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tt(\rtt)$t., &t. PH-iiSfS'S 3 "With tho ir,,TV—0. wRy00 0 ments; Strong ■■ Fire!>rC;.f Safes, with Cunpowder-proot Locks; Cash and B0109; Street Door Li-tclies, with small an;l neat "-»vs. Compile lists of sizes and prices sent on application. CHU3B & SON, 67, St. Paul's Churchyard, London 23, Lord* •treet, Liverpool; and 16, Market-street, Manchester .II PUOLEY anù SO.N Agents, O, Commercial iltreet Muninouthshire. JAY'S LONDON GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE TS^ x r and 251> REGENT STREET. t(?<q ^'le Queen—exclusively for Mourning. Orders executed.—Patterns post free. JAY'S R r ORLANDO JONES ANDOoTs Original 0 Talent RICE STARCH REQUIRES NO BOILING, Is celebrated for producing a BEAUTIFUL GLAZE, and retaining its stiffness in the dampest weather, CAUTION.—Every packet has a label with the name inserted UNDEB the Royal Arms. FURNISH YOUR HOUSE WITH THE BEST ARTICLES AT OZA DEANE'S Ironmongery^ Furnishing1 WAREHOUSES. 0 A Priced Furnishing List sent Post-free. DEANE I, CO., LONDON BRIDGE. Established A D. 1700. DEA™™S'R™E ARTIFICIAL TYM- Varies"GbSe 20 of Deafness. sold by ifth ♦ £ 7• KinS^V llhara-street, Strand, Lon- F*n' ^ilvpr+«k! J10a ° the invent°r, James Yearsley, «*-i?h rl V f & a moa,;h's supply of prepared cottons, with directions for uSG) price by post, 32 stamps. KEATING'S COUCH LOZENGES. J\ COLD is the originator of diseases peculiar to this climate, and the foundation of Pulmonary Disorders. ^The most agreeable remedy is KEATING'S COUGH ^.OZi.NOES, which taken on the first symptoms, alleviates and "?th".?'e respiratory organs, and avoids recourse to powerful In Boxes, It. ltd.; and Tins, 2s. 9d., of THOMAS KEATING, 79, St. raul's Churchyard, London. Itetailby all Druggists. SUDBURY HOUSE, HAMMERSMITH s London. Ladies School Terms moderate, and Strictly in leive. Experienced Masters, — House and Grounds sp *DLOU.S. No day pupils, -Address, MRS. JOHN BROWS, J MISS MARY E. SHEARSMITH. THE IUPROVED PATENT HARMONIUM, BY ALEXANDRE & CO., PARIS. FROM SIX GUINEAS TO SIXTY CUINEAS. Full descriptive Lists of PIANO FORTES AND HARMONIUMS on application to CSAPPBLIi .sr. COJVniY., 49 & 50, New Bond Street, London, w. BANK OF DEPOSIT, ESTABLISHED A.D. 1844. 3, PALL MALL EAST, LONDON. Parties desirous of INVESTING MONEY are requested to ex. Kimne the Plan of BANK OF DEPOSIT, by which a high rate of interest maybe obtained with perfect security. The Interest is payable in January and July, either at the Head Office in London, or at the various Branches throughout tho country. PETER MORRISON, Managing Director. rorms for opening Acooants sent free on sppllcatiom. GENTLEMEN RESIDING IN THE COUNTRY, ■* J'ND1DEi, £ RTi* themselves of the Newest London Fashions, can B pufecll; fitted WITHOUT PERSONAL ATTENDANCE, by usine tha fci.ES FOR SKI.F-MKASTTRE.MBNT, which wiU be sent polt-frec, ■th pattern* of aU varfeties of tho newest materials. fThe SYDENHAM TROUSERS, of pure Woollen Materials, 17s. 6c! JTho SYDENHAM TOP-COAT, of the best Waterproof Beaver Cloth, SIS. ( 1UEL BUOTHEKS, Merchant Tailors, 29, Ludgate Hill, London. f — — -lJ> i J SCHWEPPE'S WALVERN SELTZER WATER. manufacture an Artificial Water, which shall be a successful Ration of the natural Spring, a perfect solution of the Chemical (redients 13 essential, and this can alone be effected by the aid of (lit, WATER. J. sCHWEPPfi and Co., have therefore estab- ked a Manufactory for iPT FIGiAL SELTZER WATER AT MALVERN. r' h.ive leMed the Spring of the Mj Well, to irn and purity. From the remarkable efficiency Of this a. a solvent of the CHLORIDES and CARBONATES which kV ti in ^redieiits of the natural Spring at Nassau. I H'A'EPPE and Co. can produce a SELTZER WATER z all those CHEMICAL and MEDICINAL properties tr lve rendered the original Spring so celebrated. It is r. as an /Urated Water, and may be recommended to the J' Generally, »s a most refre8hing and delightful beverage. SCHWEPPB as 00. kufacturers of SODA, MAGNESIA, and POTASS WATERS, r) and LEMONADE. A J.0SD0N, LIVERPOOL, BRISTOL AND DEBY. ity Bottle is protected by a Label representing their signature. PURVEYORS TO THE QUEEN.-CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S pure and wholesome Sauces, pkles. and Condiments may be had of all Grocers, and than kvareliousemell. Wholesale at 21, SolIo Square, London B. are agents for Mons. Soyer's Sauces. Relish and 5emat;c Mustard. OWS SUPERIOR PERFUMERY, Soaps, i and Brushes, may be obtained of all the principal liners ancl Chemists in the Kingdom, and wholesale o t and Bexbow. Perfumers, 330, Strand, London- INCOME "WITHOUT RISK JJRINGthe last 30 years hundreds have derived large incomes by the SALE of the P IA TEA COMPANY'S TEAS, ,vUich in convenient quantities, 110m one ounce to one ø, at prices suitable for all consumers. Lists fur- on application, either personally or by letter to the by's WAREHOUSES, 9, Great St. Helen's, London. v ORTANT TO EVERY MAN WHO KEEPS A .,c; c. '¡' Hn'LEY'S FOOD for CATTLE, a. used in Her Majesty'* stable; on His Royal Highness the Prince Consort's farm, Wiudsor. Sold containing 448 feed, (with measures enclosed) pr.ee 6O3. per cask; ^ai J to ^an-v"'1'*af-sti'.tlon ln ">» united kin-dom. First nrize at Binglcy :rn;,n?ham, class 10, tlie property of tlie Earl of Avle.sfoid, wasted with to 'd also 1 J-fond P™«. the property of His Bovai 11 ithness tiio Prince r,ort. A pamphlet, contaiimiy testimonials from Mr. Brebn. r, steward to Itoyal Highn^s the Pri.ee 11,. j.mc8 KitUer farm mannecrto » firace the Duchess ot Atlioil; .Vr Uavid Cunvn-hamc H irt «ir"lnlin fcc.i-t, Bart.; Sir John B"t.; and some of the leading agriculturists V.