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iø ht pt. LAND TO LET FOR THE ERECTION OF MANUFACTURING PREMISES. TO BE LET, adjoining the RAILROAD, 15 at Cwmbran, several Lots of Land, with ample FRONTAGE, for the Erection of Manufacturing Premises, and the building of Workmen's Cottages. For terms, &c apply to RICHARD BRINSLEY DOWLING, ESQ., Llantarnam Abbey, Newport, Mon- mouthshire. [1277 MONMOUTHSHIRE. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the TOLLS arising at the TOLL GATES upon ihe ABERCARNE TURNPIKE ROADS, and called or known by the names of the Crumlin Gate, the Bryn Gate, the Boot Gate, the Alban Terrace Gate, the Risca Gate, and the Newbridge Gate, will be LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the NEWBRIDGE INN, in the Parish of Monythusloyne, in the County of Monmouth, on MONDAY, the 7th day of June next, at One o'clock in the afternoon,in the manner directed by the Act of Parliament passed in the Third and Fourth Years of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, For regulating Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced the last year the following sum, above the expense of collecting it, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the bg at bidder, must at the same time pay one month in ad- vise, if required, of the rent at which such Tolls may lie let, and give security, with sufficient sureties, to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads, for payment of the rest of the money monthly. Crumlin and Alban Terrace Gates "J Newbridge aud Risca Gates J> £ 600 Bryn and Boot Gates j And NOTICe is HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, that the next Meeting of the Trustees or Commissioners of the said Roads, will be held at the Newbridge Inn, aforesaid, at One o'clock in the afternoon, on the said 7th day of June next. THOMAS MORGAN LLEWELLIN, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Roads. Dated at Newnort, the 6th day of May, 18-58. [2208 TOWN OF CARDIFF. YALUABLE BUILDING GROUND TO BE LET for a Term of 99 Years, 18 and 20 feet Frontages-Depth about 150 feet, with baok streets. DThe above Land is now drained, and each house may oe connected with the main sewer. Streets 50 feet wide are now formed for building detached or semi-detached small Villa Residences, which can be built from 2350 to SW -a block of two houses. There is a demand for this class of house in Roath, and a capital building stone is quarried about half a mile from the land, and bricks are about being manufactured at the same distance. Also, Land foi the above class-house to be Let in a plea- sant situation on the North Road. Advances can be made to responsible parties on the above buildings. Apply to Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS, at his Office, 4, Elm-street, Roath Road. ROPE WALK. A Piece of LAND TO LET for the above purpose, within ten minutes' walk of the Docks, 900 feet long, 30 feet wide.- Apply as above. [2029 TO BE LET, with immediate possession, that commodious HOUSE and SHOP, situated in Pill- gwenlly, Newport, Mon., now in the occupation of Mr. Piper, draper, &c., and in which a thriving business has been carried on for the last 20 years.—Apply to Mr. FULFORD, Eschol Villa, Maindee, near Newport. [2161 NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE has TO LET, with immediate possession, a first-class BEER- HOUSE, in one of the most populous and respectable localities in Newport. The house contains bar, parlour, smoke-room, and pantry on the entrance fioor, five good bedrooms over, and a large kitchen and good cellar underneath. For particulars, apply at St. Woollos House, Stow-hill. NEWPORT, MONM OUTHSHIRE. TO BUTCHERS AND OTHERS. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, a first-rate BUTCHER'S SHOP, with stable, slaughter-house, and every other convenience attached. This affords an excellent opportunity for any party want- ing such a business, as the shop is expressly fitted up for the trade, and situated within five minutes walk of the New Dock, and in one of the principal thoroughfares lead- ing to it. There is every convenience for doing a large shipping trade. The amount to be paid for fixtures, &c., will be very moderate.—Apply to Mr. J. STEWART, Bush Inn, Newport. [2246 TO BE LET, a semi-detached VILLA, in Park-square, Newport, now in the ocoupation of Samuel Miles Phillips, Esq.-Apply to Mr. ROBERT F. WOOLLETT. 2233 HENLLIS, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, a genteel COTTAGE RESIDENCE, with from Two to three Acres of Land containing two sitting-rooms, kitchen, back-kitchen, and cellar, on the ground floor, and three bedrooms, with convenient closets, up-stairs. -There is an excellent Orchard, planted with choice fruit trees. A good Kitchen Garden will be laid out, and the lands in front will be planted with shrubs and flowers. TwelveAcres more land may be had next year if wished. For further particulars and to view, apply to Mr. REES EDW. ITEES, Pantrhiwgoch, near Castletown or to Mr. H. M PARTRIDGE, Auctioneer, House and Estate Agent, Newport, Mon. MAUSHES-ROAD, NEWPORT. TO BE LET, that old and well-known Beer- House, th3 MARSHES INN, with immediate possession. The House contains bar, two parlours, tap- room, cellar, and washhoase, on the ground floor, capital club-room and three bedrooms upstairs, and a large yard with skittle alley at the back. For further particulars, apply to Mr. H. M. PAR- TRIDGE, Auctioneer, House and Estate Agent, St. Woollos House, Stow-hill. CO URT FARM; LLANTARNAM, Three Miles from Newport. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, (in consequence of the decease of Mrs. Leonard,) this most desirable FARM, comprising 240 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. For terms, apply to CORNELIUS EVANS & SON, Land Agents, 61, High-street, Newport, and Brook Rouse, Llantai Dam. Mantel WANTED, a Trustworthy aud Active MAN, to Superintend a Brickyard. Address by letter prepaid, with references enclosed, to Mr. BERNARD, Cardiff. WATED. APARTMETS, furnished, TT (or potially so), consisting of two bedrooms and one sitting-room, for a small family, consisting of two adults, and one little girl eight years old. The Gentleman is from home ten months out of twelve. Stow-hill, Gold-tops, or Maindee preferred. Apply by letter, stating terms, to J. R. J MERLIN Office. jftikisi bit ^vimte fftmtrad GARNDIFFAITH, NEAR PONTYPOOL. 