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l'itome ut (General lew,.


l'itome ut (General lew,. Auriol, the celebrated clown, is dead. Balfe's Zinara" has been produced with great suc- cess at Oporto. Mr. Faraday has declined the offer of the chair of ebemistry at Edinburgh. Harry.the huntsman of the Berkeley hounds, has been presented with a silver tankard and 200 guineas. Mdlle. Wildauer, of Vienna, is arrived so also is M. Jules L6fort, the clever and refined French baritone. The King of Bavaria has just appointed Baron Charles Rothschild of Frankfort the Court Banker. Cholera has broken out among the troops at Fort William. It is also raging in the district of Moorshedabad. < The Secret Societies are said to be making alarming progress in various districts in France. In London, in the last four years, the number of cases in the Conrt of Bankruptcy was 2.5,53; or, on an average 6331 a year. Sir George Grey, whose skill in conducting ordinary business was indispensable to the late Government in the Commons, is about to retire from public life. Madame Ida I'feiffer is on her way to England. She sailed on the 11th of March, and may be expected in London about the second week in June. Boots and brandy are said to be in great request at Lucknow; brandy sells for seven rupees a bottle, and second-hand boots go for thirty rupees a pair. A letter from Pesth says, that the steamer which left Constantinople had on board the historian Frederick Raumer. who is about to make a tour in the East. Lord Brougham has arrived in town, from his chateau at Cannes, the noble and learned lord having made a brief sojourn in the French capital, en route to London. The position of Suez is now considered of so much im. portance by the French government, that the Consulate there is to be raised to a Consulate-General. Mr. Vernon Smith's recent conduct has given great dissatisfaction, and an early election would probably have cost him his seat. Lord Wroueslev, President of the Royal Society, has expressed his intention of resigning the Presidency at the next anniversary of the Society. At the present moment ihere are 173 petitions for divorce or for judicial separation pending in the Divorce Court. Lady Bo^ring ard Miss Bowring are slowly recover- ing from the remote effects of the poison introduced into their food at Hong Kong. The difficulty of admitting Austria into the Zollverein is so great that the union is very likely to be dissolved, so as to get rid of the proposition. The organ of the Royal Italian Opera built by Flight and Son, is seventeen feet wide, twenty-five feet high, and twelve feet deep. An almost daily practice of mortar-firing has taken place within the last fortnight at Woolwich, and is or- dered to be continued under available circumstances daring the present season. Lord Henry Scott and Lord Dunglas have just ar- rived at Montague House from Egypt. The noble lords have been several months engaged in making a tour through Palestine. This week, a family of the name of Mackerel, re- siding at Leyland, near Preston, have come into posses- sion of E26,000, which has been the subject of a suit in Chancery for a considerable time. The Russian Government contemplates building hos- pitals, churches, and convents in Jerusalem and other places, and even of making a good road between Jaffa and Jerusalem. The City of Toledo having resolved to present 70,000 piastres to the first person who should take a locomotive into that city, M. Salamanca took charge of the first locomotive which arrived there, and received the sum. Extensive alterations have been going on within the jail of Newgate, with a view to the better classification of the prisoners and to prevent the evils that arise from the indiscriminate association of all grades of offenders. The Captain General of the Philippine Islands, in obedience to orders from home, recently despatched a battalion of 500 men in a French vessel to Canton, to assist the English and French in garrisoning that city. A Walking Society" has been established by a certain number of gentlemen, who pique themselves on their pedestrian accomplishments. They walk twenty miles backward and forward to dinner every Thursday. Letters from St. Petersburgh state that the measure for enfranchising the serfs met with great obstacles, es- pecially in the interior of Russia, where the peasants in certain provinces have assumed a menacing attitude. Advices from Naples mention that the government has published 45 notes and despatches, which have been ex- changed between the government of the Two Sicilies and that of Sardinia, on the subject of the Cagliari. The Prince of Wales has transmitted to the Rev. Francis Le Hunte the sum of £50, as his royal highness's subscription towards the erection of a new church at Killarney. The inauguration of the Jenner statue in Trafalgar Square took place last week, under the auspices of the Prince Consort, who delivered a brief, but pertinent address. The Kentucky Grumbler says, We regret to learn that several washerwomen have failed, in consequence of the red petticoat movement. Irreproachable white is DO longer in vogue." Mr. Bcohanan recommends emigrants, in all cases where circumstances will permit, to secure their passage by steamer, in prefbrence to sailing vessels, as the former I will be found the cheapest in the end, if time, health, and comfort are fully considered. Great