- dar may be had, post-lice, on application to the inventor, and sole ipne'r- Joseph ^horUy, N ewpte-streot, London. Post-office orders to J p ./able at the General Post-office. ECONOMICAL WONDERS of the DAY.—HANDEL'S I iltSSIAH, cornjiljte. Is. 4d. Haydn's Seasons and the Crcaton, 2s. each. *ii:tin's Modern Initructior.s for the Pianoforte, H:ird edition, 4s; diitofor *>s Hamilton's Dictionary of'>,Musical Teims, 53rd edition, Is.; 'Tua.k,*s Catechism of the Kiuliments of Music, 49:h cdiUon, is—London« pElir COCKS and CO., New Burlin^ton-strect, \v. ^ANOFORTES, from 16 guineas each ^VitVr««8Ve7.'8 latent), full compass, in mahogany wveiuenrs- combining all the most recent Innnshin Xarfauted of the very best materials and k' -ifacturer f-RIESTLEY, inventor, patentee, and ^ot^^er^Berners-street, OxfoAl-street, W. IELECJANCE, COMF \NM CANKOBERTR16lS Ec°^- K adapted for the present « Wlth sleevesJ i ;c ventilation. One G eason-repellint of rtin, 0., i.alox-3, &c.,94, liegent-strBot ^Iessrs. POULSON V-TSITING, & BUSINES NAME-PLATE Engraved and 50 "best i Cards Printed for 2s. sent post-free. Specimens on application to ARTHUR GRANGER, Cheap &0-. 308, High Holborn, London. <Yv have liad awarded to them a i>.<ition8jlSTfSi!!er Mec1al at the Pari3 JJniversal 1.-G ^:d C'X„'r the,r IMPROVED PATENT SAUSAOE- lies, hotel KAL ^INCIng MACHIXE, f°1' Pi'ivate js- Also a. ;per?! &c- Price £ 1 10s-, to £ 2 2s., and »1 digestion, 10s^'?r mincer for the dinner table, to 01 teeth, &c. P4 ice 30s. Testimonials 7J, W ARDOOR.t,~ IIEET, SoIlol LONDON. AD!E3 n,n>. haye forwarde(1 jf1' LONDON. IS. 6D0:P7RN^RK 0R<,BROi,ZE-7BE« BEST FrC.NCH Morocco id 8 extra for POUAGRAND THE^L^THE FOOT ON PAPERTMACK' r á\d(trtt'tt'. NOTICE TO FAMILIES FURNISHING. LAVERTON & CO. invite Purchasers to an Inspection of their Warerooms, which have been considerably ENLARGED, and contain every requisite for Furnishing in tlie most MODERN and ELEGANT gtyle- Manufactured of the best Seasoned Materials. The Stock is the most Extensive West of London, and the following Estimates will be found to contain every requisite for the Complete Famishing the COTTAGE, VILLA, or MANSION. LAVERTON & CO.'S FURNISHING ESTIMATE-No. 1. FOR FURNISHING A FOUR-ROOMED HOUSE Comfortably; Kitchen, Parlour, and Two Bedrooms. A Single RoolD or a Single Article at the following prices. KITCHEN. £ s. d. £ s. d. Clothes Horse 0 5 6 Stout Table, with drawer 0 12 6 Three strong Chairs 0 7 6 1 5 fi PARLOUE. Cocoa Door Mat. 0 3 0 Kidderminster Carpet, 4 yards by 3 (if more or less 2s, per yard) 1 4 0 Hearth Rug to match 0 7 6 Solid Mahogany Table, 3ft. 6in. 1 5 0 Six imitation Mahogany Chairs, cane seats 10 0 Chimney Glass ~L 5 0 5 i 6 tt,II • ™ BEST BEDROOM. all size Elliptic Bedstead, American birch foot pillars 15 0 Dimity Furniture, complete 1 5 0 Mattrass 0 14 0 Good Millpuff Bed, Bolster, & Pillows 115 0 One Pair of Sheets 0 6 0 Three Blankets 1 1 0 White Counterpane 0 7 6 Painted Washstand and Table 0 14 6 Full size Chest of Drawers 112 0 Two Chairs 0 4 6 Dressing Glass, good size 0 10 0 Towel Horse, painted 0 2 6 Bedside Carpet, seven yards 0 8 0 10 5 0 DOUBLE BEDROOM. Two Bedsteads 0 18 0 Two Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows 1 16 0 Two pair of Sheets 0 7 0 Six Blankets 1 7 0 Two coloured Counterpanes 0 7 0 Two painted Washstands 0 10 0 Two Dressing Glasses 0 5 0 Four Chairs, painted 0 9 0 5 19 0 Total zC22 14 0 LAVERTON & CO '3 FURNISHING RSTIMATE-No. 2. FOR FURNISHING A SIX-ROOMED HOUSE in a_Neat and Respectable Style Kitchen, Hall, Parlour, Stairs, Best Parlour, Best and Spare Bed- room, and Servant's Bedroom. KITCHEN. £ a. d. £ a. d. Large size Clothes Horse 0 7 6 One flap strong Table. 0 12 6 Four Chairs, at 3a 0 12 0 1 12 0 HALL. Say six yards of Floor Cloth, at 2s.6d. 015 0 Cocoa Door Mat 0 3 6 0 18 6 PARLOUR. Super Kidderminster Carpet, say a yards by 4 yards (if more or less, 2s. 6d. per yard 2 10 0 Hearth Rug to match 0 11 0 Chimney Glass, best British plate, gilt frame 2 10 0 Solid Mahogany Table, to dine eight 2 10 0 Oil Cover for ditto 0 5 0 Six and two arms Mahogany Chairs, stuffed all hotsehair, best hair seated covers 6 10 6 14 16 6 STAIRS. Say sixteen yards of Carpet 10 0 Twenty-four Stair Rods and Eyes 0 10 0 1 10 0 BEST PARLOUR. ouper Kilmarnock Carpet, Brussels pattern, say 5 yards by 4 yards (if B«SB«RFCM.HJYARD I ° J plate JJ 0 osewood Loo Table 3 .5 0 Imitation Rosewood Court,, in damask 210 0 Ditto, six Chairs, with sweep back, in damask to match 3 10 0 16 9 0 BEST BEDROOM. Full size r ourpost Bedstead 2 5 0 Dimity Furniture for ditto 2 2 0 Mattrass l 5 0 Feather Bed, Bolster, and Pillows 4 15 0 Pair Sheets 7s 6d Three Blanketa2l3 111 6 White Counterpane 0 10 0 Painted Washstan,l and T ab'e 0 15 6 Swing Dressing Glass 0 10 6 Towel Horse 33. Three Chairs 