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NEWPORT TOWX COUNCIL. On Tuesday last a meeting of the Town Council was held at the Town-hall. Present-Mr. Latch (in the chair), Mr. Homfray, Mr. II. J. Davis, Mr. Townsend, Mr. II arrhy, Mr. Knapp, Mr. W. Graham, Mr. Hynd- man, Mr. Moore, Mr. Sheppard, J. Lewis, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Lyne, Mr. Burton, and Mr. Jones. The meeting commenced by Mr. H. J. Davis proposing a vote of condolence to the M ivor on the d"ath of his wife. Mr. Homfray seconded the motijn, and it was carried unanimously. The Town Clerk stated tht Mr. Scard had been com- plaining that the Cricket Club made some demur about payit.g the £10 for the use of the Marshes. Mr. Harrhy explained that be had been applied to by Mr. Scard, and referred him to the secretary, Justice but be Mr. Harrhy) believed that Mr. Scard had not yet seen the secretary. Mr. Hyndman observed that the money was certain to be paid. The Town Clerk said the Marshes sold for 191. THE SURVEYOR'S REPORT Was read as follows :— "Gentlemen,—In accordance wi'.h your directions, I called on Mr. Morris, and explained to him the alterations of the slips from causeway to carriage road, Stow-hill, proposed at the last meeting. Mr. Morris strongly objects to the alterations. I ulso waited on Mr. Sayer, engineer to the Monmouth- shire Railway and Canal Company, respecting the com- laint of Mr. Moxley and others on Dock-parade. Mr. Sayer promised to give it his favourable consideration. I have apportioned half the cost of the new pavements between Mr. LI'Carthy's lane and Charles-street, on the owners, who agreed to pay the same. The Gas Company are about to lay down a main pipe along Commercial-street, between Skinner-street, and Charles-street. I beg to lay before you a plan sent by Mr, Jacob Jones for a house in St. Woolios-place." Mr. Davis said the carriage road on Stow-hill might be made very much more useful to tne public by the removal of a slip opposite Havelock-street, and another opposite Mr. Morris's. He suggested one slip in lieu thereof, The Surveyor said he should like to refer the matter to the Public Works Committee, as the work would entail some expense without any corresponding advantage. It was resolved to dispose of the matter in the manner proposed. With reference to the proposal of laying down a new gas pipe, Mr. Sheppard observed that few towns had been so cut up as Newport, and Mr. Townsend remarked that since the hint he had given a little while ago, the lights had certainly improved. He wished the Company to know that he had his eye on them. The Town Clerk reported that the dispute respecting the paving along Canal-side wou!d be settled without legislation. Mr. Bolt, however, expresses his determina- tion not to pay He promised to see the Council, and explain his reasons. THE TOWN CLERK'S SALARY. Mr. Jones intimated that the Mayor had requested the matter of the Town Clerk's salary to be adjourned for consideration till he could be present. It was agreed to defer the subject till next meeting. Mr. Townsend inquiied why the half-yearly accounts had not been published. The Town Clerk was d dug an illegal act. Did he admit it w-.s another manoeuvre of his r The Town C!erk said he did not. The Act of Parlia- provided that it was the duty of the Treasurer to prepare the accounts, but he would undertake to prepare the accounts this year as usual. Mr. Graham read the resolution appointing the Town Clerk, in which it was provided that he should discharge the duties recon.mended by the General Board of Health. Those duties embraced the preparation of accounts. Mr. Lewis suggested that the whole matter be ad- journed, and the subject accordingly dropped. The Chairman stated that the collector had paid S54 in since the last meeting, making £ 2,470, and leaving £150. all the drainage account, zCl35 had been paid in, making X74,3, and leaving After a few other remarks, the meeting was ad- journed for a fortnight.









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