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$tm\x £ oM»mmati(W. STEAM UNDER 60 DAYS TO AUSTRALIA. Passage £ 14 and upwards. jdjUk T^HE Liverpool and Australian Na- JL vigation Company's celebrated Steam Clip- *S8C- pers, in conjunction with the EAGLE LINE OF PACKETS, ARE DESPATCHED ON THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH, THE CONSIGNMENT OP BRIGHT, BROTHERS, AND CO. MELBOURNE, pi /°rwarding Passengers to all parts of Australia. 0„^r-: Carlisle .iOOO „ Oct. the East .Bilton 3000 „ Nov. Thl o,arter ■■•Taylor 3500 „ ..Dec- the Fin PPer Ships of the Eagle Line are selected from the rla» a?^ fastest Vessels built, guaranteed to sail to sioninsr'aa j are famed for tbe superiority of the Provi- Pac!f(>t'„<'B?i_exce^erit Passenger Accommodation. 1 of tire 15th OCTOBER, the splendid clipper ship This **>«.„ •<= PLANTER, 4,000 tons. spe^ H^ln!ficeut Ship has been built expressly for She has W ty>and excellent passenger accommodation. offers to iW 80mo of the fastest cllPPf" afloat» a.°l* 0f™*° ^enditig emigrants the best possible opportunity Srfecte^1Dg Australia, being fitted up in the mos for the comfort and convenience of all A < P&Bi6D £ jQM 8trtW.to GIBBS, BRIGHT, and CO., 1, North John toJOSEPH ELLIOTT, Bute-street, ard, [970 T)OYAL MAIL STEAMERS l\, TO WATERFORD, CORK, AND THE SOUTH OF IRELAND. First-class Steamers (in connection with the Great West- and South Wales Railways), carrying Her Majesty^s wis, leave the Mllford Haven Terminus for Waterford, overy TUESDA Y, TH-DHSDA'IR.and SATURDAY, at 1.30 a.m., Ol the arrival of the 4.50 Night Express of the previous -KjVeningfrom Paddington, returning from Waterford every ^ONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, at 3 p.m. Leave the 'ford Haven Terminus Cor Cork, on and after the 8th, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 8 p.m on the ar- Jival of the$.40 a.m. "Express, and 6 a.m. Third Class,, from Paddiagton, returning from Cork every TUESDAY a°d FRIDAY, according to tide. Apply for Tickets at the First-class Railway Stations of «"> Great Western a-ad South Wales Railways; Messrs £ JACKS0M. 36, Cannon-street, London Mr. DOWNEY, Quay, Waterlord; or Messrs. MURLJIIY'fc SONS, Cork Through Fares—London to Waterford, 50s 40s„ and 24s. 6d. Intermediate Stations in proportien. Milford Haven to Waterford, 12s. 6d., 10s., and 7s. 6d. Sea passage 70 miles. „ Through Eares—London to Cork, 52s. 6J-, 42s., and56s. Intermediate Stations in proportion. Milford Haven to Cork, 15s., 12s and »s. j- Letters intended to be forwarded by thi-s short and ex- peditions route, must be addressed via PEMBROKE DOCK. STEAM TION BETWEEN CORK AND CARDIFF OR NEWPORT. THE Cork Steam Ship Company's I Screw Steamer « OSPRJvY," 700 Tons, I 2-10 Horse-power, C». F. COOKUIIRV, Com- mander, is intended to ply as imderneath, unless prevented by any unforeseen occur- rence, with-or without a Pilot, with liberty to Tow VesssSs, during "the'month-of OCTOBER, 1857. From CORK, for CAEDJFF Wednesday 7th, at 6t morn NEWPORT Wednesday 14th, at 1J after CARDIFF Wednesday '21st, at 4J atter NEWPORT Wednesday 28th, at 10I morn For CORK, from NEWPORT .Saturday 3rd at 6 morn CARDIFF Saturday 10th, at 10 morn HEWPORT Saturday 17th, at 6 morn CARDIFF Saturday 24th, at -SI morn NEWPORT Saturday 31st, at 4 after REDUCED RATES AND FARES: Wheat, Flour, and Meal, 9s. peT ton; Oats. 7s.' «d:; Butter, 6d. per firkin; rates on all other articles may be ascertained at the Agents' Offices.. Fares to Cardiff or Newport, Cabin, (Including fee) 16s.; Deck, 6s, Return Tickets, Cabin, (including Fee) available' for one Month. 22s. 6d. Horses Carriages, Live Stock, MId Goods intended for Shipment, "Should be alongside one hour before the time of sailing. The Comnan v also give notice, that they will not be accountable for Passengers'Luggage, unless 'the value thereoT^be declared, and fre^ghf pald accordlngly, at *he. time of jWprant; and that Passengers from CARDIFF mu«t ffCtain their ticketa-at the Office before going on board. n for Freight or Passage, apply at the Company's Office, Cork or to their Agents, JOHN 0-WEN, Ship Broker, Bute Dock, > Cardiff; BENSON and MABDOCKS, Merchants, Great Dock street, Newport. 1656 STEAM TO NEW YORK. HE GLASGOW and NEW YORK X STEAM-SKIP COMPANY'S Powerful jjssjggp and Fast-Bailing-STEAM-SHIPS, Tons. Horse-power. < Commander. Edinburgh 2,197 450 W. Cumming, New York 2.050 400 R. Craig, Glasgow 1,962 4"0 J. Duncan, Are intended to Sail from GLASGOW 4c New York •funless prevented by any unforeseen circumstance), New Ycrk Saturday, 19th Sept. GIas bugh. Saturday, 3rd Oct. Glasgow Saturday, 31st Oct. CABIN PASSAGE, 16 GUINEAS, including Provi- 81ons, but not Wines «r iaquorg, which will be supplied on board at moderate rates- A limited nastfcer of Steer- age Passengers will be .taken at 8 Guineas, applied with Provisions of good quality, properly cooked. Carries a Surgeon. Apply to MATHEW 'LANGLANDS, 5,; St. Enoch- square, Glasgow, or to LANGTRYS & CO., 1632] Water-street, Liverpool gia ratijon. Passage