1 TO BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, THREE Freehold DWELLING-HOUSES, situ- ated at Garndiffaith, in the immediate vicinity of the Varteg and Golynos Ironworks.—Application to be made to FRANCIS DAVIES, Masons' Arms, Garndiffaith. [2252 o BE SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, TWO Freehold DWELLING HOUSES, with the Gardens thereto belonging, in the respective occupations of Mr. James Bryant and Mr. W illiam Davies, and situ- ate in Wheat-street, in the Town of Brecon. Apply to PARNELL and BROWN, Solicitors, Bristol' HE Dutch"Steamer COlTNELIA," lying in the Newport Dock, was loaded on Monday and Tuesday last, with Railway Bars, weighing 681 Tons, by HENRY GRANVILLE, Stevedore, in the SHORT SPACE OF EIGHTEEN HOURS; the quickest loading ever accom- plished in this Dock. ECONOMY.—A Six Gallon Cask (equal to 3 dozen) of FIRST-CLASS SHERRY for £ 5, or the finest SOUTH AFRICAN SHERRY for X3. Cask (which can be converted into two pails) and brass tap included. CARRIAGE FREE. CASH.-Port at the same price, and lOd. per Cask extra. HENEKEYS, ABBOTT, and Co., Importers, 22 and 23, High Holborn, London. Established 1831. [22.59 IMPORTANT TO FLOCK MASTERS. COOPER'S SHEEP-DIPPING POWDER C (which has stood the test of Twelve Seasons) de- stroys all the Ticks, stops the Fly, prevents and cures the Scab, promotes the growth of Wool, and improves the appearance and condition of the FJock. For all these purposes this Powder cannot be surpassed, and it posi- tively has no equal as A CURE FOR SCAB, even after all other means have failed, at any season of the year, and however long the disease may have existed in the nock. Finding there is so little trouble in using this Preparation, ■which is instantly Soluble in Cold Water, Flock Masters patronised it to such an extent, both at home and abroad, that powerful machinery is required for its manufacture. For Testimonials see handbills. Prepared at W. COOPER'S Chemical Works, Great Berkhampstead, Herts, and sold (with plain directions) at Is. 4d. a Packet-the average quantity for dipping twenty sheep. AGENTS :-Phillips, chemist. Newport; Francis, Mon- xaouth Dunn, Chepstow Wood, Pontypool; Bassett, Pontypridd Lewis, Ebbw Vale Coleman, Cardiff; Miles. Cowbridge Biggs, Swansea Smyth, Merthyr Cary and Son, or Yearsley, Ross Williams, Hereford Williams, Coleford Rathro, Mitcheldean Tucker, Gloucester; King, Berkeley Ellis, Thornbury Birtill and Co., or .Farr. Bristol; or through any chemist. WHOLESALE AGENTS Birtill & Co., Bristol; Mander and Co., W olverhampton; Drew and Co., Marsden, or Edwards, London, [2235 irtitw. BATH AND WEST OF ENGLAND SHOW, CARDIFF; 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of JUNE. S. STONE'S STAND will be No. 48, Purchasers of AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS cannot do better than apply at the above Stand for any Implements they may desire to Purchase in the Yard, of either of the several Makers, as J. S. STONE is their Agent, to Sell at their own Terms. TO BUILDERS. PERSONS desirous of TENDERING for the ERECTION of a NEW BOROUGH DISPENSARY at Newport, Monmouthshire, may see the Drawings and Specification at the Offices of the Architects, Messrs. W. G. and E. HABERSHON, 38, Bloomsbury-square, London, or at their Local Offices, King's Hill Field, New- port, and 7, Charles-street, Cardiff. Tenders to be delivered at R. F. WOOLLETT'S, Esq., King's Hill Field, Newport, at One o'clock precisely on WEDNESDAY, the 9th of June. The Architects do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any of the Tenders. [2257 CALi)ico,r COMMONABLE FIELDS INCLOSURE. I JAMES PEACHEY WILLIAMS, of J Albion Chambers, in the city and county of Bristol, the Valuer acting in the matter of the Inclosure of Beesditch, Mill-fields, West or Great-field, Church-field, Elm-field, Little-field, at Caerwent-bridge, Shear-field and Little-field, at White Hall, situate in the parish of Caldicot, in the county of Monmouth, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I shall hold a MEETING on the 16th day of June next, at the GEORGE HOTEL, CHEPSTOW, in the said county of Monmouth, at Eleven o'clock in the fore- noon, for the purpose of receiving claims in writing from all persons claiming any common or other right or interest in the said Commonable Fields, and such claims must state the several particulars in respect whereof they are made, distinguishing the claims in respect of Freehold, Copyhold, Customary, and Leasehold property from each other, and mentioning therein the places of abode of the respective claimants, or their agents, at which notices in respect of such claims may be delivered. And I FURTHER GIVE NOTICE that this is the LAST MEETING I shall hold for the purpose of receiving claims. Given under my hand this 29th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1858 22-56] JAMES PEACHEY WILLIAMS. IN" the Matter of the Petition of NICHOLAS MEARES, of the Albion-road, Pontypool, in the parish of Trevethin, in the county of Monmouth, Grocer. Tobacco and Snuff dealer, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the County Court of Monmouthshire, at Pontypool, acting in the Matter of this Petition, will pro- ceed to make a Final Order thereon at the said Court, on the 22nd of June, 1858, at Ten of the clock in the fore- noon precisely, unless cause be then and there shown to the contrary. THOMAS DARKER, High Bailiff. IN the Matter of the Petition of JAMES HARRIS, formerly of the Carpenters' Arms, in the parish of Bassalleg, in the county of Monmouth, licensed victualler, and labourer afterwards, and for twelve months of the Carpenters' Arms, in the Hamlet of Rogerstone, in the said parish of Bassalleg, and county of Monmouth, beerhouse keeper and market gardener, and at present and for three months residing at the same place, labourer, in furnished apartments. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the County Court of Monmouthshire at Newport, acting in the matter of this Petition, will proceed to make a final order thereon at the said Court, on the 16th day of June, 1858, at Twelve of the Clock at noon precisely, unless cause be then and there shown to the contrary. WILLIAM ROBERTS, Registrar of the said Court. WALLETT'S GREAT EQUESTRIAN COMPANY. GRAND TABLEAUX I ii ii I BRILLIANT SCENES! HAVELOCK AT THE RELIEF OF LUCKNOW! MR. W. F. WALLETT begs respectfully to inform his Friends and the Public, after stand- ing the brunt of public opinion through the civilised world for twenty-five years, he is now at the head of the LARGEST AND MOST TALENTED TROUPE of Equestrians, Gymnasts, Acrobats, Rope Dancers, Pole Sprites, Somersault Throwers, Jesters, and Clowns and a matchless^ HORSBg AND PONIES, forming one of the most attractive and elegant Entertain- ments ever offered to public notice, and which has been everywhere honoured by crowded and delighted audiences. It is his intention, during the present summer, to visit the principal towns of this country with his Great Com- pany of English and Continental Artistes, and give a series of Equestrian Performances upon a scale of magni- ficence and novelty unprecedented. The Troupe will make their entree in CARDIFF Saturday, May 29th NEWPORT Monday, May 31st PONTYPOOL Tuesday, June 1st CHEPSTOW Wednesday, June 2nd I MONMOUTH Thursday, June 3rd Ross Friday, June 4th GLOUCESTER Saturday, June 5th TEWKESBURY Monday, June 7th CHELTENHAM Tuesday, June 8th DITTO Wednesday, June 9th STROUD Thursday, June 10th CIRENCESTER Friday, June llt.h SWINDON Saturday, June 12th IN ORAXD PROCESS ION. Mr. WALLETT'S splendid Team of 40 Horses, attached to the Beautiful Band Carriage, will be driven in hand by Mr. -JOHNSON, the first Reinsman in the World, with the splendid Steeds of Beauty, Gorgeous Trappings, and magnificent Carriages and Appointments, including the magnificent STATE CARRIAGE OF CHARLES II. purchased by a nobleman from the Royal Stores, forming a lout ensemble unequalled for brilliancy and novelty. Two Performances daily. The Grand Mi, Enter- tainment commences at half-past Two o'clock and that in the Evening opening at Seven o'clock, commencing at half-past Seven. Boxes, 2s. Second Class, Is.; Gallery, 6d. Children under Nine years of age Half-price to all parts, except tho Gallery. At an immense exptnse the celebrated firm of Griffin and Co., of Birmingham, have erected a beautiful and colossal Pavilion, capable of accommodating 5,000 PERSONS. It will be fitte(I up with every convenience, and at the Evening's Exhibition brilliantly illuminated with costly Chandeliers. The experience of many years in catering for public approbation, and the desire of sustaining the patronage so liberally extended to him, has led W. F. WALLETT in effecting engagements with the Greatest Equestrians Unrivalled Gymnastic Performers the most Wonderful Tight-Rope Dancer; Extraordinary French Sprite; and the most whimsical French Clowns. With these Artistes, and his STUD of BEAUTIFUL HORSES, the most pleasing entertainments will* be given, including a novel and highly effective Military Pageant, produced from scenes during the late war, entitled, THE RELIEF OF LUCKNOW The stirring incidents of this scene will be most effec- tively rendered at the Evening's performances. The bril- liant and glorious achievements of the lamented Havelock will be ably pourtrayed by upwards of 100 ilIEY and HORSES, concluding with an extraordinary grand tableau of HAVELOCK BORNE IN TRIUMPH on his bril- liant Charger by the Naval Brigade, surrounded by the Troops of Old England and the Native Corps. In pro- ducing this Pageant the most costly dresses, accoutre- ments, splendid decorations, and the finest Horses ever witnessed, will be brought into requisition, forming a scene of unparalleled splendour. Engagement of the Star Rider of America, Mr. FRANK PASTOR, who will excute the Unparalleled Feats of Throwing Backward and Forward Somersaults whilst his horse is at Full Speed. The ORIGINAL and WONDERFUL TRIBE 'OF BEDOUIN ARABS (lately with Howes and Cushing's Great United States Circus) will go through their extraor- dinary performancea-acts which cannot be imagined unless witnessed. ,3e Mr. BURNELL RUNNELLS, the great American Four and Six Horse Rider. Master FREDERIC RUNNELLS, the youthful Ame. rican Wonder. Mr. JAMES COOKE, of Astley's. Siguor JOHANNI DELA V ANTI and the Two Young DELAVANTIS, CARLOS and HENRICO, the cele- brated Acrobats and Gymnastic Performers. Mr. E. M'LAUGHLI. the Caledonian Equestrian and Miss KATE CLEMENTS, the Fairy Equestrienne Signora DELAVANTI, on the Cord Elastique Tendue. Madame LUCILLA. x. The two Greatest Clowns of the day, WALLETT, the Queen's Jester, and CHATTERIS JACKSON, the Po- pular Mimic and Inimitable Performer a la Picco. Mons. LEON and Mademoiselle CLARA TOUR- NAIRE, from the Great Cirque Napoleon. The Greatest of French Clowns, Mons. VILLEROIS. Madame MATHILDE JEANIN. Mons. JOSEPHINE. The celebrated Herr FOOTET. Mr. C. STEVENS, and Mr. H. PEARSON. The beautiful and renowned trick horse, ALBERT, will display the highly-trained powers of the noble steed he will be introduced by the great English trainer and Widdicomb of the ring, Mr. HENRY JAMES. Mademoiselle ADELAIDE (weather and location per- mitting) will make a GRAND ASCENT, at half-past One o'clock, p.m., from the ground to the Peak of the Centre Mast of the Grand Pavilion, upon a SINGLE WIRE, to the height of 60 feet and 200 feet in length. This extraor- dinary feat of Female Intrepidity may be witnessed by the public at half-past One, previous to the opening of the doors for the grand Mid-day Performance. No accounts will be paid by the proprietors, unless signed by the Agent in Advance to the Establishment, Mr. GZOBGS FRANCIS. ddrtSStø. FLORAL AND FANCY BAZAAR, IN TEE TEMPERANCE HALL, NEWPORT. UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF LADY MORGAN, TREDEGAR PARK, MRS. POWELL, GAER HOUSE, &c., &c. THIS BAZAAR is intended to be held on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of JUNE. The object is to obtain Funds for liquidating the debt on the Building. Contributions have already been promised by more than two hundred friends in the neighbourhood and many parts of England. A Refreshment Stall will be provided. Contributors will please forward what they have to send either to Mr. Kerr, High-street; Mr. Brian, tailor, Com- mercial-street Mr. Harse, Llanarth-street; or Mr. Prewett, Pillgwenlly on or before Thursday, 3rd June. On Wednesday, the 9th, the Hall will be open (for exhibition only, or to receive orders), from twelve to three, and from six to nine.