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WattM. TO DRAPERS' ASSITANTS. WANTED, THREE YOUNG MEN.— Apply A.B., MERLIN OFFICE, Newport. TO CARPENTERS. WANTED, good steady workmen, apply to Mr ANEURIN JONES, Builder, &c., Gelligroes, ()r his foreman, at the New Engine Stables, &c., for the Jihymney Railway, at Rhymney. Good wages given. [17oi WANTED, a HOUSEMAID, with a twelve months' character, fiom 26to 33 yearsof age.-Apply to A. A., MERLIN Office, Newport. [1756 So bt Xtt. LAND TO LET FOR THE ERECTION OF MANUFACTURING PREMISES. TO BE LET, adjoining the RAILROAD, at Cwmbran, several Lots of Land, with ample FRONTAGE, for the Erectioa of Manufacturing Premises, and the building of Workmen's Cottages. For terms, &c, apply to RICHARD BRINSLEY DOWLING, ESQ., Llantarnam Abbey, Newport, Mon- mouthshire. [1277 BUILDING GROUND. TO BE LET, on 99 years Leases, part of the LITTLE FARM, adjoining the Taff Yale Rail- way Wagon Depdt, and fronting the Cathays and Crwys Roads. Frontages 18 feet and 20 feet, Depths 160 feet and 180 feet.-Apply to Mr. O. ROURKE, Land Surveyor, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, or to Mr. DALTON, Attorney, Cardiff. [1620 TO BE LET, an eligible WHARF, at NEWPORT, Monmouthshire. Apply to Mr. HANSON, Henllis Works, near New- port. [1673. TO IRONMONGERS. A BUSINESS in the above Trade TO BE DISPOSED OF, in one of the best situations in the Town of NEWPORT, Monmouthshire; together with the well and recently-selected STOCK and other EF- FECTS belonging thereto. To a persevering and indus- trious person, this affords a most advantageous opportunity of embarking in such business. For terms and further particulars apply to Mr. J. BOTHOMLEY, House and Estate Agent, 47, High- street, Newport. [17t8 BRECONSHIRE. TO BE LET, and entered upon immediately, a HANDSOMELY-FURNISHED VILLA RESI- DENCE, called "Ashfield," situate in the town of Crickhowell, in the county of Brecon—consisting of dining and drawing-room, entrance-hall, five good bed- rooms, back and front kitchens and butler's pantry, with stable and coach-house. During the tenancy the tenant may have the use of a pony, harness, and carriage. For further particulars, apply to CORNELIUS LLOYD, Solicitor, Abergavenny. [1740 TOWN OF CAERLEON, Three miles from Newport. TO BE LET, with immediate possession, an excellent Detached DWELLING-HOUSE, with good garden, stables, piggeries, and fowl-houses, well sup- plied with water, and very pleasantly situated in Mill- street, in the town of Caerleon. For terms, apply to CORNELIUS EVANS and SON, 61, High-street, Newport, and Brook-house, Llantarnam. [1746 STEAM HOUSE AND COKEING COALS. TO BE LET, a valuable tract of MINERAL PROPERTY, situated in the Rhondda Fychan Valley, and known as the RHONDDA FYCHAN ESTATE. It lies midway between the important Colliery districts of Aberdare and Ystradyfodog and comprises the whole of the seams of Coal worked in those localities, including the well-known Smokeless Coals of Aberdare, and the Locomotive Cokeing and Household Coals of Cwm Rhondda. The property is about 630 acres in extent, in(I the Rhondda Branch of the Taff Vale Railway passes into it, and affords a direct communication with the Port of Cardiff. Farther particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. WILLIAM LLEWELLItf, Glanwern, Pontvpool; or to Mr. CHARLES BEV AN, Solicitor, 3, Small-street, (ground floor,) Bristol. "nItS by private tfmrtrart ABERCARNE, MONMOUTHSHIRE. YALUABLE COPYHOLD PROPERTY T FOR SALE, comprising Dwelling-Houses, and Land highly eligible for building sites. Apply to R. C. SLADE, Clifton-place, Newport. [1644 FOR SALE, BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THREE excellent RAILWAY WAGGONS, to carry Six Tons each.—Apply to Messrs. CORNELIUS EVANS and SON, 61, High-street, Newport. [1751 (.m GAME NOTICE. LLANTARNAM ABBEY ESTATE. THE GAME on the entire of the LLANTARNAM ABBEY ESTATE is STRICTLY PRESERVED. Trespassers will be prosecuted. August 14th, 1857. [1596. MONMOUTHSHIRE DISTRICT COMMITTEES Of the Societies for Promoting CHRISTIAN KNOW- LEDGE, and for the PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPEL in Foreign Parts. THE ANNUAL MEETING of the above Committees will be held at ABERGAVENNY, in the National School Room, on FRIDAY, the 23rd. day of OCTOBER inst., at which the LORD BISHOP OF LLAN- DAFF will Preside. Previous to the Meeting there will be Divine Service in the Parish Church of St. Mary, and a Sermon preached by the Rev. H. B Be van, M.A Minor Canon of Llandaff Cathedral. Divine Service to commence at Eleven o'clock a m., and the Meeting to be held immediately after. WM. CRAWLEY, ) Secretaries THOS. WILLIAMS, j &ECRETA«ES October, 1857. [1732 TO COLLIERY PROPRIETORS & CAPITALISTS. A LIMITED COMPANY being about to be formed for Working and Extending some very valuable BITUMINOUS COLLIERIES, in Glamorgan- shire, which