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—— IIR, ——M'LIRRNRNW MflS fty gyuftifltt- ^;J\?TE?NE-PARVA, MONMOUTHSHIRE. rom^ePs'owi and Tea from Monmouth.) dri • n anc1 highly-superior town-mannfactured dining, a rawing, and bedroom Furniture, in walnut, rosewood m*\ogan-v> grand-tone cottage pianoforte, in rosewood case, bjf octaves (by Murpby and Croft, late Collard and Vj-ouarcJ), chimney glass, satin, damask, and moreen win- dow drapery, Brussels, Kidderminster, and velvet pile carpets and rugs, Art-Union prints. single barrel gun (by Stanton, London), Chinese billiard table, 8-day dial, baro- meter, prime goose feather beds, Witney blankets, Mar- seilles quilts, hair and wool mattresses, plated articles, China glass, ware, kitchen and culinary appointments, weldon' wh°ia Lving tbe "iyTESSRS. DOWLE AND STEPHENS ATTT^rnxT6 t^10 Salification to announce for SALE B AUCTION, on TUESDAY, the 8th June, 1858, com- mencing punctually at Twelve o'clock. May be viewed the day previous to the Sale, and Catalogues procured on the Premises, at the Beaufort Arms, Monmouth, the Hotels, or of the Auctioneers, Ledbury Villa, Chepstow. [2247 GLI AMORG ANSHI RE.. 439 ACRES OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD, AGRI- CULTURAL, AND OTHER PROPERTY, In the Parishes of Eglwysilan, Whitchurch, and Rudry, near the town of Cardiff. FOR SALE BY AUCTION. ME. T. W ATKINS will SELL BY AUC- TION, at the CAKDIFF ARMS HOTEL, in the Town of Cardiff, on FRIDAY, the 11th day of June, 1858, at Two for I hree o'clock in the Afternoon, the undermentiond FREEHOLD ESTATES: LOT I.-All that Arable and Pasture FARM, with the Coal, Ironstone, and other Minerals underlying the same, and the Homestead and Farm Buildings thereon, known as "Cefn Carna'' and" Cefn Non," admeasuring 342A. 2R. 13P. (more or less), and situate in the parishes of Eglwysilan and Rudry, in the county of Glamorgan, about five 0 miles from the important seaport town of Cardiff, adjoining the turnpike road from Cardiff to Caer- philly, and within a short distance of the Rhymney Railway—thus possessing every facility for the convey- ance of its minerals to port, or to the manufacturing districts of the north. The surface is let to Mr Thomas Morgan and Mr. Win. Williams, as tenants from year to year. The Minerals are held under alease for a term of twenty- one years from the 2nd day of August, 1852, by Messrs. Marsden and Trediunick. LOT 2.—All that PASTURE FARM, called Coed- cae Bricks," with the Minerals underlying the same (sub- ject to the existing lease), containing 21A. 2R. OP. or thereabouts, situate in the parish of Eglwysilan afore- said, adjoining Lot 1. now held by John Edmunds, Esq., under lease for the term of thirty years from the 7th day of November, 1849; together with a Piece or Parcel of Land adjoining, called Caer-Mynydd containing 3A. 2a. 14P. (more or less,) and now let with Cefn Carna Farm to Mr. Thomas Morgan, as tenant from year to year. The Minerals under this Field are in- cluded in the before-mentioned Lease to Messrs. Marsden and Tredinnick. LOT 3.—All that valuable FARM of Arable and Pas- ture Land, with the Farm-house and Buildings thereon, called Wauntrodda," containing 70A. 3R. 27P. (more or less), situate in the parish of Whitchurch, in the county of Glamorgan, within three miles of the town of Cardiff, and intersected by the turnpike-road from Cardiff to Merthyr. This Lot is held by W. Vacbell, Esq., under a lease for different terms, 41A. 3R. OP being held for the term of 21 years, from February, 1840; and the remaining 29A. OR. 27P., being held for the term of 99 years from the same period. The proximity of this Lot to Cardiff, which is rapidly extending in this direction, and the population of which has more than doubled since the census of 185], makes it exceedingly valuable as Building Ground, and for other purposes. LOT 4.