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i So be girt. LAND TO LET FOR THE ERECTION OF MANUFACTURING PREMISES. TO BE LET, adjoining the RAILROAD, at Cwmbran, several Lots of Land, with ample FaONTAGE, for the Erection of Manufacturing Premises, and the building of Workmen's Cottages. — For terms, &c, apply to RICHARD BRINSJLE Y DOWLING, ESQ., Llantarnam Abbey, Newport, Mon- mouthshire. [1277 BUILDING GROUND. TO BE LET, on 99 years Leases, part of the LITTLE FARM, adjoining the Taff Vale Rail- way "Wagon Dep&t, and fronting the Cathays and Crwys Roads. Frontages 18 feet and 20 feet. Depths 160 feet and 180 feet.-Apply to Mr. O. ROURKE, Land Surveyor, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, or to Mr. DALTON, Attorney, Cardiff. [1620 TO BE LET, an eligible WHARF, at NEWPOBT, Mori mod thshire. Apply to Mr. HANSON, Senilis Works, near New. port. [1673. NOTICE. TO BE LET, by the WEEK, MONTH, or YEAR, a spacious ROOM, with CELLAR and OFFICES, being No. 162, Commercial-street, Newport, Mon. The above eligible premises are situate in the prin- cipal thoroughfare of the town. For additional particulars apply to GRAHAM & CO., Auctioneers, 7, Commercial-street. Dated September 24th, 1857. [1704 TO IRONMONGERS. A BUSINESS in the above Trade TO BE DISPOSED OF, in one of the best situations in the Town of NEWPORT, Monmouthshire; together with the well and recently-selected STOCK and other EF- FECTS belonging thereto. To a persevering and indus- trious person, this affords a most advantageous opportunity. of embarking in such business. For terms and further particulars apply to Mr. J. BOTHOMLEY. House and Estate Agent, 47, High- atreet, Newport. [1708 SOUTHERNDOWN. COMFORTABLE APARTMENTS may c now be had at the MARINE HOTEL, upon very Moderate Terms.-Apply to S. HOWELLS. Marine Hotel, Southerndown, near Bridgend, Glamorganshire. [1722 $41t,s by grnate ABERCARNE, MONMOUTHSHIRE. YALUABLE COPYHOLD PROPERTY V FOR SALE, comprising Dwelling-Houses, and Land highly eligible for building sites. Apply to R. C. SLADE, Clifton-place, Newport. [1644 r\ "T7* OR SALE, the British-built SCHOONER Resolution," now lying at Newport, Mon. Per register 56 tons, carrying •talmmhi from 85 to 90 tons—of easy draught. She is well found in Materials, a large outlay having been made on her; She is now lying at the Commercial Wharf, Newport, Mon; For further particulars, apply to WM. HURLEY, No. 2, Cross Keys Lane, Newport. [1712 OLD BREWERY, CARDIFF. TO BE DISPOSED OF, in consequence of the retirement of one of the Partners, a share in the above old-established business. Particulars to be obtained upon application to Mr. GEORGE SALMON, Solicitor, 74, Crockherbtown, Cardiff, I FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, TWO FREEHOLD HOUSES and PREMISES, situate at Maindee, One Mile from Newport, on the Chepatow road, and adjoining the King William Inn, the property of Mr. W. BUBLKY, who is leaving the neigh- bourhood.—Newport, Sept. 30th, 1857. Qotim. NOTICE. MESSRS. G. W. JONES & co., SHIP- BROKEBS, &c., Newport, Mon respectfully beg to inform their friends and correspondents, that they have REMOVED their Offices from 28. LLANARTH-STREET to MASONIC-HALL BUILDINGS, Great Dock-street. [1711 GAME NOTICE. LLANTARNAM ABBEY ESTATE. THE GAME on the entire of the LLANTARNAM ABBEY ESTATE is STRICTLY PRESERVED. Trespassers will be prosecuted. August 14th, 1857. [1596. THE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH of the BOROUGH of NEWPORT, Monmouthshire, are prepared to receive TENDERS from parties willing to Contract for the SCAVENGING of the Streets, Roads. Footways, &c., witbin their district. Specifications