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IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISERS RPHE Counties of SOUTH WALES, bor- dering on England, offer the most valuable and Profitable fields for ADVERTISERS that can be found Attain the same extent in the empire-if we exclude the great Metropolis, and the rich teeming districts of the the ever-absorbing NORTH. MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLAMORGANSHIRE,. BRECONSHIRE, with their large population, commercial enterprise, and rapidily.increasing wealth, are, unquestionably, COUNTIES to which Advertisers may look with confidence for an ample return for any outlay they may incur, in pushing their several interests, with a view to large and produc- tive sales, &o. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN, LAMORGANSHIRE AND BRECON SILURIAN, ND SOUTH WALES ADVERTISER, has been for more than a quarter of a century, the qREA T ADVERTISING MEDIUM OF THE DISTRICT. Advertisers desirous of availing themselves of the pub- licity of its columns, are requested to address the PUblisher, Mr. CHRISTOPHERS, NEWPORT, MON- MOUTHSHIRE, Advertisements inserted on a Moderate Scale; and when Contracted for by the Year, Half-year, or Quarter, the *erms are proportionately reduced. NEWSPAPERCIRCULATION. EXTRACT FROM THE LAST ANNUAL STAMP RETURN •ISSUED—ending 31st December, 1854 • 1QPU Weekly 1854. Average. MONMOUTHSHIRE MERLIN 110,425 2124 Cambrian 79)000 1519 Star of Crweat 76,100 1463 Mertbyr Guardian 61,500 11G3 Swansea Herald 58,250 1120 Monmouthshire Beacon 36,500 702 Silurian 35,375 661 At the close of the year 1855, the circulation of the Silurian was added to that of the MERLIN. P P, I N T I N G OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, NEATLY EXPEDITIOUSLY EXECUTED AT THE CkA Ptrliit Enteral printing dffwt, 15, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON. BOOK-PRINTING, BUSINESS FORMS, ACCOUNT BOOKS, CIRCULARS, CARDS, REPORTS, &c. EXHIBITION PRIZE MEDAL WEIGHING- MACHINE. HENRY POO LEY AND SON, 20, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, MON PATENTEES OF THE PLATFORM WEIGHING MACHINE, WEIGH-BRIDGES, &c., luitable't'- f all Commercial, Mining, and Manufacturing Purposes. WORKS AT LIVERPOOL. AGENTS for the SALE of DONKEY-ENGINES; IMPROVED TAPS & VALVES; PRESSURE GAUGES, and all BRASS MOUNTINGS for Steam Engines and Boilers, &c.; AMERICAN VULCANIZED INDIA-RUBBER BELTING. PACKING, HOSE, &c BOLTS, RIVETS, &o.; MACHINERY BELTING CHUBB'S PATENT FIRE and THIEF-PROOF SAFES. DETECTOR LOCKS, &c. THE FRANKLIN PATENT GAS REGULATOR. [1015 CARDIFF DEPOT OF PREPARED JOINERS WORK. MESSRS. JAMES & PRICE have for SALE Skirtings, Mouldings, Architraves, Sash Bars, Wood Cornices, Door Jambs, Angle Beads, Doors, Sashes, and all kinds of Joiner's Work. Prices sent on application, of which the following will give an idea-li inch 4 Panel Doors 6d. per foot, I4 inch Bead and Butt Doors 8,d. per foot; 2 inch Doors, Moulded both sides, lid. per foot; li inch Sashes and Frames, with Deal Castings, Baltic sunk Sills and Axle Pullies, prepared to hang double, at 9d. per foot; 7 inch Torus Skirting 12s. .per 100 feet. The work guaranteed of the best quality. Messrs. JAMES & PRICE are the Cardiff Agents for Messrs. Henry Doulton & Co., and have a large quantity of Doulton's Drain Pipes, Closet Pans, Filters, &o always in Stock. Roman and Portland Cement, Croggan S Rooting Felt, Caen Stone, Bath frtone. Forest Stone, and all kinds Of Building Materials constantly on Sale. Tenders supplied for Asphalting Garden Walks and House Floors, Apply to Messrs. JAMES & PRICE, Builders, &c., -Cardiff. [1463 CAOUTCHOUC HOUSE, 14, CORN-STREET, BRISTOL, AUGUST 14th, 1857. WE beg to inform Boot and. Shoemakers, Wholesale Buyers, and the Public, that we have just received our first consignments of LADIES' GENTLEMEN'S. AND CHILDREN'S OVERSHOES, Of French and American Manufacture, for this season The quality is excellent. The fittings are high, medium and low. THE LADIES SLIPPER OVERSHOES are exceedingly neat and light-prices low. JOB LOTS Of last season's Overshoes, at less than half price. Samples and Prices forwarded on application to- BEESLEY AND HEYES, IMPORTERS OF OVERSHOES, 14, Corn-street (opposite the Old Bank), BRISTOL. [1226 R. CHARLES HENRY TASKER, M Organist of St. Paul's, Newport, TEACHER of 4he PIANOFORTE.. Residence-Drayton Villa, Maindee. [1666 WHEN YOU ASK FOR GLENFIELD PATENT STARCH G SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As inferior kinds are often substituted. [1027 TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, WHEELWRIGHTS, & THE GENERAL PUBLIC 1VT ? THOMAS, Usk Timber-yard, iT" *• eal T 1 Ne™l>ort Dock, beo-s to draw special Stop* «nrELffkTfM|LE|EPERS FENCING I intensions), ASH and ELM PLANK FBA( pnl SPOKES, FELLOES,STOCKS/HELVE% TTnSmS 5 barred) TRENAIL PINS, SCAFFOLDINGPOrFs' 'rices W al e C°mtantly on at Reasonable N" B.—Powerful and convenient Cranage frt, t T ?oods on Trucks. °r iHj.jjm)mm FIRE! J| THIEVESI! u-t.