are in regular work at present Shipping at Newport, and will shortly have direct communication with the Port of Cardiff, also the Staffordshire and other districts; any Party disposed to join, can have full particulars by applying to ARTHUR O. DAVIES, Esq., Mining Engineer, of Dowlais, No. 4, Victoria-place, Newport Mon SPECIAL NOTICE. SIXTH DIVISION OF PROFITS. THE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ESTABLISHED 1825. CONSTITUTED BY SPECIAL ACTS OF PARLIAMENT. The Directors request attention to the Close of the Rooks for the present year, on 15th November next, with reference to the advantages of effecting A <surances before that date. THE SIXTH DIVISION OF PROFITS will be made in 1860, and the FUND to be divided will be derived from the Profits which may have arisen between 1855 and 1860. STHOSE PERSONS WHO EFFECT ASSURANCES BEFORE 15th NOVEMBER, 1857, will Participate in the Division of 1860, securing Four Yeare Bonus, while they will be entitled at the Division in 1865 to rank for Nine Years in 1870 for Fourteen Years ana so on, their claim increasing at EACH QOIN- QUENNIAL PERIOD. ° The MODE OF DIVISION is essentially Tontine, and the Director confidently assert no £ ife Assurance Institution holds out greater advantages than the STAN- DABD to persons who, looking forward to long life, effect Assurances for the benefit of their families. THE COMPANY'S LARGE. ACCUMULATED FUNDS are invested on the security of Land and in Government Securities. Its Income considerably exceeds a Quarter of a Million Sterling, and during the last ten years alone 839) Policies have been issued by the Corn. pany, covering Assurances exceeding in amount Four and a Half Millions Sterling. WILL. THOS. THOMSON, Manager. H. JON US WILLIAMS, Res. Sec. London. 82, KING WILLIAM STREET, CITY. Edinburgh 3, GEORGE STREET (Head Office). Dublin 66, UPPER SACKVILLE STREET. Glasgow 35, ST. VINCENT PLACE. An Agent in every important Town throughout the Kingdom. AGENTS. NEWPORT, Monmouth E. E. Buckingham, Old Bank, and Geo. Blakey, Solicitor. Abergavenny j. G. James. Chepstow Thomas Sargeaat. Cardiff B. Calder, Ship Broker. [1762 WHATTON & SON, WHOLESALE • CONFECTIONERS, SUGAR BOILERS, MINT LOZENGE, COMFIT AND JUJUBE MANUFACTURERS, (21, UITION-STREET, & 18, MILK-STBWT, BRISTOL. TIM Cheapest Hoaøe in the West of Engitnd. Sample. lent per poet. [1352 Ittatu ffiommuntatimi. NEW LINE OF STEAMERS BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND CARDIFF. HE fast-sailing and power- ful iron steamer a,rPHE fast-sailing and power- PSV ful iron steamer H. FLETCHER, Commander, Is intended to ply between the above named Ports for the purpose of conveying Goods and Merchandise, and afford- ing to Merchants, Tradeamen, and the public generally, an accommodation they have long felt the want of she will be despatched from Liverpool, West side of COLLIN G- WOOD DOCK, every SATURDAY, weather permitting, and from Cardiff, BULL WHARF, every TUESDAY. For particulars of Freight, &c., apply to Messrs. PIL- KINGTON BROTHERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool; Mr. HENRY BELCHER, Bull Wharf, Cardiff; or Messrs. NAISH & Co 29, Llanarth-street, Newport, Monmouthshire. Goods conveyed to all parts of South Wales and Mon- mouthshire. [1683 BRISTOL GENERAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY « BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. nrfbJffit rpHE Bristol General Steam Naviga- JL tion Company's splendid Paddle Steamer ^SaaSIfiEvfiv "SWIFT," Captain JAMES PAKFITT, or other suitable vessel, will ply during the ensuing Week as follows:- Bristol to Newport. Newport to Bristol. OCTOBER. OCTOBER. Saturday 17 6 morn Saturday 17 4 after Monday 19 7 mom Tuesday 20 51 after Wednesday 21 7 mom Thursday 22 7 morn Friday 23 8 morn Saturday 24 81 morn A Waiting room is provided opposite the Landing Place at Hotwells, where Passengers are taken on board free of charge, about fifteen minutes after the time stated in the bills for sailing from Bathurst Basin. A Packet from the Hotwells to and from PORTTSHEAD daily (Sundays excepted). FARES—After Cabin, 3s.; Front Cabin, Is. 6d. To and Fro same day, After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Four-wheel Carriage 18s.; Two-wheel ditto, or light Phseton, 8s.; Two-wheel Carriage, or light Phsoton, drawn by one horse, with Driver, 12s.; Horse, 5s.; Horse and Rider, 6s.; Dogs, Is. each. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Horses and Carriagell shipped at Bathurst Basin one hour before sailing, Fnrther particulars may be obtained at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Company's Office, Quay, Bristol, where all Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c should be addressed. Bills and other information can be obtained of Mr. JOHN JONES, Rownham Wharf, Hotwells; or of Mr. R. P. JONES Rodney Wharf, Newport. Bristol to Cardiff. OCTOBER. Saturday 17 6 morn Monday 19 7 morn Wednesday 21 71 morn Friday 23 Si morn Cargo and Live Stock only. Tuesday 20 71 morn Saturday 24 9 morn Cai-diff to Bristol OCTOBER. Saturday 17 3J after Monday 19 5 morn Tuesday 20 4f after Thursday 22 6$morn „ 22 62 after Saturday 24 7 morn Bristol to Tenby. OCTOBER. Tuesday 20 7 morn Tenby to Bristol. OCTOBER. Saturday 17 8 morn Friday 23 10J morn FARES—Cabin, 13s. Children under twelve years. 