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September ^ERGAVENNY.









POLICE COURT.—TUESDAY. [Before the Mayor, John Probyn, Esq., W. P. Lendon, Esq., and Capt. Davies.J Mr. Redmond, skinner, was summoned to show cause why he had not removed a nuisance complained of on the 9th ult.- Ordered to pay 5s. 6d. expenses, aud cau- tioned. ASSAULTING THE POLICE.-A man named Pierce was charged by constable Clark while he was engaged with P.C. Herries in taking a man to the lock-up. Herries corroborated Clark's statement, but defendant called two witnesses, named James Yearsley and Thomas Taylor, who stated that defendant did not make use of the lan- guage imputed to him, and the charge was consequently dismissed. Two persons, named Teague and Roberts, were charged with leaving their carts in the streets.-Roberts was ordered to pay 3s. 6d., and Teague 6s. MONMOUTH RACES-FRIDAY. There was to-day again an excellent attendance on the course, and the weather was brilliant, accounting for the unusually large number of carriages which lined one side of the course. The race committee, at the head of which is Henry Dyke, Esq., deserve great praise for the vast improvement they have made in the course and about the grand stand. The new Monnow cutting, if it has done no other good, has, however, furnished a new place of starting for the horses; and by gradually filling j up the old channel may further improve the course. THE BOROUGH MEMBER'S PLATK, of 5 sovs. each, with j620 added by C. Bailey, Esq., M.P., for horses of all ] denominations; to be ridden by gentlemen as for the < Troy Plate. I Capt. Price's b. g. Lymmgton, 5 yrs 1 ] Mr. Samuel's b.h. Dogberry 2 Mr. S. William's b. c Malacca, 4 yra. 3 ] Captain Lindow's The Monnow, bv Weacherbit 4 Mr. S. William's b. c Malacca, 4 yra. 3 ] Captain Lindow's The Monnow, bv Weacherbit 4 1 Alembic did not go. Captain Price rode Lymington, I Captain ScobeU Malacca, and Mr. Thomas, Dogberry. ( After a false start, caused by Dogberry, fierce running commenced, Malacca being several paces in advance, but he was collared by Lymington, who won by a length, closely followed by Dogberry. This was, upon the whole, a splendid race. ] THE BEAUFORT Cup -A handicap stakes for aU ages, of L10 each, 5 forfeit and only 2 (to go to the fund) if declared, &c.. with a Piece of Plate added, the gift of his Grace the Duke of Beaufort. Lord de Mauley's b. c. Cotswold, 4 yrs.1 Lord Clifden's br. h Alembic, 6 yrs 2 Mr. Southby's b. c. Leo, 3 yrs 3 Mr. Parr's gr. c. Childrey 4 Only Alembic, ridden by Wheale Cotswold, by Bray Leo, by Bryan, and Childry, by saddler, started. Cots- wold having taken the lead, was soon collared by Childrey, who, however, swerved, and was left behind some twenty yards. A desperate contention for the mastery now commenced between Alembic and Cotswold. The colt, however, won by a neck, while the three others were only about a length behind. Betting—3 to 1 against Cotswold; 4 to 1 against Alembic; 5 to 4 against Childrey, and 5 to 2 against Leo. THE CHIPPENHAM STAKES of 10 son. each, 5 forfeit, and only 3 if declared, &c. To this stake £3 was added. Mr. I. Day's b. m. Octavia, aged 4 1 1 Mr. S. Williams' ch. c. The Dusty Miller, 3 yrs. 1 3 0 Mr. Smith's b. g. Tinwald, 3 yrs 2 2 0 Lord de Mauley's b. c. Cotswold, 4 yrs. 3 0 0 Mr. Evans' b. f. Blue Bell, 4 yrs. diat. Malacca, Homily, Gaylad, and Bold Buccleugh did not run. Bush rode Dusty MUler Bray, Octavia Forster, Tinwald; Wheale, Cotswold; and Bryan, Blue Bell.- First beat-Blue Bell leads, but is collared by Dusty Miller. Bryan (Blue Bell) rode against a post, and was unshipped, losing all chance of the race. A tremfndous running now began between Tinwald and dusty Miller, the other two close on their heels, while Blue Bell had been distanced. Dusty Miller wins by a head.-Second heat-Dusty Miller cuts out the work for about 500 yards, but Tinwald shows himself in front. Octavia, however, collars him, and wins by a length, while the other three were in close attendance. -Third heat From some cause Octavia now walked over. Betting 5 to 2 against Blue Bell. Even on Tinwald. THE WYE STAKES, for two-year-olds and upwards, of 5 sovs. each, with 25 added. Lord Clifden's br. f. by the Flying Dutchman, out of (Jlarion, 2 yrs. 1 Mr. Calvert's br. f. Annot Lyle, 3 yrs. 2 Mr. Samuel's b.h. Dogberry, 4 yrs. 3 Flying Dutchman leads, closely followed by Annot Lyle, who made desperate efforts to show in front, but the colt maintained the mastery and won by half a length. Dogberry was in close attendance upon his disdaining companions.—Betting 10 to 1 against Dogberry; 0 to 1 against Dogberry (ridden by Captain Lindow); 6 to 1 I against Annot Lyle (ridden by Forster); even on Flying Dutchman (ridden by Bray.) The winner having been put up by auction according to conditions, was bought I in by the owner for fifty guineas; thus bringing in to the funds jE27 10s. THE HZKDTTI HURDLE RACE—A sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, and 20 added from the fund. Mr. Calvert's c. g. Tower, aged 1 Mr. Williams's gr. g. Village Cock 2 lower was ridden by Stephens, Village Cock by Archer, and Dogberry by Captain Lindow. To show colours, neither of the horses for some time would take the hurdles. The Village Cock at last was persuaded to clear them, but they were obliged to be taken off for the other two. A tolerable start having been made, Tower and the Village Cock, after some hesitation, jumped the hurdles, but Dogberry obstinately refused after a great many efforts to get him over. Tower, although hard held in, was far before the Village Cock throughout this heat, and won by 30 yards or more. Second heat— Tower makes all the running. Village Cock, although he gained each time at the hurdles, had no chance in speed. Tower won easily.—Betting 3 to 1 against Village Cock.—The winner was sold for 38 guineas, being bought in by the owner. He thus realised £ 19 18s. to the race fund. This concluded the sport of the occasion.


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