^7'1 FIRE!! "I 1 it> a well known fact that thousands upon J- thousands are annually lost in not having a fire-Droof fcoie; an opportunity now offers to secure second-hand S*»g bv the most eminent makers, at nearlv half +>i« original cost. Warranted to be sound and perfect in everv Pric90f **■*>»>•& TfJet>o„;V0t),6n in search of any descriptions of Fire-pr 00f Tt0 a?pIy t0 0 w- .• 191i VVhitechapelRoadt Loadoxt, ner c jjile- [1107 C. MILNES, TAILOR AND DRAPER, 158, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT, BEGS to apprise his friends that his Stock, adapted for the present season, is now ready; he respectfully solicits an early call. Newport, Oct., 1857. ]1013 NEWPORT STEAM SAW MILLS, CANAL-PARADE, NEWPORT, To TIMBER-MERCHANTS, BUILDERS,$Others. WG. LOVELL begs to state he has • added to his General Sawing, that of GROOVING and RABBITING, for which he is prepared to execute orders on the most moderate terms. A Stock kept of ELM and DEAL BOARDS, SLATE, and PANTILE LATHS, &C. [1439 BENTALL'S PATENT BROADSHARE AND SUB-SOIL PLOUGHS. J. S. STONE RESPECTFULLY invites particular atten- R tion to his NEW STOCK of the above IMPLE- MENTS, to which so many First Class Prizes have been awarded. Catalogues sent post free, on application to J. S. STONE, Newport, Mon. [1002 EDWARD OSTLER, (From Finigan's, Bath) PERFUMER, HAIR DRESSER, WIG MAKER, and HAIR DYER, FIRST FLOOR, 173, COMMERCIAL-STREET, (Three Doors from the Westgate Hotel), NEWPORT, MON. [1010 WOOLLENS! WOOLLENS!! LEWIS AND KERR keep the Largest Stock of CLOTHS AND TAILORS' TRIMMINGS » in Newport. CROCKETT'S PATENT LEATHER CLOTH. CLOTH-HALL, 31, HIGH-STREET. [1125 CLOTHS AND TAILORS' TRIMMINGS » in Newport. CROCKETT'S PATENT LEATHER CLOTH. CLOTH-HALL, 31, HIGH-STREET. [1125 WR. MATTHEWS and CO., TEA and • COFFEE MERCHANTS, 19, COMMERCIAL- STREET, NEWPORT. A large and well-selected Stock on Sale; good quality combined with moderation in prices. [5 MR. GRAHAM YOUNG, SURGEON DENTIST, of No. 7, PARK- S STREET, BRISTOL, attends periodically (as for the last ten years) at NEWPORT, the first WEDNESDAY, and at CARDIFF, the following THURSDAY in every Month, when he may be consulted on all cases relating to to his Profession. Mr. YOUNG'S UQXT visit. will oocar as follows :— NEWPORT-At Mr. Wansbrough's, No. 4, Commercial- street-Wednesday, October 7th. CARDIFF—Mrs. Williams, No. 64, Crockherbtown- Thursday, October 8th. [863 [A CARD.] MR. R. N. OSBORNE, SURGEON-DENTIST, 17, DOCK-STREET, NEWPORT. At Mr. EWINS'S, Hair-dresser, High-street, Cardiff, every MONDAY. [1127 TEE T H. MR. PARSON", SURGEON-DENTIST, of 17, Orchard Street, End of Unity-Street, College- Green, Bristol, respectfully acquaints the Nobility, Clergy- Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport, and Vicinities, that he may be consulted in the various branches of his pro- fession, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport, on WEDNESDAY next, the 21st of October, 1857. Attend- ance from Eleven until Four o'clock. A single tooth, 5s., 10s. 6d., or £ 1 1 of tC6tH ••to • • •• .•••»•••• • t 4 4 A complete set (upper and lower), durable material 8 8 A complete set of natural or mineral teeth, beautifully mounted, best material, and very best workmanship and finish 12 12 Scaling 0 5 Artificial Teeth Remodelled, Remounted, and Repaired, and Misfitting, Rectified. 17, Orchard-street Bristol, October 14th, 1857. IMPORTANT. IF you want to BORROW MONEY, at a Cheap and Easy Rate go to Mr. WM. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock-street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and, with Security, you can have any amount from £ 50 up to dE2,000, repayable by Half-yearly Instalments in Three Years, with interest at 5 per cent. [1313 7- /TRAIN, BARREL FLOUR, OATMEAL, \JC INDIAN CORN, RICE MEAL.—G. W. FOWLER, 11, DRURY LANE, Liverpool. [1114 MURPHY'S IMPROVED BOLTS and NUTS for FISHING PLATES, and all Varie- ties of Machinery. Warranted not to Work Loose.- Apply to JAMES MURPHY, ENGINEER, RAILWAY WORKS, Newport, Mon. 1166 THE ISCA FOUNDRY COMPANY, ENGINEERS, BOILER-MAKERS, AND RAILWAY WAGON BUILDERS, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. N.B.-Switches. Points, and Crossings, Railway Iron Work, and General Repairs. [1098 LENFIELD PATENT STARCH USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, And pronounced by HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS, to be THE FINEST STARCH SHE EVER USED. Sold by all Chandlers, Grocers, &c., &c. [1027 £1,000 IN CASE OF DEATH. A FIXED ALLOWANCE OF £ 6 PER WEEK, IN THE EVENT OF INJURY BY ACCIDENTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, may be secured by an Annual Payment of Y,3 for a Policy in the RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE COMPANY. Smaller amounts may be secured by proportionate payments. NO CHARGE FOR STAMP DUTY. RAILWAY ACCIDENTS ALONE may be insured against by the Journey or by the year, at all the principal Railway Stations, where also Forms of Proposal and Prospectuses may be bad -and of the Provincial Agents -and at the Head Office, London. JJ.B The usefulness of this Company is Bhown by the sum paid as Compensation for Accidents, £22,722. Railway Passengers Assurance Company, Empowered by Special Act of Parliament.WM. J. VIAN, Offices, 3, Old Broad-street, E.S. Secretary. [1106 HARVEY'S SAUCE.