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LATEST NEWS. 1 MERLIN OFFICE, Friday, bp#j INDIA.—The Calcutta and China Mails have arri*fj but the intelligence supplied from the seat of ins.1 tion adds but little to that printed in another portio*; our paper this day. The news from China is cotdA cially important, the government having intimated; intention of laying an additional duty on the export* tea and silk. Ii THE INDIAN RELIEF FCND.—A few of the inha* ants of Regent-street, in order to show their sympM with the movement for the relief of the sufferers by Indian mutiny, have made a collection from houJ,e\ house in that street, and have handed to the Lord lie the sum of j6616 lis. as the result. i THE REVENUE.—The public accounts were mado on Wednesday evening, and in the chief sources of? revenue a falling off upon the quarter is paioffl apparent. There is also a decrease in the yearly retufi| Although this may to a certain extent be attributed! reduction in taxation, yet the deficit is larger thanf had been led to anticipate. The deficit on the qua1! ranges under five heads, and amounts to the formid«f sum of £ 1,089,255. Of this total, the decrease in Customs is £ 499,959 that in the Excise, £ 148,000 Stamps, £ 18,394; in Crown Lands. £ 7203; and! Property Tax, £ 415,699. In the last mentioned reduction of taxation has not yet come fully into op4? tion, consequently the falling-off is larger than itfE have been anticipated. This tax will furnish a I»<? more formidable item of decline in the next accaoSf The increase on the quarter is £ 200,095 under the Taxes, Post Office, and Miscellaneous leaving a<J| decrease of £ 839', 160. The returns upon the year A rather more favourable. The decrease is £ 537,294, the increase £ 367,888. ANOTHER MURIVEB, IN SOMERSETSHIRE.—A i#* named Richard Benger absconded from Frome, setshire, on Tuesday, and left behind him his wife", had been murdered. The police are after the mad the charge of murdering his wife, and it is supposed h« is somewhere in the neighbourhood of SouthampWj He is a little man, with dark hair, and a bald place rt the top of his head. a- DEATH OF A COUNTY COCKT JUDGE.—We re to harve to announce the death of Mr. Wm. Mackwo Praed, judge of the county covtt of the district in wb.Î Plymouth and Devonport are included, who expired the New London Inn, Exeter, on the 25th ult. I



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