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I BRECONSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. The annual meeting of this Society was held oi Thurs- day last in the town of Brecon. This society is one of the oldest in the kingdom, having originally been estab- lished in 1755. The president of the year was J. P. W. Gwynne Holford, Esq., who we regret to say was absent on the occasion, but was ably represented by J. De Winton, Esq., of Maesderwen. The vice-president, Mr Dr Bridgwater, Porthamal, filled the office assigned him with much credit to himself, and satisfaction to the friends of the Society. Thursday was unfortunately a wet day, but though the rain descended in torrents, the ardour of the Breconshire farmers was not damped, and we have seldom, if ever, witnessed so numerous an attendance of tenant farmers on a similar occasion. The whole of them seemed to < take a lively interest in the proceedings of the day. The show took place in the Bridge End field, a very < commodious spot, and within an eisy distance of all i parts of the town. It was justly considered by persons j eminently qualified to form an opinion, to be one of the < very beat shows, both as regards the quality and number of beasts exhibited, that was ever witnessed in the town. The oattle shewn on this occasion were of the most admirable quality and in large numbers. Those exhi- b ted by Mr. Walter Maybery, Mr. St< phen?,.the Sheep- bouse,, and 11 r. Edwards, Pontwillim attracted consider- able attention from the numerous visitors in the field. There was a much larger and better display of sheep, than uaual, the varieties being greater and: condition i better. There was an excellent show of horses and ponies-as well as some very fine entire horaes—especially the one exhibited by Mr. Jones of Plaa and reared by ] Mr. William Thomas, of Brecon, and who won the prize for two succesive years. The pigs shown; were of a superior character, but not so numerous as we have seen 1 them upon some former occasions. There was a large I attendance in the field and the arrangements made for ] showing, the stock to the greatest advantage as well as for the comfort of visitors reflected much credit upon the committee and more especially upon the stewards of the field. In noticing the respeodve inprovements witnessed on this occasion, the unceasing exertions of the talented and indefatigable Scoretary, Mr. Richard Hall, should ot be forgotten, because, unless we are much mistaken, it to his exertions mainly, that the flourishing condition of the Society at the present time is attributable. The butter and cheese show took place as usual in the Market P.ace, and we were sorry to find in few exhibitors on this occasion-less., in fact, than ever we saw before- The tenant farmer we were informed shrank from com- peting for cheese aud butter with the houses of Brick- laod and Penoyre and it is pretty generally known that the prizes for fresh and salt butter are generally carried off1 by the dairies of the Hous < reverted to. The quality and quantity of cheese and butter exhibited on this occa- sion is far surpassed every Saturday through the year in the market place—we therefore would respectfully sug- gest the adoption of some plan by the Committee to bring: out the tenant firmers of the county in this department when we should have a good display to that shown OR Thursday last. The judge in this department was MiL". William Evans,.grocer, Ship-street. The next show, and which we have much pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to, was the truly magnificent display of implements of husbandry, &c., by that skilled and. enterprising firm, Messrs. Hodges and Wright, of Ship-street. Their implements lined one side of the street from the top of Ship-streat over into Llan- faes, and were the objects of constant attraction from the visitorl gping, to and from the field. When we consider the large capital embarked in this department ol,trado by this very enterprising firm, together with the numerous hands they employ in our little to vn. and the number of families dependent upon them, we cannot but wish them the success which their efforts so well deserve. Messrs. Hodges and Wright are not, however) without their rivals in this department of trade, and, we must confess that we were really struck with the large assort- ment of implements exhibited by Mr. Joseph Bo well, as well as by Mr. Watkins, of Llanfaes, and Mr. Brien, the Waiton, all of whom are, entitled to the gratitude of the Welsh farmer for their spirit and enterprise. The Ploughing Match oame off on Wednesday, in some feidg on the Newton and Llanstryddid farms. There were upwards of 40 teams on the ground competing for the respective prizes offered, and the work performed was first-rate. The judges of the ploughing were Mr. David Evans, of Pysosdlin, bailiff to Celonel Watkins, M.P., and Mr. Williams, of Coalbrook and the stewards of the field, Mr. E: Probert, Courtgilbert, and Mr. Elijah Trew, Sunny Bank. The judge of the stock was Mr. Rea, of Mannaughty, Radnorshire and of horses, Mr. Richards, of Abergavenny and the stewards of the show field were Mr. Lewis Jones,. Siddon's Arms, and: Mr. Probert, Rosa and Crown. We are gratiifed to find; that the awards made by the judges in their respective departments gave much satisfaction, and that this year's show went off in a most satisfactory manner to all con- cerned. The dinner took place at the Assembly-room, in the Town Hall, about 4 o'clock in the Afternoon. About 80 gentlemen sat down to. a most sumptuous repast, with the usual accompanymenta of wines &0., which were of the best description. The attendance of the landed gentry of the county, we are sorry to say, was unusually meagre. Colonel Watkins, we regret to add, was also absent this year, in consequence of severe illness. The company con- sisted chiefly of the leading farmers of the neighbourhood and the tradesmen of the town. The chair was taken, in the absence of Mr. Holford, the president of the year, by J. P. DeWinton, Esq., of Maes- yderwen, who acquitted himself with great satisfaction to the meeting. The chairman was supported by the Rev. T. J. Powell, Cantreff; the Rev. P. H. Morgan, Aberclyn James Williams, Mount Pleasant; David Bridgwater, Esq., of Porthamal farm the vice president of the year occupied the vice chair. After the removal of the oloth, the chairman first pro- posed Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen," which was received with loud cheers. The chairman then gave The Prince Consort, the Pnnce of Wales and the rest of the Royal Family," ■' The Bishop and Clergy oi; the Diocese" was next proposed, and the Rev. T. J. Powell, of Cantreff, returned thanks. The chairman then proposed the health of the Lord Lieutenant for the county and member for the borough, 1 Colonel Watkins, of Pennoyre. (Much cheering.) The I health of Sir Joseph Bailey, Bart,, the member for the I county followed, and waa warmly receiyed. po, The fC Army and Nayy/waa nostigiyon. feiifi The Rev. T. J. Powall proposed the health of the worthy President of the day, Mr. Da Winton." They were much indebted to him for having undertaken, at his time of life the arduous duty of present. (Cheers ) Mr. De Winton returned thanks in an appropriate address, and proposed the health of the judges, Mr. Red, of Manaughty, and Mr. Richards. Mr. Rea returned thanks. The Chairman then proposed the health of the secretary, Mr. Hall. (Cheers.) Mr. Hall returned thanks in a neat speech. The President then proceeded to award the prizes to the respective competitors, appropriately addressing the suc- cessful candidates. The Chairman, after the prizes had been distributed, proposed the health of the Vice-president, Mr. Bridgwater, of Porthamal. (Cheers.) Mr. Bridgwater returned thanks, highly com{)limentiDg Mr. Rea, on the manner in which he had distributed the prizes, and the ability with which he had discharged the office of judge. The Chairman next gave The landlords and tenantry of the county of Brecon, with good breeding in all its branches." (Cheers ) The Chairman afterwards proposed the health of the High-sheriff, J. P. Gwynne Holford, Esq. (Cheers.) The Chairman then vacated the chair, and at the unani- mons request of the meeting, he was succeeded by Mr. Bridgwater, and the vice-chair by Mr. Perrott. The remainder of the evening was spent in toast and song.

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