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BRECON. THE FAST DAT.-On Wednesday last, services were "held throughout the day in all the churches and chapels in the town, anCl collections made in all for the same object, with the exception of the English Baptist Cha- pel, where we are informed one service was held at night. ——— INDIAN" a 13LIEF FUND. On Monday last a meeting, convened by the mayor, of the inhabitants of this town, was held at the Town Hall, for the purpose of raising a fund for the relief of the sufferers by the mutinies in India. The chair was taken about half-past one by the mayor, David Thomas, Esq. There were present besides, J. P. Dellcenton, Esq^ John Lloyd, Esq., Walter Maybery, Esq., William Main- wairing, Esq., James Williams, Esq,, John Davies, Esq., S. B. Evans, Esq., Mr. J. B. Jones, Mr. John Morris, Mr. Cummins, Castle Hotel, Mr. David Jones, draper, Mr. John Williams, and some two or three besides! There was not a clergyman or dissenting minister present, to express sympathy with our unfortunate fellow creatures, under the unheard of atrocities inflicted upon them by those fiends in human shape on the plains of India. The mayor, in rising to address the few present, deplored the lamentable occasion that had been the means of calling them together. He also regretted to find, from the few who had attended that meeting, that there was not a greater amount of sympathy manifested on the occasion he could only attribute it to a want of information on the part of the inhabitants of the town. His worship then took a view of the causes of the great calamity which had befallen our Indian empire, and afterwards said, that he did not much like to use the word revenge, as he did not wish to retaliate cruelty for cruelty, but he would say, let justice be done to them when the day of retribution came. It was their duty to do all in their power to alleviate the disasters they had heard and read so much of, and he believed there was a strong disposition among the people of this country to do so. His Worship then read letters from Col. Watkins and Colonel Pearce apologising for non attendance. His Worship, after suggesting that the monies collected should be sent to the general fund in London, with which suggestion those present concurred, proceeded to pass a glowing eulogy on the noble valour of General Have- lock, and concluded by calling upon J. P. De Winton, Esq., of Maesderwen, to move the first resolution. Mr. De Winton, after prefacing a few remarks moved the following resolution That this meeting, sympa- thising with the many sufferers by the late mutiny in India, feels itself called upon to record publicly its sense of this calamity, and its detestation of the atrocities of the rebels and trusts that the energetic efforts of the British Government, for the repression of the rebellion and the punishment of the guilty, may, by the Divine blessing, be crowned with success."—Walter Maybery, Esq., seconded the resolution, which was unanimously carried. John Lloyd, Esq., moved a resolution authorising a subscription list.—William Mainwaring, Esq., of Ash- grove Cottage, Llanspyddid, seconded the resolution in an interesting address. Jas. Williams, Esq., of Mount Pleasant, then moved, That a house to house visitation be made in the town, with a view of soliciting subscriptions."—Mr. John Davies seconded the resolution, and, after a vote of thanks to the Mayor, the meeting separated. The- following subscriptions were announced to the meeting:—Col. Watkins, M.P., ZCIO; Colonel Pearce, XIO; Wilkins & Co., £ 10 J. P. De Winton, Esq., JE5 John Lloyd, Esq., £5; Walter Maybery, Esq., JB5 D. Thomas, Esq., £2; W. Mainwaring, Esq., S-1 Is.; Jas. Williams, Esq., £ 1 Is. Mr. Cummins, £ 1 Is. Mr. Walter Maybery, Mr. James Williams, and Mr. Mainwaring called, on Monday and Tuesday last, at the different houses in the town, and were most successful in obtaining subscriptions, and we are glad to find that there, is every prospect of Breconbeing able to contribute a large sum to the general fund for the relief of th sufferers. ———- LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH The usual meeting of this Bom-1 -l n Town-hall, on Monday last, David Thomas F in the chair. There were itlornas, Esq.,mayor, bery, James Williams, Esqr ^Herman May- J. B. Jones, Mr. Abel pnr.n? Vr Joan Morn8' Mr' Mr S 1* "R aact Mr. John Price. Cn L ans appeared on behalf of the Old Gas tw:' to e:lTllre what was the nature of the difference be- tween tiiein and the Board, as to the deduotions made o.YUie latter for different public lights. lhe mayor and Mr.. Morris explained that the de- ductions claimed by the Board amounted to £.7, which had been however reduced to £12; and that they were still prepared to pay the demand of the old company less, that sum. Mr. Evans complained that his client had never received any notice from the Board, complaining of a deficiency- of light which they were clearly entitled to before any claim to deductions could legally be made Mr. Alderman Mavbery If our liberal offer is not accepted, I will move that in the event of a notice being found to have been given, that the Board do not accept less than the £ 27. The discussion was then-arranged to stand overj but was ultimately settled by the Old Gas stand over, but was ultimately settled by the Old Gas Company accepting their Claim, less the £ 12. V. P w Mr. Cummins, the landlord of the Castle Hotel ap- plied to the Board for a public light on the castle-there was no public light witnin 200 yards of the castle while there were public lights in other parts of the'town especially in Glamorgan-street, and Lion-street, within 25 yards of each other. After some discussion, the final settlement of the question was ordered to stand over. APP°™EXX OF GOVERNOR FOR CHRIST'S COLLEGE. Mr. Morris moved that the mayor be requested to call a special meeting of the Council, for Monday next, for the purpose of appointing a governor in the room of the late John Jones, Esq. Seconded by Mr. T. B. Jones and carried.