—The admirers of this JL-L celebrated Fish-Sauce are particularly requested to observe that none is genuine but that which bears the name of WILLIAM LAZENBY on the back of each bottle, in addition to the front label used so many years, add signed ELIZABETH LAZENBY. E LAZENBY & SON'S ESSENCE OF • ANCHOVIES continues to. be prepared with that ?jtC r care which has rendered it so universally esteemed, Manufactured only at their old-established Fish-Sauce Warehouse, 6, Edwards Street Portman-Square, London. [1490 BELMONTraE CANDLES. &c. PRICE'S PATENT CANDLES of all kinds, jT_ guaranteed of the Company's genuine make only. The BEST PATENT COMPOSITES, lljd. per lb. net cash, (other candles are sometimes sold as the Company's) All the oheaper sorts of Candles and Household Soaps keDt. Finest Colza Oil, &e. WHITMORE AND CRADDflCK, City Agents, 16, Bisbopsgatfi-Btreet \Yifchin,, London. J priced Lifttft-Sfilit [|17S4 Addreosto. BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. TO THE "BURGESSES OF THE WEST WARD. GENTLEMEN,-My term of office at the G Council Board will expire on the First of November. During a period of Fifteen Years I have had the honor to be one of your Representatives, and I trust that I have not forfeited your good opinion but that in again offering myself as a candidate, I may hope for your continued support. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your most obedient servant, HENRY JOHN DAVIS. Newport, 16th October, 1857. [1760 BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. TO THE "BURGESSES OF THE EAST WARD. GENTLEMEN,—My term of office, as one of your Representatives at the Council Board, is about expiring. Believing that my past conduct in that capacity has met with your approval, I intend to offer myself as a Candidate for re-election, on the 2nd of November next. Should you again honour me by returning me one of your Representatives, I beg to assure you that I will continue to devote my best energies to the promotion of those interests with which we are mutually identified. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servant, HENRY SHEPPARD. Newport, October 14, 1857. [1758 BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE EAST WARD. GENTLEMEN,—On the Second of Novem- ber YOU will be called upon, in the exercise of your Municipal rights, to elect Men to represent YOUR. interests at the Council Board of this Borough. Many of your number who last year thought I should be useful to you in such capacity, have again expressed their desire that I would offer myself for Election, to fill one of the Seats which will then become vacant. In complying with that desire, I beg to assure you, that, if returned, I shall continue to pursue that line of public conduct which, on the occasion before alluded to, received so large an amount of approval. I am credibly informed that it has been stated that, in consequence of my name having been omitted from the Burgess List, I am not eligible. This renders it necessary for me to refer to the clause in the Act of Parliament, which states that in order to be qualified for Election as a Councillor, the Name of the Person must be either on OR ENTITLD TO BE ON the List of Bur- gesses. Being in a position to prove that I am so en- titled, I am advised that I am eligible. I remain, Gentlemen, Your obedient, faithful servant, W. GRAHAM, JUN. Newport October 15th, 1857. [1765 BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. TO THE "BURGESSES OF THE EAST WARD. GENTLEMEN,—Having been repeatedly asked to offer myself as a Candidate for a seat in the Town Council, and there being now two vacancies in your Ward, I beg to solicit your votes and interest at the approaching Election. I need scarcely inform you that I am deeply interested in the prosperity of the Borough, with the Import Trade of which I am intimately connected, and the extension of which it will be my study to promote, believing that it will be advantageous to all parties. If you do me the honour of electing me one of your Representatives, I will, to the best of my ability, strive to secure both economy and efficiency in the government of the Borough, and will at all times speak and vote independently, and for the general welfare. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Yours obediently, JAMES KEYSE. Market-street, Newport, October 14th, 1857. [1759 CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1857. TO THE "BURGESSES OF THE SOUTH WARD. GENTLEMEN,—My term of office as your Representative being about to expire, I again beg leave most respectfully to offer myself as a Candidate for your snffrages. I trust that my conduct during the period I have had the honour of representing you, has been such as to secure the approbation of those who wish to see the interests of this great Commercial Town in the hands of men conscientiouly determined to do their duty. I regret my inability at present to call personally on each Elector, and have, therefore, only to assure you that, in the event of my Re-election, the same assiduous attention that I have hitherto paid to the interests of the Rate-Payers, shall be continued. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, JOSEPH ELLIOTT. Bute-street, Cardiff, Oct. 8th, 1857. [1742 JUST PUBLISHED, A FINE LITHOGRAPHIC VIEW OF NEWPORT, Y taken from Maindee, by a first, rate London Artist, commanding extensive Views of the Town, the Bristol Channel, and surrounding Mountain Scenery. Price—7s. 6d plain 10s. 6d. colored. Proofs, 2s. 6d. extra. Published and Sold by HENRY MULLOCK, opposite the Town-hall, Newport, who will supply Frames to suit the View at cost price. [1724 JAMES LEACH, Wholesale and Retail BEDDING, BEDSTEAD, GLASS, and CABINET MART, 117, Commercial-street, Newport. Every descrip- ion of Brass and Iron Bedsteads, French, Arabian, Four- ost, and Canopy Bedsteads, in Birch, Mahogany, Wal- ut, and Painted Woods. Furniture bought, or taken in exchange, to any amount. [1111 DIAMONDS, PEARLS, PLATE, WATCHES, &c. PURCHASED for Cash, and the extreme P Value given. Parties desirous of Selling their PLATE and VALUABLES, communicated with in the strictest confidence, by WM. STICK LAND, GOLDSMITH, &c., 24, CLARE STREET, BRISTOL, who respectfully solicits an Inspection of his Large and Commanding STOCK of SILVER PLATE (New and Second-Hand), and ELECTRO SILVER PLATED GOODS, Elegant GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, of the highest character. a Superb Assortment of FIRST- CLASS JEWELLERY, in rich and endless. variety, offering all the advantages of Metropolitan Establishments, at a considerable REDUCTION in PRICE, with the impor- tant GUARANTEE as to QUALITY. Silver and Electro Silver Plated Fish Carvers Fish and Dessert Knives and Forks Knife, Fork, and Spoon, in Cases. STICKLAND'S ELECTRO PLATED SPOONS and FORKS, warranted the best and most perfect Substitute for Silver produced. Agent fQr Barnard's, Elkington, and other eminent Manufacturers. Several Second Hand Gold and Silver Watches, in perfect older, and warranted, at about half their original C08STICKLAND'S PLATE POWDER, Is. the Box. SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, & WATCHMAKER, 24, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. [1533 NATIONAL FAST.—India's Woes and England's Grief. Oh, that mine eyes were a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people." This and eight other subjects, by the Rev. C. H. SPURGEON, sent for Twelve Stamps, by W14. HAROLD, 37, Easfcohsap, London. J NOT ICE. THE only Establishment in Newport where a First Class PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAIT can be obtained WILL SHORTLY CLOSE. PORTRAITS FROM ONE SHILLING. Messrs. VILLIERS & ANDREWS, 1303] Old Canal Office High-street. DUCK AND COMPANY, TEA DEALERS AND COFFEE MERCHANTS, UNITY STREET, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL, BEG respectfully to inform Families that they will be supplied from their Establishment with Pure and Unadulterated TEAS COFFEES, of the finest growth, also COCOAS, and all kinds of. the finest qualities of SPICES, at WHOLESALE PRICES. DRESSING FOR SEED WHEAT. [1675 11HE FARMERS TRUE FRIEND, is a complete cure for Smut, or Black Head, stimulates the growth of the Seed, and is sold in Packets only, One Shilling each. sufficient to use with Six Bushels of Seed, and make it fit for sowing in Ten Minutes. Prepared only by RICHARD HALL, CHEMIST, BRECON. AGENTS Messrs. W. and E. WOOD, Chemists, Pontypool and Abersychan. Mr. W. H. WEATHERBY, Seedsman, Builth. Mr. R. HARRIS, Chemist, Crickhowell. Mr. C. GIBSON, Castle-street, Hay. Mr. S. GRIFFITHS, Chemist, Llandovery. Mr. C. SPENCER, Chemist, Monmouth. Mr. J. WATKINS, Chemist, Aberga.venny. Mr. R. M. DAVIES, Chemist, Caermarthen. Mr. J. THOMAS, Chemist, Cowbridge'. Mr. J. COLEMAN, Chemist, Cardiff. Mrs. S. TflOM i s, Corn Merchant, Bridgend. From whom may be obtained testimonials favourable to this preparation. [1726 J 'V. BEN SON'S tj WATCH AND CLOCK MANUFACTORIES, 33 & 34, LUDGATE HILL; 47 & 63, CORNHILL, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1749. It is absolutely necessary before you buy a Watch, that you should send for Illustrated Pam- phlet (enclose two poatage stamps), which contains nut merous sketches and prices, and Simportant information to Buy it, and How to Use it. In fact. no person ought to buy a until he has first consulted this as to what to Buy, Pamphlet, which will persons living in any part of the to select a Watch adapted to their use, thus saving the trouble and ex- pense of a persor-al visit to London. Gold Watches 4s. to 100 Guineas. Silver £2s. 2s. to 50 Glli neas. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS ON BENSON'S WATCHES, 41 Perfection of mechanisn."—Morning Post. "Excellence of design, and perfection in workmanship. Morning Chronicle,. The qualities of his manufacture stand second to none." Morning Advertiser. AU that can be desired in finish, taste, and design. Globe. The Watches here exhibited surpass those of any other English manufacturer."—Observer. The Morning Herald, Sun, Standard, and numerous other papers bear testimony to the beauty, finiwh, and excellency of these celebrated Watches. A two warranty with each Watch, and sent, carriage paid, to any part of England, Scotland, Ire- la-d, or Wales, on receipt of Post Office or Banker's Order. —Benson's Indian Watch, made expressly for India, silver cases, 10, 15, and 20 Guineas; in gold cases, at 20, 30. and 40 Guineas. Merchants, shippers, and watch-clubs supplied.—J. W. BENSON, 33 and 34, Ludgate Hill and at 47 and 63, Cornhill. Establishe 1749 [1658 DR. DE JONGH'S LIGHT BROWN COD LIVER OIL, Prescribed by eminent Medical Men as the most speedy and effectual remedy for CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, DIABETES. DISEASES OF THE SKIN, NEU RALGIA, RICKETS, INFANTILE WASTING, GENERAL DEBILITY, AISRN ALL SCROFULOUS AFFECTIONS, CONTAINS iodine, phosphate of lime, volatile m fatty acids—in short, all the most active and essential curative properties-in larger quantities than the Pale Oils manufactured in Great Britain and Newfoundland, mainly deprived of these by their mode of preparation. The well merited celebrity of Dr. de Jongh's Oil is attested by it3 extensive use in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Italy, by numerouss pontaneous testimonials from eminent mem bers of the faculty and scientific chemists of European reputation, and since its introduction into this country, by the marked confi- dence, as well as great success, with which it has been prescribed by medical practitioners. In many instances where other kinds of Cod Liver Oil have been taken with little or no benefit, it has produced most imme- diate relief, arrested disease, and restored health. SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS:— A. B. GRANVILLE, ESQ, M.D.,F.K.S, Author of The Spas of Germany," The Spas of England," „ „ On Sudden Death," <tc <Src. ,anviHe has used Dr. de J ongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil extensively in his practice, and has found it not only effica- cious, but uniform in its qualities. He believes it to be preferable in many respects to Oils sold without the guarantee of such an authority as De Jongh. DR. GRANVILLE HAS F»n.v/> THAT THIS PARTICULAR KIND PRODUCES THE DESIRED EFFECT IN A SHORTER TIME THAN OTHERS, AND THAT IT DOES NOT CAUSE THE NAUSEA AND INDIGESTION TOO OFTEN CONSEQUENT ON THE ADMINISTRA- TION OF THE PALE NEWFOUNDLAND! OILS The Oil being, more- over, much more palatable, Dr. Granville's patients have them- selyes expressed a preference for Dr. de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil a D1CIfARLES COWAN, ESQ M.D.L.R C S.E Senior Physician to the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Consulting Ploj- «C!<ra to the Reading Dispensary, Translator of Louis on Phthisis," &C. Hr. Cowan is glad to find that the Profession has some rea- sonable guarantee for a genuine article. The material now sold vanes in almost every establishment where it is purchased, and a tendency to prefer a colourless and tasteless Oil, if not coun- teracted, will ultimately jeopardize the reputation of an un- questionably valuable addition to the Materia Medica. Dr Cowan wishes Dn. DE JOXGH every success in his meritorious undertaking.' C RADCLYFFE HALL, ESQ., M D., F.R.C.P.E., Physician to the Torquay Hospitalfor Consumption, Torquay, Author of Essays on Pulmonary Tubercle&c. "I have no hesitation in saying that I generally prefer your Cod Liver Oil for the following reasons:—I have found it to agree better with the digestive organs, especially in those pa- tients who consider themselves to be bilious; it seldom causes nausea or eructation; it is more palatable to most patients than the other kinds of Cod Liver Oil; it is stronger, and consequently a smaller dose is sufficient." Sold ONLY in IMPERIAL Half-pints, 2s. 6d.; Pints, 4s [9d Quarts, 9s., capsuled, and labelled with DR. DE JONGH'S Stamp and Signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARE GENUINE, by ANSAR, HARFORD, and CO., sole British Consignees, 77, Strand London, W.C.; and by many respectable Chemists and Druggists Proposed substitutions of other kinds of Cod Liver Oil should be strenuously resisted, as they proceed from interested motives, and win result in disappointment to the purchaser. 