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(fotriff |ittel%eitte. ACCIDENT.—Oh Saturday last a man naraed Thomas Jones, aged 56 years, fell from some scaffolding at the new graving dock now constructing at the head of the West Bute Bute Dock, and sustained a severe fracture of the skull. He was promptly attended by Mr. Pierce, surgeon, and is still in a precarious condition. SHOPLIPTINQ.—On the evening of Thursday week, a dark chocolate coloured1 shawl with satin border was stolen from the shop of Messrs. Dyke, drapers, Bute-st. HIGHWAY ROBEBRT.-About 8 o'clock on Saturday evening, John Newton of No. 3, Sophia-street, was met on the Newport road near Roath Court, by two men one of whom knocked him down with a stick and then robbed him of 9s. 6d. in silver, and a measuring tape. WHITMORE LANE AGAIN.—Henry Johnson, a foreman on the Rhymney Railway was robbed of jC26 in gold in a house of ill fame on Monday night.-Charles Hales, excavator in the new docks, was robbed of a pinch-beck watch in a house of ill-fame, on Tuesday night. THE INDIAN MUTINY.—From a notice in our adver- tising columns, it will be found that the Mayor of Cardiff has convened a public meeting, to take measures for the relief of the sufferers by the late fearful occurrences in India. RAILWAY hcClDBNT.-On Wednesday evening, be. tween nine and ten o'clock, while a goods train was stand- ing on the up lin9 of the South Wales Railway, at Cardiff I station, a coal train came up a rapid speed, although the signal lights were fully displayed, and the engine ran into the goods train7 driving it some distaoce before it, and smashing four trucks completely. Fortunately4there was no injury received by any of the men. GUN ACCIDENT.—We regret to state that as' Henry Lewis, Eiaq., of Gieenmeadow, was out partridge shooting, in company with other gentlemen, on Thursday afternoon, while he was loading one barrel of his gun. the other went off, carrying away one of the fingers of his right hand, and very seriously injuring his right eye We are happy to be enabled to state that the injuries are not considered to be of a dangerous nature. to be of a dangerous nature. CARDIFF POLICE, MONDAY—[Before the Mayor aud Dr. Edwards.]—John Bradley, Charles Roberts, and Charles Jones, were charged with stopping Thomas Morgan on the Penarth road, and robbing him of his watch with considerable violence. Bradley and Roberts were com- mitted for trial at the assizes. Charles Roberts subse- quetly made his escape from the yard of the police station which is in a very insecure condition John Hughes and Patrick Barry were charged with breaking into a blacksmith's shop, at the Docks, and were committed as vagrants to hard labour Hughes for three months, and Barry for one month.—Mrs. Chute (of Cardiff Theatre) was charged with assaulting Mr. J. P. Jones, who consented to accept an apology, accompanied with payment of costs. Charlea Poole, convicted of being drunk and disorderly, was commit'ed for 14 days, in default of payment of a fine of UOs.—Daniel Donovan was fined 5s. for being drllok.- Several vagrants were brought up, charged with larking about the docks, and sleeping in sheds and barges. Three of them were com- mitted for hard labour tor 14 days. The others were discharged. THE FiNE ARTS.—We have this week seen at the )ffices of Mr. F. Roche, a collection <jf beautiful vases, in porcelain, glass, and parian, with instands, cut glass iugs, &c., being prizes obtained by Cardiff subscribers to the Edinburgh Art Union. Among the fortunate win- ners we observe the names of C. C; Williams, Esq., Roath Conrt John Batchelor, Esq., GL M. David. Esq., C. Ml Lucas, Bsq., Mr. Alexander, Mr. J. Coleman, Mr. ~W~. Lewis, 10, Smith-street; W. Allen, Esq., Mr. Cornish, and others. CARDIFF BURIAL BOARD. A meeting of this Board was held on Friday se'nnight, Mr. Alderman G. Vachell in the chair, ia the absence of bho Mayor. The Clerk read.the minutes of the last meeting, and a letter from Mr. Corbett, on behalf of the Trustees of the Bute Estate, stating that they had no desire to hold the Board bound to the agreement made for the purchase of the land for the proposed cemetery at Msindy but would lelI. the same number of acres at Little Mynachty, if preferred, After a brief discussion on this subjeety it was agreed that they ahould-proceed with the business-of the LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH Present—Alderman C. Vachell in the chair, Aldermen C, C. Williams and Thomas Morgan, Ccuucillors Lewis, Reese, M. Alexander, C. E. Bernard, R. W. Williams, D. Jotham, E. Thomas, G. Watson, W. T. Edwards, M.D., W. B. Watkinay M. Grover, C. David, and J. Owen. The minutes having been read, It was stated that the subject of the improvement of the Banal-bridge, near the Custom-house, was-still a subject of negotiation between Mr. Alexander Coffin,. on part of the Board, and Mr. William Crawahay, ca behalf of the Canal Company. j j t r A letter was read complaining of the crowded state of a houf* in Loudon-square. It appeared that a foreigner had rentell the house, aud inconsequence cf a dispute with the landlord, had fillell it with Irish families. THE LIGHTS IN BAKER'S-EOW. The Surveyor, in reply to questions, said that he had inspected BakerVrow, and was of opinion that an addi- tional lamp was. unnecessary; the lights-extended as far as the carriage-way. Dr. Edwarda-moved that the question be referred to a committee to inspect. Mr. David seconded the motion. Mr. W. B. Watkins moved as an amedment that the surveyors report be received and confirmed. Mr, Grover seconded the amendment. The Chairman in taking a division said, that to simplify the question be would put it as light?' "or no light." Dr. Edwards expressed a hope that it would be so reported. Mr. W. B. Watkins said that would not be fair, the real question was, whether there was sufficient light or whether additional lights was required. Upon a division, the votes being equal, the mayor giive his casting vote against the light. THE BULWARKS. A short discussion arose with regard to the nuisance created by. the water being permitted to flow back into the river,, leaving a surface of mud. exposed at the back of St. Mary-street. Mr. Bernard moved that the- South Wales Railway Company, be requested to replace the embankment that they had-partially removed. Mr. Jotham seconded the motion* which was agreed to. Mr. Lewis Reece called attention to the state of the housesvon the tunnel. Mr. W. B. Watkins called attention to Patrick-street, where drainage was quite as much required. Mr.. Bernard moved that a sewer be constructed, through the tunnel, according to the plan of the surveyor. —Mr. R. W. Williams seconded the motion.—An- amendment was moved, but, lost. Upon the motion of Mr. Alderman Williams, a com- mittee was appointed to examine the plan for supple- mentary drainage, and to report at the next meeting. A memorial was presented from the inhabitants of Davies-street, requesting,that it might be lighted. The subject was referred to the Surveyor, with a. direc- tion that he should put up such lights as he might deem necessary. A letter from the Taff Vale Railway Company was read it complained of an urinal having been erected near to a door leading to their embankment, crossing the road leading into Newtown, a The members then sat as a Burial Board aud a long discussion took place on the choice of a site for the cemetery.

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