. Mr, HENRT SHEPPARD, Grocer „ Mr. J AS. EWINS, jun., Confectioner „ Mr. CHAS. NAPPER, Confectioner [1893 A CCIDENTS OF EVERY DESCMPTION. J\_ £ 1,000 TN CASE OF DEATH, or a FIXED ALLOW ANCE of £ 6 PER WEEK IN THE EVENT OF IXJURT, may secured by an Annual Payment of £ 3 for a Policy in tn<e RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY rJ* ■Art provides that persons receiving f n J ™90mPany are not barred thereby from recovering tul iLr Compo^y causing the injury an advantage no Vnfnrad PERSON in every FIFTEEN is more or paid as con-pensatioT^le5; £ 1 £ j8 £ 0mpany panyToffices^an°d a^alMhr"8^0'"868 may be had at the ^0!n' also Railway Accidents alon»rincipal Railway Stations, where •Tourney or Year. ma>' he insured against by the NO CHARGE FOR STAMP DUTY. Railway Passengers' Assurance Secretary. Offices, 3, Old road-st.,Lender, E.c • AGENT IN- NEWPORT—MR. W. WILLIAMS, DOCK-STREF.T. (1897 ESTABLISHED 1812. PROCTOR'S TURNIP MANURE; THIS Valuable Fertilizer is now universally used by the eminent Agriculturists of England and Wales, and stands unrivalled in the WEIGHT and QUALITY of the bulb wbiah it produces. It is also especially bene- ficial to the Grain Crops which follow, and Clover is raiely found to fail after the first application. Some of the Crops Produced by this Manure last year weighed upwards of "0 Tons per acre. J PERUVIAN GUANO, AND SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME, arranted of the best quality. TT 1 vn APPLY TO ?ATHAV P R 0 0 T 0 E' -• ^AIHAY) BRTSTOT BEAXOH BIUUHNM HAM< BMSMT near Warwick and Saltney,. near Chester an? A'7",A ^.AM^HI,R' 0a/inures, their Properties SUmw?forwarded on receipt of 12 Postage [2003 W R. MATTHEWS and CO., TEA and TV COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMEBCIAL- STREET, NEWPORT BONDED AND FREE STORES FOR SHIPS. [5 TRUNKS AND TRAVELLING BAGS. JCORIN, 123, Commercial-street, Newport, • Manufacturer and Dealer in best leather, strong iron-bound, and cheap, papered Trunks, Hat-Cases, &c. -Sole Agent for the patent Eclipse Portmanteau. [1895 RAILWAY WORKS, AND BRIDGE-END FOUNDRY, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. JAMES MURPHY, ENGINEER. RAILWAY-WAGGONS FOR SALE OR HIRE. Broad and Narrow Guage wrought and cast-iron Wheels and Axles in Stock. FOR SALE, TWO TO THREE HUNDRED RAIL- WAY WAGGONS—hired on lease for a term of years to responsible parties (in several contracts). Licenses Granted for making or using the following Pa- tented Railway Improvements:- MURPHY'S WROUGHT-IRON DOVE-TAILED B AIL W A Y-WHEE LS, By which perfect safety is ensured from accident, by the fracture of a tyre. FISH-CHATR, with safety bolt and nut fastenings. WROUGHT-IRON LONGITUDINAL BEARINGS, applicable to the double-beaded or deck-beam Rali. Also the RAILWAY STEAM BRAKE. 1166 (From Finigan's, Bath,) O S T L E R'S HAIR CUTTING ROOMS, FIRST FLOOR, 173, COMMERCIAL-STREET, (Three Doors from the Westgate Hotel,) NEWPORT, MON. A Private Apartment for HAIR DYEING. WIGS, SCALPS, FRONTS, CURLS. Every description of Ornamental Hair ma- nufactured at the most economical prices. A respectable LAD wanted as an APPRENTICE. [2134 DUCK AND COMPANY, TEA DEALERS AND COFFEE MERCHANTS, B NITY STREET- COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL, respectfully to inform. Families that Pnr« T^11 8uPPlied from their Establishment with Pure and Unadulterated TEAS COFFEES, of the finost growth .also COCOAS, and all kinds of the finest qualities of SPICES, at WHOLESALE PRICES. [1675 MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON DENTIST, of No. 7, PARK- S STREET, BRISTOL, attends periodically (as for the last ten years) at NEWPORT, the first WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF, the following THURSDAY in every Month, when he may be consulted on all cases relating to to his Profession. Mr. YOUNG'S next visit will occur as follows :— NEWPORT-At Mr. Wansbrough's, No. 4, Commercial- street—Wednesday, July 7th. CARDIFF-Mrs. Williams, No. 64, Crockherbtown- Thursday, July 8th. [863 [A CARD.] MR. R. N. OSBORNE, SURGEON-DENTIST, 17, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. [1127 TEETH. MR. CLARK (from Sackville-street,London) RESIDENT SURGEON DENTIST, AGINCOURT- SQUARE, MONMOUTH, respectfully begs to announce that he continues to