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jFnrtigtt jntrUigrnrt. THE MEETING OF THE EMPERORS. The echoes of Imperial greetings are dying away and the liyely interest attached to the late interviews begins to subside, although their importance, variously estimated, still remains. If any particular questions have been treated and decided upon at Osborne, it ma^K ^me 8how it; at any rate, ^J"'ped *\d belie,ed tlwt friendly inter- XTA STOSJSRS "5 F SFSTETYTB I jVL« Jlubner has bad a Ion0' intprvipm- uritii r* <- Walew'ti, at which the interchanged with respect to the meeting at Weimar The arrival in Paris is announced of an Aide-de-camp of the King of Prussia, bearing an autograph reply to the letter written to that Monarch by the Emperor Napoleon, and sent by the hands of young Murat, who has been promoted by his own Sovereign, and has received from the one to whom he was deputed, the cross of Commander of the Order of the Prussian Eagle. Meanwhile the Emperor remains at his camp, and there are complaints in official quarters that his prolonged absence impedes the progress of business. People here are sick of the very name of the Chalons Camp, so we n ay imagine what the Imperial Guard must be, now that the days are getting short and the nights cool There is no appearance, however, of its being raised before the time fixed, although two or three days of heavy rain might damp the Emperor's militaryardour and dissolve the martial assemblage now wearying and grumbling on the banks of the Cheneu. Those Marshals who have not yet visited camp, have received a special invitation to attend there between the 5th and 9th inst. The French and Russian diplomatists agree in think- ing that the meeting of the two Emperors at Stuttgart is not likely to lead to any great intimacy between them. An inhabitant of Stuttgart, who must be well aware of what passed in that city during the brief sojourn of the two foreign potentates, says that the impression produced on those persons who had an opportunity of seeing the Emperors Napoleon and Alexander together was that both of tliem were playing a part which was not to their taste." The correspondent then proceeds to say, that the sudden, and for one of the Monarchs unexpected, appearance of the Empress of Russia produced a disagreeable impresssion, as it was felt by all "that after what had passed in regard to the Empress Eugenie, her Russian Majesty ought not to have paid a visit to the Court of VVurtemberg while the Emperor of the French was there." In such a small capital as Stuttgart, almost all the inhabitants are known to each other by sight, and it is therefore impossible to doubt the correctness of the statement made by several of them that the few persons who cheered the Emperor of the French on his arrival, were foreigners. SPAIN. Letters from Madrid of the 30th ult., state that it is expected a violent attack will be made on the Ministry at the opening of the Cortes, on occasion of the election of the President and officers of the Chamber of Deputies. THE BALTIC. We learn from St. Petersburg, via Lubeck, on the 1st mst., that a very awful catastrophe happened to a Russian line-of-battle ship between the 21st and 23rd ult., in the Gulf of Finland, during a violent storm, in which it foundered, with a crew of upwards of 1,000 souls on board, all of whom perished. About 150 were family men, which renders the mis- fortune still more calamitous. The vessel had arrived near the island of Hoglaud, from Revel, and her dangerous situation was apparent to the crews of several large vessels of war in its vicinity, but, unfortunately, they were not able to render her any assistance.