6s 6d. Ser- vants in the Cabin, 8s (including Steward's Fees.) Fore Cabin, 7s 6d. Children under twelve years, 4s. Carriage, 42s; Pair- horsephæton,3186d; Small one- horse ditto, 25s; Gig, 20s; Horse 20s, Dog, 3s. Horses and Carriages landed and embarked at the risk and expense and expense of their Owners. Bristol to Milford, I'ater, and Haverfordwest. OCTOBER. Tuesday 20 7 morn FARES—Cabin, 13s., Deck, 7s 6d From Milford to Waterford, From &uth Wales Terminus, Wednesday Evenings, at Eight o'clock, or as soon after as cir- cumstances will permit. FARES.—Best Cabin, 12s. 6d., Fore-Cabin, 7s 6d. Waterford to Bristol Fridays Bristol to Garmarthen. OCTOBER. Tuesday 20 7 morn Carmarthen to Wexford as soon after arrival from Bristol as circumstances will permit. FARES— Same as Tenby NOTICE.-The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets will not be accountable for any Cabin Passengers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of E2; nor for auy Deck Passsngers' Luggage (if lost or damaged) above the value of 20s unless in each case entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same, at the time of delivery; nor will they be answerable for any other parcel, above the value of 40s. (if lost or damaged) nn- less entered as such, and freight in proportion paid for the same at the time of delivery. [40 BRISTOL AND NEWPORT. NOTICE.—A comfortable Waiting-room is provided at Rownham Ferry, and Passengers and their Luggage re embarked and landed free of expense. rpHE New Steam Packet Com- X\lv li pany (Limited) hereby announce p^tlvf\s\ that their fast-sailing Screw Steamers, AVTON," T. LODGE, Commander; SEVERN," W- HOWE, Commander; ,unless prevented by any unforeseen occurrence) are intended to sail as follows, during the month of OCTOBER 1857.— From Bathurst Basin, Bristol. H 2 Friday 4 30 after p 3j Saturday 6 15 morn p 5tMonday. 7 15 morn p 6tTuesday. 7 45 morn 7 Wednesday 8 15 morn M 8 Thursday-no sailing. p 9 Friday 9 0 morn M 10 Saturday .10 0 morn P 12-J Monday 1 45 after M 13 Tuesday 2 15 after p 14 Wednesday 3 30 after u 15 Thursday 4 O after p 16 Friday 4 45 after p 17 Saturday 5 45 after M 19 Monday—no sailing p 20 Tuesday 7 0 morn M 21 Wednesday ..7 0 morn p 22 Thursday 8 0 morn M 23 Friday 8 0 morn 24 Saturday 915 morn M 263Monday 10 0 morn 27gTuesday .12 30 after M 28 Wednesday 2 0 after p 29 Thursday 2 45 after M 30 Friday 3 0 atter p 31 Saturday 4 15 after From Beaufort Wharf, NevJport p 2 Friday 3 45 after p 3 Saturday 4 30 after p 5 Monday 6 0 after p 6 Tuesday 6 30 after 7 Wednesday -no sailing. P 8 Thursday 7 15 morn M 9 Friday 8 30 morn P 10 Saturday 8 45 morn M 12 Monday .12 45 after p 13 Tuesday 1 30 after M 14 Wednesday 2 15 after p 15 Thursday 3 15 after 16 Friday—no sailing. p 17tSaturday 4 30 morn p 19 Monday 5 15 after 20 Tnesday-uo sailing. p 21 Wednesday ..6 0 morn M 22 Thursday 7 0 morn p 23 Friday 7 0 morn M 24 Saturday 8 30 morn p 26 Monday 8 30 morn M 27 Tuesday .10 30 morn P 28 Wednesday ..12 45 after M 29 Thursday 1 0 after p 30 Friday 2 15 after p 31 Saturday 3 30 after P The days on which Passengers are taken. M Merchandise only t To and Fro from Bristol, t To and Fro from Newport. § To and from Cumberland Basin. FAMES:—After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin, Is 6d.; To and Fro the same day (provided a To and Fro Ticket be taken); Ajter Cabin, 4s Fore Cabin, 2s.; Four-Wheel. Carriage, 18s.; Small Four-Wheel Carriage, 12s. 6d Gig, or Light Phaeton,%s.; Ditto, with Horse and Driver, 12s.; Horse, 58 Horse and Rider, 6s.; Dogs, Is. each.- Befreshmentsmay be had on board. Horse.,? and Carriages must be alongside Two Hours before the advertised time of sailing, to ensure shipment. Return Tickets will be issued from Saturday to Monday, at To and Fro Fares. Time Bills of the sailings of these Packets can be seen at the Stations on the Newport, Abergavenny, and Hereford, and Eastern and Western Valleys Railways; may also be obtained at the principal Inns in the undermentioned j laces: -Pontypool, Aber- sychan, Crumlin, Blaina, Nantyglo, Brynmawr, Beaufort, Sirhowy Tredegar, Newtown, Ebbw Vale, Victoria, Blackwood, Newbridge Abercarn, and Risca. The Proprietors give notice that they have taken extensive Warehouses and Offices, situate opposite the SEAMEN'S FLOATING CHAPEL, on the GROVE, BRISTOL, where all Goods intended for Transit by their Steamers, will henceforth be received, and where Conditions of Freight, &c may be known; as also at Beaufort Wharf, Newport. Goods Warehoused on rea- sonable Terms. As it is intended that these Packets shall start PUNCTUALLI AT THE TIMES ADVERTISED, the Shipment oj Goods per same day's Steamer cannot be guaranteed unless they are alongside one hour before the time of sailing. NOTICE.