fix every description of ARTIFICIAL TEETH, on the most modern and scientific principles, and attends at 112, Commercial-street, NEWPORT, the second Wednesday in each month and USK, on the fol- lowing day (Thursday), at Mr. J. H. CLARK'S; Ross, the first Thursday in each month, at Mr. FARROR'S, Stationer, High-street; COLEFORD, on the 21st of May and every alternate Friday, at Mrs. THOS. BLANCH'S. DECAYED TEETH effectually and permanently restored by Mr. CLARE/S ANODYNE CEMENT, forming a complete masticating surface, rendering extraction seldom necessary. Every operation performed connected. with Dental Surges^. The necessity of having a resident Surgeon-Dentist in Monmouth and neighbourhood, is evident from the fact that old and young have hitherto had their teeth fearfully neglected. tggf All communications address to R. CLARK, Surgeon Dentist, Agincourt-square, Monmouth. [2223 TEE T H. MR. PARSON, SURGEON-DENTIST, of 17, Orchard Street, End of Unity-Street, College Green, Bristol, respectfully acquaints the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport, and Vicinities, that he may be consulted in the various branches of his pro- fession, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, on WEO- NESDAY next, the 9th of June, 1858, from 9 a.m. till 5 and at the CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, Cardiff, on THURSDAY, the 10th, from 9 am. till 2. A single tooth, 5s., 10s. 6d., or d61 1 A set of teeth 4 4 A complete set (upper and lower), durable material 8 8 A complete set of natural or mineral teeth, beautifully Mounted, best material, and very best workmanship and „ FI,N.ISH 12 12 Scaling 0 5 Artificial Teeth Remodelled, Remounted, and Repaired, and irr n t. J Misfitting, Rectified. 1,, Orchard-street, Bristol, June 2nd, 1858. FOR STOPPING DECAYED TEETH. Patronised by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Prince Consort. MR. HOWARD'S PATENT WHITE SUCCEDANEUM, for filling Decayed Teeth, however large the cavity. It is superior to anything ever before used, as it is placed in the tooth in a soft state, without any pressure or pain, and in a short time becomes as hard as the enamel, and will remain firm in the tooth for many years, rendering extraction unnecessary. It arrests all further progress of decay, and renders them again useful in mastication. Sold by all respectable Medicine Vendors. Price 2s 6d. [1959 WINES FROM THE CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. PORT, SHERRY, MARSALA, MADEIRA, BUCELLAS, &c all at 20s. PER DOZEN, really Fine Wines. Her Majesty's Government allows these Wines to be imported at half duty: hence the low price. They are the produce of the vineyards of our own Colony, where the vines of Portugal and Spain are now being carefully cultivated, and have escaped the disease. For the purity J IwLinmaness of the Cape Wines imported by us, and wholesomeness o b Medical Officer of Health Wia. which I hare siami.led „K,unt, o( adulteraetd, but that they coni legom0 wines." the various constituents of good wn made « That wine, equal to any ever prodiwed, can I* made at the Cape, all the world has acknowledged. ihe Times, 8th November, 1856. Advices have just arrived that the Vintage at jY. of Good Hope (which was completed there the firs in February) has terminated most successfully, &n(t J Times of March lltb, states :—" The harvest is unusually abundant, and the quantity of Wines promises to equal, if not exceed, that of any former year." THE UNIVERSAL BRANDY, Pale or Brown, 15s. per gallon, or 30s. per dozen. Samples of any two qualities sent on receipt of 12 stamps. Price Current and Dr. Letheby'a full analysis sent on application* Carriage paid, if requested, to any Railway Station in the Kingdom, for Is. per dozen, and no charge for Bottles and Cases, if returned. W. and A, GILBEY, Wine Importers, Distillers and Rectifiers, o57, Oxford-street (three doors west of the Pantheon). Cheques to be crossed « Bank of England," and Post Office Orders made payable at the General Post Office. [1974 GMMWSSW. EXTENSIVE SALE OF HATS AND CAPS. JONES AND CO. ARE SELLING OFF THEIR STOCK OF HATS AND CAPS, AT AND UNDER COST PRICE. No. 29, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT. [2152 OPENING OF THE GLOBE TEA ESTABLISHMENT, 27, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, TOOK PLACE ON SATURDAY, MAY 29TH. IN announcing the OPENING of this additional Concern, it is needless to say more than that JL we shall continue in the course we have hitherto pursued, and which has gained for us so large a share of public patronage. Tendering our grateful acknowledgements to our numerous Patrons for their kind support during the last Seven Years, and soliciting a trial from those who may not yet have honoured us with their favours, We beg to direct attention to the following leading PRICES of TEAS, COFFEES, and SUGARS VERY STRONG FULL-FLAVOURED CONGOU 3s. 4d. Strongly recommended. The FINEST LAPSANG SOUCHONG. 4s. Od. Usually sold at &. An overweight of a Quarter to every Six Pounds will be allowed to large Consumers, which reduces the cost full 2d.per lb. VERY FINE JAMAICA COFFEE Is. Od. Recommended. FINEST TURKEY DITTO Is. 4d. Verv rare to be met with, and recommended to connoisseurs. SPARKLING LUMP SUGAR. Os. 6,1.. PATRAS CURRANTS Qs. 5d. NORRIS AND PRlTCHAltP, PROPRIETORS. [2258 NEWPORT SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY. A PUBLIC PERFORMANCE OF MOZART'S TWELFTH MASS (WITH ENGLISH WORDS) WILL be given by the Members of the above Society, at the TOWN-HALL, (by the T T kind permission of the Mayor), on FRIDAY Evening, June 11, 1858, with full Band accompaniments The Band will consist of 4 First Violins, 4 Second ditto, 2 Violas, 2 Violoncellos, 2 Contra Basses, Hautboy and I Flute, and 2 Horns. J THE CHORUS WILL NUMBER ABOUT FIFTY VOICES. The Solos will be Sung by MISS CLOWES And some Amateurs of the Society LEADER OF THE BAND HERR PFEIFFER I CONDUCTOR.MR H. J. GROVES. Tickets of Admission-Front Seats, 2a. 6d., Back Seats, Is. each; may be had of the Secretaries, Mr. Willey and Mr. R. M. Toogood of Mr. Edwin Newman, music seller, and of the Members. Boors Open at half-past Seven, p.m., to Commence at Eight, p m r2254 HUGH BIRD, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, BEGS TO ANNOUNCE THAT H15 IS IN STOCK OF GENUINE PERUVIAN GUANO (GIBBS' IMPORT), SUPER-PHOSPHATE OF LIME URATE, HALF-INCH and GROUND BONES. LINSEED and RAPE CAKES, &c., &c. Agricultural Seeds of all Kinds, and Implements of the Principal Makers. I WAREHOUSE, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF; AND CATTLE MARKET, NEWPORT. [2103 SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME Of the very best quality, from Nonington's Devon and Cornwall Manure Works, may be had of J. S. STONE, NEWPORT, SfON. "TV" ORRINGTON'S SUPERPHOSPHATE — has stood the test of several years' trial, and has been found to answer well in the county of Monmonth. Great Dock-street, March 25th, 1858. [1002 JAMES LEACH, Wholesale and Retail BEDDING, BEDSTEAD, GLASS, and CABINET MA.RT, 117, Commercial-street, Newport. Every descrip- ion of Brass and Iron Bedsteads, French, Arabian, Four- oat, and Canopy Bedsteads, in Birch, Mahogany, Wal- nt. and Painted Woods. Furniture bought, or taken in exchange, to any amount. [1111 PLANT CATALOGUE. JOHN CRANSTON has now ready for dis- tribution his Spring Catalogue of Plants for 1858. It contains descriptive lists of dahlias, hollyhocks pelar- goniums, cinerarias, fuchsias, verbenas, calceolarias, petu- nias, miscellaneous greenhouse, bedding, and hardy herba- ceous plants. Forwarded free, on application. Nurseries, King's Acre, near Hereford. [2244 NEW TURNIP SEED, THE GROWTH OF 1857. JOHN CRANSTON is now offering SWEDISH and other TURNIP SEEDS of his own growth, saved from. Transplanted Bulbs. Prices, which are low, forwarded on application. When large quantities are taken a considerable deduction will be made. Nurseries, King's Acre, near Hereford. [2243. ATEST NEWS for TWOPENCE PER DAY.—THE EVENING STAR (unstamped, ONE PENNY) direct by post from the Office, 335, Strand, London, for Twopence per day. Three papers, free through post, for Fourpence per day. [2095 Just published, demy 8vo., with Twenty Illustrations on Copper, Price fl 5s., an ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON IRON METALLURGY, up to the Manufacture of Puddled Bars comprising Suggestions relative to Principles and Modes of Action for effecting great and important Im- provements in the Manufacture of Iron and Steel, and the Conduct of extensive Ironworks upon the System of Division of Labour. With copious Analytical Tables of Iron-making Materials and Residuums. By SAMUEL BALDWYN ROGERS, of NANTYGLO, Monmouthshire. 