—All that COTTAGE, Garden, and Orchard, admeasuring Two Roods, or thereabouts, situate near Pontypandy, in the parish of Eglwysilan, about half-a- mile from the Town of Caerphilly. Particulars, with plans attached, may be obtained 14 days prior to the S-ile, at the CARDIFF ARMS HOTEL, Cardiff; of Messrs. HARDISTY and GOODRICH, 43, Great Marlborough-street, London, W. of RICHARD HALL, Esq., 37, Great George-street. Westminster, S.W.; and at Mr. WATKINS'S Offices, in Cardiff. Cards to view may be hi d of Mr. EVAN EVANS, Land Agent, &c., Caerphilly. [2232 BRECONSHIRE SALE OF COSTLY FURNITURE, PLATE, WINES, BOOKS, CARRIAGES, FARMING A' GARDEN STOCK, AND OTHER EFFECTS. PENNOYRE, NEAR BRECON. MR. THOMAS EVANS will SELL BY AUCTION, on MONDAY, the 7th day of June, 1858, and following davs, the whole of the nearly new and very costly London-n,.de FURNITURE, SrOCK, and EFFECTS as above; comprising complete suites for drawing room, saloon, dining room, library, boudoir, study, billiard room, bath room, entrance halls, lobbies, stairs, kitchen, offices, and about 30 bed rooms and dressing rooms, which have reoently been selected with gieat taste, regard- less of expense. THE PLATE consists of all the usual articles requisite in a family of position, and the Cellars contain very valuable Wines and Liquors. A THE STOCK comprises a Clarence* Brougham, and other carriages of different descriptions, 6 horses, 2 ponies harness, and stable appendages, 5 cart horses, 4 dairy cows 7 pigs, and numerous waggons, carts, farming implements, and gear. THE CONSERVATORY, GREEN-HOUSES, and GARDENS are replete with every possible necessary. Full particulars will be given in Catalogues, which may be obtained of the Auctioneer Ten days previous to the day of Sale. The Auctioneer reserves the right of withdrawing from the Sale any part of the above Effects. Brecon, May 2Wli, 1858. [2249 ABERSYCHAN. MR. J. PHILPOT begs to announce that he is instructed to SELL BY AUCTION, on TUES- DAY, the 8th day of Jnne, 1858, on the premises at the UNI- CORN INN, Abfrsychan, (l .te the residence of Mrs. Roberts, deceased,) all the n, at and substantial HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Trade Fixtures, aud Effects, comprising a capital mahogany table, 1 doz. chairs, pier glass, 30-hour clock, fenders and fire-irons, brass and iron tripods, china, glass, and ware chimncy ornaments four-post, French, and iron bedsteads mahogany chests of drawers, ditto commodes, ditto stands, tables and ware, dressing glasses, half-dozen cane-seated chairs, towel horses, feather and milpuff beds, mattresses, stair carpets and rods, bed and table linen, blankets and counterpanes, a general assort- ment of kitchen and culinary articles; also the trade effects, consisting of two settles, o rail-back benches, 2 tap tables, deal ditto, beer engine, pewter and other measures, tin jacks, ale and beer glasses, trays and waiters, spittoons, mash vat, coolers, tubs, buckets, tunpail and sieve, 2 three- barrel pieces, 7 barrels, half-barrels and firkins, beer trams, pig troughs, &c., &e. The Sale will commence at Two o clock in the After- noon precisely. PENYWRLOD, LLANFOIST, ONE MILE FROJl ABERGAVENNY. WILLIAM J. HANDS is favoured with instructions from William Morgan, Esq., J"]1*' whose lease of Penywrlol will shortly expire, to bJiijL. BY AUCTION, upon the premises, on THURSDAY, the 17th and FRIDAY the 18th days of June next, tbe whole of his modern and well-selected HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, suitable for a small establishment, comprising drawing and dining-room appointments in walnut, rose- wood, and mahogany, chiefly by London makers, and in excellent preservation, 61 octave piano, in rosewood case, a few volumes of valuable books, the requisites for three bedrooms, in birch, mahogany, and painted wood, a small cellar of choice wines, elegant cut glass decanters, wine and other glasses, brewing, kitchen, culinary, and dairy utensils, garden and stable implements, saddlery, and other effects.—Full particulars whereof will appear in Catalogues, to be had at the Auctioneer's Office, on and after the 10th of June. The Sale will commence at 12 o'clock punctually each day. Westgate Buildings, Abergavenny, 2-5th May, 1858. [2255 HH gotirm ORGANS HIRE EDUCATION BOARD, and SOCIE/T^ I>I0CESAN CHURCH BUILDING MEE^ AT THE NATIONAL June, at One oc°lock.Nl:WPORT' on Tuesday' tbe 8th of St. Nicholas Rectory, May 27, 1858.W' BRUCE• BATH AND WEST OF EN MEETIN ENGLAND SOCIETY'S JUNE 2ND, 3RD, ALNJ 4 *FF- Heroford Hrilwj" NOTICE. ON JUNE 2nd, 3rd, and 4tb, 1858, TICKETS at CHEAP FARES for the Double Journey, will issued at all the Stations to CARDIFF, available only for the day of issue. all+K? Tlcket8' at Reduced Fares, will also be issued at au the Stations, on June 2nd and 3rd, available for the i. Journey upon the following days. charged r'TOCK, IMPLEMENTS, and POULTRY, will be c e on the Line T?sua" Kates from the different Stations and if sold th« an<* t'Je same on return, if unsold The Live Stock1"] ra r"* < loaded at all tha ,<afn?P^oiaent», and Poultry, must be before the day of ,J l°n,.not later than one clear day charge of these, mav fVm*?'on to the Yard. Persons in