7s 6d 0 10 6 Full size Chest of Drawers 112 0 Bed round Carpet 0 13 6 16 10 6 SPARE BEDROOM. Full size Elliptic Bedstead, French polished 1 5 0 Dimity Furniture, complete 1 5 O Mattrass 0 18 0 Millpuff Bed ¡,.d Bolster ] 15 0 Two Feather Pillows O 13 O Pair of Sheets 0 7 6 Three Blankets 1 1 0 White Counterpane 0 10 6 Painted Washstand and Table 0 15 6 Chest of Drawers 1 6 0 Swing Dressing Glass 0 10 0 Three Chairs 7s 6J. Towel Horse 3s. 010 6 Bed round Carpet 0 7 6 11 4 6 SERVANTS' BEDROOM. Full sized double Bedstead 0 10 6 Millpuff Bed, Bolster and Pillows 1 0 0 Pair Sheets 53. Three Blankets 18s. 13 0 Coloured Counterpane 0 5 0 Washstand 0 5 6 Chest of Draweis 1 5 0 Two Chairs 5s. Glass 2s 6d 0 7 6 4 16 6 Total zC67 17 6 LAVERTON & CO.'S ESTIMATE No* 3 FOR FURNISHING AN EIGHT-ROOMED HOUSE, WITH SUPERIOR WELL-MADE & GOOD MODERN FURNITURE. KITCHEN, HALL, DINING-ROOM, BREAKFAST- ROOM, STAIRS, DRAWING-ROOM, BEST BED-ROOM, SPARE BED-ROOM, AND TWO SERVANTS' BEDROOMS. KITCHEN. £ s. d. £ s. d. Deal Table, 8s. 6d., large one-flap do. 12s. 6d 1 1 0 Four strong Chairs, at 3s. 6d 0 14 0 Large Clothes Horse, 7s 6d, Bmall do.,5s 0 12 6 Knife Box 0 5 0 2 12 6 HALL. Say 7 yards 4-4 Oil Cloth, at 2s. 9d. 0 19 3 Cocoa Door Mat and Stair-foot ditto 0 8 6 Umbrella Stand and Hat Rail 1 5 0 2 12 9 DINING-ROOM. One set of Damask or Moreen Window Curtains, 3 yards long, fringed dra- 6efeetP°lislled mah0«any or S'lt pole, f I Mahogany Sliding Table, with extra leaf, to dine eiglit 4 15 0 Six solid Mahogany Hair-seated Chairs, stuffed with horse-hair. 410 0 Mahogany Sofa, hair-seated 550 Mahogany Pedestal Sideboard, 5ft. 6in' 5 10 0 33 18 O BREAKFAST-ROOM. u Super Kidderminster Carpet, say 5 yds by 4 2 10 0 Hearth Rng to match 0 14 0 Mahogany Pembroke Table, 3ft. 6in. square 15 0 Six imitation Mahogany Chairs, cane- seated. 1 4 0 5 13 0 Seated STAIRS. 1 4 ° 5 13 ° Strong Dutch Carpet, say 20 yards, at Is. 4d 1 fi 8 Thirty-six Stair-rods and Eyes "nu n o 1 q « fi K ^kWNG-ROOM.015 0 1 8 Superfine Brussels Carpet, including making, 18ft. by 15Aft., 42 yards 7 7 0 Hearth Rug to match 1 1 0 Two sets rich Damask Curtains, 3 yds. long, Window Drapery, and two 6ft. gilt poles •• 7 0 0 Rosewood Chiffonniere, plate-glass back, and marble top 5 15 0 Chimney Glass, in gilt frame, best British plate, 40in. by 30m 4 15 0 Rosewood Loo Table ••• .••• 10 0 Rosewood Couch, in damask, as curtains 5 15 0 Six solid Rosewood Chairs, ditto 6 0 0 42 3 0 BEST BEDROOM. Mahogany four-post Bedstead, with cor- nice, poles, rings, &c. „ .•• 4 10 O Moreen or Damask Furniture, with fringe drapery, complete ••• 1 „ Mattress 1 5 0 Good Feather Bed, Bolster, and Pillows 5 15 0 One luir 1> ■ cil. J A 1 Q n EIGHT ROOMED HOUSE CONTINUED. Three Blankets, 27s., White Counter- pane, 14s 2 O n Mahogany Washstand and Table ••• 3 3 0 Dressing Glass, large size 0 16 0 Mahogany Towel-Horse. 0 4 6 Three imitation Mahogany Chairs, cane seats •• ••• » v 0 Mahogany Chest of Drawers, French polished 2 15 0 Bedround Carpet, yard wide 0 18 0 Mahogany Night Commode 0 14 6 28 4 0 D SECOND BEDROOM. Japanned full-size Half-tester Bedstead 2 2 0 Good Dimity Furniture, with fringe drapery 17 6 Mattress 1 1 0 Good Milpuff Bed and Bolster, Feather Pillows 212 0 One pair Russia Sheets 0 12 0 Three Blankets, 24s., White Counter- pane, 10s. 6d 1 14 6 Painted Washstand and Table ,0 15 6 Chest of Drawers, large size 1 12 0 Three Chairs, 7s. 6d., Dressing Glass, 10s. 6d 0 18 0 Towel-Horse, 3s., Bedside Carpet, 8 yards, 16s 0 19 0 13 13 6 TWO SERVANTS' BEDROOMS. Two full-size double Bedsteads. 1 10 0 Two Milpuff Beds, Bolsters, & Pillows 2 0 0 Two pair of Sheets .010 0 Six Blankets 1 16 0 Two Coloured Counterpanes. 0 10 0 Two Washstands 012 0 Two Chests of Drawers 2 14 0 Two Chairs. 0 10 0 Two Glasses 0 5 0 9 13 0 2138 16 11 A SINGLE ROOM OR A SINGLE ARTICLE. AT THE QUOTED PRICES. # LAVERTON & CO.'S FURNISHING ESTIMATE—No. 4. FOR FURNISHING A TEN-ROOMED JD HOUSE Superbly, with good, substantial, and most modern style of Furniture: Kitchen, Hall, Dining- room, Breakfast-room or Library, Stairs, Drawing-room, Four Best Bedrooms, Two Servants' Bedrooms, &c. KITCHEN. £ s. d. £ s. d. Large Clothes Horse, three leaf 0 10 6 Small ditto, two leaf, 5s 6d. Four Chairs 148 0 19 6 One Deal Table 12s; Knife Box 58 6d 0 17 6 Large Centre Dishing Table 1 103 8 6 HALL. Say twelve Yards Floor Cloth 1 13 0 Two Mahogany Chairs, French po- lished 1 7 0 Mahogany Hat & Umbrella Stand, do. 115 G 4 15 0 DINING ROOM. 18 ft by 15A ft-42 yards superior 3 thread Brussels Carpet, including making 9 9 0 Handsome Rug to match 1 10 0 Two sets rich crimson DamaskWindow Curtain, with Drapery, &c., complete 710 0 Two 6 ft Brass or Mahogany Window Poles, rings, ornaments, &c., com- plete 2 10 0 Spanish Mahogany Telescope Dining Table, to dine twelve, with two shifting leaves 8 8 0 Eight Spanish Mahogany Chairs, co- vered in morocco leather, French polished 11 4 0 Spanish Mahogany Easy Chair, mo- rocco leather to match,spring stuffed, best hair 4 15 0 Handsome Spanish Mahogany Side- board, 6 J ft wide, with cellarett, &C., complete 12 JQ 0 Spanish Mahogany Dessert Wagon 2 10 O fiO R ft BREAKFAST ROOM OR LIBRARY 60 6 0 Dutch Carpet, made complete, LO ft FCY 12 2 15 0 Heart Rug to match 015 6 Spanish Mahogany Table 3 15 0 Six Spanish Mahogany Chairs, in hair seating 6 12 6 Easy Chair, in leather 215 0 Spanish Mahogany Cheffioneer 310 0 One set Crimson Damask Window Curtains 3 yards long, fringed Dra- 2 pery, 6 ft Mahogany Window Pole, complete 4 15 0 24 17 6 STAIRS. Thirty yards superior Carpet 3 7 6 Four dozen Rods and Eyes X 4 0 Wool Rug, for stair foot 0 8 6 5 0 0 DRAWING ROOM. 18 ft. by 16ft.