1 do not hesitate to say Mr. Rogers's work is the most com- plete combination of science and sound practice that has yet appeared, on iron-beyond comparison."—DAVID MUSHET. Mr Rogers's Treatise' is destfned to take high rank among the standard philosophical elucidations of the mysteries of in- dustrial science.Building Nevis. London SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, and Co., and at the Mining Journal Office, 26, Fleet-street. [2221 Mi PARSONS, FLETCHER, & CO.'S IMPROVED ARKING INK, for writing on Linen, Silk, Cotton, &c., without the use of any prepara- tion, possesses all the qualities of the best Marking Ink that can be produced it flows freely from the pen, form- ing well-defined characters, without running or blotting ?M0nUv?aT RTr4tiDg,. PERFECTLY BLACK and really INDELIBLE, whilst frequent washing or the lapse of years will not at all impair the original freshness of its tint; and it will not in any way injure the texture of even the finest cambric. pWP1(TQ^ purr, o^UxtL0CK Mr- OLIVER, and Mr. CHRISTOPHERS, Newport, and by the principal Sta- VCJ1-8 a Chemists throughout the kingdom, in Bottles, at 6d. and Is. each with full directions for use. [1917 f CAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY, beg to submit the following List ot their leading Prices in various descriptions of Furnishing Goods. The rapid increase in this branch of their business has nduced them to enlarge their Stock very considerably they have SHOW ROOMS for the express purpose of keeping a general assortment of every description of BEDSTEADS. BEDDING, CARPETS, &c. aff they trust the character they have sustained for the last 30 years will be a sufficient guarantee that the same care and attention will be devoted to this New Branch of their Trade. Painted Iron Bedsteads for Servants, from £0 J2 6 Beech ditto (Japanned Maple) from 0 18 6 American Birch ditto, half-tester 150 Mahogany Arabian ditto ditto. „ 2 10 0 Mattresses for Servants 0 8 0 Horse Hair ditto ,180 Japanned Toilet and Wash Tables" 130 per pair French Polished Birch ditto 2 10 0 ditto, -r » Mahogany ditto 300 ditto. Japanned Chests of Drawers 17 6 Birch and Mahogany ditto 2 10 0 Swing Looking Glasses ••• »» Bed Room Chairs n 9 Q Chintzes o 0 4J nerval Union Damasks n 0 74 ^fitk> Silk and Wool ditto, 1J yds. wide 0 4 6 ditto! Bordered Muslin Curtains „ 0 0 104 ditto. Muslin Drawing Room Curtains 0 9 6 per pair Blankets 0 5 3 ditto. Counterpanes. 0 2 6 each. Quilts •• ••• 0 5 6 ditto. Cotton Sheets 0 6 0 per pair. Linen ditto —" 0 12 0 ditto Brussels Carpets ol 0 2 3 per yard Tapestry ditto 0 2 8^ ditto. Kidderminster ditto ••• »> 0 16 ditto. Dutch ditto » 2 f ^to- Printed Druggets ••• »» J ditto. Hearth Rugs. ••• M N.B.—Boohs of Bedding, with prices, sent Post Free on ^^DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY. J721] CAvasoisa liouss, CHSLIBHHAM T. J. J0N £ 3j Chemist, 5, High-street, Newport. AGENT FOR HORNIMAN'S PURE TEA, in PACKETS.—THJ2 LEAF NOT COLORED. —DB. SOOFJ'KBW, in his valuable work "On Food" remarks, at page 423 The best Tea I can find is that imported by the Messrs. Horniman; its appearance manifests it to be what it professes-Tea which has been subjected to no kind of outward embellishment-a mani- festation which its delicious flavour confirms." The Parliamentary Report proves, that while the Chinese use Pitre Tea, they colour most of that sent to England. The sanitary Commissioners examined 74 samples of the black and green tea in common use, of which 54 were coated with powdered eolour. HORNIMAN & CO/S PURE TEA, The usual fine sorts, but the leaf not covered with color. QTRONG, RICH, O FULL-FLAVOURED g < ti flLS'. SlI j[ I TEA is thus secured to the £ Public, as importing it before 11 a B yf ff fl ff ft f H'fte Chinese cover it with coLmr B t jt » fifreD'■ ers it impossible for any low-priced autumn equal to the best,and so passed 4o JI FTSJ, TBA WAEE1Ioi/sEsT!off to the consumer at a high nrhou.a'ulLf„t:C"f,,LoaJ!n/Pric0- The Lancet (Longman, — Ip 318), states of Horniman'a Teas The Green not being covered with Prussian ■u'°i ^tC'* *8 a °live the Black is not intensely dark wholesome and good Tea is thus obtained. Prices, s. <1., 4s., and 4s. 4d. per lb. Sold exclusively by Packet" throughout the kingdom, and only in „ LOCAL AGENTS. ABERAV«E'"I0NCS—THOMAS- LONDON-Purssell Com-hill ADP .Evjin Evans. LYDNHY ..Hathaway •ABERYSTWITH Jones, Pier-st. MONMOUTH..Farror.