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&(. TJY^WAX FLOWERS. MHMJV Materials for Wax Flowers and French Paper eSBOBflQ Flowers, at MINTORN and SON'S, 106, New Bond-street, and Conservatory Counter, Pantheon. Acentt wanted for the Sale of the abere,—tenM on application to MINTOBN ft SON, 106, How Bond-street, London. CHUBB'S LOCKS, ™ S^SSffi ^ir*Proof-3afM' *U.h Locks; Cadi and Deed goxe»; Street Door Latches, with small and nest key». Prices sent on application.. 1 (CHUBB & So*, 67, St. Pan! ■ Churchyard, London; 28, ItilA* liTwpool; ttd 10, MKbHtnttTlteMhtfW* 11. POOLEY and SON, Agents, 20, Commercial street. Newport, Monmouthshire, -O'S £ UREKA BEST QUALITY, <S SIX FOR FORTY-TWO SHILLINGS + ./1.. Directions for Self-Measurement, and <y :/°4!> every particular, post free. 1 SCHWEPPE'S MALVERN SELTZER WATER. To man ifacinre ai Artificial Water, which shall be a successful im. tation 0 the natural Spring, a perfect solution of the Chemical in7re,h. is »-«o!it;nl. sm-i tliis cm alone be effected by the aid of PUl>K vVA r 1-it. J. SC il A'KPPK and Co., have therefore estab- lished a ^aimtaeioTy for ART1F1C1 L SELTZER WMER AT MALVERN. Anti leased the Spring of the Holy Well, renowned for its sweetness and purity. From the remarkable efficiency of this WaUr as solvent of the CHLORIDES and CARBONATES which form the in::r:'t1:ent:o; of the natural pring at Nassau. J. 3 and Co. cari prodncc a SELTZKli WATER possessing all those CH-EMi-'AL and MEDICINAL, properties which have rer.d -red the original Spring so celebrated. It is prepared as an .Crated Water, and may be recommended to the public generailv, as a most refreshing and delightful beverage. 1;5 I,- SCHWEPPS .s. CO. Manufacturers of SODA., MAGNESIA, and POTASS WATERS, and LEMONADK. LONDON, LIVERPOOL, BRISTOL AND DETwBY. Every Bottle is protected by a Label representing their signature. CROGGON'S PATENT ASPHALTE ROOFING FELT; inodorous elt for damp walla, ning iron houses sold in rolls 32in. wide, Id. per square foot. Also Dry Hair Fait, for preventing the radiation of •at and deadening sound, and sheathing for ships' bot- oms, on which the copper lies smooth. Samples, direc- tions, and testimonials, sent by post CROGGON & CO 2, Dowgate-hill, London. JAY'S LONDON GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE 247, 249, and 250, REGENT STREET. By appointment to the Queen-exclusively for Mourning. Orders executed.—Patterns post free. JAY'S 1 Af) AAA VOLUMES in CIRCULATION JLw\J?\JyJ\J and sent to any part of tba Kingdom, from WESTERTON'S LIBRARY, LONDON. ORLANDO JONES AND CO.'S Original Patent RICE STARCH REQUIRES NO BOILING, is eelebrated for producing a BEAUTIFUL GLAZE, and retaining its stiffness in the dampest weather. CAUTION.—Every packet has a label with the name inserted UNDER the Royal Arms. 52, FLEET STREET. MR. HOWARD, SURGEON-DENTIST, At home from ten till five. 52, FLEET STREET, LONDON. SUPERIOR DOUBLE FOWLING PIECES, S in Cases, 10 to 25 Guineas. Double Guns in pairs. Improved Breech Loaders, Adams's Patent Revolvers. Air Canes from 65s. REILLY, Gun Makers, 502, New Oxford street, London. INDIA RUBBER OVER SHOES.-G. J. I TOBYi mporting Hayward Rubber, North British, and French Eagle Goloshes, supplies the Trade, for Cash, on the lowest terms. Price list or samples to be had at 41, Boro', High-street, Loudon Bridge. YOU* Ho0 ■ WITH TUB X BEST ARTICLES, v AT Ironmongery and Furnishing WAREHOUSES. A Priced Furnishing List £$^1 "1'. It SENT POST FREE qW1 EstablisL *A ^GO., a. 1700. Established CO., lON A.D. 1700. it- BANK OF DEPOSIT, sT"Pall Mall East, London. Established A.D. 1844. Parties desirous of INVESTING MONEY are requested to examine the Plan of this Institution, by which a high rate of interest may be obtained with perfect security. The Interest is payable in January and July, either at thp Head Office in London, or at the various Branches throughout the Country PETER MORRISON, Managing Director. Prospectuses and Forms for opening Accounts sent free on application. INCOME WITHOUT RISK. DURING the last 30 years hundreds have t 7 derived large profits by the SALE of the EAST INDIA TEA COMPANY'S TEAS, which are packed in lead, in convenient quantities, from one ounce to one pound, at prices suitable for all consumers. Lists fur- nished on application, either personally or by letter to the COMPANY'S WAREHOUSES, 9, Great St. Helen's, London RELIEVED IN ONE HOUR, cured in a few days, Gout, Rheufhatism, Rheumatic Gout, Lumbago, Pain3 in the Head, Face, and Limbs, by EADE'S Gout and Rheumatic Pill (numerous testimonials enclosed). Fifteen stamps enclosed to EADE, 39, Gos- well street, London, Box sent free. MEASAM'S MEDICATED CREAM, for the 31 cure of Gout, Rheumatism, Burns, Scalds, &c., removed from 238, Strand, and 17, Bedford-street, Covent-garden to more extensive premises, 13, Catherine-street, Strand, London, where it may be had Wholesale and Retail; also, Wholesale of Messrs. Barclay, Edwards, Sutton, Newberry, Butler, Sanger, and Hannay, London; Bolton, York; Campbell, Glasgow; Raimeg, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and York; and Retail by all Medicine Vendors in town and country. PATENT CONCERTINAS, 36s., ditto to play in all the keys 52s. 6d., ditto full compass (48 keys) 4 guineas all are six-sided and have the double action also the new Duet Concertina at 31s. 6d., 2nd 42s. "WHEATSTONE & Co., 20, Conduit-street, London. W. TURNER'S PATENT LAUNDRY STARCH. Used in the Royal Laundry, and in the Blapclnsserie" of the Empress of the French. This Starch will give the celebrated AMERICAN SATIN FINIS EI, take one-third more water, and be stronger than any other it is fally prepared, and requires neither boil- ing gum, or grease. London Starch Company, 74, Queen- street, Cheapside, London. T ICENSES GRANTED for any Town, or JL County, (Middlesex excepted), in a Monopoly, by which good incomes may b little trouble. Address, (with stamped envelope; to H. RHODES, ESQ., 50, Burton street, Burton Crescent. DEAFNESS.- THE ARTIFICIAL TYM- 11) PANUM, patented by Charles Greene, 20, King Wiliiam-street, Strand, London, the invention of JAS. YEARSLEY, Esq. Silver tube and a month s ;supply of prepared Cottons, with directions for use, price by post 32 stamps. THE ECONOMICAL WONDER OF THE DAY.—HAMILTON'S MODERN INSTRUC- TIONS for the PIANO-FORTE. 