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moAr;le"va^~f-F"oe^ 'r' °f Dr" ^ocock's Pul Hori.castle, Jan R°b"ts' Printer, Bull Ring, IS58- John Cooling of Thimbleby, Fea difficulty n'fShyS ,e.has been for a long time greatly suffering from eortin 1 k'ea'hmg, particularly during the night, and had a huUnt riinjV,ng Phle«mj L''cock's Wafers, and found instant relief nearly cured by the firebox says they ate worth their we,ght in gold." Dr. Locock's Wa ers give instant rehef ar.a a rapid cure of asthma, consumption. con^hQ an 1 ders of the breath and lungs. Price Is. 14d.v'd and Is per box. They have a pleasant taste Sold by all medijine vendors. Important Caution.—ft has been- covered that many Medicine Veod rs, when asked for any of L -JLocock's Medicines, attempt to pass off instead some counterfeit, because 'thev have a greater profit in doing so than by selling a genuine niedicine-the public is cautioned against such dishonest piaciices, which may be de- tected by observing that every box of the genuine medicine has the words, "Dr. Locock's Wafers," in white letters on a red ground in the Government Stamp, #nd without which wnrrt« all are counterfeits and an imposition. Coughs colds, asthma, shortness of breath and all affections of the chest and lungs S Lambert s Asthmatic Balsam. Persons Ao a re subject to or suf. ferinr from bronchitis,<>r any of the -ih i • me.liately take a few dos.s of this ev^nrn-3mpla,ntf! s'-ould im- s a certain and efficacious rem dv 1. f "f' °h from [ 1S ,S0 certain and effectual. Extract of I Mr La nb^rt 20 r Bennett. High-s re t Kensington To 'j myn"street» Haymarket, London.—Sir, a Have Deen afflicted nearly six years with asthma, and ppittine of Sre&t difficulty of breathing; after expending upwards i j oun lQ medicine, without obtaining any relief I was induced to try Lambert's Asthmatic Balsam, and by its use and mention to the prescribed regimen, aLd totally abstaining from spirits and malt liquor, I am effectually cured. Feeling grateful ror the same, I publish this statement in hopes that otl e s so af- flicted may have recourse to your in valuable medicine, and thereby derive great benefit. Sola m bottles at l3id 2a 3d and fid t>y all Orudis* wd bookwUm, *2s> 3a' **•