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IflCitl Jitttllipxt. It will be seen by advertisement that ten- ders are required for the erection of a new borough dis- pensary. Builders are desired to leave their estimates at Mr. R. F. Woollett's, on the 9th of June. RAILWAY FACILITIES. — An advertisement announces special facilities on the Monmouthshire and South Wales Railway Companies lines, for parties from the Hills and other districts, desiring to visit the Great Agricultural Exhibition at Cardiff. -Parties going to Cardiff, IÏII Newport, will find the rates for to and fro journeys very moderate. Excursion trains will run on the Rhymney line during the Bath and West of England Agricultural Show at Cardiff. The fares will be cheap for the double journey, and live stock, &c., will only be charged for at half the usual rates. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE REFORMATORY.—The alteration in the buildings recently obtained possession of for the purposes of this institution is being proceeded with and it is anticipated that the reformatory will be ready for opening about the end of July. Wallett's circus will visit this town on Monday. The troupe is a fine one, and Mr. Wallett' sown reputation as a jester is great in every part he has visited. FLORAE AND FANCY BAZAAB.—The friends of the Total Abstinence movement in Newport intend to n°i ik their Hall, in Llanartb-street, ou the Jcb, 10th and 11th of June. They have bepn fortunate in securing the patronage of Lady Morgan and Mrs. Powell a ™easure which will doubtless render their project suc- cessful. The object contemplated is the liquidation of tho debt on the Temperance H-,tll.-See advt. NEWPORT BURIAL ROARD.-The monthly meeting on Wednesday was attended by the Rev Edward Hawkins, chairman Alderman Latch. Mr. H J Davis, Mr. L. B. Moore, and the clerk, Mr. J. F. Mullock. After the minutes of the last meeting were read, the specification and estimate of work required to be done at the cemetery were considered, and it was resolved to accept the tender of Mr. Thomas Richards at £ 32. with the exception of £ 1 10s. for tiling the chapels, such work to be day work. The roof of the unconsecrated chapel abutting the bell turret is to be stripped, and a lead fillet to be inserted under the freestone, and the turret to be turned all required. The roof and tower of the unconsecrated chapel are to be repaired, the slates to be painted, &c. and the cottage to be painted and papered. Mr. CharleB Oliver's tender for printing new table of fees was accepted. Several bills were ordered to be paid, which concluded the business. BRISTOL DISTRICT COURT OF BANKRUPTCY, TUESDAY.—(Before Mr. Commissioner West)—Re James and Roberts, Newport, builders.—This was a sitting for last examination. Mr. Stone (instructed by Mr. Blakey, of Newport) appeared for the assignees, and Mr. C. Leech for the bankrupts. A very long examination of Mr. Batchelor, of Newport, the bankrupts' attorney, the bank- rupts themselves, and IVilliain James, the father of the bankrupt James, took place, but his Honour intimated that for the ends of justice the enqniry should, for the present, be considered a private one. The result was that, after considerable doubt as to whether the elder James should not be committed for perjury, and the bankrupts adjourned sine die in consequence of the unsatisfactory nature of their accounts, the case was adjourned for a month, the bankrupts being ordered in the meantime to amend their balance sheet and cash account. POLICE COURT, THURSDAY.—(Before Alder- man Evans, R. F. Woollett, and George Gething, Eaqrs.) -Henry Williams pleaded guilty to stealing coal, the pro- perty of Mr. xl. Gregory, and was, in the discretion of the Magistrates, discharged, in consequence of his character. He was cautioned as to his future conduct.—John Hone was fined 20s., or in default fourteen days' imprisonment, He was cautioned as to his future conduct.—John Hone was fined 20s., or in default fourteen days' imprisonment, for drunkenness and indecent conduct.—James Cavill, of the Rising Sun, Baneswell, was fined 20s. and costs, for allowing spirits to be consumed in his beerhouse.—Wm. Jones, of the Fox and Hounds beerhouse, for permitting soldiers to be drinking and fighting in his house on Sunday evening, was fined 10s. and costs.—Mary Ann Jarren was charged with stealing a pair of boots from John Flowers, boot and shoemaker, Commercial-street. The boots were found on her shortly after she had left the shop, which she entered under pretence of making a purchase. She pleaded guilty. Sentence, twenty-one days to hard labour. One or two cases were reinanded the others are not worthy of mention. M OZART'S TWELFTH MASS.—We are pleased to observe that the members of the Newport Sacred Har- monic Society, after a diligent and careful study of this fine composition,intend to perform it in public,at the Town Hall. on the 11th proximo. The success which has at- tended the rehearsals, under the direction of Mr. Groves, the conductor, and Herr Pfeiffer, the leader of the band, places it beyond doubt that the forthcoming entertain- ment will fnlly sustain the society's well-earned reputa- tion. Full-band accompaniments are announced, and we have no doubt that Herr Pfeiffer's energetic efforts to promote the efficiency of the instrumentalists will ensure L their being creditably given.-See advt. SUMMER ASSIZES.—Mr. Justice Coleridge and M Ijuptive Byles are the judges for this circuit at the next assizes. IT is gratifying to be able to state tha fewer charges arising out of drunkenness. &c., were brought before the magistrates on Thursday than has been the case for some years past. The police acted during the holidays with their accustomed forbearance and discre- tion, and the measures adopted by Superintendent Hux- table were efficient in every respect. We have the super- intendent's authority for stating that a considerable decrease of drunkenness and disorderly conduct has taken place among the Irish in this town since the formation of the Temperance society among them by the Rev. Mr. Richardson. There has, too, been a satisfactory and sen- sible improvement in their homes and domestic habits, all of which must be attributed to the admirable and un- ceasing exertions made by the rev. gentleman and his colleagues to that end. DRUM AND FIFE BANDS.