146th edition, 4s.; ditto for singing, 5s.; Hamilton's Dictionary of 3,500 Musical Terms, 50th edition, Is.; and Clarke's Catechism of the Rudiments of Music, 40th edition, Is. London ROBERT COCKS and Co., New Burlington-street. W. jng 14 P n? Sissri Cigars for Js. 9d.; post-free, six stamps extxai J pound boxes, containing 109, 12s. 6d. None are genuine I aniou siyned I H. N. GOODRICH." V* Li; CHERRY, Chemist, 41, Commercial-street, Newport, AGENT for HORNIMAN'S PURE TEA, in PACKETS.—THE LEAF NOT COLORED. —DB. ScoFFERN, in his valuable work On Food Adultera- tions," remarks, at page 423 The best Tea I can find is that imported by the Messrs, Horniman; its unattractive appearance manifests it to be what it professes-Tea which has been subjected to no kind of outward embellishment- a manifestation which its delicious flavour sufficiently confirms." HORNIMAN & CO.'S PURE TEA, The usual fine sorts, hit the leaf not eovered with color. RI C H full-flavoured Tea of rare strength is thus secured; for by not ad- mitting the different qualities *"UL* H & to be coloured alike with the H f". nanal powder, the brown fla- W'mmJJilYi ft f Savourless leaves of the autumn ^-U JL gathering cannot be made by JLA the Chinese to resemble the valuable spring sorts, and so TEA WARI- HOUSES, passed off at high rates, to the r„r, i,ndon loss of the English consumer. The Lancet Report, page 318, states of Horniman s importations;—These Teas are wholesome, the Black has not an intensely dark leaf; the Green is a true dull olive, not being "faced" with the prevailing bluish powder." For richness, strength, and choice flavour, they exceed the sorts generally sold. Supplied by Agents throughout the Kingdom, and only in Packets, Price 3s. Sd., 4s. and 4s. 4d. per lb. LOCAL AGENTS. BERDARE.. Jones.-Thomas. LONDON..Purssell, 80, Com-hi ABERAVON..Evan Evans. LvMEY ..Hathaway ABEBYSTWITH Jones, Pier-st. MONMOUTH..Farror.— Bowen — ABERGAVENNY Gosden (late MERTHYB Stephens, High- Hirst).—Watkins High St. street. ABRBSTcaAN.Wood, Stamp- NEWPORT ..CHERRY, 41, Com- office. mercial-street. BRISTOL.. Ferris, Union-street. Ditto, Battershill, 173, Commer CBICKHOWELL..Christopher. cial-street. COWBRIDOE ..Thomas, High-st. PONTYPKIDD Bassett, Post- CABMFF..Kernick, 23, Duke-st. Office. Ditto ..James, Bute-street. PONTYPOOL and ABBB3VCHIN.. CHEPSTOW.. Hodgson, Beaufort- Wood, Stamp Office. square.—Taylor, St. Mary-st. SWANSEA.. Wilson, Castle-sqr. CoLEFOBD..Hough.—WiJhams. TREDEGAR.. Crowe, Post Office GLOUCESTER..Fouracre, Cross. USK..Edwards. [1626, LAYERTON AND CO.'S PRICE CURRENT FOR THE COMPLETE FURNISHING OF AN EIGHT-ROOMED HOUSE, WITH SUPERIOR WELL-MADE & GOOD MODERN FURNITURE. KITCHEN, HALL, DINING-ROOM, BREAKFAST- ROOM, STAIRS, DRAWING-ROOM, BEST BED-ROOM, SPARE BED-ROOM, AND TWO SERVANTS' BEDROOMS. KITCHEN. £ s. d. £ a. d. Deal Table, 8s. 6d., large one-flap do. 12s. 6d 1 i 0 Four strong Chairs, at 3s. 6d 0 14 0 Large Clothes Horse, 7s. 6d., small do., 5s 0 12 6 Knife Box 0 5 6-2 13 0 HALL. Say 7 yards 4-4 Oil Cloth, at 2s. 9d. 0 19 3 Cocoa Door Mat and Stair-foot ditto 0 8 6 Umbrella Stand and Hat Rail 1 5 0 2 12 9 DINING-ROOM. One set of Damask or Moreen Window Curtains, 34 yards long, fringed dra- pery, polished mahogany or gilt pole, 6 feet 3 10 0 Super. Brussels Carpet, 18 by 15A feet, 42 yards. 7 7 0 Hearth Rug to match 1 1 0 Mahogany Sliding Table, with extra leaf, to dine eight 4 15 0 Six solid Mahogany Hair-seated Chairs, stuffed with horse-hair. 4 10 0 Mahogany Sofa, hair-seated 5 5 0 Mahogany Pedestal Sideboard, 5ft. 6in 5 10 0-31 18 0 BREAKFAST-ROOM. Super Kidderminster Carpet, say 5 yds by 4 2 10 0 Hearth Rug to match 0 14 0 Mahogany Pembroke Table, 3ft. 6in. square 1 5 0 Six imitation Mahogany Chairs, cane- seated 1 4 0—5 13 0 STAIRS. Strong Dutch Carpet, say 20 yards, at Is. 4d. 1 6 8 Thirty-six Stair-rods and Eyes. 0 15 0-2 1 8 DRAWING-ROOM. Superfine Brussels Carpet, including making, ISft. by 15Jft., 42 yards 7 7 0 Hearth Rug to match 1 1 0 Two sets rich Damask Curtains, 31 yds. 2 long, Window Drapery, and two 6ft. gilt poles 7 0 0 Rosewood Chiffonniere, plate-glass back, and marble top 5 15 0 Chimney Glass, in gilt frame, best British plate, 40in. by 30in. 4 15 0 Rosewood Loo Table 4 10 0 Rosewood Couch, in damask, as curtains 5 15 0 Six solid Rosewood Chairs, ditto 6 0 0—42 3 0 BEST BEDROOM. Mahogany four-post Bedstead, with cor- nice, poles, rings, &c. 4 10 0 Moreen or Damask Furniture, with fringe drapery, complete 4 15 0 Mattress 1 5 0 Good Feather Bed, Bolster, and Pillows 5 15 0 One pair best Russia Sheets 0 18 0 Three Blankets, 27s., White Counter- pane, 14s 6d 2 1 6 Mahogany Washstand and Table 3 3 0 Dressing Glass, large size 0 16 0 Mahogany Towel-Horse 0 4 6 Three imitation Mahogany Chairs, cane seats 0 9 0 Mahogany Chest of Drawers, French poshed ••• ••• 2 15 0 Bedii und Carpet, yard wide 0 18 0 Mahu'any Night Commode .014 6-28 4 6 SECOND BEDROOM. Japanned full-size Half-tester Bedstead 220 Good Dimity Furniture, with fringe drapery 1 7 6 Mattress 1 1 0 Good Milpuff Bed and Bolster, Feather Pillows 2 12 0 One pair Russia Sheets 0 12 0 Three Blankets, 24s., White Counter- pane, 10s. 6d. 1 14 6 Painted Washstand and Table 0 15 6 Chest of Drawers, large size 1 12 0 Three Chairs, 7s. 6d., Dressing Glass, 10s. 6d 0 18 0 Towel-Horse, 3s, Bedside Carpet, 8 yards, 16s. 0 19 0-13 13 6 TWO SERVANTS' BEDROOMS. Two full-size double Bedsteads. 1 1 0 Two Milpufl Beds, Bolsters, & Pillows 2 0 0 Two pair of Sheets 0 10 0 Six Blankets 1 16 0 Two Coloured Counterpanes 010 0 Two Washstands 0 11 0 Two Chests of Drawers 2 10 0 Two Chairs. 0 10 0 Two Glasses 0 5 0-9 13 0 JE138 12 5 A SINGLE ROOM OR A SINGLE ARTICLE AT THE QUOTED PRICES. Now Ready, L. & Co.'s NEW ILLUSTRATED FURNISHING GUIDE, with Price List and Valuable Information for furnishing various sized houses. Free by post, on application to LAVERTON & CO., HOUSE FURNISHERS, 36 and 37, MARYPORT STREET, BRISTOL. [1372. AN ACT OF GRATITUDE. 5000 Copies of a Medical Book for Gratuitons Circulation. GEORGE THOMAS, ESQ., having been effectually cured of nervous debility, loss of memory, and dimness of sight, resulting from the early errors of youth, by following the instructions given in a Medical Work by a Physician, he considers it his duty, in grati- tude to the author, and for the benefit of nervous sufferers. to publish the means used. He will, therefore, send free, to any address, in a sealed envelope, on receipt of a directed envelope, enclosing two stamps, to pre-pay postage a copy of the medical work, containing every in- formation required.-Address, G. THOMAS, Esq, Craven House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. [1597 FOOD FOR INFANTS, INVALIDS, LADIES WHO ARE NURSING, AMD PERSONS OF DELICATE CONSTII'UITONS. BULLOCK'S SEMOLA. TTTL &"ostauce U prepared solely from the finest Wheat. 