11616 iuition. MR- GRIFFITH continues to PREPARE for UNIVERSITIES & GENERAL PURSUITS. Redlands, Bristol. [1713 TTERY ST. MARY SCHOOL DEVON". ESTABLISHED 1845. WILLIAM R E E D-Principal, MEMBER OF THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS; Six Years Resident Head Assistant Muster at the late Great School at Summer-Hill, Bristol. The Educational course embraces the Greek, Latin, English, and French Languages Euclid's Elements of Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Navigation, Land Surveying, &c.; Geography, History, Arithmetic, and Writing. In short, the System includes a sound scientific and liberal Education in accordance with the present ad- vanced state of Society. Otterv St. Mary is situated near the banks of the river whence it derives its name, in one of the most deliorbtf, localities of Devon, and seems from its nositinn Q ° i 23STto ltlr"' For the important purposes of Education the favouring I1'* Ttuati?'aS well as its unrivalled nf ft dSritrlV seclusion from every external influence dinary kind 9' coas ^^e attractions of no or- The Premises have been devoted to Educational pur- poses for nearly forty years, and the Establishment is re- plete with every convenience for the accommodation of the most respectable Pupils. First-class References will be given to Gentlemen resid- ing in Monmonthsbire, Glamorganshire, Ac., whose Sons are now in the School; and Terms and further particu- lars may be known on application to the Principal. (1350 NEWPORT DOCK COMPANY. THE HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEET- JL ING- of the PROPRIETORS of the NEWPORT DOCK, will be holden at this OFFICE on THURSDAY, the 5th day of November next, at 12 o'clock. By Order, HENRY R. FOOTE, Secretary. Dock Office, Newport, Non., 16th Oct., 1857. The Transfer Books of the Company will be closed from the 28th October till the day after the Meeting. "IVTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN,, that the -i-1 PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned JAMES NELSON ItN APP, SYD- NEY DAN JENKINS, and JOHN LATCH, carrying on business under the name, style, and firm of J AMES N. KNAPP & Co. at Newport, in the County of Mon- mouth, as Shipbrokers, has been DISSOLVED, by ma- tual consent. Dated this Ninth day of October, 1857. JAMES N. KNAPP, SYDNEY DAN JENKINS, JOHN LATCH. Witness—RICHARD GREENWAY. BOROUGH OF NEWPORT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having any ACCOUNTS against the CORPORATION or the LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH respectively, are requested to forward the particulars thereof to the Town Clerk's Office, on or before the 26th inst., for examination by the Finance Committee, otherwise their Accounts must stand over until FEB HD\RY next. By order of the Council. Newport, 16th Oct., 1857. BRECONSHIRE SESSIONS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next GENE- RAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the County of Brecon, will be held at the Shire Hall, in Brecon, in and for the said county, on TUESDA Y, the 20th day of October next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon. At Twelve o'clock at Noon, the business relat- ing to the Assessment, Application, or Management of the County Rate or Stock, will commence. The Oourt will also order and make a Police Rate, under the provisions of the 19th and 20th Victoria, c. 69, and of the several Acts referred to therein. All Witnesses in any Appeal are to be ready in Court, to answer to their names, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, on the above-mentioned day, when all Appellants and Respondents must also attend. Grand and Petty Jurors, Prosecutors, and Wit- nesses, must attend on Wednesday, the 21 si day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. Depositions must be forwarded to the Clerk of the Peace seven clear days before the Sessions, and in all cases arising subsequently, immediately upon being taken. AND NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having claims upon the County, must attend, with their Accounts, before the Visiting Magistrates to the Goal, at the Shire Hall, Brecon, on Tuesday, the 13th day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, when such several Accounts will be audited-And that all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed by the County, must be taxed at the same Sessions previous to or during which they shall be incurred, or they will not afterwards be allowed.. And further, that all Appeals and Traverses for Trial must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before the sit- ting of the Court, at Eleven o'clock on Tuesday. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Peace. Brecon, 22nd September, 1857. [1699 NOTICE. MESSRS. G. W. JONES & CO., SHIP- BROKERS, &c., Newport, Mon respectfully beg to inform their friends and correspondents, that they have REMOVEDtheir Offices from 28, LLAN ARTH-STREET to MASONIC-HALL BUILDINGS, Great Dock street. [1711 INDIAN RELIEF FUND. Under the auspices of THOMAS GRATREX, Esq., HIGH SHERIFF, AND CHARLES LYNE, Esq., MAYOR, A CONCERT OF SACRED MUSIC, consisting of Selections from the ORATORIOS of JUDAS MACCABEUS, MESSIAH, and CREATION, will take place at the TOWN HALL, (by permission of the Mayor), on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 29th, at Eight o'clock. The Orchestra. will consist of about 70 Performers, Amateurs of the Town and Neighbourhood, assisted by the lesident Professors. Conductor .Mr. H. J. GROVES. Admission .