—Admission, 6d. [2245 jr jfo Xx SOUTH WALES PAVILION, SAINT MART STREET, CARDIFF. PATRONS: HON. R. W. CLIVE, M.P., ST. FAGAN'S CASTLE. G. C. MORGAN, Esq., TREDEGAR PARK, High Sheriff of Monmouthshire. A GRAND EISTEDDFOD AND CONCERT WILL be held on MONDAY and TUESDAY, MAY 31st and JUNE 1st, 1858. f f Established for the cultivation of the Ancient British Language, Poetry, Music, the art of Public I Speaking, &c., and for creating a spirit of emulation in the pursuit of knowledge among the Youths of_the Principality. EISTEDDFOD MINSTREL, ELLIS ROBERTS, ESQ., EISTEDDFOD MINSTREL, ELLIS ROBERTS, ESQ., IJARPIST TO HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES. PIANISTS MR. JOHN OWEN, ( Owen Alaw), ORGANIST, CHESTER. MR. RIGHTON, I Professor of Music, Cardiff, I (Who will accompany the Prize Singing of the Harmonic 1 Anthem, entitled the Earthquake.') 100 GUINEAS Will be distributed to the successful Competitors in Prose, Poetry, Singing, Rehearsing, &c., &c. ADJUDICATORS ESSAYS :—RBV. D. JAMES, PH.D. F.S.A. POETRY :-REV. W. AMBROSE, REV. R. ELLIS, & MR. THOMAS (Eben Fardd.) SINGING MR. J. OWEN, (Owen Alaw), ORGANIST, CHESTER. The Ladies engaged for the Concert will be assisted by the celebrated Lyrist, Mr. Roberts, and a host of AMATEUR GLEE SINGERS. Several eminent BARDS and SPEAKERS will address the Meeting. Several Merchants and Tradesmen have kindly consented to close their Shops and Establishments in the Afternoon of each day, in order to give their Assistants and Clerks an opportunity of visiting this great centre of attraction. MEETINGS On MONDAY at 2 o'clock and half-past 7 p.m. On TUESDAY,'10 o'clock a.m., 3 p.m., 7.30 p.m. N.B.—Platform to receive Ladies and Gentlemen from their Carriages on the East side of the Pavilion. ADMISSION :-For the Course Reserved Seats, 53.; Second ditto, 3s. 6d. Promenade, 2s. 6d. Single Meeting Reserved Seats, 3s. 6d. Second ditto, 2s. 6d.; Promenade, Is. Tickets will be issued at Reduced Fares on the Taff Vale and Rhymney Railways. For further particulars see programme. [2225 PAPER HANGINGS PAPER HANGINGS T. P. WANSBROUGH, PLUMBER, PAINTER, GLAZIER, PAPER-HANGER, &c.. and IMPORTER of FRENCH PAPER-HANGINGS, Nos. 4 and 5, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON' (opposite the Westgate Hotel), having just received a LARGE and WELL-SELECTED STOCK, of PAPER- HANGINGS, from the largest manufacturers in England, begs to offer them at Extraordinarily Low Prices. Gold Paper, elegant patterns, from 4s. per piece; all other papers equally low in price. He has also about Five Hundred Lots of Paper (from five to eight pieces in each lot), which will be sold as job lots, at about one-half the usual price. A large and extensive STOCK of GAS CHANDELIERS. Mark the Address,—T. P. WANSBROUGH, 4 and 5, Commercial-streeet, Newport (opposite the Westgate Hotel), Mon. P.S. Al? kinds of GOLD MOULDINGS, for Rooms and Picture-Frames, always on hand. The Trade supplied. EXPERIENCED MEN SENT TO ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY. 2170 DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, andgthose who may wish to consult them. MESSRS. MOSELY, SURGEON-DENTISTS, of 30, BEBNER's-STREET, OXFORD-STREET, London, have the honor to announce that they will, for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope to meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the necessity of their applying elsewhere during their absence. Their days of attendance for JUNE will be on MONDAY, the 14th, GEORGE HOTBI., Chepstow; TUESDAY, the 15th, at Mr. WILLIAMS', saddler, next door to the ANGEL HOTEL, Abergavenny; WEDNESDAY, the 16th, KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport; THURSDAY, the 17th, CARDIFF ARMS, Cardiff; FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the 18th and 19th, at Mr. S. POWELL'S, plumber, Monnow-street, Monmouth. Private apartments at all the Hotels. Attendance from Ten to Five. Single teeth, from 5s. Sets, from X5. Stopping decayed teeth, 2a. 6d. Messrs. MOSELY beg to call the attention of their patients, and those who may wish to consult them, that they can now supply Artificial Teeth, with GUTTA PERCHA GUMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the remaining teeth is avoided, and entirely superseding the use of wires or ligatures of any description. They are also the Patentees and Iuventors of the new GUM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, which is added to the Teeth, and prevents the lodgment of the food, and which also restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary in the adaptation of Artificial Teeth. Specimens of these beautiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every information given, free of expense. Every other description of Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete set, at half the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's Teeth attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. [1926 MODEL FURNISHED ROOMS. MESSRS. TRAPNELL HAVE much pleasure in inviting the attention of PARTIES .LI FURNISHING to their SUITES OF MODEL ROOMS, Recently added to their Premises, ap<irt from the General Stock, for the express purpose of shewing Rooms of various Sizes and Classes, FURNISHED COMPLETE AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. They embrace every class, and afford such facilities of selection and arrangements, as cannot be found in any Estalishment in or out of London, and will always contain the Principal Apartments of a SIX ROOMED HOUSE, FURNISHED COMPLETE, FOR £ 