1 s great meiit consists in its being rich in gluten, the pure nutritive or staminal principle of that grain. One par eing equal, in nutritive power, to five parts of wheaten ttour,» t contains absolutely more nourishment than beef or F0r Invalids it sup- plies a most agreeable substitute for gruels. As a food for Infants and weakly Children it is invaluable, as it contains exactly the organic materials suited to their growth, and uniformly agrees with the stomach. Taken by Mothers who are Nursing between their ordinrry meals, or for supper, it increases the quantity tnd greatly improves the quality of their ,a rule Semola is applicable in all cases of a8 of general weakness of the system or local wea.Kiies the stomach, lungs, or other organs. Many lea g Physicians recommend it, and their report is uniform y most satisfactory. Semola must not be confounded with SemoliuB, which is an entirely different article. Sold only in Tins, Is. 6d., 3s., 10s., and 21s. each secured with the Signature of the Proprietors. PERRINS & BARNir (Late BULLOCK & PALMER,) OPERATIVE CHEMISTS, 22, CONDUIT-STREET REGENT-STREET, LONDON; And may be obtained of all Chemists. I §VTF4R«!SF.SF. ] CARPETS. TURKEY and AXMINSTER CARPETS.—VELVET and TAPESTRY DITTO. BRUSSELS and KIDDERMINSTER DITTO.-SILK and WORSTED DAMASKS. CHINTZES and PRINTED TOURNAYS.—EMBROIDERED MUSLIN and NET CURTAINS. GILT CORNICES, BRASS and other POLES VENETIAN SPRiNG and other BLINDS, SMITH and CO. respectfully invite the attention of the Nobility and Gentry to their elegant and extensive STOCK of CARPETS, CURTAINS, &c., the whole being of a superior character, while, as regards Price, the extensive nature of their transactions enables them to enter into successful competition with any other House in the Trade. IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS. Cribs and Cots. I Half Tester Bedsteads. I Iron Chair and Extending Bedsteads. Stump Bedsteads. Tent ditto. Iron Couches and Sofas. French ditto. Fourpost ditto. Officers and Portable ditto. Canopy ditto. Portable Folding ditto. BEDDING. BEDS, BOLSTERS, and PILLOWS. MATTRESSES and PALLIASSES. BLANKETS, QUILTS, and COUNTERPANES.* LINEN and COTTON SHEETINGS. SMITH and CO. solicit parties FURNISHING to an inspection of their BEDS and BEDSTEADS, assuring their Friends that the whole of the Bedding Department will be Manufactured on their own Premises, of Materials that cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. S and CO. cannot refrain from mentioning, for the guidance of those at a distance who are not aware of the advantages offered at their Establishment, that as the facility of Railway and Steam Communication is now so great, parties Furnishing should visit their extensive Warerooms before purchasing elsewhere. SMITH AND CO., CARPET and FURNISHING WAREROOMS, 13, ST. AUGUSTINE'S PARADE, BRISTOL. [1170 MONMOUTH FARMERS' CLUB CATTLE SHOW, ON WEDNESDAY, THE 14TH OCTOBER, 1857. PATRON: HIS GRACE THE DUKE OF BEAUFORT. VICE-PATRONS: I THE LORD LIEUTENANT. THE HIGH SHERIFF. SIR C. MORGAN, BART. THOS. WAKEMAN, ESQ. C. K. K. TYNTE, ESQ. SIR J. BAILEY, BART., M.P. A. ROLLS, ESQ. LlEUT.-COL. VAUGHAN. O. S. MORGAN. ESQ., M.P. JAMES DAVIES, ESQ. GEORGE CAVE. ESQ. LIEUT.-COL. CLIFFORD, M.P. SIR. L. PILKINGTON, BART. G. GRIFFIN TYLER, ESQ. T. W. B. BLAKEMORE, ESQ., M.P. MAJOR-GEN. SIR W. ROOKE.C.B. J. F. BRICKDALE, ESQ. J. A. HERBERT, ESQ. LIEUT.-COL. SOMERSET, M.P. O. A. WYATT, ESQ. S. R. BOSANQUET, ESQ. CRAWSHAY BAILEY, ESQ., M.P. PRESIDENT: JOHN E. W. ROLLS, ESQ. HONORARY TREASURER: I HONORARY SECRETARY: O. A. WYATT, ESQ. | HENRY DYKE, ESQ. THE LIST OF SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE MONMOUTH CATTLE SHOW FUND I857. £ s. d. £ s- d. £ s d. The Duke of Beaufort 1000 Mr. James James 1 0 0 Mr. John Gwynne 1 0 0 The Lord Lieutenant 5 0 0 Mr. Sheriff 1 0 0 Mr. Wi-liam Price 1 0 0 Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. 10 0 0 Mr. John Day 10 0 Mr. George R. Wilson 1 0 0 Sir Joseph Bailey, Bart., M.P. 5 0 0 Mr. James Clarke. I 0 0 Mr. John Prosser, Llan-court 1 0 0 Sir Lionel Pilkington, Bart. 5 0 0 Mr. JohnScudamore 10 0 Mr. William Powell, Llantillio. 1 0 0 Major-Gen. Si. W. Rooke, 5 0 0 Mr. Charles P rsons 10 0 Mr. John Lioyd 110 Lieut.-Col. Somerset, M.P 5 0 0 Mr. Edmund Jones I 0 0 Mr. Thomas James, Garway 1 0 0 Lieuf.-Col. Clifford, M.P. 5 0 0 Mr. Amos Jones I 0 0 Mr. Thomas Taylor, The Hill 1 0 0 Mr O. S. Morgan, M.P. 5 0 0 Mr. John Le i 10 0 Mr. John Bird 1 0 0 Mr T W. Boo er Blakemoore, Mr. John Mayou I 0 0 Mr. Geo ge Tur er Aldington. 1 0 0 M p 1000 Mr. W. Higgins 10 0 Mr. Thomas Edwards. Llanarth. 1 0 0 Mr. Crawshay, Bailey, M.P. 5 0 0 Mr. Thomas Baker 10 0 Mr. Thomas aylor, The Tump. 1 0 0 Mrs. Rolls. 3 0 0 Mr. Thomas Webb (Trivor) 1 0 0 The Rev. J. F. Beddy 110 Mr. Rolls 20 0 0 Mr. Jones (Deep H lm) 1 0 0 Mr. Nicholas 10 0 Mr. C. K. Kemeys Tynte 5 5 0 Mr. Prosser (St. Maughans) I 0 0 Mr. W. Graham 10 0 Mr John A. Herbert 5 0 0 Mr. G. Lewis (Treharry) 10 0 Mr. W. Williams, Talycoed 1 0 0 Mr. G. Griiffn Tyler 5 5 0 Mr. Wa kins (Pwlt-y cwm) 1 0 0 Mr. Edwin Philips, machine Miss Griffin 300. The Rev. Thomas Harris 1 0 0 m ker 10 0 Mr. S. R. Boianquet 5 0 0 Mr. Thomas E. Wanklyn 1 0 0 Mr. John Howells, Porthgallod. 1 0 0 Mr. John Allen Rolls. 5 0 0 Mr Thomas Dyke 2 2 0 —— Mr. Godfrey Morgan 5 0 0 Mr. Swift 2 2 0 SUBSCRIBERS OF SUMS UNDER 61. Lieut -Col. V ughan 2 2 0 Mr. J. F. Brickda e 2 2 0 Messrs. T. Webb, John James, John Mr. James Davie, 2 2 0 Mr. T. J. A. Williams I I 0 Probyn, J. Webb (King's Hea ), Henry Mr. George Cave 2 2 0 Mr E G.Evans 110 Williams, William Wanklyn, John Hy am, Mr. Alexander Rolls 2 2 0 Mr. Philip Williams 2 2 0 J. Davies, James Embry, J. Morgan Mr. O. A. Wyatt 2 2 0 Messrs. Broinage, Snead, and (ftraper), W. Spencer, A. Jones, Evans Mr. John E. Powles 2 2 0 Gosling ? 3 0 (-tr per), John Baker, A. Evans, R. Court, Tlia Mayor of Monmouth 2 2 0 Hereford Times i « Gwyiuie, J. A. Hall, J. YVhitley, T. Ber- Mr. William Davies 2 2 0 Mr. John Webb, sen } ? o°w' William Davies, Thomas Taylor, Mr. Wakeman 3 3 0 Mr. George Lewis, V. S.10 George King. Price (Ross), P. Maffia, G. Mr R. Sharpe 5 0 0 Mr. Charles Murray 2 2 0 Tippins, C. Jackson, T. Holman, James Mr. T S. Williams 3 0 0 Mr. C. M. Murray 2 2 0 Williams, William Harris, R. Berrow, The High Sheriff 2 2 0 Mr. Howells Lower House 1 0 0 Lewis (Garway Mill), James Williams Mr. Brown 3 0 0 Mr. Gorge Watkins, timber mer- (Wonastow Mill), John Richar s, G. Bird, Mi William Brown 1 0 0 chant 10 0 Will am Pr thero, Michael Davies, John Mr John Brown 10 0 Mr. John Morga Baynhams 1 0 0 Powell, Thomas Jones, A. Ellaway, R. Mr. Henry Pride 2 0 0 Mr. George Wilks 10 0 Jones, James Wilton, Robert Jon s, J Mr G V. Maddox 1 1 0 Mr. John Crump 10 0 Cloud, William Lewis, H. Watkins, J. Mr Spilsbury 110 Mr. George Masters 10 0 Giles, T. H we, George Prosser, Henry Mr. Thomas Farror 1 I 0 Mr. Onslow Andrews. 