-42 yards superior three thread Tapestry Carpet, including making. 9 9 0 Handsome Hearth Rug to match 1 10 0 Two Bets rich Damask Window Cur- tains, Lace and deep Fringe Drapery, complete 7 lo 0 Two Gilt Window Cornices, for ditto, 7ft. each 3 3 0 Handsome Gilt Chimney Glass, best British plate; size of plate, 54 in. by 44 in 9 10 0 Handsome Rosewood Loo Table 6 10 0 Ditto ditto Occasional Table to match 4 10 0 Elegant Rosewood Lounge, in damask 8 8 0 Six solid Rcsewood Chairs, in damask to correspond 8 2 0 Solid Rosewood Easy Chair, in damask 4 10 0 Handsome Rosewood Cheffonier, plate glass back, and marble top 12 10 0 Two Fancy Occasional Chairs 0 15 0 76 12 0 BEST BED ROOM. Twenty yards superior Kidderminster Carpet 3 5 0 Mahogany Fourpost Bedstead, double screw, with cornice, pole and rings 5 10 0 Damask or Moreen Furniture, made full, handsomely trimmod, complete 5 10 0 Palliass, 18s.; Mattrass, 25s 2 3 0 Best linen tick bordered Feather Bed and Bolster, and two Down Pillows 7 10 0 Pair Superior Russian Sheets, 31 yards by 2i. 15 0 Three best Witney Blankets 110 0 Handsome Marseilles Quilt 1 1 0 3ft. 6in. Mahogany Washstand, marble TOP 3 10 0 Toilet Table, with muslin cover, &c 0 18 0 Handsome Swing Dressing Glass 1 5 0 Mahogany Towel Horse 0 4 6 Four Cane seat Chairs 0 14 0 Spanish Mahogany Wardrobe, sliding trays, and drawers under, hanging wing at each end 15 10 0 Three tier Bodsteps, with Commode. 1 10 0 51 5 6 „ SECOND BED ROOM. Mahogany F ourpost Bedstead, cornice, poles, and ring 4 10 0 Damask or Moreen Furniture, fringed drapery, &c., complete 4 15 0 Mattrass. 15 0 Good bordered Feather Bed, Bolster, and Pillows 6 6 0 Pair of Russia Sheets 0 18 0 Three Blankets 24s. Marseilles Quilt 6J 1 16 6 Mahogany Washstand, marble top 3 10 0 Toilet Table, with muslin cover, com- plete 0 16 0 Dressing glass 15s 6d. Towel horse 4s 6d 10 0 Three Cane-seat Chairs 0 10 6 Mahogany Chest of Drawers 2 15 0 Bedround Carpet, yard wide 0 18 6 Mahogany Bedstep Commode 0 16 6 29 17 0 THIRD BEDROOM. Japanned full size Half-tester Bedstead 2 2 0 Dimity Furniture, complete 1 7 6 Mattrass 110 Good Millpuff Bed, Bolster, and two Feather Pillows 2 12 6 Pair of Russia Sheets 0 12 0 Three Blankets 24s. White Counter- pane 10s 6d 1 14 6 Japanned Washstand and Toilet Table 0 15 6 Full sized Japanned Chest of Drawers 1 12 0 Three Japanned Chairs 0 7 6 Japanned Commode, complete 0 9 0 Ditto, Towel Horse 3s. Toilet Glass 10s 6d 0 13 6 Bedround Carpet, 8 yards 4-4. 0 16 0 14 3 0 FOURTH BED ROOM. As Third Bedroom 14 3 0 SERVANTS' ROOM. Two Servants' Room, with double bedding,same as Eight-roomed House 9 13 0 'I'nl .£''>1104 A A WMV -LfcUSSict OlieetS v L- V J. V vc*l J.il"'Z V V LA VERTON & CO.'S NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE AND PRICE LIST, Witli Two Hundred Engravings of all Requisite Articles for completely Furnishing the Cottage or Mansion, SENT FREE BY POST, LAVERTON & CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS AND CABINET MAKERS, MARYPORT-STREET, BRISTOL. [1372 DPBELFIEL s e I THE BRISTOL AND WEST OF ENGLAND CRICKETING AND ARCHERY DEPOT. Duke's, Cobbett's, Calde- court's, Howard's, Dark's, Thompson's, Page's, Clap- shaw's, &c., Cricket Bats, Balls, Wickets, Gloves,Belts, Leg Guards, &c. Youths' Cricket Bats, from 9d.; Balls from 4d.; Wickets from lS. Jjows, Arrows, Targets, Finger Tips, Arm Guards, &c. Youths' Bows from Zd -I Arrows from 1ft. Caxcp stools in great variety. Qgr PERAMBULATOR CARRIAGE BUILDRit Prices from 13s. 6d Work Boxes,Deska, Dressing Cases, Tea Caddies, Carpet Bags. D. P. BELFIELD, 62, Wine-street, Bristol. 2228 tti,(dtnntt\tt. U T 188*5 ARF- u Ijggll LY P. 19 LA 1972 THE C E R E V I S I A ANGLICANA JL OR ENGLISH HERB DIET DRINK; Discovered and most beneficially prescribed in an ex- tensive practice for 50 years, by JOSHUA WEBSTER, M D., M.R.C.S., London. This celebrated Botanist, and Inventor of Dr. James's Powders, wasconsulted in the last illness of his Majesty George II., and died in his 95th year, A.D. 1801, re- taining the full use of his faculties to the last. The Medicine has proved eminently successful in cases of DYSPEPSIA, or 1NDIGES-! INCIPIENT CONSUMPTION TION INFLUENZA, ASTHMA, and SCROFULA, orSCURVY COLDS ERYSIPELAS and SKIN DIS- LIVER and BOWEL COM- EASES PLAINTS EASES PLAINTS RHEUMATIC AFFECTION'S ABSCESS and TUMOURS NERVOUS DEBILITY WHOOPING COUGH, &c. Highly approved by the well-known Abernethy, (who alludes to it in his Works), and other celebrated Medical Practitioners. The Proprietors of this truly valuable and Universal Medicine, after a fair ani impartial trial of its many virtues, and with the experience of more than a century, during which period its general curative properties have been well tested by a very large circle,not only of personal friends, but of a considerable portion of the