apprehension was lately entertained atBawtry, Tickhill, Worksop, Maltby, and other villages, in con- I sequence of the gorse on Hatfield Ling Moor having taken fire. It is stated that six square miles of the moor are destroyed. It is rumoured that Mr. Walters, the member for I Nottingham, is about to resign his seat, and that the electors have been in communication with Mr. Edwin James, Q.C., who has expressed his readiness to stand for the borough. It is understood to be the intention of the authorities, with the sanction of the Duke of Cambridge, to send no more reinforcements for her Majesty's regiments serving in India, from this country, until the end of next month or the beginning of July. The whole of the tents forming the encampment for the troops of the first battalion at Chatham, having been pitched on the spot selected near the Spur battery, ad- joining the Lines, the depot of the 53rd regiment went under canvass for the first time on Monday evening. Some of the friends of Mr. Allsop have ascertained from the law advisers of the Crown that government does not intend to proceed against the exiled gentleman, as the case against him is almost identical with that against Dr. Bernard, and would undoubtedly terminate in the same way. General Havelock's grave is in the Compound-a nar- row strip of ground, with a scathed and withered tree to mark the spot. But it is not to form his final resting place. At the expense of the officers whom he led so well. the honoured remains are at once to be sent home to England. The architect, for writing to the ueen, was taken before the Hereford magistrates on ednesday, when certificates of his insanity were given by Drs. James and Gilliland, and he was given up to his brother, by whom he was conveyed toa private asylum at Church Stretton. Mr. Charles Dillon has entered into an arrangement with Mr. Knowles, of the Manchester Theatre Royal, to place his services at his disposal during the next three years, for f2Ü()Û a year. A considerable portion of this period will be spent in a starring tour through the provinces. The C'.nstitutionnel is indignant that an electric tele- graph cab'e should be extended from Jersey to Alder- ney, from which small rock every manoeuvre of a French squadron at Cherbourg can be watched with a telescope. Signor Verdi's disputes are defini-ely arranged. La Vendetta in Domino" will first be produced in Rome, and then very probably in Florence.' Simon Pocanegra will be given at Naples. The subject of La Vendetta is the same as that of Auber's Gustave Ill." The government, it is said, have expressed their wil- lingness to abandon the prosecution of Mr. Truelove, on condition that Mr. Adams, the author of the pamphlet on Tyrannicide," would give himself up. Mr. Adams's offer to do this has been resisted by the Defence Com- mittee, who are unwilling to consent to this arrangement, unless the expenses incurred in the defence be defrayed by the government. The total receipts to the account of her Majesty's Ex- chequer, at the Bank of England and Ireland, under the respective heads of Public Revenue," during the year ended on the 31st of March, 1858,amounted to £ a0,450,2«7 and the total issues to £ 73,789,276, leaving a balance at the Bank of England and Ireland, on the 31st of March, of4!6,661,011. The total balance attlic Bank of England of income and credits amounted to £6,0,_39. The custom of borrowing or buying sermons is well known to prevail to a great extent amongst indolent clergymen, and occasionally some odd incidents attend the practice. It is but a few weeks since the inhabitants of a small batliing-villege in Ireland were astonished by being asked, How many persons in this great me- tropolis have deprived their hair-dressers of the privilege of attending public worship, by claiming their services during the entire morning Mr. Albert Smith is about to observe China, given up bis Mont Blanc exhibition for a new one. He starts for China when the season is over, and is in training for bis travels by becoming a hardened and shameless tea. drinker. Nor is this all. He can see no plate so appe- tile provoking as the willow-patternplate-still happily in use, in spite of its perspective. He will master his subject, though China falls. He prefers ("thus early) the pagoda at Kew to the column of Trajan, and looks on Dakin, Antrobus, and Twing, in the light that he has hitherto regarded Messrs. Coutts and Baring Brothers. AVMACK'S FIRST BALL.—The vouchers for this re. linion have been so rapidly exchanged that very few tickets remains undisposed of for the first ball. The subscription is limited to twenty-four tickets to each lady patroness, so that the balls will necessarily be most select. The list of lady patronesses have received seve- ral accessions since we made our first announcement, and it now stands thus:-The Duchess of Richmond, the Marchioness of Abercorn, Frances Marchioness of Londonderry, the Marchioness of Clanricarde, the Countess of Shaftesbury, the Countess of Derby, the Countess of Jersey, the Countess of Kinnoull, the Countess of Sefton, the Countess Dowager of Lichfield, the Lady Charlotte Egerton, the Viscountess Palmer- ston. the Viscountess Combermere, and the Lady Ave- laad. At one of the committee meetings it was unani- mously agreed that the price of the tiokets should be considerably raised for one ball of the series.-Coul-I Journal.