00 Yeates, J. Pembridge. Mr. Thomas Wilks I10 Mrs. Coates 10 0 THE PRIZE LIST. This list has been drawn up by the Committee of Management as the one most suited for promoting the objects of the Society. „ „ HORSES £ 8. d. « s. d Class 1.—For the best Entire Cart Horse •• 0 0 "e lec^ beSf f'w fi!"0 J:); I « 2 For the second bes ditto 3 0 0 Class 23.—For the best Pen of 4 Wethers yeaned in 1857 3 0 0 Class 2.—For the best Cart Mare and Foal 3 0 0 For the second best ditto ditto J J J Class 3.—For the best 3 years-old Cart Colt or Filly 3 0 0 Class 24.—For the best Pen of 4 Yearling Ewes ..300 Class 4.—For the best 2 years-old ditto ditto 2 0 0 For the second best ditto ditto ..100 Class 5.-For the best Yearling ditto ditto 2 0 0 Cla « 25.—For the best Fen of 4 Breeding Ewes ..300 Class 6.-For the best Ent re Horse, calculated to pro- For the second best ditto ditto 1 0 o duce Hunters and Charges 5 0 0 Class 26.-For the best Ram, 3 0 0 Class 7.-For the best Brood Nag Mare. 3 0 0 DITTO (LONG WOOLS). Class 8.-For the best 2-years-old Nag Colt or Fillv 300Class 27.-For the best Pen of 4 Yearling Wethers 3 0 0 Class 9.—For the best Yearling ditto ditto 2 0 0 For the second best ditto ditto „ •; « « CATTLE*. Class 28.—For the best Pen of 4 Wethers yeaned in 1857 3 0 0! Class IO.-For the best Bull, 2 years old and upwards.. 5 0 0 For the second best ditto ditto 1 0 0 Class ll.-For the best Buil, under 2 years old 5 0 0 Class 29.-For the best Pen of 4 Ye. rli. g Ewes 300 For the second best ditto ditto 2 0 0 For the second best ditto ditto .100 Class 12.—For the best Bull, Cow, and Offspring, the dass 30.—F°r''ie best Pen of 4 Breeding £ wes 3 0 0 Calf to be under twelve months old at the For the second best ditto ditt0 J 0 0 time of exhibiting 5 0 0 Class 31.—For the best Ram •• •• 8 0 0 For the second best ditto ditto 2 0 0 Class 13.—For the best pair of Working Bullocks 3 0 0 Class 32. For the best Boar Pig, under 2 ears old 2 0 0 Class a.-To the Tenant Farmer who shall exhibit the Class 33.-For the best Breeding Sow and litter of Pigs 2 0 0 bes. I t of Beasts, irrespective of sex, under Class 34.—tor the best Breeding Sow in Farrow ..100 ( 2 ye rs and 6 months old, in proportion to Class 35.-F r the best Store Pig 2 0 0 the quantity of land ne occupies asfollows:— For the second best ditto 1 0 I) The occupier of not more than 100 acres, 2 Class 36.—For the best Fat Pig 2 0 0 Beasts Class 37.—To the Tenant Farmer, for the best cultivated The occupier of between 100 and 200 acres, J Farm of not less than 100 acres, a Piece of 4 Beasts n n Plate, value 5 0 0, The occupier of between 200 and 300 acres, S 0 0 Class 38.—To the Tenant Farmer, for the best cultivated 6 Beasts Farm under 100 acres, and not less than 25 The occupier of 300 and upwards, 8 acres 3 0 0 Beasts Class 39.—For the best and cieanest Crop of Swede Tur- C:ass 15.-For the best Cow in Calf or in Milk 3 0 0 „ nips, not less than 5 acres. S 0 0 C ss l6.-For the best pair of 2-years-old Heifers 3 0 0 Class 40.-For the best and cleanest Crop of Swede Tur- For the second best ditto ditto 0 0 0 nips, under 5 acres and not less than 2 acres 2 0 0, Class 17—For the best pair of Yearling Heifers 3 0 0 Class 41.—For the best and cleauest Crop of Mangold Class 17. the secJd best ditto ditto 2 0 0 Wurtzel, uot less than 1 acre 1 0 0 Class 18.—^For the best pair of 2-years-old Steers 3 0 0 Cass 42.-For the best and cleanest Crop of Carrots, not ( 3 q For .he second best ditto ditto 2 0 0 C1 43 _For the best Sack of Wheat, Barley, or Oats. Class 19.—For the best pair of Yearling Steers 3 0 0 CI Exhibitor in the year 1857— for For the second best ditto ditto 2 0 0 8'" 3 ..100 Class 20.—For the best Fat Ox of any age 3 0 0 ass 44,—Five Pounds wi 1 be placed at the disposal of c,,„2l._F.h,«.,HF.,Co..r,»,wTou). 3 0 0 the J udges to be awarded for Extra Stock, ,he Class 22.—For the best Pen of 4 Yearling Wethers 3 0 0 property of Members. LIST OF PRIZES FOR POULTRY. GEESE POLANES. £ B. d. (Gold or Silver Pencilled) Class 45- For the best Gander and 2 Geese 0 19 0 F F- D. second best ditto .0 5 0 Class 58-For the Best Cock and 2 Hens .0 10 0 » »» second best ditto 0 5 0 JJUCKS. Class 59—Beat pair hatched in 1857 .0 10 0 Class 46-For the best Drake and 2 Ducks 0 10 0 GAME FOWLS. 11 1, second best ditto 0 5 0 Class 60-For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 0 Class 47-Best pair hatched in 1857 0 10 0 „ second best ditto 0 5 0 TURKEYS. Class 61—Best pair hatched in 1857 0 10 0 „ TT N M A BANTAMS. Class 48—For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 niAA3 62—For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 0 second best ditto .0 5 0 WA» O* second best ditto .050 Class 49-Best pair hatched in 18O7 0 10 U CLA» 03 _BEJJT pair hatched in 1857 0 10 0 SPANISH FOWLS. ANY OTHER VARIETY. Class 50-For the best Cock and 2 Hens .0 10 0 Class 64-For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 0 „ second best ditto 0 5 0 „ N second best ditto 0 5 0 Class 51—Best pair hatched in 1857 .0 10 0 Clas3 65—Best pair batched in 1857 .0 10 0 PEA FOWLS. DORKINGS. Clasa66—For the best Cook and 2 Hans 0 10 0 Class 52—For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 0 JT second best ditto 0 5 0 „ „ second best ditto 050Class 67—Best pair hatched in 1857" 0 10 0 Class 53-Best pair hatched in 1857. 0 10 0 GUINEA FOWLS. COCHIN CHINA Class 68—For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 0 n »» M second best ditto 0 5 0 Class OI —Far the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 Class 69-Best pair hatched in 1857 0 10 0 M second best ditto 0 5 O PIGEONS Class 55-Best pair hatched in 1857 0 10 0 class 70-For the best pair of Carriers .0 5 0 HAMBURGHS. Class 71-For the best pair of Tumblers 0 5 0 (Gold or Silver Pencilled) Class 72-For the best pair of Balds 0 5 0 Class 56-For the best Cock and 2 Hens 0 10 0 Class 73-For the best pair of Nuns 0 5 0 second best ditto .0 5 0 Class 74— For the best pair of Jacobins .0 5 0 Class 57-Best pair hatcTed in 1857 0 10 0 Class 75-For the best pair of Fan Tails 0 5 0 CONDITIONS. A, „ Notice of Entries^ to be made on the 30th of SEPTEMBER,JT° THE^ Secretary, ^ON TH £ R«^AO° F REMJN The Poultry must be placed in the Pens P'FP N<R MU8t be paid. All the specimens must be bond fide the PROPERTY ?F TTE^ Exhibi'tor', AS A STOG""price attached to each. The ages of the Young Poultry must be accurately stated. The Exhibition will not be limited to this District in particular, and specimens from any part of the kingdom will be allowed to compete for the Prizes. O, „ All other regulations the same as for the Monmouth Cattle ohow, &c. ADMISSION TO POULTRY SHOW, Is.