-The cheapest route (via Newport and Hereford Railway Company) to Liverpool, Birkenhead, and places adjacent in the North, is by these Packets. First, Second, and Third Class Trains leave Mill-street Station, Newport, for Birkenhead and Liverpool, at 7-30 a.m. and 1-40 p.m. Fares to Birkenliead-First Class, 28s. 4d., second ditto, 21s. Id. Third ditto, 12s. 4d. 9681 H A GILLER, Traffic Manager. CARDIFF STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. m ""kj&v HPHE following fast-sailing Steamers —"JENNY JONES," DAVID DAVIES, j^jNgLjj^V^COMMANDER; and "TALIESIN," DAVID GEORGK, .V4BSaaaB^Commander; are intended to ply between CAR- DIFF and BRISTOL, with Pa-isengers and Merchandise, during the month of OCTOBER, 1857, as follows Arriving at, and starting from, Bathurst Basin, Bristol, calling- at the Hotwells, where passengers will be landed and embarked at the Rownham Ferry Slip, free of expense, at which place a comfortable Waiting Room is provided. From Bute Docks, Cardiff. Saturday 3 *4 morn Monday 5 5J after Tuesday 6 6 morn Wednesday 7 61 morn Friday 9 7 j morn Monday 12 11! morn Wednesday 14 2 after Thursday 15 *3 morn Friday 16 31 after Saturday 17 *4 morn Monday 19 4J after Tuesday 20 5! morn Wednesday 21 6 morn „ 21 5J after Friday 23 7 morn „ 23 6j after Monday 26 t8; morn Wednesday 28 12 noon Fridav 30 2 after From Bathurst Basin, Bristol. Saturday 3 5J after Monday 5 7 after Tuesday 6 7i morn Thursday 8 9 morn Saturday 10 10i morn Tuesday 13 3 after Thursday 15 4 after Saturday 17 5] after Monday 19 61 after Tuesday 20 7& morn Thursday 22 8 morn Saturday 24 9 morn Tuesday 27 fl2 noon Thursday 29 21 after Saturday 31 4 after To and Fro from Cardiff 1st, 3rd, 15th, and 17th. ? To and Fro from Bristol, 2nd. t To and From Cumberland Basin, 26th and 27th. Fares: After Cabin, 3s.; Fore Cabin, is. 6d. To and Fro same day, provided a To and Fro Ticket be taken, -After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s. To and Fro Tickets will also be issued on Saturday, available for the Return Trip on Monday. NOTICE.—It being intended to leave punctually at the time stated above, no Goods will be received for Shipment later than one hour previous. Goods and Parcels forwarded with despatch to Llantrissent Bridgend, Port Talbot, Neath, Swansea, Llanelly, Carmarthen. Merthyr, Aberdare, Pontypridd, Cowbridge, Caerphilly, &c., &c -Also to and from London. Manchester, Birmingham, and all 5^*1? of the kingdom.—Freight to be paid on delireiy.—No FEES 1 u Sorters. are in waiting at Cardiff on he arrival of the parts of the town?7 PassenSers to the railway stations and all Packets ?o°b'e,shi(tiT»^a«gej' Cattle. &c intended for the above at Bithurst Ba?in' ^r1- tiLe of sailing. ngslde one hour Previous to the Refreshmen^ may be^ad on Board on moderate terms. Four wheel Caariage, zus., i our-wheei Phseton drawn bv two horses, 15s.; One-horse Ph«ton, or Oig,lo«.; FoVwhlel, drawn by one horse, and driver, 12s, Hoi^e and Rider, after Cabin, 73. Od.; fore Cabin, 6s. Od. j Cattle, 4s.; Horses, 5a. eacb. aileep 8d. each; Lambs, 6d. each; Pigs, 9d D^.H and Calves, IS. each' -Shipping and landing live stock, at nskot their owners.—Theae Fares include every expense.. & Not accountable for any goods without shipping notes. NOTICE.-Goods for the above Steamers will received at Bathurst Basin, Bristol, and will be collected m Bristol, if re quired, at a moderate charge. Goods will also be received at Clare-street Hall, subject to a charge for hauling to Bathurst Basin. Goods delivered free of hauling and Dock does at Cardiff. *0* Parcels for conveyance witt be received at the Angel Hotel, 4Lnd will be punctually forwarded Further information as to freight, &e. may be obtained by applying at the Company's Office, Bate Docks, Cardiff; Mr. WllHas Davies, News-room, St. Mary's-street, Cardiff; or to Mr. JetM Bwnd, Clare-sUeet Hall, Maim-street, K istol. a J. THOMAS, General guperiatemtUat. (!tomuutuitutio. STEAM UNDER 60 DAYS TO AUSTRALIA. Passage £ 14 and upwards. jjTiP HPHE Liverpool and Australian Na- JL vigation Company's celebrated Steam Clip- pers, in conjunction with the EAGLE LINE OF PACKETS, ARE DESPATCHED ON THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH, TO THE CONSIGNMENT OF BRIGHT, BROTHERS, AND CO. MELBOURNE, Forwarding Passengers to all parts of Australia. Queen of the East Bilton 3000 „ Nov. Royal Charter (s.s.) .Taylor 3500 „ Dec. The Clipper Ships of the Eagle Line are selected from the Finest and Fastest Vessels built, guaranteed to sail to the day, and