of the work to be performed, may be seen, and further particulars may be obtained, on application at my office, where Tenders marked Tender for Scavenging," must be sent, on or before MONDAY, the 12th October next. The lowest Tender will not necessarily be accepted. ALFRED WILLIAMS, Engineer and Surveyor to the Board. Town-hall, Newport, Mon., 30th Sept., 1857. [1710 JOINT COUNTIES ASYLUM, ABERGAVENNY. TO MILLERS AND BUTCHERS. PERSONS desirous of CONTRACTING with the Visiting Justices for the supply of MEAT and FLOUR for the use of the Asylum, from the 15th day of October to the 31st day of December, 1857, are requested to send in TENDERS, accompanied by Samples in the case of Flour, on or before WEDNESDAY, the 14th day of October next. Forms of Tender will be supplied on application at the Clerk's Office, Asylum. S. BROWNING, Clerk to the Visiting Justices. Asylum, Sept. 22nd, 1857. [1692 BRECKNOCK AND ABERGAVENNY CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Haif-Yearly Meeting or Assembly of the Company of Proprietors of the said Navigation, will be held at the TOWN HALL, in the town of Abergavenny, on THURSDAY, the 15th day of October next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. JAMES PEIRCE, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Canal Offic?, near Abergavenny, 29th Sept., 1857. [1720 REVISION OF THE LISTS OF VOTERS FOR THE COUNTY OF BRECON, 1857. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that J_1 JOHN PERCY SEVERN, and HARDINGE STANLEY GIFFARD, Esqrs Barristers-at-Law, duly appointed to REVISE THE LISTS OF VOTERS, in the Election of a Knight of the Shire for the County of Brecon or one of them, will make a Circuit of the said County, and hold Courts for that, purpose, at the several places and times following, (that is to say) At the LION INN, Builth, on MONDAY, the 5th day of October next, at Twelve o'clock at noon, to revise the Lists for Alltmawr, Gwaravog in Llanlleonfel, Llanafanfawr, Llanfair in Builth, Llanfecban, Llanganten, Llangunnog, Llanthewy Abergwesain, Llanthewy'rowm, Llanfihangel Abergwessin, Llanfihangel Brynpabuan, Llanwrthwl, Llanwrtid, Llanynis, Llysdinam Hamlet. Maesmyms, Penbualt in Llangammarch, Township of Rhosferng, Trellis in Llangammarch, and Trefryn in Llanlleonfel. At the OLD TOWN HALL, Brecon, on TUESDAY, the 6th day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon, to revise the Lists of the Parishes of Llanspyddyd and Saint Davids', and all the Parishes and Places in the Hundreds effMerthyr and Penkelly, and also to revise the Lists of County Voters for the several Parishes and Places in the Borough of Brecon. At the BULL'S HEAD IWN, Devynnock, on WEDNES- DAY, the 7th day of October next, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, to revise the Lists for the Hamlets of Cray, Glyntawe, Glyn, Maescar, and Senuy in the Parish of Devynnock, and the Parishes of Llywell, Ystradgunlais, 8th day of October neic t, at Twelve O'clock at Noou. to "J; S"<= Crickhowell, and the Hamlets of y Fechan, in the Parish of Talgarth. » At the SWAN INN, Hay, on FRIDAY, the 9th day_of October next, at Eleven o'clock in tbe Forenoon, the Lists of the several Parishes and Places followin0 is to say, Aberllunvey. New Hamlet of Glasbury, ii 7 Parish, Tregoyd and Velindre Hamlets, Llanigon ana Glynfach Hamlet. At the ASHBURNHAM ARMS INN, Talgarth, on FRIDAY, the 9th day of October next, at Two o'clock in the After- noon, to revise the Lists of the several Parishes or Places following: that is to s iy, Broynllis, Cathedine, Crickadarn, Gwenddwr, Llandefalley, Llangorse, Llanelieu, Llaufih- angel-Tallyllyn, Llyswen, Pipton Hamlet, and Talgarth, (viz. Borough, Forest Pwllywrach, and Trevecca Hamlets ) And the Lists of Voters for any Parish, Township, Hamlet, or Place not hereinbefore mentioned (if any) will be revised at the Court held nearest to the same. N.B.