—EXHIBITORS WILL BE ADMITTED FREE. The ANNUAL DINNER of the Society will take place on WEDNESDAY, the 14TH of OCTOBER, at the BEAUFORT ARMS HOTEL. The Chair will be taken by the President of the Club, JOHN E- W. ROLLS Esq. [1680 ROCHE'S HERBAL EMBROCATION FOR THE HOOPING COUGH. This is the only discovery affording a perfect Cure, without administering internal medicine, the difficulty and inconvenience of which, in all disorders particularly incident to Children, are too well known to need any comment. The Inventor and Pro- prietor of this Embrocation, can, with pleasure and satisfaction, declare that its salutary effects have been so universally expe- rienced, and so generally acknowledged, that many of the most eminent of the Faculty now constantly recommend it as the only known safe and perfect cure. without restriction of diet or use of medicine. Many thousands of children are cured annually by this remedy; on the first attack, an immediate application of the Embrocation will prevent the complaint taking any hold of the constitution, and a few times using often completely cures. In most cases, one bottle will produce the desired effect. The Pro- prietortherefore earnestly and conscientiously recommends it to Parents, Guardians,and all th jse who have the care of children. For the protection of the Public, and to preven imposition "J Roc a j," is signed on the Label accompanying each bottle and the name of the sole Wholesale Agent, Mr. Edwards, 67 St. Paul's, engraved on the Government Stamp. Price 4s. per bottle. Sold by Ponting, Ferris, and Co., Hartland, Selfe, Fendick, Taylor, Sanders, Wine, Lavington, Isaac, Webb, Stoddart, Bristol; Cooper, Clifton Gordon and Rich, Weston super-Mare and by most respectable Chemists and Bookseller TAYLOR'S CONDITION BALLS, for Worms, Swelled Legs, Grease, Impaired Appetite, Coughs, Colds, Inflamed Eyes, &c. Read the opinion of the following eminent Trainers For getting Horses into condition, they are unequal- led.John Osborne. In my opinion they are invalu- able. John Scott* Your Condition Ballsare excellent. —Samuel Rogers. I have never used so efficient a Ball. -John Dawson. Prepared by T. T A nOR, Veterinary Surgeon, Burton-on-Trent, and Sold by all Patent Medicine Ven- dors. In Packets, six Balls, 3s., three Balls, ta. M. • •-> J NOTICE. In consequence of the increased practice of Messrs. GOSS and CO., Surgeons, it will be impossible for them to devote more of their time than Six DAYS in each MONTH to CARDIFF; and they may be Consulted from the 1st until 6th of every Month. NEW AND IMPORTANT DISCOVERIES IN THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE. MESSRS. GOSS and CO., 2, Crichton- street, Bute-street, CARDIFF, Members of the Royal College of Surgeons, London and Edinburgh, and Authors of several Medical Works, continue to be con- sulted on all disorders arising during the critical passage from youth to manhood, and they have, after intense study and deep research, at lenpth discovered a most wonder- ful remedy, for the effectual Eradication of Nervous Debilty and Scorbutic Diseases-no matter of how virulent a character and how long standing, and in recent cases, a cure is performed in two or three days. No hindrance from business. Every case treated in the most confidential manner. Hours of attendance from nine in the morning till nine at night: on Sundays, from eleven till two. Country patients, by forwarding 4;1, will receive such Advice and Medicine as will, in most cases, effect a cure. Post-office Orders to be made payable to Louis Goss. 4W OBSERVE !—Messrs. GOSS may bo consulted from the 1st till the 6th of each Month, until further notice, at the old-established Residence, 2, CBIOHTON-STBEET, BUTE-STBEET, CARDIFF. [1142 TO THOS II WHO REGARD HEALTH. E OR WICK'S BAKING POWDER, as used by the Army and Navy, is the only genuine article for making Bread without Yeast, and Pastry and Puddings with half the usual quantity of butter and eggs. Directions by the Queen's Private Biker. It is particularly recommended for the use of Invalids and persons troubled with weak digestion. It will keep for years. To be had of all Druggists and Grocers, in Id.,2d., 1d and 6d. Packets, and Is., 2s. 6d., and 5s. Can- isters. r A I IMPORTANT TO DAIRY FARMERS. FREE.MANS LIQUID ANNATTO FOR COLOUR- ING CHEESE AND BUTTER. J FREEMAN, having made great improvements in the manufucture of Alinatto, now fearlessly challenges the world for quality and cost. This preparation was introduced to the public ,in 1829 and is now generally used in England and Wales, Holland, Scotland, and Ameiica, in preference to all others, for the richness and durability of its colour, convenience in using, and cheapness. The following Testimonials are respectfully submitted to Dairy Farmers Raydale Hall, Leicestershire, Jan 5, 1856. Dear Sir,—Your request has ust been communicated to me-that.1 would give a perfectly unprejudiced opinion of the quality of your Annatto. I have no hesitation in stating that in point of COST (so small a quantity sufficing), and in its peculiar brilliancy of colour, it is the best thing of the kind I have yet seen. I have great pleasure in adding my humble testimonial as to its merits as a colour- ing for cheese and butter. I am, dear Sir, yours respectfully, JOHN NUTTALL. Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wilts, July 17, 1849. Sir,-Having used yjur Liquid Annatto for two years, we have pleasure in reporting its superior colour to any other, and much cheaper, and free from grit and we can well recommend it also as a saving of much labour. To Mr. Freeman. JAMBS and ISAAC BEAVEN. Hilperton, near Trowbridge, Wilts, July 23rd, 1819. Sir.