— Bakpr ABKRojym Gosde„ (late MEBTHYB Stephens? H^H Hirst).—Watkins, High st. street. S ABERSYCHAN Wood, Stamp- NEWPORT.. JOXES,5,HiKh-st. ABERSYCHAN Wood, Stamp- NEWPORT.. JOXES,5,HiKh-st. R. • Ditto..CHEESY,41, Commercial" ISRUSTOL..Ferns, Union-street. street. CBICKHOWELL..Christopher. Ditto ..BATTERSHILL, 173, Com- LOWBRINOE ..Thomas, High-st. mercial-street. •Kerniek, 23, Duke-st. POXTYPOOL and ABF.RS RCIHIS.. uitto ..James, Bute-street. Wood, Stamp Office. CHEPSTOW.. Taylor, St. Mary- SWAXSEA.. Wilson, Castle sqr. „ street Ditto..Harris, Oxford-street COLEFORO.. Williams. Ditto.Glover, Castle-street GLOUCESTER, .Fouracre, Cross. L'SK..Edwards. [2060 BROCKSOPP, SONS, & CO., HA -ir LONDON, •A. v E much satisfaction in reviewing the rise ancl progress of their business as connected with Country Agents. In 1836, they commenced appointing Agents for the Sale of their HOWQUA'S MIXTURE,' and MOWQUA'S SMALL LEAF GUNPOWDER the fame of which justly CELEBRATED TEAS spread ^5' n''1r?er0US J^?eDts were appointed, and large sales ettectert. 1 he flattering reception and patronage accorded by the Public to these Teas, led to the idea of packing all the various kinds in general use. At first the sale in packages was novel, and B. S. and Co., for some years had almost the exclusive Trade at length a host of competi- tors sprung up, which had only the effect of bringing them into greater notoriety, from the fact of their adopting the plan, to which they strictly adhere, of Selling NONE BUT TEAS OF GENUINE AND STERLING QUALITY. In these days of pretension, when the art of puffery is exhausted to palm off upon the public mere rubbish, under a decorated disguise, it would seem almost hopeless to advertise a good article, without bestowing a few su- perlatives upon it; but, as good wine needs no bush,' so good Teas reouire no adventitious aids to recommend them. TheHOWQUA'S and MOWQUA'S TEAS, im- ported by BROCKSOPP, SONS, and Co., have been appre- ciated for many years. RETAIL PRICES. Howqua's Mixture, pound Catty Package # 4g Mowqua's Small Leaf Gunpowder, ditto 6g' 4(j" Semi-Howqua 48. Od. Semi-Mowqua 5s. 8d N.B.—None are genuine which are not in India Catty Packages, secured with the Seals of HOWQUA & MOWQUA Merchants, Canton. 9 Attention is also invited to the following Teas, which have been carefully selected by £ S., and Co •— Excellent strong Congou 3s*8d t>er lb Very superior ditto, highly recommended! 4s Od „ Souchong, fine, strong, full-flavored 4s 4d Finest Souchong,strong, rich & delicate flavor 4s 8d AGENTS FOR NEWPORT JNO. HUGHES, West-street, Baneswell (Agent to Provincial Welsh Insurance Companv). Beaufort—Richard Phillips Risca—Evan Evans Brynmawr—David Edwards | Tredegar—Isaac Edwards Mold- Pnng and Price Trelech—J. IX Evans. Machen—Thomas Thomas CW" Applications for Agencies, accompanied by respect- able references in London, may be addressed to Messrs. BROCKSOPP, SONS, and CO., High-street, Southwark, London. pi 12 H E E V E N I N G MAIL. JL Published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evening, containing the Leading Articles of the Times," the Corn and Cattle Markets, with the latest news up to the hour of publication. Subscription per Half-fear, 32s. 6d. advance, or 36s. credit. Forwarded by post to all parts of the World, by WM. DAWSON AND SONS, Newspaper and Advertising Offices,74, Cannon-street, City, London,E.C. (Established 1809 ) WM. D. and SONS supply the Times," Illustrated London News," "Mark-lane Express," "Bell's Messen- ger," and ALL the other London Newspapers. A List for 1858, with prices, politics, days of publication, &c., free on application,—Country Booksellers supplied. [2086 GORGET Patent Self-Adjusting SHIRT Six for 42s. Patent ELLIPTIC 3-Fold COLLARS 12S. the Dozen. PATENTEES, J. FRYER & CO., (LATE COOPER AND FRYER). LONDON. Agent at NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE, B. BVANS, LONDON HOUSE. List of Agents, see inside Wrapper Bradshaw's Railway Guide. [2011 I EXTRACT FROM c. & w. TRAPNELL'S FURNISHING GUIDE. GOOD FURNITURE must please the judgment as well as the eye. To this end the following points may be worthy of notice. 