—The Overseers of each Parish. Township, Hamlet, or Place, must attend, as required by the Act, at the opening of the Court at which the Lists of their respective parishes, &c., are appointed to be revised, and bring with them copies of their Lists, and all Notices of Claims and Objections, and other papers they have received concerning the Registration of Voters for the County of Brecon, UNDER A PENALTY OF £5 FOR EACH OMISSION OR BREACH OF DUTY. _r » EDWARD WIXIJAMS, Brecon, 17th Sept., 1857. Clerk of the Peace. .oft ^dresses. GENUINE BEAR'S GREASE. WILLIAM HOPKINS, HAIR DRESSER and PERFUMER respectfully informs the Gen- try, Clergy, and the public generally that he has had a fine FAT BEAR slaughtered, having been fed by Mtnaelf for seven months. He will be enabled to sell the article pure. 50, High-street, Newport. [1700 NEWPORT STEAM SAW MILLS, CANAL-PARADE, NEWPORT, To TIMBER-MERCHANTS, BUILDE.RS, t Otherq. WG. LOVELL begs to state he has • added to his General Sawing, that of GROOVING and RABBITING, for which he is prepared to execute orders on the most moderate terms. A Stock kept of ELM and DEAL BOARDS, SLATE, and PANTILE LATHS, &c. [1439 BENT ALL'S PATENT BROADSHARE AND SUB-SOIL PLOUGHS. J. S. STONE RESPECTFULLY invites particular atten- tion to his NEW STOCK of the above IMPLE- MENTS, to which so many First Class Prizes have been awarded. Catalogues sent post free, on application to J. S. STONE, Newport, Mon. [1002 BITTER ALE. BASS & CO.'S, AND ALLSOPP & SONS'. CHARLES SMITH having received a sup- ply of the above (of the new brewings) in excellent order, in casks of all the usual sizes, will be much obliged by the commands of his friends. Newport, Oct. 2nd, 1857. [1709 DENTAL SURGERY AND ARTIFICIAL TEETH. NEWPORT, evwy alternate WEDNESDAY, viz., Oct. 14tb and 28th, at Mrs. WILLIAMS', 15, Dock-street. CARDIFF, every alternate THURSDAY, viz., Oct. 15th and 29th, at Mr. WiLLlAMES', Montague House, Charles-street. MR. ROGERS, SURGEON DENTIST, Bristol, author of'Advice on the Care of the Teeth,' &c., &c., formerly of Conduit-street, Bond-street, London, may be consulted at NEWPORT and CARDIFF as above. Being a regularly educated Surgeon as well as Dentist, and having bad upwards of twenty years' experience in the practice of his profession, parties consulting him may secure to themselves all the advantages which the higher resources of the Dental Art are capable of affording. 7, Unity-street, College-green, Bristol. [1719 THE THIRTIETH YEAR. J. ENGLAND, PIANO-FORTE SELLER, TUNER, &c. No. 5, ALFRED-PLACE, KINGSDOWN, BRISTOL, BEGS most respectfully to announce that his next periodical Professional Tour through Mon- mouthshire, (including Newport, Tredegar, Pontvpool, Carleon, Usk, Ragland, Abergavenny, Crickhowill, and tbwir respective neighbourhoods), will commence about the 9th instant, when he will proceed to pay his accus- tomed visits, and attend to all further commands he may be honoured with (addressed as above before that time), with the least possible delay. Bristol, Oct. 2nd, 1857. CAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY, t beg to submit the following List of their leading Prices in various descriptions of Furnishing Goods. The rapid increase in this branch of their business has induced them to enlarge their Stock very considerably they have SHOW ROOMS for the express purpose of keeping a general assortment of every description of BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CARPETS, &c., and they trust the character they have sustained for the last 30 years will be a sufficient guarantee that the same care and attention will be devoted to this New Branch of their Trade. Painted Iron Bedsteads for Servants, from £ 0 12 6 Beech ditto (Japanned Maple) from 0 18 6 American Birl h ditto, half-tester 15 0 Mahogany Arabian ditto ditto. „ 2 10 0 Mattresses for Servants 0 8 0 Horse Hair ditto 18 0 Japanned Toilet and Wash Tables 13 0 per pair. French Polished Birch ditto „ 2 10 0 ditto. Mahogany ditto 3 0 0 ditto. Japanned Chests of Drawers 17 6 Birch and Mahogany ditto 210 0 Swing Looking Glasses „ 0 5 6 Bed Room Chairs .029 Chintzes „ 0 0 4J per yard Union Damasks „ 0 0 71 ditto. Silk and Wool ditto, 1A yds. wicle 0 4 6 ditto. Bordered Muslin Curtains 0 0 10i ditto. Muslin Drawing Room Curtains 0 9 6 per pair. Blankets „ 0 5 3 ditto. Counterpanes. „ 0 2 6 each. Quilts 0 5 6 ditto. Cotton Sheets „ 0 6 0 per pair. Linen ditto 0 12 0 ditto Brussels Carpets 02 3 per yard Tapestry ditto 02 8i ditto. Kidderminster ditto 016 ditto. Dutch ditto 0 1 01 ditto. Printed Druggets „ 0 I 9 ditto. Hearth Rugs. 04 6 each. N.B.-Books of Bedding, with prices, sent Post Free on application. DEBENHAM, SON, AND FREEBODY. CAVENDISH HOUSE. CBELTENHAH. DIAMONDS, PEARLS, PLATE, WATCHES, &c. PURCHASED for Cash, and the extreme P Value given. Parties desirous of Selling their PLATE and VALUABLES, communicated with in the strictest confidence, by WM. STICKLAND, GOLDSMITH, &c., 24, CLARE STREET, BRISTOL, who respectfully solicits an Inspection of his Large and Commanding STOCK of SILVER PLATE (New and Second-Hand), and ELECTRO SILVER PLATED GOOD' Elegant GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, of the highest character; a Superb Assortment of FIRST- CLASS JEWELLERY, in rich and endless variety, offering all the advantages of Metropolitan Establishments, at a considerable REDUCTION in PRICE, with the impor- tant GUARANTEE as to QUALITY. Silver and Electro Silver Plated Fish Carvers Fish and Dessert Knives and Folks Knife, Fork, and Spoon, in Ctises. STICKLAND-S ELECTRO PLATED SPOONS and FORKS, warranted the best and most perfect Substitute for Silver produced. Agent for Barnard's, Elkington, and other eminent Manufacturers. Several Se'ond Hand Gold and Silver Watches, in perfect older, and warranted, at about half their original cost. STICKLAND'S PLATE POWDER. ls. the Box. SILVERSMITH, JEWELLER, & WATCHMAKER, 24, CLARE-STREET, BRISTOL. [1533 THE ALLIANCE STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY (LIMITED.) Incorporated August 3rd, under the" Joint Stock Com- panies' Acts, 1856 and 18 57," with Limited Liability. CAPITAL £ 100,000. (WITH POWEll. or INCUEASB.) In Shares of £1 each. Deposit 5s. per Share. Earl Talbot, C.B., &c., Tngestre lIall, Stafford, and Carlton Club, Pall 1\1 all, (S. W ) Chairman. J. R Stebbing, Esq., F.R.A.S., President of the Chamber of Commerce, Southampton, Deputy Chairman. The Lord Thomas Pelham Clinton, Cleveland Square, Hyde Park, (W.) John Gregory, Esq., Harley-place, (W.) White, King, and Gregory, Bankers, Haymarket. Henry Brinsley Sheridan, Esq., M.P., Bellefield House, Fulbam. (S.W.) Capt. Neynall, late of the Ilonble. East India Company's service, Chigwell, Essex, BANKERS. Messrs. Masterman & Co., 35, Nicholas- lane (E.C.) Messrs. White, King, & Gregory. 11, Haymarket (S.W.) GENERAL SHIPPING AGENTS. Messrs. Cunard and Co Atlantic Line of Steamers. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Vallance&Vallance, 20 Essex-street, Strand(W.C. CONSULTING ENGINEER. William Rennie, Esq., C.E., Fenchurch street (E.C ) MANAGER. J SECRETARY. Augustus Webber, Esq. I George W. Pinnock, Esq. OFFICE. 