—Having tried your Liquid. Annatto, I have plea- sure in declaring that I have not found any equal to it in brightness of colour and durability. To Mr. Freeman. JOHN BRICKER. Whaddon, near Melksham, Wilts, July 23,1849. Sir,- Having purchased your Liquid Annatto for the last two years, it gives me great pleasure in stating that it is superior in colour to any other, is much cheaper, and is also a saving of very much labour. To Mr. Freeman. HANNAH REDMAN. Northop Hall, Flintshire, March 18, 1818. Sir,—Your Liquid Annatto was used in my Dairy last season, and 1 have much pleasure in reporting that my cheeses stood their colour better than ever before,besides having a much richer appearance; and I never intend using any other.—Your obedient servant, To Mr. Fieeman. ROUEUT WHITLEY. Picton, near Chester, Match 25, 1848. Sir,-I have tried your Liquid Annatto, and can confi dently recommend it as preferable to any Cake Annatto I have ever seen. My cheese, at the end of winter, never looked fao bright. I shall never use any other whilst yours is to be had.-Yours obediently, To Mr. Freeman. ROBERT LLOYD. Prepared only by JOHN FREEMAN, CHEMIST and IMPORTER of ANNA lTO, J3, BLACKFRIARS ROAD, and 49, COLLINGWOOD STREET, LONDON. Sold in Quart, Pint, Half-Pint, and Quarter-Pint Bottles. Agents for- -GLOUCESTER, Fouracre Stroud, Mills, Brothers; Berkeley, Pope and Son; Bath, Pointing Bristol, Budgett and Co. Salisbury, Squarey and Read; Wells, Simper, Morris; Kulltord, Qiliingham Bradford, T. and E. Taylor, VV. Taylor, Barton Corsham, Stantial; Frome, Harvey Devizes. Cripps, House. [A 6 OUGHSEDGbl AND SUMMERS R Manufacturers of SOD A W A1 ER and POTASS WATER. LEMONADE, GINGERADE, and FLUID MAGNESIA; also of the IMPERIAL GERMAN SELTZER WATERS, 15 and 37, BRIDGE-STREET, BRISTOL. There are probably no Mineral Waters in the world whose curative powers in a great variety of diseases are so indisputably attested when used at the spring, as those of Neider Seltzer, in Germany, known in England as Seltzer Water, and yet it is equally true that no Mineral Waters have more extensively tailed as a Therapeutic agent when administered in this country. A German philosopher of repute, who had taken great pains t" collect information respecting them, bears testimony to their un- doubted efficacy in all disorders of the kidney sand bladder, in gouty, rheumatic, scorbutic, cutaneous and putrid disorders, in dyspepsia, consumption, and hypochondriacal and hysterical affections, and (owing to their diuretic properties) in dropsy. Another writer, of scarcely less eminence, pronounces them as of the greatest service in glandular obstructions, as they" render the bload and juices more fluid, promote a free, vigorous, and healthful circulation, and correct viscid humours." Hoffman recommends them as the most safe and gentle of all .Mineral Waters. He says they contain none of that bitter purging salt which is a disadvantage in most mineral springs, but act directly on the system and kidneys, whereby they may be used with ad- vantage by persons of the most weakly constitution. The qiuestion arises, how is it that waters which hav been product ve of such unquestionable good in Germany, should fail of their purpose when imported into England? The answer has been supplied by the researches of Hoffman, Dr. Brocklesby.and h Others. The Seltzer waters are morenable to be spoiled b- keeping than any other waters,and they seldom or never reach England in anything like good condition. Dr. Brocklesby discovered, as the re^lt of many experiments, that they did not depend for the'r efficacy so much upon their salts as upon the combillarkn of th jse salts with fixed air. He ascertained that the factitious air yielded by a bottle full of the water, containing 14 oz. 1 drachms, in a heat never exceeding 116 degrees by Farenheit's s-cale, amounted lo a quantity which occupied a space that required 2 oz. 2) drachms Df water to fill it. As the result of several examinations of the salts of the Seltzer water, he found that, by the time he came to act upon them, they had let go by much the greatest part of their fixed air, and had thereby probably lost most of the virtues in- herent in the pure fresh water itself; and Dr. Brocklesby con- cluded,as the result of all his researches, that the active virtues of this watT depend more on this elastic matter, or fixed air, than on any combination of its saline and earthy contents." It appearing to Messrs. Roughsedge and Summers that the experiments thus instituted with the Waters had solved the problem of their failure in England, and finding the results of the investigation confirmed by the well-known commercial fact that the mere accident of leaving a small space between the cork and the water in a bottle of the imported Seltzer will deprive it of its pungent flavour, they devoted themselves to a study of how a Mineral Water could be produced which should contain, in the exact quantity and proportion,the exact Salts of the Royal Seltzer Spa,in combination with an equal or greater quantity of that elastic air upon which, in the opinion of the best authorities, its active virtues depend. They have the satis- faction of announcing that some years of experiment have re- iulted in complete success, and that they can now manufacture a Water which is to the full extent as medicinally efficacious, as, and even more pleasant than Scltier Water drunk from the natural spring. The Imperial German Seltzer rt'ater, Manu- factured by Koughsedge and Summers, will be always found equal in quality, and in perfect condition, while its perfect dentity, chemically, with the German Water, is attested bt!^e following certificates from W. Herapath, Esq F.C.S.. C.M.t.o, Professor of Chemistry of the Medical School in this City, and from E. Frankland, Esq., Professor of Chemistry, Owen-Coltge Manchester:- Bristol Laboratory, Jan. 28th, 1856. Messrs. Roughsedge and Summers. Gentlenien-I have made comparative analyses of your Seltzer Water, and of that of the Royal Seltzer Spa of Germany, and find them to be a& nearly as possible of the same composition, and consequently I have no donbt of their having equal and similar medicinal properties. I am.gentlemeo, yours respectfully, WILLIAM HERAPATH, Sen., F.C.S., C.M B.S. Manchester, Dec. 20th, 185J. I hereby certify that 1 have tested your Effervescent Seltzer Water, and I find it fully equal in quality to the best German Seltzer Water, whilst its effervescent properties render it much more agreeable to the palate. E. FRANKLAND, Professor of Chemistry at Owen's College, Manchester, and Lecturer on Chemistry at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. Sold by all the principal Chemists in England and Wales. N.B. None is genuine without the Label over the Cork bears the name of Roughsedge and Summers. A 7 ONLY TO BE KNOWN TO BE VALUED DR. liOBERTS'S celebrated OINTMENT, called the POOR MAN'S FKIENI), is confidently recommended to the public as an unfailing remedy for wounds of every descrip- tion, a certain cure for ulcerated sore legs, if of twenty years' standing cuts, bums, scalds, bruises, scorbutic eruptions, and pimples in the face, sore and inflamed eyes, sore heads, cancerous humours, &c., and is a specific for those afflicting eruptions that sometimes follow vaccination. Sold in pots at ls. lid. and 2s. 9d. Also his PILULvE ANTlSCRüPHULÆ, confirmed by more tnan forty years' experience to be without exception one of the best alterative medicines ever compounded for purifying the blood, and assisting Nature in all her operations: hence they are useful in scrofula, scorbutic complaints, glandular swellings, particularly those of the neck, &c. They are efficacious in rheumatism, and form a mild and superior family medicine, that may be taken at all times without confinement or change of diet. Sold in boxes at Is. l.