general community, have therefore resolved upon offering to the public the great benefits to he derived from so important a discovery, being convinced that the slightest inquiry into the merits of the "CEREVISIA ANGLICANA," will at once convey to the minds of the unprejudiced, that they are anxious to make so Sterling a Remedy known, (to use the words of Dr. Webster,) to every part of the World," and to place it within the reach of the many. The following affidavit made by Dr. Webster, A.D. 1799, before the then Lord Mayor, unhesitatingly au- thenticates the truthfulness of the proprietors statement, independently of the many wonderful cases and un- equivocal testimonials (published by distinct permission) contained in a Pamphlet, and which will be forwarded, post free, upon application. AFFIDAVIT BY DR. JOSHUA WEBSTER. JOSHUA WEBSTER, M.D., and an old Member of the Corporation of Surgeons, maketh Oath, and saith, That the medicine bv him named CEREVISIA ANGLICANA, or ENGLISH HERB DIET-DRINK, is prepared from vegetables possessing the most salubrious qualities, and was discovered by him after a long and laborions investigation of the Medicinal Properties of Heibs and Plants and that the said CEREVISIA is the Greatest Corrector and Purifier of the Blood, consequently the best Preservative of Health; and approaches the nearest to Di-. Boerhaave's idea of AN UNIVERSAL REMEDY," of any hitherto made public, as this Deponent has had ample testimony of, during Fifty Years' extensive practice, in the course of which he successfully administered the said CEREVISIA to several Thousands. co That the said Medicine has proved singularly efficacious in the following Disorders (amongst many others, which are enu- merated in a Book, entitled A True and Brief Account 8f the Cerevisia, Sft., published and signed by him): in Asthmas, Consumptions, and their usual forerunners, Coughs and Colds Scurvy, and all Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood, &c., See. j and that it specifically counteracts the deleterious Effects of Mineral, Mercurial, and Metallic Poisons. "That the late Dr. B. Franklin, of America, when in London (many years ago), being afflicted with an obstinate Scorbutic Complaint, which had long resisted the most approved means of treatment, was cured in about two months, by the use of the DIET DRINK ONLY; which the Dr. afterwards tried in the Yellow Fever of America, and of the East and West Indies; and wrote an Account of its Success to his Friend, P. COLLISON, Esq., F.R.S., requesting that the same might be communicated to this Deponent, and expressing a hope it would be made public at some future period. And this Deponent ftirtliersaith,timt,verily believing a general use of the said CEREVJSf A will greatly lessen the melancholy list of Human Maladies; and considering that, at the age of ninety-three, his own exertions cannot benefit Man to the extent of his wishes; he has communicated his Recipe to Messrs. E. SLEE and Co., and instructed them in the true and peculiar pro- cess and mode oj preparation, believing that the said E. SLEEand Co. will assiduously endeavour to spread the knowledge of so valuable a remedy (for the benefit of their fellow Creatures) to every part of the World. "JOSHUA WEBSTER. Sworn at the Mansion House of the City of London, the 13th of Nov. 171)9, before me, 11. C. COMBE, Mayor. Witness, JAMES BENAMORE, M,D." Sold, Wholesale and Relail, by Edward lee & Co., Sole Proprietors, at the Depot, 46, Piccadilly, Corner of the Albany. In Bottles at 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 10s. And may be had through all Patent Medicine Vendors and respectable Chemists in Town and Country; or will be sent direct from the Depot, upon receipt of Money Order payable to EnwAuD SLEE and Co. \20i7 THE WONDER OF THE WORLD! HOLLOWAY'S FILLS. THIS great Household Medicine ranks among tlie leading necessaries of life, as it is well known to the world that it cures many complaints other remedies cannot reach this fact is as well established as that the Sun lights the World. DISORDER OF THELIVER AND STOMACH. Most persons will, at some period of their lives, suffer from in digestion, derangement of their li ver. stomach, or bowels, which, if not quickly removed, frequently settles into a dangerous illness. It is well known in India, and other tropical climates, that Hollow ay s Pills is the o:ily remedy that can be ielied upon in such cases. Almost every soldier ab oad carries a box of these pills in lus knapsack. In England most persons know that these Pihs will cure them whenever the liver, stomach, or bowels are out of order, and that they need no physifian. WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY. Such as may sufk-r from weakness or debility, or where there is a want of energy, s.ioukl at once have recourse to these Pills, as they immediately purify the blood, and act upon the main-spring of lif, giving strength and vigcur to the system. Young persons entering into womanhood, with a derangement of the functions and to mothers at the turn of lif-, these Pills will be most effica- ciDus in correcting the tide of life that may be on the turn. Young and elderly men suffer in a similar manner at the same periods, when