—Two or three of these bands are now in course of practice in this town, and the streets 'occasionally resound with their performances. Complaints, however, are made of the unseasonable hours at which the perambulations of the band take place, being sometimes as late as eleven o'clock at night. STOW FAIR.—The annual mart for live stock and the pleasure fair took place on Thursday. The former was held in the Cattle Market, which was thronged with farmers, dealers, and spectators. Business com- menced at an early hour, and was conducted briskly. Of fat stock, the show was scanty, although there were some fine oxen belonging to Mr. Hugh Morgan, of Newport, and some fine steers, the property of Mr. Powell, of The Gaer. For store cattle, the demand was not great and in this, as in other departments, symptoms of a reaction were apparent. Cows, with calves brought from £10 to £ 15; and steers ranged from £ 10 to £ 18. Mutton and lamb were in plentiful supply, a fair proportion being from Ireland. Some of the fat store sheep were prime specimens, and fetched 6Ad. to 7d. and 7d. per lb. The horse department presented a tolerable display of midd e- class animals. Good colts were easily disposed of. Prices, generally were lower, except as regarded cart horses, which maintained their value. The stock on offer com- prised-Cattle. 317; calves, 62; sheep, 777, pigs, 194 and horses 166. Prices, on the whole, may be quoted ac- cording to those which obtained at the market on Wednesday. The pleasure fair was held in the usual place, just without the borough. It presented the custo- mary features, and gave rise to the scenes inseparable from such occasions. The shows were perhaps rather fewer than ordinary, but the drinking booths propor- tionately increased. There were sparring rings, where the Lancashire Chicken" and the Irish Pet" exhibited their feats of skill. The whole proceedings passed off very quietly, and only a few persons were apprehended. THE CATTLE MARKET, on Wednesday, in con- sequence of the succeeding day's fair, was poorly supplied and thinly attended. Prices ruled as follow —Beef, 6d. to 6|d. per lb. mutton, Out of the wool, 6d. to 6.Jd. in the wool, 7d. to 7jd. veal, 6d. to7d.; pork, 9s. to 9s. 6d. per score. THE IRON AND COAL TRADES.—Although a single week cannot be expected to produce an entire change in the state of business throughout our large district, still a very peeceptible alteration has occurred here within the last few days. It may be only one of those delusive spasmodic revivals to which we had oecasion to refer last week, but the present consequences at least are satisfactory, and part of the dreary pi-ofpect which surrounded us is re- moved. The docks begin to be full of shipping once more, and at the present time rather large quantities of railway iron are being sent away. The supply of coal is still larger than the demand, but owners seem to feel more confidence. and to entertain less apprehension of a long continuance of depression. We cannot conceal the fact that within the past tew months hopes have been excited by similar inci- dents, on!y to be disappointed by another change, which appeared to place us farther than ever from the desired point. The slightest signs of activity were regarded as the forerunners of a certain period of prosperity, but, with scarcely an exception, these expectatious hove not yet be- come realised. In individual cases support may have been received sufficient to prevent any difficulties from being ex- perienced but these instances are rare, and few indeed are the ironmasters who have not suffered unavoidable losses. We can only repeat our hope that the present indications of the approach of a mo e favourable time will lead to a sub- stantial result, and that we shnll spec dily pass through an unfortunate season. Although the demand from Germany and France-both large consumes of iron, &c., from this district is by no means according to the usual rate, still the preference always s'ao«n for our produce continues to be manifested. The German demand is almost as important to some works as the American and the fact of both being uncertain just now ol ei'ales, of course, disadvantageous^. Since our list report, however, several orders have been re- ceived, giving an impe'us to tra-le in one or two directions. The I redegar Company always do a large business nitb the Contiuenr, their railway iron being in great request. In France the annual consumption of it is somewh at large, but latterly as may be supposed, not so much has been sent. The company, as has been recently shown, have to thank, in no small degree, the narrow policy of the French ironmasters for their success .-Mni?ig Journal. THE LAST DRAWING-ROOM. The Court Journal of Saturday last gave a list of those present at her Majesty's drawing-room on the 15th inst. We extract the following from our contemporary's description of the costumes worn :-Duchess of Beaufort—costume de cour composed of a train of white glace, lined with silk, very elegantly trimmed with blonde and vert Azoff crape cor- sage to correspond, with blonde bouquet of white lilac and diamonds; skirts of tulle over glace silk, with tv im- mings of vert Azoff and blonde. Coiffure of ostrich feathers, blonde lappets, wreath of white lilacs, and dia- monds. Lady Geraldine Somerset—costume de cour, composed of a train of white and gold brocaded silk, lined with silk, trimmed with tulle and gold ribbon corsage to correspond, with blonde and gold, bouquet of poppies and gold wheat skirts of tulle, with gold sparkled L Rcai-f. and grvi lands of poppies and gold wheat. Couture of ostrich feathers, lappets, and wreath of poppies a" ^°' wheat. Lady Hall, of Llanover—a body and train ot white gros de Naple, bordered with the feathers of the r, 0 8w'an and pheasant, edged with alternate bows of blue and white ribbon, and sprays composed of flowering grass, combined with sprigs of gorse in bloom, apple iblossortis, cowslips, and the blue wild veronica petticoat 1of white tu le, with double skirt over blue silk, looped up with blue and white ribbon, and a robing of the same, adorned with chatelaines of similar wild flowers, ending in sprays. Head-dross, tiara of diamonds and blue velvet, feathers and lappets; necklace of blue velvet, and dia- monds. Lady Raglan had, perhaps, the richest train of any in all this brilliant assembly. The ground w as dark blue silk, but it was so covered with gorgeous gold em- broidery that very little of it was visible. The whole fabric was quite eastern in its magnificence.

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