Money £14 and upwards. "WHITE STAR" LINE OF BRITISH AND AUSTRALIAN EX ROY AL MAIL PACKETS X|> Q AILING BETWEEN Jo LIVERPOOL AND MELBOURNE, On the 20bfc and 27th of every Month, And forwarding Passengers by steamers, at through rates, to aH parts of Australia. To the consignment of H. T. WIlson and Co., Ms»bourne. Ship. Captain. Reg. Bur. To Sail. Chancellor S. Borland 2002 5000 Oct. 20. Anglo-Saxon .Welsh 1234 4000 Oct. 27. :Red Jacket M. H O'Halloran 2460 5000 Nov. 20. SOCCEEDiiJS SHIPS. Golden Era H. A. Brown 1556 4200 -— ,Shalimar J. R. Brown .1432 4000 White Star .T. C. C. Kerr 2360 5000 -— The Chancellor" is the finest and largest ship-on the berth for Australia, and DJagÐNicenlly fitted for all cla ses of passengers. Her ventilation is superior to that cf. any ^The^'Anglo Saxon" has sailed from Liverpool to CUlao in 74 days, and back heavily laden in 8J days she also 8&iled from Genoa to Quebec, discharged and took in .cargo, and discharged same in Liverpool in two months aDd fewa-r days.; being the most extraordiaary passages on record. Passengers embark on the 19th and 26th of every month. For Freight or Passage, apply to H. T. WILSoN ,and Cil'VMBblRS, 21, Water-street, Liverpool:; W. NAISH and CO., 29, Llanarth-street, Newport; or -to W. H. WHITELOCK, 3, Oxford-terrace, Wide- marsh-street, Herefora. (i06 Chief Cabin, S35 Steerage, L14 u MERSEY" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. BAILING FROM LIVERPOOL TO MELBOURNE 0° 25th of every month. And forwarding Passengers by Steamers at through rate. to all ports of Australia. Ship. Captain. Tons burthen. To sail. Herald Culvert 3000 25th Oct. Oceaaiea.Robertson 3506 25th Nov. New Ship 2060 25th Dec. The Herald" is a very fast ship, only eighteen months old, classed A 1 at Lloyd's for seven years. Made her last passage to Sydney in ninety days, landed her passengers in excellent health, and her cargo in admirable condition has eight feet height 'tween decks, and is one of the best ventilated ships on the berth. Her newndtatin in the poop is most elegantly fitted. Loading east side Prince's Dock. For Freight or Passage, apply to EDMUND THOMP- SON and CO., 20, Water-street, Liverpool or to G. W. JONES and CO., Ship Brokers, Newport, JAMES GAWN, Auctioneer. Aberdare TITUS JONES, Ano- tioneer, Merihyr; JENKINS and REES, 16, Somerset- place, Swansea; or to R. W. PARRY, Ship Broker, Cardie N.B.-The Queen of the Avon, 1000 tons burthen, Captain Bavies, wiil sail for Sydney direct, 1st November with First and Second Class Passengers only Fares £36 and 420, [959 Postage Money j614 and upwards. THE "LIVERPOOL" LINE OF AUSTRALIAN PACKETS, established nr 1848. ftAILING on the 7th of each Month ^eF.r»ardfagpf^4^Eb,?KN,E' i„ Australia and Tasmania^ sta-m. Minnehaha'. Morgan ^JJL8 oxPe"se>v Gipsy Bride Murphy^ "sSfc 7^ ^ov- The Ships composing this old-established -c/ line, are well-known for their sailing qualiti«B °.ur,11te d«tinaTinS.WhiCb paS8enger3 hftVe been conveyed thJir j P°?P8 aQ<l houses on deck are fitted up as first an.l B cabins, and their spacious and lofty 'tween decks are ILJVII? t0 cabin and steerage passengers, THEW 40err?artifaiars' aPPJy to JAMES M. WAL- DRYDEN q^iapel'8treet« Liverpool; or to THOMAS DRi-DEN, Swansea; or to JoHN PUGH, Abergavenny. T1274 BRISTOL LINE OF AUSTRATI AW « < nguTo FOR MELBOURNE £ lREC?f ^PO SAIL the 15th of OCTOBER the A.l Clipper Ship CHESTERHnr m » 5BSaCl,B00 Tons, R. B. EVANS, ComSw u "UMrior accommodation for all classes of Passencers JTor particulars, apply to MILESES and KINGTON 10 ,ames **$ i EMIGRATION TO AMERICA, BY FIRST-CLASS PACKETS. JN* MAPSCOTT'S LINE FOR J_ NEWYORK, Sailing Weekly. COPE'S LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA, Sailing on the 12th of each Month. And first-class Ships to other American Ports occasionally. For terms of Passage and other Particulars, apply to \V. TAPSCOTT and CO., Old Hall, Old Hall-street, and St. George's Buildings, Regent-road, Liverpool. Agents in New York—TAESCOXI and Co., 86, South street.. Money Orders and Passage Certificates issued by the above, either in New York or Liverpool. (1476 by gVurtiou. PARISH OF NASH. PICKED LANE FARM, About four miles from Newport. Sale of valuable Live and Dead Farming Stock, HOtlSe- Jivld Furniture, 4e. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON will SELL BY AUCTiON. on the Premises, as above, on MONDAY. October 12th, 1857, the whole of the FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c., of Mr. Henry Watkins, who is aboat leaving the Farm— Comprising 10 excellent milch cows, in calf, of tho Durham and Hereford breeds, all under five years old 3 two-years-old heifers, in calf; six calves, useful cart mare, four porkers, sow, about 12 cwt. of 'best cheese, broad- wheel waggon, broad-wheel cart, spring-cart and harness, quite new; cart harness, dairy and brewing utensils, in excellent condition pikes, rakes, &c., &c. The usual assortment of Household Furniture, including three feather beds. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'clock in the fore- noon precisely. Refreshments will be provided. Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-street, Newport; a')d Brook-house, Llatitarnam. [1715 SALE OF UNREDEEMED PLEDGES. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS AND SON will SELL BY AUCTION, at their offices, 61, High-street, Newport, on TUESDAY 13th October, 1857, at 11 o'clock in the Forenoon. The UNREDEEMED PLEDGES in the possession of Mr. W. B. Stocker, and Mr. John Isaacs, Pawnbrokers, Commercial-street, Newport. Dated October 1st, 1R37. J1718 LLANVACHES RECTORY, Near the ROCK AND FOUNTAIN, about half-way between Newport and Chepstow, and three miles from the Magor Station. MESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & «ON are instructed by tbe representatives of the late Rev. Thomas Davies, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the Premises, as above, on THURSDAY, the 15th 4ay of October, 1857. -the whole of the excellent FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FURNITUREJ and other Effects, comprising— THE FARMING STOCK-Three young and very useful milch cows, in calf, three store pigs, four geese, mow of well-harvestedfhay (about two tons), ladder, wheelbarrow, lot of tools. THE FURWEFOBE IN FIVE BEDROOMS—Five feather beds, boltsters, and pillows, mahogany four-post, French, and stump bedsteads, mattresses, palliasses, mahogany and painted washstands and toilet-tables, swing-glasses, painted cases of drawers, carpets, fenders and fire-irons, chairs, two easy chairs, painted linen press, excellent iron bedstead, towel horses, mahogany commode, &c., &c. IN DRAWING-ROOM, DINING ROOM, AND LIBRARY- Mahogany loo table, mahogany cheffioneer, six mahogany hair-seated chairs (quite new), mahogany hair-seated couch, excellent square piano, druggets, hearthrugs, fen- ders, and-steel fire-irons, easy-chairs, two mahogany dining- tables, lot. of cocoa-nut matting, eight vane chairs, two butler's trays and stands, ornaments, ottoman, copper coal scuttle, bookshelves, and about SO volumes of books, mahogany brass inlaid Pembroke table, painted desk, map of London. IN EHTOANCE-HALL AND KITCHENS—Cocoa-nut mats and matting, deal tables, dresser and shelves, dinner and •\i-aFe' 8r°en dessert service, three cruet stands, pickling and other jars, two pairs of plated candlesticks, F3ix wons,' American dial clock, fender and fire-irons, six kitchen chairs, benches, metal tea-and coffee pots, a variety of the usual culinary requifdtea, three water-casks, watering pot, dairy and brewing .utensils in excellent condition, &c., &c. The Sale will commence at Eleven o'clock in the fore- noon; and, as the whole will be seldibn one day, a punc- tual attendance is respectfully requested. Auctioneers' Offices, 61, High-street, Newport; .r..nd Brook-house, Llantarnam. [1716 COURT FARM, LLANTARNAM, About three miles from Newport, Monmouthshire. Imperiani SALE of very superior LIVE S10CK, CORN, HA y, AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other EFFECTS ]\J ESSRS. CORNELIUS EVANS & SON are instructed by the aitmfoistratrix of the" lata Mr. John Moses, to SELL BY AUCTION, on' the Pre- mises, at the Court Farm, on TDESDAT, <the 2 )th of Octo ber, 1857, the whole of the LIVE and DEAD FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FUKtflTURE, &c., comprising 12 excellent milch cows, in calf, of the Hereford breed 6 two-years-old heifers, in cUf; 4 two- years-cdd steers 12 yearling heifers, 2 buH-calves 10 hei- fer calves,^3 i-avt mares, 3 cart horses, 1 cart mare, in foal; 3 two-years-old cart colts, 1 two-years old well-bred filly, 12 store pigs 2 ricks of clover, about 12 tous 3 ricks of hay, aboutr*28 tons; mow of wheat, about DO sacks of prime wheat, rick of barley, rick of white oats, rick of black oats lot of wheat straw, 2 narrow-wheel waggons, 2 broad- wheel carts, '2 iron ploughs, roller, harrows, 6 sets of harness, wiarowing machine, patent oh&ff machines, lot of tools, half-bushel measure, 17 sacks, 3 acres of sweoes, 8 sacks oif apples, about 30 sacks of potatoes, dairy and brewing utensils, about 2 cwt of ckee.e, flitch of bacoD, &.c.,&c. The usual -asssoitment of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, including 5 feather beds, 6 bedsteads, .12 blankets, &c., &c.,&c. Refreshments will be provided at Ten o'clock, the Sale will commenoe at Eleven to the minute, and the whole will be sold wilbtintreilene. Anationeers -Offices, 61, High-street, Newport; and Brook HoaRe, Llanlarnam. -[1725 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. PARROT HOTEL, NEWPORT, MON. MESSRS. {CORNELIUS EVANS & SON will SELL BY AUCTION,-ou the Premises, as above, on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 28th and 29th days of October, 1857, the whole of the excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, TRADE FIXTURES, extensive STOCK .of WINES and SPIRITS, of the best quality, and other Effects, of Mr. Edmund Jones, who-is about leaving the 4Mili hotel. Full particulars will be given in future advertisement^, handbills, and catalogues. Auctioneers' Offices, 41, High-street, Newport; and Brook-bouse, Llantarnam. September 30th, 1857. [1717 'REDWICK AND WOOLASTONE, NEAR CHEPSTOW. MR. J. P. WILLIAMS will OFFER FOR SALE BY AUCTION, at the GEOROE HOTEL, CHEPSTOW, on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of October instant at Two o'clock precisely, the following desirable PIECES of FREEHOLD LAND, in the undermentioned or in such other Lots as may be determined upon at the time of Sale LOT 1.