there is always danger they should, therefore, undergo a course of this purifying medicine, which ensuies lasting health. DISORDERS OF CHILDREN. All young children should have administered to them, from time to time, a few doses of these Pills, which will purify their blood, and enable them to pass safely through the different dis- orders incidental to children, such as measles, hooping cough, cowpock, and other infantile diseases. These Fills are so harm- less in their nature as not to injure the most delicate constitution therefore are more peculiarly adapted as a corrective of the humours affecting children. DROPSY. Hundreds are cured yearly by the use of these Pills, conjointly with the Ointment, which should be rubbed verv bountifully into the parts alTected. DERANGEMENT OF THE KIDNEYS. If these Pills be used according to printed directions, and the Ointment rubbed over the legion of the kidneys, at least once a day, as alt is forced into meat, the Ointment would penetrate into the kidneys and correct any derangement of t: ese organs. Should he suffer from stone or gravel, then the Ointment ought to be rubbed into the neck of the bladder also, and a few days will convince the sufterer as to ilie astonishing effect of these two remedies. NERVOUS DISORDERS. Any derangement of these delicate organs affects disastrously both the bJdy and the miud. To the nervous invalid U dloway's Pills are an article of vital necessity. As they impart tone and vigour to the internal organs, and consequently to the nervous system, which pervades and connects them. Hence their mar- vellous cures ol hysteria, low spirits, spasms, tits, headaches, nervous tvvitchings,aud other kindred complaints, are all radically removed by the use of these invaluable Pills. .• COMPLAINTS OF FEMALES. The functiona. irregularities peculiar to the weaker 6ex, are invariably corrected without pain or inconvenience by the use of Hollowa, 's Pills. They are the safest and surest medicine for all the diseases incidental to females of all ages. BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. The quantity and quality of the bile are of vital importance to health. upon the liver, the gland which secretes this fluid, the Pills opera:esI)ecifically, infallibly rectifying its irregularities, and effectually curing Jaundice, Bilious Remittants, and all the varieties of disease generated by an unnatural condition of the orean. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world f< r the following Diseases Ague Consumption Head ache Sciofula, or King's Asthma # Debility Indigestion Evil. Bilious Complaints Dropsy InHammationSore Throats Blotches on the Dysentery Jaundice Tic Douloureux Skin Erysipelas Liver Com- Tumours Bowel Complaints Fevers of plaints Worms of alI kindr Colics all kinds Lumbago Weakness, fro n Constipation of the Fits Piles whatever cause Bowels Gout Rheumatism &c., &c. Sold at the establishments of Professor Holloway, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar) London; also by all respectable Druggists and Dealers in medicines throughout the Civilized World, at the following prices—Is l £ a., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d„ lis., 22s., and each box; There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B—Directions for the guidance of Patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. [2064 j t Ui"tdlltneou. PRICHARD'S DANDELION PILLS FOR INDIGESTION THOSE Persons who have not tested the JL effiacy of Prichard's Dandelion, Camomile, Rhubarb, and Ginger Pills, have neglected an essential incentive to health. IN addition to their peculiar restorative influence upon the deranged functions ef digestion, they greatly stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels and for all complaints arising from sluggish or irre {ular action of any of the above organs, stand unrivalled, being considered a boon to tlie public. In bottles, Is. lid., 2s. 9d., 4S. 6d., lis., and 21s. Prepared only by Mr. Prichard, apothecary, Gj, Charing Cross; and may be obtained of all medicine vendors. TO INVALIDS. PRICHARD'S AROMATIC STEEL PILLS. Are the only acknowledged specific for pain in the face and head nervous andgeneral debility. They give energy to the muscles and nerves,and strength to the stomach, speedily imparting vigour to all constitutions weakened from illness or shattered by the cares and anxieties of a city life. These pills are absorbed by the blood, and thus circulate through the whole system; so that no part of the body can escape their truly wonderful influence. In boxes, 2s. 6d., 4s. 6d., and lis. Prepared only by Mr. Prichard, 65, Charing Cross and may be obtained of all medicine vendors. Agents.