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merthyr. IWSCERKCTION IN- IxDiA.-On Tuesday evening last a public meeting, convened by requisition to the High Constable, was held at the Temperance Hall, for the purpose of devising raeans for the relief of our country- men, their orphans and widows, who have suffered from the revolt in India, There was a tolerable attendance. The High Constable, on being called to the chair, said he was sure that all present must have felt for the sufferings of our countrymen and their families in India, who had been called to suffer so much from the atrocious conduct of the Sepoys. He would just say that he never_in "is life complied with anything more heartily than he did m acceding to the requisitionists, in calling this meeting.-)1r. H. A. Brucc, M.P., then moved- That this meeting desires to express its strong and earnest sympathy with our countrymen in India, under ri j i ^ard of sufferings they have so nobly endured, and the destitution to which so many of them are now reduced.M—Mr T 11 i v • Robert Jones seconded the re- solution, which was carried unanimously.—Mr. Clark then mov.d-" That this meeting desires to assist the surviving sufferers, and the widows and orphans of those that have fallen, and to this end most anxiously entreat the benevolent contributions of the town and neigh- bourhood. r. C. H. James seconded the resolution, and it was carried unanimously—Mr. Fowler moved the formation of a committee, whl«h was seconded by the Rev. J. C. Campbell, and unanimously carried.—Mr. Evans, banker, was appointed the treasurer, and a sub- scription was commenced in the room. A vote of thanks to the High Constable terminated the pro- ceedings. SHOCKING ACCIDENT.-On Tuesday last a young Irish woman, about 19 years of age, while at work at P.enydarren brick-yard, dropped a brush in the mill. Jurying to pull it out with one hand, that hand got jammed between the cogs, when she applied the other hand to endeavour to pull it out, and that got drawn in also. Both arms were so dreadfully lacerated that amputation of both of the limbs was necessary. COAL-PIT ACCIDENT.—On Monday last, a collier, named Bowen, aged 60 years, residing at Pontmorlais, was killed while working in the Collier's Row pit, Cyfarthfa. POLICE COURT.—SATURDAY. [Before J. C. Fowler, Esq.] ASSAULT. Mary Davies was charged with assaulting Ann Williams, at Caedraw.— Fined 5s. and costs. MONADY. [Before J. C. Fowler and D. Evans, Esqrs.] ASSAULTS AT DOWLAIS.—John Stephens was charged with assaulting Henny Rees, of the Globe Irn, Dowlais. The complainant was clearing his house about eleven o'clock on Saturday night, and the defendant tried to elbow his way in the complainant pushed him back, when defendant struck him several blows. Fined 20s and costs.—Arising out of this case was that of William Richards, baller, v. Pryse Evans. Richards had assisted Rees to clear his house, and when he was crossing the road to go home Evans cried out, "You are one of the gang, you —— old scratch," and going up to him struck him a very severe blow in the eye. Eined 20s. and costs. ASSAULT AT MERTHTE.—Sarah Davies was charged with assaulting Mrs. John, by knocking a saucepan about her head. The affair arose out of a little bill which complainant owed the defendant, who thought it was quite time it was paid. Fined Is. and costs. CHARGE or ROBBERY.—Elizabeth Lewis, aged 13, whose father lives at Penydarren, was charged with stealing two pairs of stockings, the property of Edward Fieedman, glazier, Aberdare. The Bench did not think the case sufficiently clear to commit. COLLIEKY PROSECUTION.—Thomas Edwards, a con- tractor, at Penydarren, was charged, under the Act passed to prohibit the employment of women and airls in collieries, and to regulate the employment of boys therein," with having employed a boy under ten years of age as a doorkeeper underground. Mr. Smith J and Mr. James defended. Mr. James admitted tW but pleaded that the boy's acre had hom fact, by tL boy's father, wh'o waf t/Tf 1 fined the defendant in the lowest penalty of A sum was also remitted under the -1' remission fn,. -if i clause providing guch [Urgent? Tlfd ™sreP^entation on the part of in«tioL> f • guardians of children, enabling the j- ,.° ln"lct a penalty on such parents or guar- lans in Ueu thereof. The defendant was ordered to pay costs 1 — CAUTIOX TO HAULIERS.—David Jones, haulier, I Penydarren, charged with leaving his horse and cart unattended in High-s:reet, was fined 5s. and costs.- Benjamin Evans, haulier, Dowlais, for a similar offence, was fined 10s. and costs.-Evan Owens, haulier to Mr. John Sdunders, Penydarren, for riding without reins, was fined 10s. and costs.


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