—A valuable PIECE of MEADOW LAND, situate in Broad Mead, in the parish of Red wick, in the county of Monmouth, numbered 10 on the Broad Mead Inclosure Award, and containing by admeasurement 1A klR OP., jeore or less. LOT 2.—A valuable CLOSE of MEADOW LANEH, situate near Broad Mead atoresaid, Bumbered 298 on the Tithe Commutation Map, and containing by admeasure- ment 5A.. OR. 29P. more or less. The above Lota are in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Baker, as tenant, at the yearly rent .of JE14. LOT 3.—A valuable PIECE of ARABLE LAND, called the.14 Raws," situate near the Church, in the parish of Woolastone, in the county of Gloucester, numbered 499 on the Tithe Commutation Map, containing by ad- measurement 16A. 3R. S2P., more or less, and in the occu- pation of Mr. George Proctor, as tenant, ai the yearly rent of £ 21. For further particulars, apply to Mr. BAYNTON, Soli- citor Broad-street, Bristol. {1734 CALDICOT, NEAR CHEPSTOW. I SALB BY ORDER OF DEVISEES IN TRUST. ]\/| R. J. P. WILLIAMS will OFFER FOR 111 SALE BY AUCTION, at the GEORGE HOTEL, CHEPSTOW, on THURSDAY, the 22ad day of October instant, at Twelve o'clock precisely, the following desira- ble PROPERTY All that substantial FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, known as the "WHITE HART INK or1' CROSS HOUSE," with the Malthouse, Stabling, Yard Garden, Orchard, and Smiths'-shop adjoining, si- tuate' in the parish of Caldioot, about five miles from 0bAlsoO FIFTEEN LOTS of very superior PASTURE, MEADOW, and ARABLE LAND, lying in various parts of the same parish. Particulars of the property, with the Plan annexed may be obtained ten days before the day of Sale, at the BEAU- FORT ARMS and GEORGE HOTELS, Chepstow; at the WHITE HART INN, Caldicot; and of Mr. JAMES PEACHEY WILLIAMS, Land Surveyor, Albion Cham- ??rs> Bristol; and further particulars, on application to Mr TOYE, Solicitor, Chepstow; or Mr. BAYNTON, Solicitor, Broad-street, Bristol. At the same time and place, Mr. J. P. WILLIAMS will OFFER FOR SALE by order of the Mortgagee, a FREEHOLD COTTAGE or TENEMENT, with the piece of Garden Ground thereunto adjoining and belong- ing, numbered 557 on the Tithe Commutation Map, situ- ate in the same parish of Caldicot, adjoining the road leading from the village of Caldicot to the village of Caer- went, and containing 24 Perches. For particulars, apply to Mr, TOYE, aa above, [1735 gate hj) gMtrtiim. TIMBER AND COPPICE WOODS. MR. JAMES WHITE will SELL by AUCTION, at the BEAUFORT ARMS INN, MON- MOUTH, on WEDNESDAY, the 21st day of October, 1857, at one o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions of sale to be then produced:- MONMOUTHSHIRE. LOT 1—CASTLE PARK WOOD, containing 41A. OR. 3 P., situate in the hamlet of Gwehellog with 500 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORERS, crossed with a scribe, and 12 BEECH TIMBER TREES, numbered with red paint, standing therein and on lands adjoining. LOT 2.- THREE WOODS on TYMAUR FARM, containing 22A. 3R. lOp" situate in the parish of Llan- vihangel Torymynydd; with 39 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORERS, dotted with red paint, standing therein. LOT 3.-WERN-Y-CWM WOOD, containing 31A. OR. 28P., situate in the parish of Kitgurrog with 146 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORERS, dotted with red paint, standing therein. LOT 4.—420 LARCH and SCOTCH FIRS, dotted with red paint, standing on Norton Farm, situate in the parish of Skenfrith. LOT 5.—The THINNINGS of a LARCH PLAN- TATION, containing about 12 acres, situate on Norton Farm, in the parish of Skenfrith and 5 OAK TIMBER TREES, numbered with red paint, standing therein LOT 6. -The LOWER HALE and FLAT WOODS and MILL MEADOW GROVE, containing65A. 3R. 4P., situate in the parish of Landogo; with 200 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORERS, dotted with red paint, standing therein. LOT 7. Part of Saint Julian's Wood, containing 35 acres, situate in the parish of Christchurch; with 170 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORERS, crossed with red paint, standing therein. LOT 8.-72 ASH and 15 ELM TIMBER TREES, numbered with red paint, standing on Penrose Farm, in the occupation of Mr. John Walters. Lot 9 -101 ASH, 14 ELM, and 5 BEECH TIMBER TREES, numbered with red paint, standing on Pentwyn Farm, situate in the parish of Penrose. LOT 10.- The lower part of the GLYN WOOD, con- taining 39A. OR. 30P., situate in the parish of Chapel Hill; with 285 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORKRS, dotted with red paint, standing therein. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. LOT 11.—Part of East Wood, containing 62A. lIt. IOP., situate in the parish of Tidenham; with 208 OAK DOUBLE and TREBLE STORERS, dotted with red paint, standing therein. Noel Stinchcomb, (if Usk, will show lot I Thomas James, of the Devauden Green, lots 2 and 3; William Stephens, of Troy Lodge, lots 4, 5, and 6; James Stephens, of Wentwood Lodge, lot 7; the respective Tenants, lots 8 and 9; and John Morris, of Abbey Tiatern, lots 10 and 11. Further particulars may be known on application at Troy House; or of the Auctioneer, at Lindors, near Coleford. Troy House. Oth October, 1857. CAERMARTHENSHIRE. VALUABLE ESTATE AND TIN WORKS. MESSRS. W. H. WILLIAMS & co. ITJL will SELL BY AUCTION, at the COMMERCIAL ROOMS, in the city of Bristol, on THURSDAY, the 22nd day of October, 1857, at One o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, in one Lot, the valuable ESTATE AND PROPERTY, called the "KIDWELLY TIS" PLATE WORKS," situate in the Borough of Kidwelly, in the County of Caermarthen, and distant from the town of. Kidwellv one mile or thereabouts, and from the Station on the South Wales Railway One Mile and a Half or there- abouts, and comprising an excellent V amily RESIDENCE in substantial and orrnamental repair, standing in its own grounds,and approached by a carriage drive,and fitted for the residence of a Gentleman's family. There is also a House for the occupation of a Clerk or Foreman, and two C(ittagept with the usual Offices. The Works, which are igftoiy contiguous to the Dwe' 'ling-,hou e, are sepM-ited therefrom by a Plantation which effectually screens tht»m from view. A wall surrounds the works, which eonsict of several Sheds. Warehouses, Blacksmith's Shop, Store- house, Carpenter's Shop, and other Buildings necessary for carrying on an extensive Trade. The Trade part of the Property consists of two Tin Mills, with helve, blaokplate, puddling, and balling fur. r AIES, and one pair six inch barirolls, all under one roof, with a circular saw and one pair of cold rolls attached, AI D all necessary plant, &o. in addition to which there is a weighing machine, a small driving water-wheel in roll tuming room, a lathe for turning rolls, and a smaller lathe turned by a wheel in the carpenter's sbop. There is also an engine of from 25 to 30-horse power, with Cornish boiler and a blast machine now on the premises ready for fixing. Outside tho wall surrounding the works is a long building for box making and roll turning. The mills are worked by two water wheels, 7H feet radius by 10 feet bro&d, and 12 feet lalius by 7 feet broad respectively, and can turn out from 350 to 400 boxes of tin plates per week, the wash-house being FI'ted with three sets of pots, though the actual production of blackplate might considerably exceed 400 boxes per week. There is throughout the greater part of the year an abundant supply of water for the Works, and coal of a peculiarly excellent quality can be obtaiued in the neigh- boaitiood, and laid down M tbe yard under 8s. per ton. The whole of the Dwelling-houses and Work. are in general repair ani are held under a lease from the Corpora- tion of Kidwelly, at an annual rent of X4 Is The 16a-.e is F >r>99 years, commencing from., the 25th day of March, 1844, leaving about 86 years now unexpired. Included in this lease is a Wharf in the Town of Kidwelly, with a front- age of 20 feet, with a yard for timber opening from the same, and a range of buildings now let as Stables, but available for warehousing or any other general purpose During 8 days in a fortnight vessels of 51 tons can come alongside the Wha'f, and in spring tides (or 5 times io a fortnight) vessels of 120 tons can come up. The Town is distant from the open Sea about 12 miles. There are many peculiar advantages attached to these Works which cannot be enumerated within the limits of an Advertisement, and among these are an undeniable situation, easy and ready traasit, and lower wages than at meet neighbouring Works. Further particulars can be obtained and the Workc vie wed. on application on the Premises; or to Mr. H J. HOLLIBR Solicitor, Aberdare, Glamorganshire to the AUCTIONEERS; or Messrs. WM. BEVAN & Gltl- LING, Solicitors, Bristol. 11733 RADNORSHIRE, ON THE BOKDEhtS OF HEREFORD FREEHOLD FARM. of 360 Acres, in a rina: fence, in the parish of Llangunllo, three miles from Knighton a very eligible and improving Estate. CHINNOCK AND GALSWORTHY will SELL BY AUCTION, at tbe GREEN DRAGON HOTEL, Hereford, on THURSDAY, October 22 id, 1857. at Two for Throe oVlock precisely, the cipital FREEHOLD FARM, of CEFN-SURAN," situate in the parish of Llangunllo, -CLOSE to the fertile Vale of Minaughtv, and only three miles from the thriving mirket town of Knighton, containing 358d. lr. 34:1. of excellent arable and pasture LA\D, wit I several good water meadows, and some recently enclosed sheepwalk, now being brought into cultivation, which being excellent turnip soil, will make arable Land of good quality. The