are famed for the superiority of the Provi- sioning, and excellent Passenger Accommodation. Packet of 15th NOVEMBER, the magnificent first-class clipper ship QUEEN OF THE EAST," 3,000 tons. This beautiful and favourite clipper, well known in the Australian trade, as a Passenger ship cannot be surpassed: her sailing qualities are of the first order. Her noble poop, upwards of 70 feet long, affords unrivalled accommo- dation for first and fore-cabin passengers. Her lofty 'tween decks are lighted, ventilated, and fitted in the very best manner to insure comfort. Apply to GIBSS, BRIGHT, and CO., 1, North John street, Liverpool; or to JOSEPH ELLIOTT, Bute-street, Cardiff. [970 IJA DOYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO WATERFORD, CORK, AND THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. First-class Steamers (in connection with the Great West- ern and South Wales Railways), carrying Her Majesty's Mails, leave the Milford Haven Terminus for Waterford, every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 1.30 a.m., on the arrival of the 4.50 Night Express of the previous Eveningfrom Paddington, returning from Waterford every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY,and FRIDAY, at 3 p.m. Leave the Milford Haven Terminus for Cork, on and after the 8th, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at 8 p.m on the ar- rival of the 9.40 a.m. Express, and 6 a.m. Third Class, from Paddington, returning from Cork every TUESDAY and FRIDAY, according to tide. Apply for Tickets at the First-class Railway Stations of the Great Western and South Wales Railways; Messrs. FORD and JACKSON, 36, Cannon-street, London Mr. DOWNEY, Quay, Waterford; or Messrs. MURPHY & SONS, Cork. Through Fares-London to Waterford, 50s 40s., and 24s. 6d. Intermediate Stations in proportion. Milford Haven to Waterford, 12s. 6d., 10s., and 7s. 6d. Sea passage 70 miles. Through Eares-London to Cork. 52s. 6d., 42s., and 26s. Intermediate Stations in proportion. Milford Haven to Cork, 15s.. 12s and 8s. Letters intended to be forwarded by this short and ex- peditions route, must be addressed via PEMBROKE DOCK. [619 STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CORK AND CARDIFF OR NEWPORT. rPHE Cork Steam Ship Company's -L Screw Steamer O SPRE Y700 T ons, B '3n 250 Horse-power, G. F. Cof/'KBURN, Com- mander, is intended to ply as underneath, unless prevented by any unforeseen occur- rence, with or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow Vessels, during the month of OCTOBER, 1857. From CORK, for CARDIFF Wednesday 7th, at 6. morn NEWPORT Wednesday 14th, at li after CARDIFF Wednesday 21st, at 4J atter NEWPORT Wednesday 28th, at 10J morn For CORK, from NEWPORT .Saturday 3rd at 6 morn CARDIFF Saturday 10th, at 10 morn NEWPORT .Saturday 17th, at 6 mom CARDIFF Saturday 24th, at Si morn NEWPORT Saturday 31st, at 4 after REDUCED RATES AND FARES: Wheat, Flour, and Meal, 9s. per ton; Oats, 7s.-6d.; Butter, 6d. per firkin; rates on all other articles may be ascertained at the Agents' Offices. Fares to Cardiff or Newport, Cabin (including fee) 15s.; Deck, 6s, Return Tickets, Cabin, (including fee) available for one Month. 22s. 6d. Horses,Carriages, Live Stock, and Goods intended for Shipment, should be alongside one hour before the time of sailing. The Company also give notice, that they will not be accountaole for Passengers' Luggage, unless the value thereof be declared, and freight paid accordingly, at the time of shipment; and that Passengers from CARDIFF must obtain their tickets at the Office before going on board. For Freight or Passage, apply at the Company's Office, Cork or to their Agents, JOHN OWEN, Ship Broker, Bute Dock, Cardiff; BENSON and MADDOCKS, Merchants, Great Dock street, Newport. 1656 STEAM TO NEW YORK. rpHE GLASGOW and NEW YORK -L STEAM-SHIP COMPANY'S Powerful jSsrasia* and Fast-sailing STEAM-SHIPS, jSsrasia* and Fast-sailing STEAM-SHIPS, Tons. Horse-power. Commander. Edinburgh 2,197 450 W. Cumming, New York 2,050 400 R. Craig, Glasgow 1,962 4 '0 J. Duncan, Are intended to Sail from GLASGOW to New York (unless prevented by any unforeseen circumstance^. New Ycrk Saturday, 19tt» Sept. Edinburgh Saturday, 3rd Oct. Glasgow Saturday, 31st Oct. CABIN PASSAGE, 15 GUINEAS, including Provi- sions, but not Wines or Liquors, which will be supplied on board at moderate rates. A limited number of Steer- age Passengers will be taken at 8 Guineas, supplied with Provisions of good quality, properly cooked. Carries a Surgeon. Apply to MATHEW LANGLA.NDS, 5, St. Enoch- square, Glasgow, or to LANGTRYS & CO., 1632] Water-street, Liverpool (ftmiflration. Passage Money J614 and upwards. "WHITE STAR" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX ROYAL MAIL PACKETS 6SAILING BETWEEN LIVERPOOL AND MELBOURNE, y vkjT- On the 20th and 27th of every Month, And forwarding Passengers by steamers, at through rates, to all parts of Australia. 