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CHRISTCHURCH LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. The fortnightly meeting of the Board was held at Maindee, on Thursday evening last, Mr. W. Graham in the chair. The following members were also present- Mr. R. Graham, Mr. Wells, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Walter, Mr. Evans, Mr. Richards, and Mr. Bladon. Mr. Kessick and the surveyor were also in attendance. The clerk read the minutes of the preceding meeting, and stated that the notice for the new rates had been affixed to the church doors, and the mortgage to Mr. 0 Gething registered. THE WATER COURSE. The Chairman produced two letters, signed F. J. Hall, giving notice to the board that he and his sister would not allow them to interfere with the water which flows through Kensington-place, &c. Mr. Andrews asked whether the water belonged to the property ? Mr. Wells said it did, and if he used the water for household purposes he should certainly object to have it interfered with. The Chairman said they had heard complaints at the Board that the drains of the Freehold Land Society ran into this water. He thought that by making a culvert through the stream an advantage would be conferred upon the owners of the property through which it passed. Mr. Evans suggested that a drain should be made by the side of the stream, without interfering with the brook. Mr. Kessick observed that he considred the water at the bottom of his garden a positive nuisance. The Chairman considered that it would be best to con- vey the water down by a six-inch pipe, and not disturb the course. He thought it would be advisable to ask the surveyor to report on the subject generally, before the matter was decided on. Mr. Wells and the other members agreed with this suggestion, and a minute was entered in the book in accordance with it. THE CONTRACTORS. A letter was read from Mr. Williams informing the Board that work had been done by the contractors to the value of £230. Mr. Wells and Mr. Richards proposed and seconded that JE184 be paid immediately. The motion was agreed to after some' discussion, rela- tive to the mode of payment. THE SURVEYOR'S REPOKT Was read. It was as follows GENTLEMEN,—I beg leare to lay before you a state- ment of the progress made in. your drainage works, since youy last Board meeting of the 23rd ult. Ballast heading driven. the whole of which is bricked andcompleted 47 feet "Main sewer ditto, 4 feet by 2 M 330 Ditto ditto, feet 6 by 2 8 12 » Railway heading bricked, complete 41" Invert put in but not turned 24 Driven and ready for brickwork 9' II Complcied. 577 feet Ie A considerable amount of earth-wofk is nearly ready for bricking. A good stock of bricks is on the ground, and should tie weather prove favourable, I expect the whole length from the river to the north side of the rail- way, will be completed in about six weeks from this date. Charles Garland has paid me JE210 0 I I Denias Daw ditto- 2 10 0 M Rates in hand. 1 17 11 "Total £6 17 11 JAMES CARTER" The Chairman, Mr. Wells, Mr. Richards, and others, agreed that the work had been satisfactorily performed. Otherwise the report occasioned no remark. THE BILLS-. Several bills were ordered to be paid, and others to stand over. COLLECTION OF RATES. The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Surveyor had declined to collect the rates, avd as he still re- mained in the same mind, it was necessary to decide upon what course should be adopted. Various jocose remarks were made upon the subject, one member suggesting that Mr. Kessick should collect,. and another that the entire B.Qard should engage in the work. Neither of these propositions met with favour. It was afterwards stated that Mr. Wring had offered to collect the rate upon the allowance of a commission of four per cent., and it was agreed that if a. bond for L50 was produced, the task should be allotted to him. COMPENSATION. The Chairman mentioned a conversation he had had with Mr. Reece, agent to Sir Charles Morgan, relative to compensation for the drain passing through Sir Charles's land. The Chairman added that Sir Charles was well disposed towards the Board, and he had no doubt the matter would be satisfactorily adjusted. A communication received from., the Clerk of the Board, relative- to. the terms of remuneration., stands over for discussion* till the next meeting of the Board.

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