from any Station to CarJu* a Third Class Fare the Return Journey FOR TIF' Fares to be available for By Order™* a^ter Show. Cardiff, May 19th, is&j, Traffic Manager. A IL W A ^7^ ° J1 ° rpiCKETS at REDUCED FARES for the I V»oTTRTK JOUKNEY Will be issued at all the J_ DOUBLE J £ Vlway to CARDIFF, on MONDAY, Stations on^ TrTKaDAY, June 1st, the days on which the TrfsTF DiyFOD and CONCERT will be held in Cardiff ? WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, June 2nd, and 4?h,The Days of the BATH AND WEST OF ENGLAND SOCIETY'S MEETING, at Cardiff. To and Fro Tickets will only be available for the day of issue but Return Tickets will be issued on May 31st, June 2nd, and 3rd, available for the Return Journey the following Day. Further information can be obtained by applying at any of the Stations. By Order, W. R. PAGE, Traffic Manager. Cardiff, May 26th, 1858 M^DNMOLFTH^HIRE R^ILWAY^AND CANAL COMPANY. ALTERATIONr OF TRAINS for JUNE, 1858. WESTERN VALLEYS RAILWAY. The first Down Tr .in will be despatched from Ebbw Yale and Blaina, 5 minutes earlier than at present, and arrive at Newport, at 10.19 a.m. On the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of JUNE, being the days of the BATH AND WEST OF ENGLAND SOCIETY'S MEETING, at Cardiff, the 7.0 a.m. Train will depart from Newport, at 6.30 a.m.. returning from Ebbw Yale and Blaina, at 8.30a.m., arriving at Newport, at 10.0 a.m., to enable Passengers to proceed to Cardiff, by Special Train, leaving South Wales Company's Station, at 10.30 a.m. EASTERN VALLEYS RAILWAY. The 7.50 a.m. Train from Blaenavon, will depart at 7.30 a.m., reaching Newport at 8.30 a.m.. in time for Passengers to proceed by the South Wales Down Train, at 8.39. am. The 6.15 p.m. Train from Blaenavon, will depart at 6 30 p.m., arriving at Newport at 7 30 p.m. The 8 10 p.m. Train from Newport, will depart at 8 p.m., arriving at Blaenavon at 9.0 p.m. For further particulars, and times at intermediate Stations, see the Company's Time Tables for June month. I BY ORDER. Traffic Manager's Office, Newport, May 28, 1858. M(J^O^HSIILR^ RAILWAY AND CANAL COMPANY. NOTICE. BATH & WEST OF ENGLAND SOCIETY. CARDIFF MEETING. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days of June. The following arrangements will be in force on the Eastern and Western Valleys Lines 1st and 2nd class Return Tickets to Newport, issued on the 2nd and 3rd June, will be available for the Return Journey to Saturday, 5th June, inclusive. On FRIDAY, the 4th June (Is Admission Day to the Show yard), Tickets at Single Fares for the Double Journey, will be issued from all Stations, available to return by the Ordinary Trains, and by a Special Train from Newport at 7 30 p.m., for Ebbw Vale, Blaina, and intermediate stations. A SPECIAL TRAIN will leave the South Wales Railway Station, Newport, for Cardiff, on each of the above days, at 10.30 a.m., at the following fares for the Double Journay — June 2nJ and 3rd, 1st Class 2s. 3d., 2nd Class, Is. 6d. June 4th, 1st Class 2s. 3d covered carriages, Is. 3d. Returning from Cardiff by the ordinary trains on the 2nd and 3rd, and on the 4th by a special train, leaving Cardiff at (', P.M. BY ORDER. Traffic Manager's Office, Newport, May 23, 1858. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the i. May°r- Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of lrT ^ave anpropriated and set apart the Piece or Par- Cf *i ir" recently purchased by them from the Trustees °. e.Marquis of Bute, situate near and on the Western side of the Old Quay, and being part of the Fiel,l called The Park," in the said Borough, as and for a PUBLIC MARKET PLACE, for exposing to sale and selling therein live Cattie and other live Beasts and Stock; and that the same will be Opened for public use as a Market on the Fourteenth day of June, Ono Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-eight. By order, BEN.TN. MATTHEWS, Town Clerk. Cardiff, 28th May, 1858. OPE COLLIERY, CWM SYFIWG, (On the Rhymney Railroad,) BEDWELTY, SHORTLY WILL BE OFFliRliD FOR SALE BY AUCTION. Further particulars, and day of Sale, will be announced in next week's paper.' Any information may be obtained from the Solicitors conducting the Sale—Mr. R. J. CATHCART and Mr. GEO. BLAKEY, at Newport, Mon. NEW NOVEL, TO BE HAD AT ALL LIBRARIES. TO BE HAD AT ALL LIBRARIES. THE KNAVE OF HEARTS." A Novel in 3 Vols. By Mrs. FREDERICK HALL, Author of The Next of Kin." T. C. NEWBY, Publisher, 30, Welbeck-street, Caven- dish-square, London. [2253


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