8, To the consignment of H. T. Wilson and Co., Melbourne. Ship. Captain. Reg. Bur. To Sail. Chancellor .S. Borland 2062 5000 Oct. 20. Anglo-Saxon .Welsh 1234 4000 Oct. 27. Red Jacket M. H O'Halloran 2460 5000 Nov. 20. SUCCEEDING SHIPS. Golden Era H. A. Brown 1556 4200 —— Shalimar.J. R. Brown 1432 4000 —— White Star .T. C. C. Kerr 2360 5000 —— The Chancellor" is the finest and largest ship on the berth for Australia, and magnificenily fitted for all classes of passengers. Her ventilation is superior to that of any ship afloat. The Anglo Saxon" has sailed from Liverpool to Callao in 74 days, and back heavily laden in 80 days she also sailed from Genoa to Quebec, discharged and took in cargo, and discharged same in Liverpool in two months and four days being the most extraordinary passages on record. Passengers embark on the 19th and 26th of every month. For Freight or Passage, apply to H. T. WILSON and CHAMBERS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool; W. NAISH and CO., 29, Llanarth-street, Newport; or to W. H. WHITELOCK, 3, Oxford-terrace, Wide- marsh-street, Hereford. [706 Chief Cabin, £ 35 Steerage, j614 "MERSEY" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. -jkibv QAILING FROM LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE JfawMyir On the 25th of every month. And forwarding Passengers by Steamers at through rates to all ports of Australia. Ship. Captain. Tons burthen. To sail. Herald C ilvert 3000. 25th Oct. Oceanica.Robertson .3500.25th Nov. New Ship 2000 25th Dec. The Herald" is a very fast ship, only eighteen months old, classed A 1 at Lloyd's for seven years. Made her last passage to Sydney in ninety days, landed her passengers in excellent health, and her cargo in admirable condition has eight feet height 'tween decks, and is one of the best ventilated ships on the berth. Her second catin in the poop is most elegantly fitted. Loading east side Prince's Dock. For Freight or Passage, apply to EDMUND THOMP- SON and CO., 20, Water-street, Liverpool or to G. W. JONES and CO., Ship Brokers, Newport; JAMES GAWN, Auctioneer, Aberdare TITUS JONES, Auc- tioneer, Merthyr JENKINS and REES, 16, Somerset- place, Swansea; or to R. W. PARRY, Ship Broker, Cardiff. N.B.-The Queen of the Avon, 1000 tons burthen, Captain Davies, will sail for Sydney direct, 1st November, with First and Second Class Passengers only Fares J635 and E20. [959 Passage Money j614 and upwards. THE "LIVERPOOL" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. ESTABLISHED IN 1848. -jjJslv QAILING on the 7th of each Month FOR MELBOURNE, nil11fU.^ iHinr Passengers by Steam to all Ports in Australia and Tasmania at Ship's expense. Minnehaha Morgan 2500 7th Nov. Gipsy Bride Murphy .3500.1th Dec. The Ships composing this old-established and favourite line, are well-known for their sailing qualities, and the safety with which passengers have been conveyed to their destination. The poops and houses on deck are fitted up as first and second cabins, and their spacious and lofty 'tween decks are appropriated to the third cabin and steerage passengers. For farther particulars, apply to JAMES M. WAL- THEW, 40, Chapel-street, Liverpool; or to THOMAS DRYDEN, Swansea; or to JOHN PUGH, Abergavenny. (1274 BRISTOL LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. FOR MELBOURNE DIRECT, T° SAIL tte 15th of OCTOBER, tile A.l Clipper Ship CHESTERHOLM," JSRSMW 1>500 Tons, R. B. EVANS, Commander. Has superior accommodation for all dutw of Passengers. For particulars, apply to MILESES and KINGTON, 61, Queen-square, Bristol: or to JAMES N. KNAPP and Co., Newport, [1661 PIANOFORTES, unparalleled (Patent JL Tubular) Obliques and Cottages, (equal in volume and quality of tone to horizontal grands, without their inconveniences) with Erard's patent check-action, Rust's patent tubular sounding-board, improved soft pedal, and every other modern improvement. Warranted, and may be exchanged if not approved of. PICCOLO PIANO- FORTES, in mahogany, walnut, or rosewood, (packed free for the country), 25 Guineas each.-RUST and Co., (from Regent-street), Patentees and Sole Manufacturers, 4, Great Marlborough-street, Regent-street, LONDON, W. Established 1850. [1755 EDGAR FENNELL, FISHMONGER, HIGH STREET, NEWPORT, TENDERS his best thanks to the Gentry .A. and Public for their continued patronage. He regrets that, in consequence of the great scarcity of Fish, he has been for a time unable to execute all the orders with which he has been favoured; but he has now made arrangements whereby he can ensure a CONSTANT SUPPLY OF FISH, And would assure his Patrons that their esteemed orders shall have immediate attention. [1743 MILLINERY AND MANTLE SHOW ROOMS. MISS HOLMES RESPECTFULLY intimates to the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants generally of Newport and Neighbourhood, that she