1st. Well seasoned materials should be guaranteed. 2nd. Have the most extensive choice. 3rd. All Framings, Supports, &c., should be of the proper size for strength, and of due proportions for ap- pearance. 4th. The Articles should be in proportion to the size of the rooms. 5th. Select from the genuine manufacturer upon the largest scale. ——— ESTIMATE No. 1. For Furnishing a Four-Roomed House with economy. KITCHEN. £ s. d. d. Deal Table, with one drawer 0 10 0 Three Chairs 0 7 6 Towel Horse 0 4 0 1 1 6 PARLOUR. One Kidderminster or Dutch Carpet, say 4 yds by 4, for more or less, reckon 2s 3d per yard 1 16 0 One rug to correspond 0 9 0 One Window Blind 0 4 0 Mahogany Pembroke Table 1 4 0 Six Cane seat Chairs 1 1 0 Chimney Glass, in maple or gilt frame 110 Door Mat 0 3 0 5 18 0 BEDROOM. Largest sized Tent Bedstead, with French polished foot pillar and Ellip- tic roof 1 5 0 Good Dimity Furniture 14 0 Mattrass 0 14 0 White Milpuff Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows I 12 6 Three Blankets 20s, 1 pair of Sheets 5s 1 5 0 White Counterpane Q y 9 Painted Wash Stand, 6s 6d with Horse 2s .o g 6 Chest of Drawers 3 ft wide 1 2 6 Two Chairs 3s 3d each, cane seats and polished 0 6 6 Good Size Dressing Glass, in mahogany frame O 6 6 Bed side Carpet, 8 yrds .010 6 9 2 9 SERVANT'S BEBROOM. One Strong Stump Bedstead, French polished 0 14 0 One Millpuff Bed, Bolster, and two pillows 0 17 9 Two Sheets 3s, three Blankets 12s 6d and one Counterpane 2s 9d 0 18 3 Washstand 0 5 0 Dressing Glass 3s, two Chairs 5s 6d 0 8 6 3 3 6 Total JE19 5 9 ESTIMATE No. 2. For a Six-Roomed House, neatly and comfortably Furnished with durable Articles. Hall, Dining-room, Drawing- room, Two Best Bedrooms, Two Servants' Bedrooms, aiid Kitchen. HALL. Second quality Floor Cloth, say seven square yards at 2s 6d 0 17 6 If the best quality, add Is per yard. Two Birch Hall Chairs 0 18 0 Door Mat 0 3 0 1 18 6 DINING PARLOUR OR SITTING-ROOM. One Set Damask Window Curtains, with pole rings and ends complete; cur- tains 3J yards long 2 10 0 One Silicia Window Blind 0 5 0 One Stout Kidderminster Carpet 4 yds. BY 5, MADE 20 YDS AT 2S 6D 2 10 0 Heartb Rug to match 0 10 0 Solid Mahogany Dining Table 5 ft 6 in BY 3 FT 6 IN 2 8 6 Six Mahogany Chairs in haircloth 15s. 4 10 0 Easy reclining Chair 1 5 0 3 ft 6 in Mahogany Cheffioneer, with doors and drawers 3 5 0 17 3 6 DRAWING ROOM. One set of Damask Window Curtains, with stained rosewood or brass pole, with rings, ends, brackets, &c com- plete curtains, 3i yds long 2 17 6 Window Blind 0 5 6 Superior Kidderminster Carpet, say 20 yds at 3s 3d 3 5 9 Rug to match 0 10 0 Rosewood Loo Table 3 7 0 Six stained Rosewood Chairs in Damask 2 10 0 Chimney Glass in (richly carved and gilt frame 3 5 0 16 0 0 BEST BEDROOM. Birch 5 ft four-post Bedstead 2 2 0 Dimityor Chintz Furniture 2 0 0 MAT TRASS 1 2 0 Feather Bed, BOLSTER, and two Pillows 4 4 0 Three Blankets 1 2 0 One Pair of SHEETS .0 7 0 Counterpane 0 9 0 Painted Washstand, Table, and Horse 0 15 6 Dressing Glass .0 8 6 Two Bedroom Chairs, polished 0 6 6 Window Blind 4.8, & Bedroom Carpet 88 0 12 0 13 8 6 SPARE ROOM. Fuji-sized French Bedstead 1 10 0 Dimity Furniture 1 0 0 Mattrass .015 0 Milpuff Bed, Bolster, AND two Pillows 1 18 0 Three Blankets 10 0 A PAIR OF SHEETS .0 7 6 White Counterpane 0 9 0 Painted WASHSTAND, Table, and Horse 0 14 0 Chest of Drawers. 1 2 6 Dressing Glass 0 6 3 Two Chairs Q 7 0 Bed-side CARPET 0 3 0 9 12 3 SERVANTS. Servant's Donble-sized Bedstead 0 8 6 MILPUFF Bed, Bolster, and two Pillows 0 18 0 A pair of Sheets 4s, three Blankets 15s 0 19 0 GREY COUNTERPANE 0 5 0 WASHSTAND AND TABLE 0 10 0 Two Chairs 5s 6d, Glass 2s 6d 0 8 0 3 8 6 KITCHEN- DEAL TABLE with one FLAP .0 12 0 Four CHairs 12s, Clothes Horse 58 0 17 0 1 9 0 Four Sheep and Wool Door Mats 1 16 0 Total £ 63 16 3 OBSERVE THE ADDRESS, MESSRS. C. & W. TRAPNELL, CITY CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY MANU- FACTORY, 2, ST JAMES' BARTON BRISTOL. FOR SALE, Furnished or Unfurnished, a First Class FAMILY MANSION, replete with every convenience, in one of the best parts of CLIFTON I DOWN. For cards to view, &c., apply as above. [2002 SIN A D H Æ S I ON, S THE NEW PROCESS INDIA RUBBER WATERPROOF FABRICS. JAMES HEYES & CO. (late Beesley & Heyes) beg to call public attention to their newly-invented nroopea for WATERPROOFING with INDIA RUBBER THIS process entirely changes the nature of Caoutchouc ren- dering it no longer dissoluble in essential oils or naphtha, and entirely free from surface adhesion. J: H-& ^.