66 6 3 EIGHT ROOMED DO. Do J6120 to £ 164 6 3 TEN ROOMED DO. Do £ 219 to £ 481 8 0 TWELVE ROOMED DO. Do 2400 to £1000 0 0 SEE OUR FURNISHING GUIDE, POST FREE ON APPLICATION. These Rooms, in connection with their Extensive MISCELLANEOUS STOCK, which is THE LARGEST IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND, Present advantages worthy the consideration of all who require REALLY SUBSTANTIAL FURNITURE, AT TIIE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE FOR CASH. CITY CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY MANUFACTORY, t2, ST. JAMES' BARTON, BRISTOL. ESTABLISHED MORE THAN THIRTY YEARS. [1979 CARDIFF, NEWPORT, MERTHYR, AND ABERDARE. PATRONISED BY THE PRINCIPAL AND MOST DISTINGUISHED FAMILIES IN SOUTH WALES. jVril. RICHARD B. BOULTOX, SURGEON-DENTIST, 72, Crockherbtown, (Two Doors from Frederick-street), Cardiff, continues to supply his beautiful MINERAL TEETH, upon the first known and most scientific principles, including the Engraved Gold Suction Plate also, with Gutta Percha, and beautiful Artificial Gums. They are supplied without the extraction of roots, or giving the least pain, and for a natural appearance, general utility, and ease in mastication, they cannot be equalled by any dentist in the West of England or Wales, or excelled in any part of the world. Persons who have failed to find satisfaction in other hands, are particularly requested to call. Teeth effectually Stopped with Gold or White Cement; scaling, extracting, irregular teeth brought into position, and all operations of the mouth performed with ease and safety. Attendance at Mr. ROACHES', Draper, opposite Bush Hotel, MERTHYR, from Eleven o'clock until One o'clock and at Mr REES LEWIS', Cannon-street, opposite the New Temperance Hall, ABERDARE, from Half-past Two until Half-past Five o'clock, the same day, namely, every alternate Wednesday, as follows:—April 7th and -1st; May .5th and 19th; June 2nd, 16th, and 30th. „ Attendance at Mrs. EDWARDS'S, 173, Commercial-street, (near the Westgate Hotel,) NEWPORT, every FRIDAY. No charge for consultation.—Charges strictly moderate.—Attendance daily from Ten to Five, except as above ° A VACANCY FOR A PUPIL. [643 THE NEW PATTERNS, POST FREE. COTTERELL BROTHERS, DECORATORS, AND MANUFACTURERS OF PAPER-HANGINGS, 6, WINE STREET, BRISTOL, and 5, BRIDGE STREET, BATH, having completed their arrangements for the Now Season, take the opportunity of announcing to their PATRONS, their Friends, and the Public, that their influence in the market enables them to supply in constant succession, every Novelty in PAPER HANGINGS and PANEL DECORATIONS as they are produced, in selecting which, due regard is paid to the prevailing economy of the day, the improved taste of the Public observed, and the services of Artists of repute retained, so that their Patterns may be relied on for correct Drawing and harmonious Colouring, many of them having won the admiration of Connoisseurs of the Fine Arts for their natural truth, dignity, and grace. STEAM PRINTED PAPER-HANGINGS at the following Prices:- For BEDROOMS, per piece of Twelve Yards 4d. For PARLOURS. 9d. to Is. 6d. GOLD or FLOCK PAPERS ••• 2s. 3d. to 3s. 6d. PANEL DECORATIONS and ARCHITECTURAL ORNAMENTS for Walls and Ceilings made to any Colour or Design. Mounted Specimens on view. PATTERNS of Papers, with the TABLE TO MEASURE ROOMS, forwarded Post Free. Terms :—Retail, Cash.— Wholesale, Three Months' Credit, THE PAPER-HANGINGS WAREHOUSE, 6, WINE STREET, BRISTOL; And 5, BRIDGE STREET, BATH. [2144 LAWES' PATENT SUPERPHOSPHATE OR TURNIP MANURE, FOR SWEDES, MANGOLDS, CARROTS, BARLEY, AND SPRING CORN. EAND T. TUCKER, in again introducing this valuable MANURE, beg to inform their • Customers and the Public that, in consequence of the high satisfaction the above Manure gave last year in this and the neighbouring districts, Mr. LAWES has found it necessary to Enlarge his Factory, thereby, with additional power, he is enabled to produce an article of a very superior quality for the present season. The high quality of Mr. LAWES' MANURE has hitherto caused so large a demand, that every year some difficulty has been experienced in obtaining a sufficient supply it is therefore particularly requested, in order to prevent a recurrence of the dis- appointment experienced last season by many persons who were not able to obtain a supply, that Orders may be forwarded as early as possible to the Agents, or E. & T. TUCKER, Agricultural Seed and Manure Merchants, Abergavenny. OR TO THEIR APPOINTED AGENTS AT THE FOLLOWING PLACES :— D NEWPORT AND DISTRICT Mr. JOHN PARSONS, Shipping Agent, Monmouthshire Railway Company's Wharf. Monmouth, Raglan. ma Usk Mr. THOMAS ALLEN, Brook Farm, Raglan. Pontrilas, Monmouth Cap, and Neighbourhood .Mr. JOHN BORROW, Wormbridge Mill. Brecon Brecon and Neighbourhood Mr. JOHN PBOBERT, Auctioneer, &c., the E. & T. T bez to say thai they have made arrangements for the Free Delivery of their Maaures at 7 stations on the pfewpoil, Abergavenny, and Hereford Bailvij, likewise at any of the Wharfs of the Breegi and Abergavenny Canal* clteam (Cammuutfatiou. STEAM UNDER 60 DAYS TO AUSTRALIA. Passage 114 and upwards. rpHE Liverpool and Australian Na- JL vigation Company's celebrated Steam Clip- aBHSfipfc pers, in conjunction with the EAGLE LINE OF PACKETS, ARE DESPATCHED on loth of EACH MONTH, TO THE CONSIGNMENT OF BRIGHT, BROTHERS, AND CO. MELBOURNE, Forwarding Passengers to all parts of Australia. Albion Williams.3500 Tons.15th June Royal Charter (s.s.) Taylor 3500 Tons. To follow These clipper ships are guaranteed to sail to the day, and are famed for the superiority of the provisioning and passenger accommodation. Packet of loth JUNE, the celebrated clipper ship ALIBON, 1398 Tons Register, 3500 Tons Burthen. This unrivalled Clipper has again beaten both out and home every vessel sailing at the same time. Her magnifi- cent Poop affords the best accommodation for first and fore Cabin passengers and her noble 'tween decks surpass those of any other ship in the trade. Apply to GIBBS, BRIGHT, and CO., 1, North John street, Liverpool ROBERTS and IRVING, 9, Cornhill, London GIBBS. BRIGH 