Est ite is pleasingly timbered WITH several copses and preserves the House and Fann Buildings are seated in a sheltered valley, and there is a lurge barn, and 110160 a good Stone Cottage on the upper part. This Farm is of a highly im- provable character., and is now let to Mr. E I wards at the -low rent of dE200 par aanum, on a lease which expies at Lady-day, 1859, when it will realize a much increased rental, and when fully brought into cultivation, is esti- LASTED to produce at least JE300 per annum. The numer- ous railways projected through the County of Radnor. whec carried out. will be likely to greatly enhance ttie value of property in thisiocality. May be viewed, and particulars with plans obtained of Messrs. CLAYTON, COOKSON", and WAIN WRIGHT Solicitcrs, New Square, Lincoln's Inn; at the Green Dragon, Hereford; the Oxford Arms, Kington; the Cbandos Arms, Knighton tbe Radnor Arms Prestaign and of Messrs. CHINNOCK and GALSWORTHY, Auctioneers and Land Agents, 28, Regent-street, Water- loo-place, London, S.W. [1689 HEREFORDSHIRE, In the parishes of Presteign and Byton, and occupying a central position between the excellent market towns of Kington, Knighton, and Leominster, the outlying portions of the COMBE ESTATE, embracing some of the richest meadow land in this famous grazing county, watered by the river Lugg also some highly-prodactive Arable LAND, containing together about 200 Acres, and let at LOW rents to highlv respectable tenants. CHINNOCK AND GALSWORTHY are C directed by the proprietor, with the concurrence of the Mortgagee, to OFFER FOR PUBLIC COMPETI- TION, at the GREEN DBAGON HOTEL, in Hereford, on THURSDAY, October 22nd, 1857, at Two for Three o'clock precisely, numerous Lots of FREEHOLD LAND of the most valuable description, comprising about 200 ACRES of the outlying portions of the COMBE ESTATE, in the parishes of Presteign and Byton, chiefly abutting upon the turnpike road from Presteign to Leominster and Lud- low, and about five miles from the Pembridge station of the Kingston and Leominster Branch of tho Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway, and embracing some of the richest meadows in the County of Hereford, intersected for nearly a mile by the river Lugg, and various fertilizing stream- lets available for irrigation, and affording capital trout and greyling fishing; also some remarkably productive Arable LAND, being within three miles of the Nash Lime Works, and all lying near together. Some portions being near the town of Presteign, will be divided into lots, ad- mirably adapted for accommodation purposes, for which very high rents may be obtained. May be viewed by permission of the tenants, and parti- culars with plans obtained, of Messrs. CLAYTON, COOKSON, and WAINWRIGHT, Solicitors, New Square, Lincoln's Inn at the Green Dragon, Hereford the Oxford Arms, Kington the Radnor Arms, Presteign; and of Messrs. CHINNOCK and GALSWORTHY, Auctioners and Land Agents, 28, Regent-street, Waterloo place, London, S.W. Z AD KIEL'S ALMANACK for 1858. Z Fortieth Thousand. Price 6d. Contents: India, China, the Reform Bill, &c. The great Indian Rebellion was fully pourtrayed in the ALMANAC for 1851 Hiero. glyphic the Ram and the Goat, &A. MNAON: Piper, Stephenson, and Spenoe and *U bookaellew, H7O7 by Auctioll. MONMOUrHSHIRE. The OHAPEL FARJV, Penhow, seven miles from New- port nine from Chepstow, and two from the Magor Station of the South Wales Railway. MR. H. M. PARTRIDGE is instructed by Mr. James Rosser, who is leaving tbe Farm, to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, without reserve, on the premises, on TUESDAY, October 27th, 1857. 56 head of horned stock, 18 horses and colts, 344 sheep and lambs, 41 pica 150 tons of hay and clover, several mows of wheat, barley, and oats, 18 acres of turnips and swedes, dairy and brewing utensils, casks, & including— 14 superior dairy cows, in good season, 6 oxen rising four years old, 6 ditto rising three years old, 17 two years old steers and heifers, 13 calves. 10 young and useful horses, pony, 4 three year old colts, 2 yearling ditto, a handsome dun filly, with black mane and tail, rising four years old, by Mountaineer, out of a half-bred mare, fifteen and a half hands high, with good action, quiet and steady to ride 192 stock ewes. 142 lambs, 6 raffl lambs, and 4 rams of various ages, of the pure Leicester and Cotswold breed, 2 capital breeding sows, with nine pigs each, 4 bacon pigs, 13 strong porkers, and 4 small store pigs, several mows of prime bay and clover, ricks of wheat, barley and oats, about 18 acres of turnips and swedes, in lots 2 chaff machines, chaff box and knife, large double cheese press, smaller ditto, barrel churn, 2 cheese cowls round and oval trindles, cheese vats, pails, brew- ing and other tubs casks, and miscellaneous effects. The Auctioneer can with perfect confidence recommend the whole of the above stock, the cows and other horned stock having been carefully selected, the horses young and giod workers, the filly and colts very promising the sheep