°* H.A7E MUCH pleasure in publishing the fol- \6REBY Palely warrant all arti- climate Y THEM TO STAND the heat of any Testimonial from Captain Bcckett, steam-ship Sovereign. Messrs. JAMES HEYES & Co. Gentlemen-The Sinadhajsion Waterproof Coat and Leggings supplied to me last year have proved all I could wiie. The Coat furnished to me for Captain Organ, ship oquimbo, has also given him great satisfaction, for, after having sailed to the West Coast of South America and pack, I saw his coat in as perfect a state as when pur- chased. He speaks highly of it, saying he never before had anything equal to it. I can, therefore, strongly recommend your Waterproof Garments to all those fre- quenting hot climates. Steam-ship Sovereign. W. J. BECKETT. JAMES HEYES & CO., ) CORN-STBBET, BRISTOL; 83, BBEGGATE and COBURG-STREETS, LBEDS; And WALL-STBSET, NEW YOlK. [1226 I F fltfoftSi. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE Jor the County of Monmouth, will be held at the Town Hall m j X °i the 28th day of June, 18581 and that the Court will sit at half-past 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and immediately proceed to administer the oaths for ffilStra*eS °^6r Persons desirous of qualifying The Court will then proceed with all business relating to the assessment, application, and management of the County Stock or Rate, or any Fund or Funds used and applied in. aid thereof, and make orders for payments, and consider and direct the general business of the county. All bills and demands relating to the public expenditure o/ the county, must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Peace, fourteen days before the Sessions, and all JLppeals and Traverses must be entered with the Clerk of ic Feace, before twelve o'clock at noon on the second dan oj the sessions. 9 At half-past nine o'clock on Tuesday, the 29th dau of June, 1858, the Grand and Petty Juries will be called over and are to answer to their names, or in default, theu will be fined; and all persons bound by recognizances are to attend, as the Court will proceed to try appeals, indict- ments for felonies, and traverses, and transact the other business of the sessions. All convictions and recognizances, and all informations and depositions, must be delivered or transmitted to the Clerk of the Peace three clear days previous to the Sessions. All costs allowed by the County must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed. CHARLES PROTHERO, „ Clerk of the Peace. Newport, 1st June, 1858. [2263 N^TT^BIIEC0NSHIRE SESSIONS. ORICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next GENE- RAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the County of Brecon, will be held at the Shire Hall, in Brecon, in andfor the said county, on TUESDA Y, the Twenty-ninth day of June instant, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. At Twelve o'clock at Noon, the business relating to the Assessment, Application, or Management of the County Rate or Stock, will commence. The Court will also order and make a Police Rale under the provisions of the 19th and 20th Victoria c 69* and of the several Acts referred to therein. All Witnesses in any Appeal are to be ready in Oourt, to answer to their names, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, 0" the above-mentioned day, when all Appellants and Res- pondents must also attend. Grand and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, and Wit- nesses, must attend on Wednesday, the Thirtieth day of June instant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. Depositions must be forwarded to the Clerk of the Peace seven clear days before the Sessions, and in all cases arising subsequently, immediately upon being taken. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having claims upon the County, must attend, with their Account bgore the Visiting Magistrates to the Goal, at the Shire Hall, Brecon, on Tuesday, the 22nd day of June instant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several Accounts will be audited. And that all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County, must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not after- wards be allowed. And further, that all Appeals and Traverses for Trial must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sit- ting of the Court, at Eleven o'clock on Tuesday. EDWARD WILLIAMS, ■tf Clerk of the Peace. Brecon, 1 st June, 1858. [2264 ULAlJlORGANSHIRE EDUCATION BOARD, and SOCIEIY DIOCESAN CHURCH BUILDING THE Committees will meet at the NATIONAL SCHOOLROOM, NEWPORT, on TUESDAY, the 8th of J une, at One o clock. W. BRUCE St. Nicholas Rectory, May 27, 1858. NEW NOVEL, TO BE HAD AT ALL LIBRARIES. THE KNAVE OF HEARTS." A Novel in 3 Vols. By Mrs. FREDERICK HALL, Author of The Next of Kin." T. C. NEWBY, Publisher, 30, Welbeck-street, Caven- dish-square, London. [2253 NOTICE. T PENNOYRE, BRECONSHIRE. HE SALE of FURNITURE and Effects, advertised for the 7th of June next and following days, WILL NOT TAKE PLACE as advertised. ■R -vr oi EVANS, Auctioneer* Brecon, May 31st, 1858. MANOR OF WENTSLAND AND BRYNGWIN IN THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. 1Y0TICE IS HEREBY GIVENT, that a mnPT6EMwL, C0F?T BA-KQN, or GREAT t-UULI, of the Lady and Lords of the said Manor, will be holden on WEDNESDAY, the 23rd day of June instant at Eleven o clock in the Forenoon, at the Dwelling-house of JOHN JONES, Innbolder, called the CROWN HOTEL, in the Town of PONTYPOOL, within the Manor and County aforesaid, when and where the Customary Tenants of the said Manor, and all Persons owins suit and service to the said Lady and Lords, are required to iittend. CHARLES J. PARKES, Deputy Steward of the said Manor. VY entsland, near Pontypool, June 4th, 1858. SOVEREIGN LIFE OFFICE. 48, St. James's-street, London, S.W. Founded 1845. TBUSTEES. The Earl Talbot. B. Bond Cabbell, Esq., M.P. f,r. Bart. | Henry Pownall, Esq. P., ce possesses a large paid-up and invested Ca- e claims by death scarcely exceed one-fifth of the Premiums received. By the recent Bonus, four-fifths of the Premiums paid were in many instances returned to the Policy-holders. Thus-of jE153 paid on a policy for £1000 (effected in 1846), jE123 was added to the amount assured in J853. A Bonus declared every third year. FOURTEEN PENCE saved Weekly, and paid to the Office Quarterly, or Half-yearly, will secure to a person. 25 years of age the sum ofjBlOO on his attaining the ago of 55, OR AT DEATH, should that event occur previously. No Charges are made except the Premiums Rates are calculated for all ages, climates, and circum- stances connected with Life Assurance. Prospectuses, Forms, and every information can be ob- Wfiof cei 48, St. James's-street, London, S.W. 2262J H. D. DAVENPORT, Secretary. USK PRISON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the -1 1 Visiting Justices are ready to receive TENDERS for supplying the Prison with the undermentioned Articles for the ensuing Quarter, viz :— Good Household Bread, at per cwt., made in loaves, to weigh (separately) 6oz. and 8oz., and at the time of delivery to be baked not less than 48 hours. Good Beef, at per cwt, consisting of Beds and Shifts, (without bone ) Oatmeal, per cwt. Potatoes, at per sack of 2| cwt Indian Coin Meal, per Best Yellow Soap, per cwt. cwt. Candles, per dozen lbs. Salt, per cwt. Red Ash Coal, per ton Sealed Tenders, directed to the Visiting Justices, sent to the Prison, on or before SATUKDAY, the 12th day of June, or they will not be received. Samples of such articles as admit of them, must be sent, at the time of sending in the Tenders. All Articles to be delivered at the Prison, flee of expense, in such quantities and at such times as the. Governor may require. Security will be required for the due performance of tha Contracts, and the Visiting Justices do cot pledge them, selves to accept the lowest Tender. Names of Sureties to be mentioned in the Tender. All demands relating to the expenditure of this Prison must be sent to the Governor, on or before THURSDAY. the IGth of June, in order that they may be examined and paid at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, IBM WORTH, Governor. JUUQ IPQ9«