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Holloway's Pills a salutary remedy for indigestion and Liver Complaints.-Edward Smith, of Newport, Moamouih, was ^af- flicted for fifteen years with indigestion and liver oomplaints. His symptoms were of the severest kind, pain in t ic stomach after eating, eruotations of the wind, pain in the back and right shoulder, weakness, langour, and extreme yello vness of the skia and eyes-physicians only affording temporary relief, when he was induced to obtain this wonderful remedy, and in a short time all painful symptoms disappeared, and he was restored to perfect health. A few more extraordinarj' cures without medicine of indiges- tion, (dyspepsia) flatulency, constipation, nervous, bilious and liver complaints, cough, asthma, consumption and debility, ef- fected by Du Barry's delicious health-restoring Revalenta Arabics Food, are here given Cure J2,422. Bridgehouse, 1 rimley, 3rd April, 5854.-33 years diseased lungs, spitting of blood, liver de- rangement, singing in the ears, constipation, debility, shortness of breath and cough, have been removed by your Revalenta Arabica. My lungs, liver, stomach, head and ears are all rigbt. my hearing perfect, and my rec Ivery is a marvel to all my ac- quaintances, James Roberts, woo l merchant. From the Veu. Archdeacon of Ross.—No. 32,3.-Three yeais excessive ner- vousnes, with pains in my neck and left arm aJld geteral debility, which rendered my life very miserable, has been radically removed by Del Barry's delicious health restoring ltevalenta Ara- bica Food. Alexander Stuart, Archdeacon of Itt ss, Skibereen. Supported by testimonials from the celebrated Piofessors of Che- mistry, Dr. Andrew Ure, Dr. Sliorland, Dr. Harvey, Dr. Camp- bell, Dr. Gattikel, Dr. Wurzer, Dr. Ingram Luid Stuart de Decies Major Gen. Thomas King and many other respectable persons,whose heal th have been restored by it after all other means of cure had failed-^ Suitably packed willi full iutructiuus. In. canisters, lib. 2s. 9d.; 21b. 4s. 6d. 51b I Is. 12ib. 2. The 121b. canisters are sent carriage free, on receipt c f post office order. Barry du Barry, and Co 77, Regent street, London, and through all chemists and grocers in town and country. Im- portant Caution against the tearful dangers of spurious imitations The Vice-Chancellor Sir William Page Wood griiited aniraluse- tion on the 10th March, 1854, against Alfred Hooper Netili, for imitating Du Barry's Revalenta Arabica Food. I