will be prepared to submit to public inspection, on THURSDAY NEXT, October 22nd, a Superb Assortment of First-class MILLINERY, both FRENCH and ENGLISH, selected with great care from the best Houses in the Metropolis; also a great variety of TiilMMED FANCY BONNETS DRESS CAPS, HEAD DRESSES, FRENCH KID GLOVES, RIBBONS, FLOWEHS, &c. Miss H. begs also to say that she will be enabled to show the Newest Patterns in MANTLES and JACKETS for the Winter Season, and would be obliged by an early call. Ladies' and Cbildrens' FbLT HATS: Patent Wove and Parisian STAYS. [1749 AUTUMN FASHIONS FROM LONDON AND PARIS. J. MINCHIN RESPECTFULLY announces he has now ready for Inspection a Splendid STOCK of NEW t BONNETS, STRAW and FELT HATS, RIBBONS, FRENCH and ENGLISH FLOWERS, FEATHERS, &c., &c. OBSERVE—WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. VICTORIA HOUSE, 140, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. [983 RICHARD L. WILLIAMS, (Eldest Son of the Late Wm. Williams, of the Old Brewery, St. Mary-street), IMPORTER of FOREIGN WINES and SPIRITS, DEALER in BOTTLED ALES and PORTER, POST OFFICE BUILDINGS, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. 1458 NORMAL COLLEGE, SWANSEA. PRINCIPAL-E V AND A V I E S, A.M. ASSISTANT MASTERS:— J. G. GAUNTLETT, B.A., Oxon, in Double Honours. ANDREW STEVENS, T • • P n « TJ I, I R J RAINES HAWKINS ( xrom the T. raining College, Rorou^h-road, London. H. McMASTER, Stowe's Normal Seminary, Glasgow :— CHEMISTRY, MINERALOGY, AND METALLURGY. 548] C. GREVILLE WILLIAMS, late Assistant Professor in the University of Glasgow | | | | | JOHN A. AND THOMAS LEWIS, MANUFACTURERS OF WIRE FENCING TO HER MAJESTY, FROGMORE-STREET, ABERGAVENNY, WHOLESALE & RETAIL IRONMONGERS, IRON & BRASS FOUNDERS, AND GENERAL MANUFACTURERS, BEG respectfully to call the attention of the Public to their newly-invented INVISIBLE WIRE Fn/NCING, for which they have had the honour to receive the patronage of Her Majesty's Government, and have executed extensive Contracts for erecting the same in Hyde Park, Victoria Park, and Windsor Par.l4- and also in Kensington Gardens. J. A. and T. L. have paid especial attention to this department of their business, and by an improved method of uniting the wires, they secure to the fencing increased durability and greater neatness of appearance. A priced Catalogue will be sent on application, and any Orders entrusted shall received immediate attention. [1550 DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, and those who may wish to consult them. MESSRS. MOSELY, SURGEON-DENTSITS, of 30, BERNER's-STR&ET, OXFORD-STREET, London, have the honor to announce that they will, for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope to meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the necessity of their applying elsewhere during their absence. Their days of attendance for NOVEMBER, will be on MONDAY, the 2nd, GEORGE HOTEL, Chepstow TUESDAY, the 3rd, at Mr. WILLIAMS', saddler, next door to the ANGEL HOTEL, Abergavenny WEDNESDAY, the 4th, KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport THURSDAY, the 5th, CARDIFF ARMS, Cardiff; FRIDAY and SATURDAY, the 6th and 7th, at Mr. J. POWELL'S, plumber, Monnow-street, Monmouth. Private apartments at all the Hotels. Attendance from Ten to Five. Single teeth, from 5s. Sets, from J65. Stopping decayed teeth, 2s. 6d. Messrs. MOSELY beg to call the attention of their patients, and those who may wish to consult them, that they can now supply Artificial Teeth, with GUTTA PERCHA GUMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the remaining teeth is avoided, and entirely superseding the use of wires or ligatures of any description. They are also the Patentees and Inventors of the new GCJM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, which is added to the Teeth, and prevents the lodgment of the food, and which also restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary in the adaptation of Artificial Teeth. Specimens of these beautiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every information given, free of expense. Every other description of Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete met. at htlf the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's Teeth attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. [769 CARDIFF, NEWPORT, MERTHYR.