1', and CO., Bristol; or to JOSEPH ELLIOTT, Bute-street, Cardiff. [970 ON AND AFTER THE 1ST OF MAY. T) OYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO WATER FORD, AND THE -fiSOUTH OF IRELAND. First-class Steamers (in connection with the Great West- ern and South Wales Railways), curying Her Majesty's Mails, leave the Milford Haven Terminus lor Waterford, every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 1.30 a.m., on the arrival of the -1.50 Night Express of the previous evening from Paddington, and the 6 0 a.m. Third Class Trains. Returning from Waterford every MONDAY, WED- NESDAY, and FRIDAY, at 3 p.m. Apply for Tickets at the First-class Railway Stations of the Great Western and South Wales Railways; of FORD & JACKSON, 36, Cannon-street, London; or of Mr. DOWNEY, Adelphi Wharf, Waterford. Through Fares-London to Waterford, 50s 40s., and 24s. (3d. Intermediate Stations in proportion. Milford Haven to Waterford, 12s. 6d., and 7s. 6d. Sea passage 70 miles. Letters intended to be forwarded by this short and ex- peditious route, must be addressed via PEMBROKE DOCK. [619 STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CORK, CARDIFF, AND NEWPORT. r|1HE Cork Steam Ship Company's Steamer OSPREY," 700 Tons, IV A 25<) Horse-power, — BKRTRIDGE, Com mander, is intended to ply as underneath, W unless prevented by any unforeseen occur mander, is intended to ply as underneath, W unless prevented by any unforeseen occur rence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow Vessels, during the month ot MAY, 1858. For CORK, from NEWPORT Saturday 1st, at 6i morn CARDIFF Saturday 8th, at 12 noon NEWPORT .Saturday 15tli, at 6 morn CARDIFF Saturday 2\!ud, at 124 after NEWPORT Saturday 29th, at 6 morn From CORK, for CARDIFF Wednesday 5th, at 8 morn NEWPORT ^VCDNCSDIIY 12tli, at 2 £ after CARDIFF Wednesday 19th, at 8 morn NEWPORT Wednesday 26th, at 2 after Reduced Rates and Fares may be ascertained at the Agents' Offices. Fares to Cardiff or Newport. Cabin (including fee) 15s.; Deck, 6s, Return Tickets, Cabin, (including fee) available for one Month. 22s. Cd. Horses, Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods intended for Shipment, should be alongside one hour before the time of sailing. The Company also give notice, that they will not he accountable for Passengers' Luggage, unless the value thereof be declared, and freight paid accordingly, at the time of shipment; and that Passengers from CARDIFF must obtain their tickets at the Office before going on board. For Freight or Passage, apply at the Company's Office, Cork or to Messrs. OWEN and DOWNING, Ship Brokers, Cardiff; or Messrs. BENSON and MADDOCKS, Merchants, Great Dock- street, Newport. [656 BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. rPHE Bristol General Steam Naviga- |Y%. 1 tion Company's splendid Paddle Steamer ^SGSEEBMR "TAFF." Captain C. WHEELER, or other suitable vessel, will ply during the ensuing Week as follows;- Bristol to Newport. Newport to Bristol. MAY. MAY. Saturday 29 6after Saturday 29 5! morn JUNE. Monday 31 6 morn Tuesday 1 81 morn JUJJF.. Thursday 3 9I morn Wednesday 2 8 morn Saturday B Ill mom I rid ay 4 9 morn »» Xwaitlng room Is provided opposite the Landing Place at Hotwells, where passengers are taken on board free of charge, about fifteen minutes after the time stated in the bills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the Hotwells to and from PORTTSIIEAD daily (Sundays excepted). FARES—After Cabin,3s FrontCa1Jin, 1s. 6d. To and Fro same day, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Four-wheel Carriage 18s., Two-wheel ditto, or light Pha>to:I, Ss; Two-wheel Carnage, or light Phaoton, drawn by one horse, with Driver, 12s.; Horse, 5s.; Horse and Rider, fis., Dogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Horses and Carriages shipped at Bathurst Basin one hour before sailing, Further particulars may be obtained at the Bristol trenerai Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where all Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c should be addressed. Bills and other information can be obtained of Mr. JOHN JONES, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells; or of Mr. R. P. JONES Rodney Wharf, Newport. Bristol to Cardiff. MAY Saturday 29 7 morn Monday 31 8 morn JrNE. Tuesday 1 8J morn Wednesday 2 84 morn Thursday 3 9i morl, Friday 4 10| morn Cardiff to Bristol. MAY. Saturday 29 after! Monday 31 5 £ after JUNE. Tuesday 1 7 after Wednesday 2 7 after Thursday 3 8 after Saturday 5 9J morn Bristol to Tenhy & Carmarthen. JUNE. Tuesday 1 9 morn Carmarthen to Tenby & Bristol Thursday 3 7 morn Tenby to Bristol. JUNE. Thursday 3 11 morn F AREs-Cabin. 13. Children under twelve years. 6s Cd. Ser- vants in the Cabin, 8s (including Steward's Fees.) Fore Cabin 78 6d. Children under twelve years, 4s. Carriage, 42s; Pair- horse phæton,31s 6d Smallone- horse ditto,25s; Gig, 20s; Horse 20s, Dog, 3s. RETURN- CABIN TICKETS avail- able 10 days, 15s; or 20 days, 18s.; with the option of return- ing by either of the Company's Steamers plying between Bristol and Tenby, Carmarthen, Pem- broke Dock, Cardiff or Newport. Bristol to Pembroke Dock, Milford, and Haverfordwest. JexE. Tue:lay 1 8 morn Friday 4 10 morn F A ttl's-C abin, 13s., Deck,7s6d fpmbroke Dock to Bristol. .]In; E. Tuesday 1 7 after Pembroke Dock to Waterford. The '• SHAMROCK" as soon after arrival from Bristol as circumstances will permit. FAKEs.-Best Cabin, 12s. 6d., Fore-Cabin, 7s dd. Waterford to Bristol Fridays NOTICE.-The Proprietors o the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of £ 2: nor for any Deck Passengers Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 20s unless in each case entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same, at the time of deliei-y I nor will they be answeiable or any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) nn. less entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery. 40 BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. NOTICE -A comfortable Waiting-room is provided atRownham Ferry, and Passengers and their Luggage are embarked and landed free of expense. rpHE New Steam Packet Com- jr JL pany (Limited) hereby announce that their fast-sailing Screw Steamer?, AVON," W. HOWE, Commander; SFYFKN. T. LOBQE, Commander, (unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) are intended to sail as follows, during the months of MAY and JUNE, 1858.