14. CHATHAM PLACE, BLACKFRIARS BRIDGE (E. C.) THIS Company is formed under the law which limits the liability of shareholders to the amount of their respective shares, and has for its object. The gradual supply of steam communication in connection with railways and canals between such ports of the United Kingdom and the Continent, where trading operations are now restricted and carried on by sailing vessels, which are present necessities of commerce. cioomorc'S018 kave resolved to place Auxiliary Screw 1 p.-JiVo '^e ports of Newport, Waterford, and ind Tivorn impton'an<^ London; and Swansea, Milford, & aAs ,tlie traffic and communication of these p a iin^#ye a^ditional steamers will be laid on, ana other lines opened. Calculations have been made, showing the application of the Capital which it is proposed to raise in the first instance, and the estimated profit to be denved therefrom. The cal- culations show on these lines a return of twenty to twenty. five per cent, per annum. Prospectuses and forms of applications for Shares, may be obtained at the office of the Company, 14, Chatham- place. Blackfriars Bridge, London, (E.C.) also o he un- dermentioned Share Agents, ABERDARE-Ifr. Walter Lloyd, 8, Gloucester-place ABERGAVENNY—Mr. Isaac Rosser, Tudor-street. CARDIFF—Bird & Co.. 1 GLOUCESTER—Mr. Charles Jones, 27, Victoria street. MBILTH-tit-Messrs, Chapman Brothers, High-streej. NBWPORT-Mr. H. M. Partridge, and Mr. J. M. Scott, 48, Commercial-street. PONTYPOOL—Mr. Robert Bowman. Sw A.NSBA.-Kessn, Gloyer and Squirrell, 16, Strand. [1576 .y gkMwsws. v .? OBSERVE!! JMINCHIN is now SELLING OFF the whole of his SUMMER STOCK at an immense REDUCTION, consisting of Plain and Fancy Straw, Tuscan, and Millinery BONNETS, Boys' and Girls' HATS, RIBBONS, PARASOLS, FLOWERS, &c., &c. OBSERVE—WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. "■■ VICTORIA HOUSE, 140, COMMERCIAL-STREET, NEWPORT. Wedding and Mourning Orders executed with despatch. 983 .■ ;=;■ -i- > GRAND 1 EVENING CONCERTS PATRONISED BY THE RIGHT HON. LORD RODNEY and LADY RODNEY. SIR CHARLES MORGAN. BarL., and LADY MORGAN. SIR THOMAS HASTINGS, Bart., and LADY HASTINGS. SIR WILLIAM COCKBURN, Bart., and LADY COCKBURN. amT1„^ THE HIGH SHERIFF OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH, and Mrs. GRATREX. THE WORSHIPFUL THE MAYOR OF NEWPORT, and Mrs. LYNE. J. ARKWRIGHT, Esq and Mrs. ARKWRIGHT. KING KING, Esq" and Mrs. KING KING. ELIAS CHADWICK, Esq., and Mrs CHADWICK. Mr, WILKES, Associate of The Royal Academy, AND Mr. A G. POLLOCK, of The Royal Academy. WILL HAVE THE HONOR OF GIVING A GRAND EVENING CONCERT, AT MERTHYR TYDFIL, on MONDAY, OCTOBER 5th. I BRECON, on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6th. NEWPORT on I KINGTON, on THURSDAY, OCTOOER 8th. And LEOMINSTER, on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9th. "V OCALISTS MISS SUSANNA COLE, of The Royal Academy, and of The Crystal Palace, and Nobility's Concerts, London, MISS FRANCES FOREY, and MR. JOHN WILKES. INSTRUMENTALISTS. SOLO PIANOFORTE.-M R. JOHN WILKES, A.R.A. DOUBLE ACTION PEDAL RARP.-MR. A. G. POLLOCK, R.A. WALD HORN.—MR. E. BENNETT GILBERT, of The Royal Academy, London, and Conservatoire, Leipsic. ACCOMPAIQYISTS. "0> Messrs. E. B. GILBERT, A. G. POLLOCK, and JOHN WILKES. Further particulars will appear forthwith. [1667 RICHARD L. WILLIAMS, (Eldest Son of the Late W m. Williams, of the Old Brewery, St. Mary-street), IMPORTER of FOREIGN WINES and SPIRITS, DEALER in BOTTLED ALES and JL PORTER, POST OFFICE BUILDINGS, CHURCH-STREET, CARDIFF. 