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(feriiitf JnltEipft. INQUEST.—An adjourned inquest was held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday evening last, on the body of Thomas Goggan, a stoker on board the Iron Duke steam tug, who was found drowned one day last week in the gut way, near the Bute docks. It appeared from the evidence of a witness,.named John James, that deceased had formerly belonged to the Cardiff Castle tug, but at the time of his death was employed in the former vessel. His body, when found, was embedded in the mud, and presented a mutilated appearance in consequence of a portion of theflesh being eaten by crabs, several of which were found creeping about the unfortunate man. John Apperly, master oftheZyoM Duke, deposed to knowing the deceased but for a short time, he having only been taken for the trip, instead of another man, named John Bennett, who was on leave of absence. The last witness saw of deceased was on the morning of the 30th ult., he was then on deck, and witness, with two other men, was about to go ashore. The mate, another fireman and,a boy remained on board with deceased. Witness joined the crew again in about an hour afterwards, it being then about 6 a.m.—did not see deceased on board and had-no occasion for his services in consequence of Bennett's return to his work. The tug then proceeded on her voyage to Gloucester, after lying at anchor a short time to await the return of the tide. Witness did not know what became of deceased until he was informed by the captain of a steamer at Kingroad. In answer to the coroner, witness said deceased might have been below.in the Iron Duke at the time they left the Bute docks-for what he knew, but he witness had heard that Goggan was on board the Marques tug boat after he left the Iron Duke. Mrs. Goggan, wife of deceased, now said that witness had made a different statement to her at the time of the body being found, and that it was his (witness's) duty to see her husband ashore. Witness said he was not aware that he had stated any other but the truth as he was now upon his oath. Witness continued that he heard deceased complain of ill health in consequence of having eaten some apples which he had purchased. It was witnesses opinion that deceased lost his life in cross- ing from the Iron Duke to the Marques, which was lying alongside when in the docks. The engineer of the Iron Duke was now examined, but his evidence only. corrobor- ated that of the last witness. One of the jury here said that John Ryan, fireman on board the Marques,.had told him on Sunday lastthal He (Ryan) saw deceased stepping across, from the Iron Duke to the Marqu.s. The pro- ceedings were adjourned to another day tti order to obtain the attendance of Ryan. THE POLICE.—A special meeting of the watch com- mittee, was held on Tuesday last, to take into conside- ration a reply from Captain Willis, to the enquiry ordered to be made at the last meeting, but after some discussion the matter was adjourned until Monday next. The reply of Captain Willis was to the effect that it was his duty to report upon the effective- condition of the police on the day when he inspected them, and to give a certificate accordingly, but added, that if the additions he had' recommended, ware made to the Cardiff force, he considered that when he should in- spect them, it would be his duty to certify that they were efficient, and in that case, the Borough would be entitled to, the Government allowance of one fourth of the above cost. COAT STOLEN.—Early on Monday morning a brindled cow, the property of Mrs. Woods, was stolen from the Cardiff Arms Park. The gate leading into the Cowbridge road had been broken down in order to drive her out. WATCH STOLEN, On Tuesday afternoon Patrick Sands, labourer, lost a silver watch while drinking with some navvies," in the Waterford and Kinsale Arms, Rute-terrace. i ROBBERIES.—On Sunday a servant girl absconded from No. 197, Bute-road, taking away a quantity of wearing apparel.-On Thursday a lodger absconded from a house at Pontypridd with a variety of clothing, the property of a fellow-lodger. THE INDIAN RELIEF FUND,-The adjourned meeting in aid of the relief fund was held at the Town-hall, on Thursday evening last. The attendance was respectable, but not so numerous as might have been anticipated. In consequence of the indisposition of the Mayor, the chair was taken by the Ex-Mayor, C. Vachell, Esq., who ex- plained that the meeting had been adjourned in order to afford all classes an opportunity of evincing their sym- pathy for the sufferings of their fellow-countrymen in India, the hour at which the meeting of Monday had been held being considered inconvenient for the attend- ance of parties engaged in business. John Bird, Esq., moved the first resolution in a very eloquent and stirring oration, and was seconded by the Rev. F. Lewis in a very able speech. Resolutions were then proposed and supported in very eloquent speeches by the Rev. A. Tilley, Mr. Ensor, Rev. N. Thomas, Rev. R. T. Verrall, and Mr. Thompson, and all unanimously agreed to. A collection in aid of the fund was made at the close of the meeting. It will be seen by the list in another column that the subscriptions have been rery liberal, T[IE FAST-DAY. — On Wednesday last, there WOO total cessation cf business in Cardiff. Sormons delivered in the principal places of worship.. i CAKDIFF BCJRIAL BOARD.— IN the report of the speal ineetiug of this Board, which appears in our 6th the name of Mr. J. Elliott should appear among members who voted lor rescinding the resolution, inflt*" of the name of Mr. D. Jothan, who was not present.




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