are descended from the flocks of the most eminent breeders, and the pigs are of first-rate quality. Refreshment will be on tbe table at ten o'clock a.m., and the sale will commence punctually at twelve at noon, with the sheep. Auctioneer's offices, St. Woollos House, Stow Hill, Newport, October 8th, 1857. [1744 TO HAULIERS AND OTHERS. MR. THOMAS will SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, opposite the WHITE LION INN, Cardiff, on SATURDAY, October 10,1857, at half-past Two o'clock, A Capital Eright Bay CART HORSE, ISIlj^Sr^Swl JJ under age, very handsome, and a good worker, with which a warranty may be if f fi 'By given. Also, a good Haulier's CART, and a set of HARNESS to suit, quite new. Auctioneer's and "Valuer's Office, 66, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, Oct.'9, 1857. TOWN OF CARDIFF. Sale by Auction of several Lots of First-class Leasehold Property. MR. THOMAS will OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the MOUNT STUART HOTEL Bute Docks, Cardiff, at Three for Four o'clock, n m on THURSDAY, the 22nd of October, 1857, the fol- lowing Lots of Valuable PROPERTY LOT 1. Two capitally-built and well-tenanted HOUSES, well adapted for Shops, Public houses, or any other Business, situate in Tyndall-street, New Town, facing the New East Dock, having a good frontage, to. gether with back premises, suitable for Warehouses. LOT 2.-Two HOUSES in Thomas-street, New-town, let to good tenants at 8s. per week. LOT 3.' Six HOUSES, situate on the west side of the Old Canal, new to tho Sea-lock, with good Gardens at the back. Each house contains five nice well-finished rooms, and are let to respectable tenants. LOT 4.—A HOUSE and SHOP, with good Bakehouse attached, being 24, Stuart-street, Bute Docks, now iu the occupation of Mr. Hughes, grocer and baker, at a rental of £ 45. LOT 5—TWO HOUSES, situate in Edward-street, Crockherbtown, let to good tenants at 8s. per week each. The Auctioneer solicits the atten'ion of buyers of property in Cardiff, at the above Sale. as each of the lots are of first-rate quality, built for durability and not for show, which, with the situation of each lot, makes them very desirable properties for investment. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. Auctioneer's and Valuer's Offices, 66, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, 9th October, 1857. [1741 TO BE SOLD, pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause of EADE v. PARNELL, with tbe approbation of the Judge to whose Court the said Cause is attached, in 3 Lots, by Mr. WILLIAM COX WETMORE, the person appointed to sell the same, as to the COPYHOLD PROPERTY, at the SWAN Hoti L, at Thornbury, in the County of Gloucester, on SATURDAY, the 31st day of October, 1857 at 6 o'clock in the Afternoon precisely; and as to the FREEHOLD PROPERTY, at the GEORGE HOTEL, at Cbepstow, in the County of Monmouth, on MONDAY, the 2nd day of November, 1HS7, at 6 o'clock in the Afternoon precisely certain COPYHOLD and FREEHOLD ESTATES, situate within the Manor and Parish of Thornbury, in the said County of Gloucester, and at Chops'ow, in the County of Monmouth, late the property of Hugh Parnell, hereto- fore of Chepstow afoiesaid. and now in the several occupations of James Sm&rt and Benjamin Bradford, particulars whereof may be had Gratis of Messrs. ORKOOKY and SONS, -Bolicitor". 12. Clements Inn, London Mr. JOSEPH YOUNG ST URGE, Laad Agent, Thornbury; Mr. OBED EDWARD THURSTON, Solici- tor, Thornbury; at the SWAN HOTEL, Thornbury at the GEORGE HOTBL. in Chepstow, and at the Office of Mr. WILLIAM COX WETMORE, the Auctioneer, at Stone, near Berkeley. [17.j9 ^attests. TO THE ELECTORS OP THE EAST MUNICIPAL WARD. ENTLEMEN,—As tfce period for which you did me the honour to elect me as one of your representatives in the Town Council will expire on the | 1st proximo, I beg to announce to you that it is not my Intention to offer myself for re-election. I take this opportunity of thanking you very sincerely for the kindness and confidence I have always expe- rienced at your hands; and trusting that I may be justified in feeling that my conduct in the Council ihas .merited your favourable opinion, I have the honour to remain., GENTLEMEN, Your faithful and obedient Servant, MARTIN MORRISON. Newport, Mon., 7th .October, 1857. CARDIFF MUNICIPAL ELECTION, 1857. TO THE BUltGESSES Or- THE SOUTH WARD. ENTLEMEN,—My term of effice as your Representative being about to expire, I again beg leave most respectfully tooffer myself as a Candidate for your suffrages. I trust that my conduct during the period I have had the honour of representing you, has been such as to secure the approbation of those who wish to see the interests of this great Commercial Town in the hands of men conscientieuly determined to do their duty. I regret my inability at present to call personally on each Elector, and have, therefore, only to assure you that, in the event of my Re-election, the same assiduous attention that I have hitherto paid to the interests of the Rate-Payers, shall be continued. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, JOSEPH ELLIOTT. Bute-street, Cardiff, Oct. 8th, 1857. [1742 JUST PUBLISHED, A FINE LITHOGRAPHIC VIgW OF NEWPORT, T taken from Maindee, by a first rate London Artist, .commanding extensive Views of the Town. the Bris ol Channel, and surrounding Mountain Scenery. Price-,7s.6t\ plain 10s. 6 I. colored. Proofs 2s. 6d. extraA Published and Sold by HENRY MULLOCK, opposite ithe lown-hall, Newport, who will supply Frames to suit the View at cost price. [1724 JAMES LEACH, Wholesale and Retail BEDDING, BEDSTEAD, GLASS, and CABINET MART, 117. Commercial-street, Newport. Every descrip- ion of Brass and Iron Bedsteads, French. Arabian, Four- ost, and Canopy Bedsteads, in Bireh, Mahogany, Wal- ut and Painted Woods. Furniture bought, or taken in exchange, to any amount. [1111 PDIAMONDS, PEARLS, PLATE, WATCHES, &c. URCHASED for Cash, and the extreme Value given. Parties desirous of Selling their PLATE and VALUABLES, communicated with in the strictest confidence, by strictest confidence, by STICKLAND, GOLDSMITH, &c., 24, CLARE STREET, BRISTOL, who respectfully solicits an Inspection of his Large and ] Commanding STOCK of SILVER PLATE (New and Second-Hand), and ELECTRO SILVER PLATED j GOODS, Elegant GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, of the highest character; a Superb Assortment of FIRST- j CLASS JEWELLERY, in rich and endless variety, < offering all the advantages of Metropolitan Establishments ) at a considerable REDUCTION in PRICE, with the impor- tant GUARANTEE as to QUALITY. Silver and Electro Silver Plated Fish Carvers • Fish and Dessert Knives and Forks; Knife, Fork, and Snoot, in Cases. i UU' STICKLAND'S ELECTRO PLATED SPOONS I FORKS, warranted the best and most perfect Substitute «"»->«>« -x- Hand Gold and Silver Watches, in ] perfect order, and warranted, at about half their original STICKLAND'S PLATE POWDER. Is. the Box. j SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, & WATCHMAKER, 24, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL, [1533 1 $lisccUanmts. ARMY CONTRACTS. WAR OFFICE, PALL MALL, LONDON, N3rd October, 1857• OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all per- sons desirous of contracting to supply such quanti- Lies of BREAD (best seconds), MEAT, and FORAGE, &s may be required for Her Majesty's Land Forces in Quarters and Barracks, in the Counties of England severally, in Wales, in North Britain, in the Isle of Man, Mid in the Channel Islands, and also distinctly and sepa- rately for the troops at Aldershott, in the county of Hants, for Six Months, from the 1st of December next inclusive, that printed forms of tenders, with the condi- Lions of the several contracts specified, may be obtained on application to tbe Director of Contracts, at his Office Ets above, on and after Tuesday, the 20th of October next' All proposals to contract must be made upon one of the printed forms of tender, which should be properly signed sealed, marked on the outside Tender for Army Supplies," and delivered at the War Office, Pall Mali, London, in the course of Tuesday, the 3rd day of Novem- ber next, after which day no tender will be received. THOMAS HOWELL, Director of Contracts. CAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY, beg to submit the following List of their leading Prices in various descriptions of Furnishing Goods. The rapid increase in this branch of their business has induced them to enlarge their Stock very considerably they have SHOW ROOMS for the express purpose of keeping a general assortment of every description of BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CARPETS, &c., and they trust the character they have sustained for the last 30 years will be a sufficient guarantee that the same care and attention will be devoted to this New Branch of their Trade. Painted Iron Bedsteads for Servants, from £ 0 12 6 Beech ditto (Japanned Maple) from 0 18 6 American Birch ditto, half-tester 150 Mahogany Arabian ditto ditto. „ 2 10 0 Mattresses for Servants 0 8 0 Horse Hair ditto 18 0 Japanned Toilet and Wash Tables 13 0 per pair. French Polished Birch ditto „ 2 10 0 ditto. Mahogany ditto 3 0 0 ditto. Japanned Chests of Drawers 17 6 Birch and Mahogany ditto 2 10 0 Swing Looking Glasses „ 0 5 6 Bed Room Chairs .0 2 9 Chintzes „ 00 4i per yard Union Damasks 0 0 7j ditto. Silk and Wool ditto, 1^ yds. wide „ 0 4 6 ditto. Bordered Muslin Curtains „ 0 0 10i ditto. Muslin Drawing Room Curtains" 0 9 6 per pair. Blankets „ 0 5 3 ditto. Counterpanes. „ 0 2 6 each. Quilts 0 5 6 ditto. Cotton Sheets 06 0 per pair. Linen ditto 0 12 0 ditto Brussels Carpets 0 2 3 per yard Tapestry ditto „ 0 2 84 ditto. Kidderminster ditto 01 6 ditto. Dutch ditto 0 1 0J ditto. Printed Druggets 0 I 9 ditto. Hearth Rugs 04 6 each. N.B.-Books of Bedding, with prices, sent Post Free on application. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY. [1721 CAYHNDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM.


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