— From Bathurst Basin, Bristol. p 29|Saturday 7 0 morn p 31 Monday 7 30 morn M 1 Tuesday 8 15 morn p 2 Wednesday.. 9 0 morn M 3 Thursday 9 30 more p 4 Friday 10 30 morn II 5 Saturday.11 30 morn p 7 Monday 1 45 after M 8 Tuesday 2 30 after p 9 Wednesday 3 30 after 10 Thursday-no sailing. P 11 Friday 5 45 morn p 12 Saturday 6 0 after p 14 Monday 7 30 after p 15 Tuesday 8 15 after M 16 Wednesday.. 9 15 morn p 17 Thursday 10 15 morn M 18 Friday 11 0 morn p 19 Saturday.12 0 noon M 21 Monday 2 0 after p 22 Tuesday 3 0 after if 23 Wednesday 3 45 after p 24 Thursday 4 30 after 25 Friday—no sailing. p 26fSa;urday 6 15 morn p 2Sf\fnndnv 7 15 morn From Beaufort Wharf, Newport p 29 Saturday 5 15 after 31 Monday-no sailing. P 1 Tuesday 7 0 morn M 2 Wednesday 7 45 morn p 3 Thursday 8 0 morn M 4 Friday 9 30 morn p 5 Saturday .10 15 morn 3i 7 Monday 12 15 after p 8 Tuesday 1 30 after st 9 Wednesday 2 30 after p 10 Thursday 3 15 after 11 Friday-no sailing. p 12jSaturday 5 15 morn P 14plonday 6 45 morn p 15+Tucsday 7 15 morn p 16 Wednesday S 0 morn m 17 Thursday 9 0 morn p 18 Friday .10 0 morn M 19 Saturday 10 45 morn p 21* Monday 12 30 after M 22 Tuesday 1 45 after p 23 Wednesday 2 30 aJ.'cr M 24 Thursday 3 0 alter p 25 Friday f$^ p 26 Saturday f p 28 Monday 5 1,1 p The days on which Passengers are taken. M Mercnan UlllY To and From Cumberland Basin. t To and Fro from Bristol. J To and Fro from Newport. Carnage, 12s. M Gig, or Light < Driver, Us.; Horse, 5s.; Horse and Kider, 6s., Dogs, 11. each.- ni°»»skie, Tw° h°™ advenZd^ ,v y. Goods,Carriages, ^ed^tl^owner^s risk PP6r 3 LlVC Return'Tickets will be issued from Saturday to Monday, at To The Proprietors give notice that they will not be accountable for Passengers' Luggage, &c and their responsibility in respect of Goods in general is restricted by the terms of a Notice affixed in their Offices at Bristol and Newport. Goods regularly and and punctually forwarded by careful Cariers to all parts of the country, fror conditions of Freight, apply at the Company's Offices, opposite the Seamen's Floating Chapel, Grove, Bristol, and Beaufort W harf, Newport. tr As it is intended that these Packets shall start punctually I at the times advertised, the shipment of Goods per same days Steamer cannot be guaranteed unless they are alongside one hour betore the time of sailing. NOTICE,-The cheapest route (via Newport and Hereford Rail- way Company) to Liverpool, Birkcnhead, and places adjacent in the North, is by these Packets. First, Second, and Third Class Trains leave Mill-street Station, Newport for Birkenhead and Liverpool, fit 11.10 a m. and 2.30 p.m Fares to Birkenhead-First Class, 29s. 9d.; Secoud do, 21s. Third do., 12a. 4d. 968 IL A GILLEB, Traffic Manager. i STEAM TO NEW YORK. THE GLASGOW and NEW YORK t X STEAM-SHIP COMPANY'S Powerful aDd Fast-sailing STEAM-SHIPS Tons. Horse-power. Commander Edinburgh 2,197 450 W. Gumming New York. 2,050 400 W.Mc.Millan Glasgow 1,962 400 D. Goodwin. Are intended to Sail from GLASGOW to NEW YORK T (unless prevented by any unforeseen circumstance.) Xork ••• ••• Saturday, 12th Jand CABIN PASSAGE, 15 GUINEAS, including Provi- sions, but not wines or liquors, which will be supplied on board at moderate rates. A limited number of Steerage Passengers will be taken at 8 Guineas, supplied with Provisions of good quality, properly cooked. Carries a Surgeon. Apply to MATTHEW LANGLANDS, 5, St. Enoch- square, Glasgow or to LANGTRYS & CO.,Water-street, Liverpool. [1998 Emigration. a TO SAIL from BRISTOL for ■ MELBOURNE DIRECT, on the ■ .nivm 1 JUNE, the magnificent clipper-built gcreu. steamer "ROYAL BRIDE," 2,000 Tons, ALEX. NETWLANDS, Commander, (Formerly of the "Champion of the Seas.") This beautiful Ship, built expressly for the Australian This beautiful Ship, built expressly for the Australian Trade, combining every moderu improvement applied in the construction of her, is expected to prove one of the fastest Clippers afloat. No expense has been spared in making her Passenger Accommodation attractive. Her Saloon is elegant and airy her 'tween decks (8 feet high) are very spacious and well fitted and patent ventilators in every part of the Ship. For further particulars, apply to MILESES & KING- TON, 61, Queen-square, Bristol; or JAMES N. KNAPP and CO., Newport, Mon. [2218 Passage Money £ 14 and upwards. "WHITE STAR" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX ROYAL MAIL PACKETS. rg RAILING BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND MELBOURNE, On the 20th and 27th of every Month, And forwarding Passengers by steamers, at through rates, to all parts of Australia. To the consignment of H. T. Wilson and Co., Melbourne. Ship. Captain. Reg. Bur. To Sail. Invincible .Johnson 1767 5000 June 20. Gen. Windham.Wilson 951 3500 June 27. Red Jacket M. H. O'Halloran 2460 5000 July 20. White Star .T. C. C. Kerr 2360 5000 Aug. 20. Golden Era H. A. Brown 1556 4200 Mermaid E. Devey 1320 4000 —— Shalimar J. R. Browa 1432 4000 —— The magnificent model clipper "Invincible" is one of the most astonishing vessels of the age, and has made eight voyages to Australia and back under 76 days, a uniformity of speed never attained by any ship afloat. Her last passage home was in 72 days, beating every steamer and ship of the season. Her saloons are sump- tuously furnished, and found in bedding and all necessaries. The General Windham" is a new ship, having only made one voyage to Melbourne -in 79 days; she sails remarkably fast and her commander received very flattering testimonials from his passengers. Passengers embark on the 19th and 26th of every month. For Freight or Passage, apply to H. T. WILSON and CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool W. NAISH and CO., 29, Llanarth-street, Newport; or to W. H. WHITELOCK, 3, Oxford-terrace, Wide- marsh-street, Hereford. [706 Passage Money, C14 and