-Newport: Phillips, chemist; Pontypool Wood, che- mist Pontypridd: Bassett, chemist; Tredegar: Crowe, chemist; Brynmawr: George and Son, chemists Usk Clark, bookseller- Ross Carry, Cox, and Roper; Abergavenny Watk ns, chemist; Cardiff: Kernick, chemist. [2171 TRULY EFFICACIOUS AND MILD. DR. SCOTT'S BILIOUS & LIVER PILLS prepared without any mercurial ingredient from the recipe of Dr. Scott, of Bromley, Kent. These Pills will be found invaluable to all who suffer from bilious and liver complaints, indigestion, wind, spasms, giddiness, dizziness of the eyes, and many other symptoms which none but a sufferer can describe. For habitual costiveness, and as a family aperient medicine, they are truly excellent; mild in their operation, and gratefll to the stomach, they create appetite, promote digestion, and strengthen the whole nervous system. Dr. JOHNSON'S opinion of Dr. SCOTT'S Bilious and Liver Pills. To-llr. JVm. Larahert, chemist, 20, Jennyn-street, Hat/market, London. Dear Sir,—You will no doubt be pleased to hear that in the cases in which I have recommeuded the use of Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills, they have been exceedingly successful. To those patients who have suffered from acidity of the stomach and indigestion, depression of spiiits, oppression after meals, and many other unpleasant symptoms, they have afforded speedy and permanent relief; and I feel assured that when taken in accordance to the directions, by those who are habitually sub- ject to attacks of indigestion, they will prove of great service. I shall be able shortly to give you the pirticulars of some cases in which I have recommended them, and am quite confident they will be found very beneficial. COPY OF A LETTER FROM MR. PERTWEE, CHEMIST, ROMFORD, ESSEX. June 5th, 1835.-To Mr. Lambert—Sir: A lady came to my shop this morning for a box of Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills. She informed me that she had been suffering for a con- siderable period with an affection of the liver, indigestion, loss of appetite, giddiness, and extreme nervous debility, for which she could get no relief, until she was induced to try the Pills, which she stated relieved her after two or three doses and per- severing with them, her health is now perfeetlv restored, and from that time she had never been without them, the lady is Mrs. Hoye, of Harnehurch, near Romford." SURPRISING CURE OF INDIGESTION. To Jlr. IVin Lambert, Chemist, 20, Jermyn street, Haymarket, ndon. SIR,—I have much pleasure in offering my testimony to the great efficacy of Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills. For the last three years I have been troubled with indigestion in its most obstinate form, attended with these symptoms shortly after taking a meal, viz :-Heartburn, aCid eruptations, nausea, a loathing at the sight of food and sensation of weight and pain at the pit of the stomach. The disease baffled the skill of several eminent medical men, both in England and on the Continent. I was at length induced to try Dr Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills, and can vouch from my own personal experience that they afforded greater benefit and moie speedily than any other medi- cine I ever tried. They not only relieved the above symptoms, but also created appetite, and appeared to render nature just the requisite assistance. For the relief of sick liead-aclie I have found them a most effectual remedy. A friend who suffers from frequent attacks of Gout tells me they afforded him sur- prising relief. Your obliged servant, Museum-street, Bloomsbury. JOSH. ANDREWS. Prepared only by W. Lambert, Chemist, 20, Jermyn- street, Haymarket, London. In boxes Is. I lid., or three boxes in one, 2s. 9d. Sold also by the most respectable chemists and druggis!s throughout the kingdom. IMPORTANT CAUTION.—Be sure to ask for Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills." If you ask for "Scott's Pills" you will get a spurious compound, which, if taken, will not have the beneficial effect. Take down the particulars—" Dr. Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills." The genuine arc a square green package, with the words William Lambert, 20, Jennyn-street," engarved in white letters, on a red ground, on the Government Stamp. It frequently occurs that druggists impose on their cus- tomers a Scott's Pill" in an oval box, which is quite a different medicine, and causes much disappointment as their me(licinal effects are so opposite. Should any difficulty occur in obtaining the pills, send 16 or 37 postage stamps to the establishment, and they will be forwarded free. [2185 Nothing brings on Nervous Debility, Premature Old Age and Shortens Human Life, more titan Diseases of th Chest. UDER THE AND PAIUOMGI OF THE A" THE PRINCIPAL QUEEN THE ONLY REAL CURE WITHOUT INWARD M DICINE IS ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTERS foi Coughs, Asthma, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpitation ol the Heart, Croup, Hooping Cough. Influenza, Chronic Strains Bruises, Lumbago, or Pains in the Back, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, Diseases of the Chest, and Local Pains. Pitchley Hall, near Marlbro', March 18, 185. Sirs,—It is with heartfeltgratitude that I write these few lines, in order that su.lerers from complaints similar to that under which I have myself laboured since December, 1840. I have been afflicted at intervals with Croup and Spasms, and, although I have tried many remedies, they were all next to useless, until a short time ago, when a friend coming from Sheffield brought one of your Roper's Plasters and since that time I have experienced no recurrence of the malady. You are at perfect liberty to make any use of this letter. I remain,yours truly, ROBERT POTTER. Messrs. Roper & Son.' Providcnce Row, Hull, Jan. 15, 1857. Sir,—Having received remarkable benefit from Roper's Royal Bath Plaster, I wish to make my case known for the use of others. Some months ago I caught a severe cold, which brought on shaking Fits. These settled in my chest. I became so ill that I required constant attendance. One of Ropei's Plasters was applied, which produced relief at once, and now I am fast progressing to a recovery.