^d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis. and 22s. each. Mr. J. B. Cull's (of Weymonth) little boy, when an infant, had a scurvy place on the crown of the head; it was shown to his medical man, but his skill was quite useless; he tried everything he heard of, but without performing a cure; it got worse, and ran all over him, so that he was obliged to be removed about in a sheet; the only thing that relieved him was the Radapole Spa, until he was persuaded to try the loor Man's Friend, and twop ots performed a cure, after suffering more than eighteen months j he is now seven years old, and a fine boy. Another boy, by the name of Groves, and three children of Mr. Edwards, Dentist Dorchester, were cured of the same complaint, by the Poor Man's Friend.—September 13th, 1855. Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, BEACH AND BARNICOTT, at their Dispensary, Bridport; by the London houses; and retail y all respectable medicine vendors in the United Kingdom. » OBSEUVE.—No medicine sold under the above name can pos- sibly be genuine unless" Beach and Barnicott, late Dr. Roberts Bridport," is engraved and printed on the stamp fflxed to each acket. IlITE'S MOC-MAIN LEVER TRUSS is allowed to be the most effective invention in the curative treatment of Hernia. The use of asteel spring, so often hurtful in its effects, is here avoided a soft bandage being worn round the body, while the requisite resisting power is sup. ied by the Moc-Main Pad and Patent Lever, htting with so much ease and closeness that it cannot be detected, and may be worn during sleep. T. Recommended by the following eminent surgeons. W. Fergu- Son, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surge y in King's College, Surgson to King-s College Hospital, &c. C. G. Guthrie, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital W. Bowman Esq., F.K.S., Assistant-Surgeon to King's College Hospital'; T. Callaway, Esq., Senior Assistant Surgeon to Guy's Honital; W. Coulson Esq., Surgeon to the Magdalen Hospital T. Biizard Curling, Esq, F.R.S., Surgeon to the London Hospital; W. J. Fisher, lisq, Surgeon in Chief te the Metropo- litan Police Force; Aston Ke", Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert; W. Liston, Esq., F.R.S. J. Luke, Esq., Surgeon to the London Truss Society Erasmus Wilscn, Esq., F.lt.S. and many others. A descriptive circular may be had by post, and the Truss which cannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by post, on sending the cumferenceof the body, two inches below the hips, to the manufacturer, Mr. WHITE, 228, Piccadilly, London. Price of a Single Truss, liis., 21s., 26s. 6d., and 3?s. 6d.; postage, Is. Price of a Double Truss, 3ls, 6d., i2s.,and 52s.6d.; postage, Is. 8d. Post-Office Orders to be made payable to John White, Post- Office, Piccadilly. ELASTIC STOCKINGS KNEE. CAPS, &c., for vsricose veins and all cases of weakness and swelling of the legs, sprains, &c hey are porous, I ght ia texture, and inexpensive, and are drawn on like an ordinary stocking. Price from 78..ed. to I each. Postaga, fid. Manufactory—228, Piccadilly London- A I ■HEAL .SONS i NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOCUE IC CONTAINS DESIGNS AND PRICES OF 150 DIFFERENT ARTICLES OF BEDROOM FURNITURE AS WELL AS OF 100 BEDSTEADS AND PRICES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BEDDINC SENT FREE Br POST j HE ALISON BEDSTEAD BEDDING » BEDROOM | FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS ^gTOTTENHAM^COURT^ROAD LONDQNJ [859 DR STOLBERG'S VOICE LOZENGE, is acknowledged after Ten years' trial as the best specific for improving the v ice, and removing all affections of the Throat. Strongly recommended to Clergymen, Singers, Actors, Public Speakers, persons subject to relaxed Throats, and to all person desirous of cultivating their voices, and ensuring a good and clear articulation. They have also been found highly beneficial to those afflicted with Nervous, Hysterical, or Stomachic Coughs. To be had in boxes, at Is. 14d., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d.each, of every Medicine Vendor in the kingdom. Wholesale Agents, Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-street, Sutton and Co., Bow Churchyard; W. Edwards, Newberry and Sons, St. Paul's Churchyard; Dietrichsen and Hannay, Oxford- street; Sanger, Oxford-street, and Retail by all respectable Chemists in the Kingom. FOR COUGHS, SHORTNESS OF BREATH, ASTHMAS, &c POW ELL) S BALSAM OF ANISEED under the immediate patronage of several of the most dis tinguished Nobility and Gentry in the Kingdom, in Bottles, at Is Ijd. and Is. 3d. each. This invaluable Medicine has the extraordinary property of immediately relieving coughs, colds, hoarseness, difficulty of breathing, and huskiness in the throat. It operates by dissolving the congealed phlegm, consequently causing a free expectoration Those who are tioubled with that unpleasant tickling in the throat, which deprives them of rest, night after night, by the incessant cough which it provokes, will, by taking one dose, find immediate relief, and one bottle in most cases will effect a cure. Numerous cases have come to the proprietor's knowledge where young people have been troubled with coughs, spitting of blood, and gradual wasting away, with every appearance of going into a decline, by taking a few doses, have been entirely cured. In asthmas, chronic coughs, difficulty of breathing, &c., no pen can describe the wonders that have been performed by this invaluable medicine. Many, who for many years have been unable to lie down in their beds without