-Reserved Seats, 2s.; Body of the Hall, Is. Tickets may be obtained of Mr. NEWMAN, Music Seller and Mr. H. MULLOCK, Stationer, Newport. CHEAP CONCERTS FOR THE PEOPLE. MR. G. F. DAVIS'S FIRST CHEAP CONCERT will take place at the TOWN-HALL, EWPOBr, on MONDAY NEXT. Vocalist-MISS CUMMINGS. Double-action Gothic Harp -Mr. DAVIS. Accompanist—Mr. TASKER, Organist of St; Paul's Church. Admission—Sixpence [1745 THE ALLIANCE STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY -SJLjSsg-ife (LIMITED.) Incorporated August 3rd, under th, "Joint Stock Com- panies' Acts, 1856 and 1857," with Limited Liability. CAPITAL £ 100,000. (WITH POWEn. OF INCREASE.) In Shares of £1 each. Deposit 5s. per Share. Earl Talbot, C.B., &c., Ingestre Hall, Stafford, and Carlton Club, Pall Mall, (S. W ) Chairman. J. R Stebbing, Esq., F.U.A.S., President of the Chamber of Commerce, Southampton, Deputy Chairman. The Lord Thomas Pelham Clinton, Cleveland Square. H Hyde Park, (W.) John Gregory, Esq., Harley-place, (W.) White, King, and Gregory, Bankers, Haymarket. Henry Brinsley Sheridan, Esq., M.P., Bellefield House, Fulham, (S.W.) Capt. Neynal!, late of the Honble. East India Company's service, Chigwell, Essex, BANKERS. Messrs. Masterman & Co., 35, Nicholas- lane (KC.) Messrs. White, King, & Gregory. 11, ilaymarket (-S.W.) GENERAL SHIPPING AGENTS. Messrs. Cunard and Co Atlantic Line of Steamers. SOLICITOUS. Messrs. Vallance& Yallance, 20. Essex-street, Strand(W.C. CONSULTING ENGINEER. William Rennie, Esq., C.E., Fenchurch street (E.C ) MANAGER. I SECRETARY. Augustus Webber, Esq. I George W. Pinnock, Esq. OFFICE. 14 CHATHAM PLACE, BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE ("E.C ) rilHIS Company is formed under the law JL wMch limits the liability of shareholders to the amount of their respective shares, and has f,m u • The gradual supply felra with railways and canals between such TT J Kingdom and the Continent Vhm S the United now restricted and carried on g ?PeraV?nus are quite unsuited to the Vfsels' whlch The IHrantn » u PleS-Ttt necessities of commerce, steamer* h?! reso,ve<t place Auxiliary Screw p -?eTi ,lle Ports of Newport, Waterford, and -Cardiff, Southampton, and London; and Swansea, Milford, and Liverpool. As the traffic and communication of these places become developed, additional steamers will be laid on, and other lines opened. nf Calculations have been made, showing the Capital which it is proposed toraisem the first instance, ana the estimated profit to be derived therefrom. I hei oal- culations show on these lines a return of twenty to twenty- fl vp cent# per sniiuiD" Prospectuses and forms of applications for Shares, may be obtained at the office of the Company, 14, Chatham- place. Bl-»ckfriars Bridge, London, (E.C.) also of the un- dermentioned Share Agents:- I ABERDARE—Mr. Walter Lloyd, 8, Gloucester-place | ABERGAVENNY—Mr. Isaac Rosser, Tudor-street. CARDIFF—Bird & Co. GLOUCESTER—Mr. Charles Jones, 27, Victoria street, I MEBTHIR—Messrs. Chapman Brothers, High-street. N BWPORT-Mr. H. M. Partridge, and Mr. J. M. Scott, 48, Commercial-street. PONTYPOOL-Nlr. Robert Bowman. SWANSBA—Messrs. Gloyer and Squiirell, 16, Strand. 6 [1576 ogre%, RPHE LOCAL BOARD OF HEATTH OF X the BOROUGH of NEWPORT Spedfications of the work to be performed, mav be seen and farther particulars may be obtained, Oir application at nay Office, where Tenders, marked Tender for Scavenging," must be sent, on or before MONDAY, the 26th October next. The lowest Tender will not necessarily be accepted. ALFRED WILLIAMS, „ Engineer and Surveyor to the Board, lownhall, Newport, Mon., 30th Sept., I857- [1750 RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. MEETING, in connexion with /bow iSociety, will be held (by parmisa-on of the Mayor), at the TOWN HALL, NiSWPOBr win SNEADAY EVENING, October 21st. oa Wm The Chair to be taken at Seven o'clock. C. SPURDEN, of New Brunswick, will attend as a deputation, and afford interesting infoimation with Abroad operations of the Society, at Home and M T'TRf,f F0RD;,F- POL^D,W. ArroHMON, theJleeting' gentlemen are expected to address A Collection will be made in aid of the Funds. PROPOSED SALE AT COURT FARM, LLANTARNAM. I the Undersigned ANN DAVIES, of Y TY-COCH FARM, Llantarnam, Widow, and Daughter and next of Kin of JOHN MOSES, the Elder, late of Court Farm, Llantarnam, Farmer, deceased, do Hereby Give Notice, that I have been lawfully appointed Administratrix of the Goods, Chattels, and Credits, of the said John Moses; and that I am proceeding to collect in and distribute the same according to law. And I do Hereby Further Give Notice, that the Live and Dead Stock, Farming Stock, and Effects, and most of the Household Furniture, at Court Farm, aforesaid, which Messrs. Cornelius Evans and Son