—1 am, Sir, yours respectfully, MARI'HA HANNAH ROBINSON. Mrs. Granger, Witham, Essex, writes :—I have received much benefit from the use of your Roper's Plasters, once for a sprain of the back, and at another time for pain in the side. Dated Feb. 5, IS57. BED-FAST FOil POUR MONTHS. Mr H. Maiden, of Bury, has great pleasure in handing to Messrs. Roper and Son a recommendation of Roper's Plaster, by Mr. William Dutson, Earl street, Bury, for a severe Inflamma- tion of the Lungs. tie was bed-fast for four months, and is quite certain that his recovery is through the timely assistance of your valuable R per's Plaster, which, lie purchased at my shop. You are at liberty to make use of this in any way you think proper, for the benefit of the public generally. March 13 1853. Unprincipled Shopkeepers, for the sake of gain, have vended spurious imitations. Purchasers aie therefore cautioned to NOTICE the words, ROPER'S ROYAL BATH PLASTEK, engraved on the government stamp, and the Proprietor's Auto. graph on the back, tlilis PREPARED ONLY BY ROBERT ROPER AND SON, CHEMISTS, SHEFFIELD, On Medico-cliemical principles, from British Herbs and the Gums and Balsams of the Eastern Clime, where The trees drop halsaln, and oil all tlieboughs Health sits and makts it sovereign as it flows." Fnll sized Plasters, 1 3 lid.; and for Children, 9jd each, 01 direct by Post on receipt of Is. 4d or Is. each in Postage Stamps Sold by most Patent Medicine Vendors in the United Kingdom BEWARg OF IMITATIONS!—Be particular and ask foi ROPE a's PLA STERS. Public Opinion has proved the Plaster Pills to be e Marvel of the Ayr. DOPE ITS PI L L S (though originally only intended io assist the operation of ROPER'S ROYAL BATU PLASTER), have proved the best remedy for all those distressing symptoms attending a we k and disordered Stomach, Liver Complaints, Bilious Irregularities, Indigestion, such as Nausea or Sickness, Loss oÎ Appetit" Loathing of Food, Pain in the Bowels, Languor and Depression of Spirits, Giddiness,Swimming or Determination of Blood to the Head, &c the forerunner of Apoplexy. c. Sproatlev.near Hull, Oct. 3, 1853. Sirs,—Ilavmg found great benefit from Roper's R yal Bath Plasters and Pills, I wish to make my case known for the ad- vantage of those who suffer as I have done for a long time. I have been afflicted with spasmodic pains in the chest, and palpi- tation of the heart, arising from Indigestion and Liver complaint, I was under medical treatment many months without feeling any better. At last I tried one of Roper's Plasters and a box of Pills, which gave me relief in a few days, from which time my health has improved, and I am now quite well.-I remain, with thanks, yours respectfullv, ELIZABETH T OMPSON. Roper's Pills are a purely Botanic compound, and warranted free from any deleterious ingiedient, being composed of choice herbs, roots gums, and balsams, by ROBT. ROPER and SON. Chemists, Sheffield, in boxes, at Is. it., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each Sold by most Chemists and Booksellers in the United Kingdom ASK FOR ROPER'S PILLS. [1747 Read, ye that run, the awful truth With which I charge my page A worm is in the bud of youth, And at the root of age.—COWPEIS. Just published, with numerous Engravings, New Edition, price Is., free by post for 13 stamps, NERVOUS DEBILITY: ITS CAUSES, SYMPTOMS, AND CURE. Au ssay on Indigestion, and exhaustion of the System, being he result of a I-loiig and extended practice in the treatment of hose complaints, and intended as a source of easy reference for lie noll-) rofegsiorlal rea(ler. BY A PHYSICIAN. 1- ew diseases are more prevalent, less understood, and con so quently more erroneously treated than those classed as" 1 housands of invalids, whose prolonged sufferings have been an enigma to their friends, trace their position to nervousness and indigestion; but in most cases, the immediate cause of those com- plaints remains unknown to them, and any treatment, in the absence of this knowledge, becomes uncertain, often fruitless. Where ordinary resources prove abortive, the use of the micro- scope is not (infrequently attended with the happiest results, the long-concealed cause of much misery being brought to light, and a correct and generally successful mode oftreatment at once indi- cated. The object of this work is to clear up some matters of vital importance that have hitherto remained obscure, and to point out to the nervous and hypochondriacal invalid the means by which he may arrive at a state of health to which, in all proba- bility, he has long been a stranger. On the receipt of 13 postage stamps, this work will be for- warded (post free) to any address, by Mr. George Osborne, Shei- borne ane London. [1978


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