-DENTAL SURGERY. PATRONISED BY THE PRINCIPAL AND MOST DISTINGUISHED FAMILIES IN SOUTH WALES. MR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEON-DENTIST, 72, Crockherbtown, (Two Doors from Frederick-street), Cardiff, continues to supply his beautiful MINERAL TEETH, upon the first known and most scientific principles, including the Engraved Gold Suction Plate also, with Gutta Percha, and beautiful Artificial Gums. They are supplied without the extraction of roots, or giving the least pain, and for a natural appearance, general utility, and ease in mastication, they cannot be equalled by any dentist in the West of England or Wales, or excelled in any part of the world. Persons who have failed to find satisfaction in other hands, are particularly requested to call. Teeth effectually Stopped with Gold or White Cement; scaling, extracting, irregular teeth brought into position, and all operations of the mouth performed with ease and safety. Attendance at Mrs. KELAN'S, Confectioner, opposite Bush Hotel, MEKTHYR, as follows :-Wednesday, July Is and 15th August 5th and 19th; September 2nd and 16th; October 17th and 21st; November 4th and 18th December 2nd and 16th. Attendance at Mrs. EDWARDS'S, 173, Commercial-street, (near the Westgate Hotel ) NEWPORT every FRIDAY. No charge for consultation.—Charges strictly moderate.—Attendance daily from Ten to Five, except as abo v [643 DRAPERY.- £ 3,700. IMPORTANT NOTICE OF SALE BY R. AND W. DYKE, No. 2. BUTE-STREET, NEAR THE HAYES BRIDGE, CARDIFF. R& W. DYKE, having purchased the STOCK of Mr. W. MORRIS (who is leaving • the neighbourhood) at a large discount off cost price, are now offering the same at an IMMENSE SACRIFICE from former prices, in order to effect a clearance of the whole, to make room for an entire NEW and FASHIONABLE STOCK, suitable for the approaching season. R. & W. DYKE beg to call the particular attention of large buyers and charitable societies to lots of Goods which will be made up to suit them, at such prices that must command a ready sale. During the Sale, the Establishment will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. System of business:—READY MONEY, AND ONE PRIOE ONLY. tST Observe the Address—R. AND W, DYKE, TRAFALGAR HOUSE, No. 2, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF [1656 I CABINET & CARPET WAREHOUSE, 19, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. DANIEL LEWIS begs respectfully to invite the attention of parties about to Furnish to his extensive STOCK of CABINET FURNITURE, of all descriptions. BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER and FELT CARPETS. SILK and WOOL, WORSTED and UNION DAMASKS. FRINGES, BELL-ROPES, LOOPERS, ORRIS and FLOAT LACES. GILT CHIMNEY and TOILET-GLASSES. PAPER-HANGINGS, in great variety. FLOOR CLOTH, MATTINGS, and DOOR-MATS. FEATHER BEDS, HAIR and WOOL MATTRESSES. WINDOW HOLLANDS, TABLE COVERS, &c., &c. N.B. AGENT for the Sale of Mr. CHARLES CADBY'S CELEBRATED PATENT PIANO- FORTES, instruments of the best Manufacture, and universally acknowledged to be equal to any make in England. [1228 ¿" GOLDEN KEY GENERAL & FURNISHING IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT 9, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. MESSRS. LOWDER and SON beg to call tha attention of their friends and the public to their extensive stock of GENERAL and FURNISHING IRONMONGERY, consisting of Bronzed and Black Fenders, Fire Irons, JAPANNED GOODS of all descriptions, DISH COVERS, BATHS, MODERATOR and other LAMPS, COLZA OIL, REGISTER STOVE GRATES, COOKING APPARATUS, Gas, Ventilating and Suspension STOVES, JOYCE'S STOVE & PATENT FUEL, IRON BEDSTEADS, &c., &c., &c. AGENTS FOR MILNER'S SAFE AND DEED BOXES. 998 CARPETS. TURKEY and AXMINSTER CARPETS.—VELVET and TAPESTRY DITTO. BRUSSELS and KIDDERMINSTER DITTO.- .SILK and WORSTED DAMASKS. CHINTZES and PRINTED TOURNAYS.-EMBROIDERED MUSLIN and NET CURTAINS. GILT CORNICES, BRASS and other POLES.- VENETIAN SPRiNG and other BLINDS, SMITH and CO. respectfully invite the attention of the Nobility and Gentry to their elegant and extensive STOCK of CARPETS, CURTAINS, &c., the whole being of a superior character, while, as regards Price, the extensive nature of their transactions enables them to enter into successful competition with any* other House in the Trade. IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS. Cribs and Cots. Stump Bedsteads. French ditto. Canopy ditto. I Canopy ditto. Half Tester Bedsteads. Tent ditto. Fourpost ditto. Portable Folding ditto. Iron Chair and Extending Bedsteads. Iron Couches and Sofas. Officers and Portable ditto. BEDDING. BEDS, BOLSTERS, and PILLOWS. MATTRESSES and PALLIASSES. BLANKETS, QUILTS, and COUNTERPANES. LINEN and COTTON SHEETINGS. SMITH and CO. solicit parties FURNISHING to an inspection of their BEDS and BEDSTEADS, assuring their Friends that the whole of the Bedding Department will be Manufactured on their own Premises, of Materials that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. S and CO. cannot refrain from mentioning, for the guidance of those at a distance who are not. aware of the advantages offered at their Establishment, that as the facility of Railway and Steam Communication is now so great, parties Furnishing should visit their extensive Warerooms before purchasing elsewhere. SMITH AND CO., CARPET and FURNISHING WAREROOMS, 13, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL. [1170