upwards. THE "LIVERPOOL" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS, ESTABLISHED IN 1848. -flkk AILING on the 10th of each Month, ks For MELBOURNE, Forwarding Passengers by Steam to all Ports in Australia and Tasmania at Ship's expense. Ships. Captains. Tons reg. Tons bur. To Sail. Sir William Eyre .Jopp 1315 .3500.10th June. Eastern City Johnstone 1367 3500.10th July. Sarah Dixon .Salt 1468 4000.10th Aug. The splendid clipper Ship, SIR WILLIAM EYRE," IS only one year old, and has already made a passage to Mel- bourne in the short space of eighty days, also from Callao, deeply laden, in ninety-one days, one of the quickest of the season. The Cabin and Second Cabin hre fitted in a superior style in the Poop and House on Deck, and the great height be- tween decks ensures superior accommodations for the other classes of Passengers. For further particulars, apply to JAMES M. WAL- THEW, 40, Chapel-street, Liverpool: or to THOMAS DRYDEN, Swansea or to JOHN PUGH, Abergavenny- [2202 Passage Money, tl4 and upwards. "MERSEY" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS RAILING FROM LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE jaawjMiBr' On the 25th of every month. And forwarding Passengers by Steam at through rates to Sydney, Adelaide, kc. Ship. Reg. Bur. Capt. Will sail.1 Morning Light 2377 6000 Gillies June 25 Morning Star 1634 4UOO Allen .July 25 The leviathan clipper ship Morning Light," 2377 tons register, 5000 tons burden, will sail from Liverpool on the 25th June. This magnificent vessel is the largest, fastest,, and finest British-built ship in the world. She has made some of the fastest passages to and from Melbourne on record. Her commander (Gillies) has, on every occasion, received the most flattering testimonials from all classes of his passengers. Her saloons are fitted in a style of Oriental magnificence, and the state rooms found in bedding and every requisite. The second cabin on deck is replete with every comfort, and the arrangements for other classes of passengers are on an entirely new and snperior principle. For Freight or Passage, apply to EDMUND THOMP- SON and CO., 20, Water-street, Liverpool or to G. W. JONES and CO., Ship Brokers, Newport; JAMES GAWN, Auctioneer, Aber,lare; TITUS JONES, Auc- tioneer, Merthyr JENKINS and REES, 16, Somerset- place, Swansea or to R. W. PARRY, Ship Broker, Cardiff. [959 AUSTRALIA. P, El D J A C K E T. WHITE STAR" EX-ROYAL MAIL LINE. £ £ rp H E renowned CLIPPER _L "RED JACKET," tWVMifa- Captain O'HALLOBAS, 2463 tons register, 5000 tons burthen, admittedly the fastest and handsomest ship in the world, will be despatched at noon of the 20th July. The following enumeration of her passages will show her sailing qualities New York to Liverpool in 13 days 2 hours. Liverpool to Melbourne in 69 days. Last voyages—Liverpool to Melbourne in 68 days. Melbourne to Liverpool in 68 days. England to Melbourne in 63 days. She has made six voyages round the world in four years,. in which time she has sailed over nearly 200,000 miles, without the loss of a spar, frequently running from 350 to 400 miles per diem, and on one occasion she ran 417 nautical miles in one day-a rate of speed far surpassing the fastest ocean steamers. Her saloons are sumptuously furnished, and found in bedding, linen, and all necessaries cow, piauo, library for first-class passengers. Her second cabin, intermediate, and steerage accommodations are equal to those of any ship in the trade. For Freight or Passage, apply to the owners, H. T. WILSON & CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool W. NAISH and CO 29, Llanarth-street, Newport; or to W. H. WHI TELOCK, 3, Oxford-terrace, Widemarth- atreet, Hereford. [2224 att by cAuction. DOCK ROAD, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. To Ship Stores Dealers, Groccrs, and Others. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON l' are instructed to SELL BY AUCTION (under a deed of assignment for the benefit of creditors), on the Premises, in the Dock-road, on MONDAY, May 31, 1858, the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE, FIXTURES, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other effects, of Mr. T. R. Wells, Ship Stores Dealer :— The STOCK comprises :-164 lib. tins of preserved meat and sonn, 153 21b. tins ditto, 21 6tb. tins of boulli, 8 jars of tripe, 29 tins of beef tea, 24 tins of milk, 51 tins of vege- tables, 15 jars of marmalade, 6 jars of Anchovy paste, 27 bottles of fruit, 24 bottles of herbs, 6 bottles of olives, 10 bottles of capers, 15 bottles of Worcester and other sauces, 88 bottles and jars of pickles, 6 cwt. of biscuits, box of raisins, 36 lb. of mustard, 801b of lump sugar, 1191b. of crushed lump sugar, 601b. of coffee, 561b. of congou tea, 281b. of prunes, It cwt. of chicory, li owt- Of split peas, li cwt. of pearl barley, 4 CWI. of rice, 511b. of Doiaet butter, 5 cwt, 3qrs. 181b. of raw sugar, lot of blacking in tins and cakes, 18 balls of coloured twine, 84 jars of ink, lot of paper, barrel of prime pickled pork, 65 gallons of lime juice, 50 gallons of vinegar, 8 cwt. of treacle, cask of herrings, 2 hams, 22 bags, 81 yards of bagging, corks, bungs, casks, jars, tubs, baskets, &c. The FIXTURES and UTENSILS consist of gas fittings, counter, shelves, coffee mill, measures, funnels, scoops, tools, 2 trucks, step ladder, weighing machine and 13 iron weights, 2 counter scales, set of brass weights, 8 tea canisters, Treacle tin, &c., &c. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE includes:—feather aad millpuff beds, mattrasse?, blankets, sheets, counterpanes, French and tent bedsteads, mahogany caees of drawers, wasbstands and ware, toilet tables, swing glasses, rosewood cheffioneer, rosewood loo table, mahogany sofa, centre table, side table, pictures, ornaments, window ourtains, carpets, fenders and fire irons; the usual kitchen requi- Bites, and sundries. The Sivlo will commence (with the stock-in-trade) at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, to the minute. Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-street, Newport and Brook House, Llantarnam. May 18th, 1868, 2241