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THE POWER OF THE PENNY.- The wonderful efficacv of this small coin seems, at the present day, to be every- where recognized. By the statesman, as in the case of the penny postage, the penny receipt, and now the pennv stamp, which is to be used on all bankers' cheque*? W. have also our penny-a-mile parliamentary train, our pennv steamboat onr penny shoe-b igade, and even our peZ! ad.ners. This brings us, lastly, to the most potent of Til penny worths-the penny lifer,,tu-e of th, dav This like a cheap-Jack's wares, „of all sorts and sizes, and of a C3n>id< rable portion we cannot speak in the most praise- worthy terms. As a whoie, however, it is entitled to the greatest commendation and warmest support of the public, One of the latest issues, in the shape of a penny periodi- ca!, has been that of Beeton's Historian." Here is a laudable attempt to produce, for one penny a week a series of standard Historical and Biographic works. This new candidate for public favour will be, then, not an ephemeral penny worth to be rea,l just for amusement's sake, and then thrown aside, 'orn up and destroyed as useless, but a publication of permanent interest and value, to be preserved and ultimately bound into a perfect volume, as each history and biography is completed. That the numbers when read may be preserved iu good condi- tion, portfolios have been manufactured, which are easily convertible into covers for binding. We heartily recom- mend Beeton's Historian" to the notice of our readers, appending hereto the address of the publisher, from whose office likewise issue the very well known and ex- tensively circulated serials, the Englishwoman's Domes- tic Magazine and the "Boy's Own Magazine," S. O. B:t(u. 16vpouverie-street, London, E.C. [2200 "loung lea, like fair faces, need no paint." —Chinese Pr-.ne b. ^1 hose remarkable people the Chinese, paint or giosamany of their leas for foreign supply, but never use s:r h themselves, actually reducing a c.;u"'ion against the practice to a priJverb asabore. The best Teas, are from the early pickings the low coarse kinds from the older brown imperfect leaves, these latter—the Bohea Tea,-(now never sent here as Bohea) a: e wrought up into shape, and coloured to hide their brownne8: the Chinese also thus colour the better sorts prepared for England so that the common may be mixed without detection, and thus increase the Chinaman's profit. Horniman & Co., knowing that thS public prefer sterling quality before appearance import Teas without powdered colour,-pure natuca! Hud* -these thev supply through Agents in ail parts of the Iun-dora, in certified packets only: (or district list, see nJ, retiselent in this day's Paper. »*«««« DE,kr.NESI,We bear upon most credible authority, that Mr. James Itackhain Operative Chemist, Norwich,- the Inventor of the celebrated Lint for the Cure of Piles- has discovered an unfailing remedy for all cases of Deaf- ness, except from actual malformation. This is truly a ^03^mPortant eveut. So confident is the Proprietor of its efficacy, that he guarantees to send fresh supplies, if required, free of postage or any other extra charge what- ever. The price is ten shillings and sixpence, and under such conditions we should not hesitate applying imme- diately to him.—C/isp's Munady -Utiga-.ii,e.- Sent free for P.O. Order payable as above. [2201 Shensione the poet says, Tha Newspaper is a powerfa social as well as a political organ," and tbe advantage tierive(I frodi its use (in the shape of extensi "e advertising) ..Cooped She«„-Uippi s masters, both at home and abroadf « ^uer oy UOCK

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