a danger of being choked by an accumulation of phlegm (which invariably causes a dread ful cough); others, who with difficulty could breathe at all in a recumbent posture, have, by taking one dose of this excellent balsam, been enabled to lie down comfortably in their beds. fr' 6 t.estim°ni^ of those who have experienced its wonderful e"ects W"1 do more to recommend and insure it the support of the public, than anything the proprietor can say in its favour, and by particular request he has published the following extraordinary case: I Mr. Wright, of Mile-end road, was many years afflicted with | cough, shortness of breath, and sense of suffocation, whenever I he attempted to lie down in bed, owing to the great accumulation of viscid phlegm which he was unable to expectorate. He had tried every means to obtain relief, but without effect; he couid get no sleep but in his arm chair. In this state he continued to linger, without any hope of recovery, his friends expecting that ( every fit of coughing would terminate his existence. At length f he was prevailed upon to try a bottle of the Balsam, and (very extraordinary)! half an hour after the first dose he was able to lie down in his bed; and before he had taken three bottles, was perfectly cured IMPORTANT CAUTION.—Observe that the Words, "TaottA POWELL, Blackfriars-road, London," are (by permission of he Majesty's Commissioners of Stamps) E-.igraved in White Letter upon a Red Ground on the Government Stamp, pasted over th op of each bottle, without which it cannot be genuine. [A SPECIFIC FOR RHEUMATISM, &c. A certain and immediate Cure for Rheumatism, Toothache, Tic-Doloureux, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Growing Pains, Sprains, Swellings, &c.-lA YLOR'S SPECI- FIC LINIMENT has received the highest Testimonials from Clergymen Missionaries, and others as to its effieaoy in effecting a perfect cure in the abovenamed and similar painful Diseases. With each Bottle of the Liniment full directions are given, which, when strictly followed, have never been known to fail of their object. Sufferers from Rheumatism, Toothache, Neuralgia, Lum- bago, &c, will do well to read the following important Testimonial, selected from a large number :-TEHTIMO- We, the undersigned, Ministers of the Gospel, having instances within our personal knowledge of striking attestations from members of our congregations, or others equally well known to us, of the astonishing efficiency of' Taylor's Liniment have much satisfaction in calling public attention in this manner to its medical virtues in removing rheumatism, lumbago, tic-doloureux, I spasms, swellings, &c., and we think the community is under special obligation to the proprietor for its prepara- tion. We trust ere long, when its remedial properties are better known, it will be found not only in every apothrcary's shop, but also in the dwelling of every family.—(Signed} D. CROOM, Minister of the United Presbyterian Church, Portsburgb, Edinburgh; W. TAS- KER, Minister, Dr. Chalmers's Territorial Church; f ROBERTSON, Minister, United Presbyterian Church Newington, Edinburgh; D. MCRWAN, Minister, South College-stree! Church, Edinburgh." WHOLESALE AGENTS.—DUNCAN, FLOCKHART- & CO., Edinburgh; BARCLAY & SONS, and ED- WARDS, London R A I.VIES & CO., York and Liver- pool. May be had of most Medicine-Vendors, price » Is. Ijd.,2s.9d.,4s. 6d. per Bottle. I FEMALE COMPLAINTS.—Ladies suffer- ing from Nervous Attacks, Languor, Debility, or any of the diseases peculiar to the Sex, are informed that a Lady of extensive experience and success in such matters may be consulted personally or by letter. The Lady's Friend," free for 4 Stamps, which contains all particu- lars. Address Mrs. Hill, 27, Alfred Place, Russell Square, London. Mid wifery Cases as usual. All cases confidential. Female Pills forwarded by post, price 2s. 9d., 5s. 6d. and Us. which may be sent in postage stamps. ARSHALLS UNIVERSAL CERATE J .1, (Established for more than a century) Is the most certain and efficacious remedy for all kinds of Wounds and Chilblains, whether broken or unbroken, Cuts, Sores, Scalds, Burns, Old Ulcers, Sore Breasts, Eruptions of every kind, and more especially Sore and Ulcerated Legs of 20 years' standing, have been cured without the least confinement, after having been dis- charged from hospitals. In short, this wonderful prepara- tion will be found far more efficacious in the cure of the above complaints than all the Ointments and Plasters hitherto made use of. Witness the numerous cases speci- fied in the handbills. Chilblains are prevented from breaking by Marshall's Cerate, and their tormenting itching instantly removed but where this certain remedy has been unknown or v neglected, and the Chilblains have actually suppurated or broke, the Cerate will ease the pain, and very speedily hea. them. Sold wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY & SONS, and all other wholesale houses in London and by most Medicine Vendors and Druggists in the United Kingdom, in boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each, the larger containing three of the small. rpo INVENTORS AND PATENTEES. JL All Business relating to BRITISH and FOREIGN PATENTS and the REGISTRATIONS of DESIGNS may be transacted at 47, Lincoln's-Inn-fields, and 166, Buchanan-street, Glasgow.—SpeciScations drawn or revised; Mechanism designed Drawings by competent Draughtsmen Prolongations and Confirmations solici- ted Disclaimers entered Opinions on Infringement, &c.—A short Pamphlet, entitled Hints to Inventors desirous of obtaining Letters Patent for their Inventions, or of protecting their Designs by Registration," will be forwarded on application. Messrs. W. and J. H. JOHNSON are Proprietors of the PR ICTICAL MECHANIC'S JOURNAL, an Illustrated Record 01 Engineering and Mechanical Inventions, Is. containing twenty-eight quarto double-columned pages of letter press, illustrated by two Plate Engravings, and from forty to fifty Wood Cuts edited by W. JOHNSON, C. E. Vols. 1. to VIII., 14s. each, bound in cloth. LONGMAN & Co. Their other Publications are the PRACTICAL DRAUGHTSMAN'S BOOK OF IN. DUSl RI AL DESIGN, a complete course of Mechanical, Engineering, and Architectural Drawing. This Volume contains 105 quarto pages of Plate Engravings, about six y Wood Cuts, and 200 pages of Letterpress. Piice £ 1 8s. 6d. LONGMAN & Co. THE PATEN FEE'S MANUAL, a Treatise on the Law and Practice of Letters Patent fur the use of Patentees and Inventors, by JAMES JOKNSON, Esq., aid J.HBNBY JOHNSON, Solicitor. Price G$. 60 4