have advertised their intention to Sell there by Public Auction, on Tuesday next, the 20th of October instant, are and are claimed to be the said Goods and Chattels of the said John Moses deceased and that I object to such Sale thereof, and that I have given notice of such objection to the said Messrs. Cornelius Evans and Son, and required them not to proceed to such Sale. Dated this fourteenth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. ANN DAYIES. CAMBRIAN INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF AND DUMB, SWANSEA. AN ELECTION OF FOUR FREE BOARDER PUPILS, two Boys and two Girls, will take place at the INSTITUTION, at eleven o'clock. November 3rd, 1857. Forms of application may be obtained of Mr. EDWARD BUXTON, at the Institution. The Committee regret that the funds will not allow of the admission of more than Four Pupils, although the accommodation in the building is sufficient for a larger number. GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE AUDIT DISTRICT. NEWPORT UNION (MONMOUTHSHIRE.) I The Undersigned EDWARD MURRELL ? Auditor of the above-named District, do HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have appointed the AUDIT of the ACCOUNTS of the Newport Union, and of the pa- rishes therein contained (and mentioned at the foot of this notice), for the half-year ended the 29th of September, 1857, to commence on SATURDAY, the 31st day of October instant, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the WORK- HOUSE of the above-named Union, when and where all persons who by law are bound to account at such Audit are required to attend, and to submit all Books, Docu- ments, Bills, and Vouchers, containing or relating to the accounts or to moneys assessed for, and applicable to, the Relief of the Poor. Dated the Twelfth day of October, 1857. (Signed) EDWARD MURRELL, District Auditor. Parishes comprised in the above-named Union Bed was Bettws Bishton Caerleon Christchurch Coedkernew Duffryn Goldcliff Graig Henlis Kemys Inferior Llandevenny Llangattock Llangstone Llanhennock Llanmartin Llanvaches Llanvedw Llantarnam Llanwern Machen Upper Mac hen Lower Magor Malp,as Marshfield Michaelstone Vedw Mynyddyslwyn Nash Newport Penhow Peterstona Redwick Rhydywern Risca Rogerstone Saint Brides Saint Woollos Tredunnook —— Wilcrick Whitson. GLOUCESTERSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE AUDIT DISTRICT. BEDWELLTY UNION. I the undersigned EDWARD MURRELL, 5 Auditor of the above-named District, do HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have appointed the AUDIT of the ACCOUNTS of the BEDWELLTY UNION, and of the Parishes therein contained (and mentioned at the foot of this Notice), for the Half-year ended the 29th of Septem- ber, 1857, to commence on THURSDAY, the 29th day of October instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the BOARD ROOM in the Workhouse of the said Union, when and where all persons who by law are bound to account at such Audit, are required to attend, and to submit all Books, Documents, Bills, and Vouchers containing or relating to the accounts or to moneys assessed for, and applicable to. the Relief of the Poor. Dated the Twelfth day of October, 1857. (Signed) EDWARD MURRELL, District Auditor. Parishes comprised in the above-named Union. Aberystruth. I Bedwellty. CAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY. beg to submit the following List of their leading rncesin various descriptions of Furnishing GSS The rapid increase m this bririfh n( • u • induced them to enlarge tW t business has they have SHOW r8§mS for fi consuierablyJ n for the express purpose of RT7?KTT? assortment of every description of BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CARPETS, &c„ and they trust the character they have sustaiued for the last 30 years will be a sufficient guarantee that the same care and attention will be devoted to this New Branch of their Trade. Painted Iron Bedsteads for Servants, g Beech ditto (Japanned Maple) from 0 18 6 American Birch ditto, half-tester „ 15 0 Mahogany Arabian ditto ditto. „ 2 10 0 Mattresses for Servants „ 0 8 0 Horse Hair ditto J. o 0 JapanDed Toilet and Wash Tables „ 13 0 per pair. French polished Birch ditto „ 2 10 0 ditto Mahogany ditto 3 0 0 ditto. Japanned Chests of Drawers 17 6 Biroh and Mahogany ditto 210 0 Swing Looking Glasses 0 5 fi Bed Room Chairs 0 2 9 Chintzes A A Union Damasks n 0 7% ^tto Silk and Wool ditto, ij yds. wide 0 4 6* ditto. Bordered Muslin Curtains e 0 104 ditto. Muslin Drawing Room Curtains 0 9 6 per pair. Blankets ,053 ditto. Counterpanes. 0 2 6 each. Quilts •• .j 0 5 6 ditto. Cotton Sheets 06 0 per pair. Linen ditto 0 12 0 ditto Brussels Carpets „ 0 2 3 per yard Tapestry ditto 0 2 8$ditto. Kidderminster ditto tI 0 16 ditto. Dutch ditto 01 01 ditto. Printed Druggets ••• 0 19 ditto. Hearth Rugs Is 0 4 6 each. N.B.—Books of JHådinUJ with prices, sent Post Free on application. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY. [1721 CATAKPIFLH HOUSB, CHELTENHAM.