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TUESDAY'S MARKET.—The stock was more numeroaa I ABERGAVENNY. than for many weeks past, but on account of Monmouth fair falling on the same day, there were but few purchasers present Fat beasts from 5;d. to 6J. per lb.; sheep in their wool, 7jd., and shorn, 6id. per lb. The quotation of wheat this week is 55s 5 £ d. the imperial quarter. 0 POLICE COURT.- WEDNESDA Y. [Before the Hon; W. P. RODNEY, and the Rev. J. PARQUHAR.] CHARGE OF ILLEGAL FISHING Charles Thomas, a young man, resident in this town, was charged with the above offence, by a man of the name of James Black. The offence was said to have been committed on the 5th and 6th inst., at one o'clock in the morning, on the property of Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert, in the parish of Llancillo. The complainant having stated his case; the defendant said, that he was authorised by Mr. Cornelius Lloyd, solicitor, to go there and take some fish, if he could, for him. Mr. J. G. Price, solicitor, who attended in support of the prosecution, denied this statement, remarking that he had seen Mr. Lloyd that morning, who denied all knowledge of the transaction. He (Mr. Price) did not wish to press the present charge, but he wished persons to under- stand that they should not trespass on other people's land, which of late had become very prevalent. The magistrates, after a little consideration, fined the defendant in the mitigated penalty of 10s. and costs, amounting in the whole to £ 1 16s., and in default, in the first case, 14 d&yW, and in the second, two days' imprisonment. Allowed six weeks to pay, by two instalments, the one in a fortnight, and the other in a month afterwards. MAGISTRATES' CLERK'S OFFICE. [Before the Rev. G. GABB, and W. WILLIAMS, Esq.] William Pritchard, labourer, who was ordered some months ago to pay 2s. 6d. per week towards the mainte. nance of the illegitimate child of Margaret Jones, and who had absconded, was again brought up after 15 weeks' absence, and informed that unless he paid for the 15 weeks and expenses, he should go to prison for three months. The amount was paid. THE NEW CATHOLIC CHURCH. [TO THE EDITOR OF THE MERLIN AND SILIURrAN-1 SIR,-In your report of the laying of the fiist stone of this building, an error of two letters only in the type, completely deranged the meaning of one passage. You would oblige the committee by correcting it in your next number. Mr. Baker Gabb is represented as giving an ancient Hall for the benefit of the Church: it should have been an ancient Bell. The greatest benefactors to the new church are Mrs. Andrus, the widow of Mr. Simon Andrus, and Mr. William Jones, (now residing at Pyle), both natives of this tonn. Mr. Jones contributes the money for building the chancel or sanctuary, which will be costly, as an appropriate offering to the Almighty, and a perpetual memorial of his generosity and Christian zeal I am, Sir, your obedient servant, ONE OF THE COMMITTEE. Abergavenny, May 26th, 1858.



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