1458 zk .1 I I 1 Il V r -I JOHN A. AND THOMAS LEWIS, MANUFACTURERS OF WIRE FENCING TO HER MAJESTY, FROGMORE-STREET, ABERGAVENNY, ■Mk WHOLESALE & RETAIL IRONMONGERS, IRON & BRASS FOUNDERS, AND GENERAL MANUFACTURERS, BEG respectfully to call the attention of the Public to their newly-invented INVISIBLE WIRE FENCING, for which they have had the honour to receive the patronage of Her Majesty's Government, and have executed extensive Contracts for erecting the same in Hyde Park, Victoria Park, and Windsor Par,* and also in Kensington Gardens. J. A. and T. L. have paid especial attention to this department of their business, and by an improved method of uniting the wires, they secure to the fencing increased durability and greater neatness of appearance. A priced Catalogue will be sent on application, and any Orders entrusted shall received immediate attention. [1550 DENTAL SURGERY. General Notice to Messrs. Mosely's Patients, and those who may wish to consult them. MESSRS. MOSELY, SURGEON-DENTSITS, of 30, BERNER'S-STREET, OXFORD-STREET, London, have the honor to announce that they will, for the future, devote one week in each month to their practice in the Principality, and by which means they hope to meet the convenience of their patients, and so prevent the necessity of their applying elsewhere during their absence. Their days of attendance for OCTOBER, will be on MONDAY, the 5th, GEORGE HOTEL, Chepstow TUESDAY, the 6th, at Mr. WILLIAMS', saddler, next door to the ANGEL HOTEL, Abergavenny; WEDNESDAY, the 7th, KING'S HEAD HOTEL, Newport THURSDAY, the 8th, CARDIFF ARMS, Cardiff. Private apartments at all the Hotels. Attendance from Ten to Five. Single teeth, from 5s. Sets, from JE5. Stopping decayed teeth, 23. 6d. Messrs. MOSELY beg to call the attention of their patients, and those who may wish to consult them, that they can now supplv Artificial Teeth, with GUTTA PERCHA. GUMS or LININGS, whereby all pressure upon the remaining teeth ia avoided, and entirely superseding the use of wires or description. They are Also the Patentees and Inventors of the new GUM-COLOURED COMPOSITION, whiuh is added to the Teeth, and prevents the lodgment of the food, and which also restores that youthful contour of countenance, so necessary in the adaptation of Artificial Teeth. Specimens of these beautiful and useful inventions may be seen, and every information given, free of expense. Every other description of Artificial Teeth, from one to a complete set, at half the usual prices. Stopping Decayed Teeth, Scaling, Children's Teeth attended, and every operation pertaining to Dental Surgery. TAILORING & OUTFITTING STORES, No. 32, HIGH-STREET,\ NEWPORT. O PORTER begs most respectfully to inform O • the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Newport generally, that he has a choice selection of GOODS suit- able for the coming SEASON. A serviceable and good Article will be rendered at the JpjB lowest possible price, from which no deviation can be • able for the coming SEASON. made. Orders will be promptly attended to under his own i personal superintendence, and strict attention paid in the execution thereof. Eveiy description of Clothing made in the best and If j A VsRa strongest manner, by the Sewing Machine, twenty per p £ -| M EMI cent, less than the usual charge. «^|| m- pp S. P. trusts, from the care he has taken in the choice of j his Stock, to meet with a slare of patronage. 1111 The remaining Stock of Mr. Polak's will be sold with- 1 1 ■ out any regard to cost, it having been purchased for cash, I m at an immense discount therefrom. I ] ■ Please observe the Address, as this is the Largest and Cheapest Establishment in Newport. [1651 CARDIFF, NEWPORT, MERTHYR.—DENTAL SURGERY. PATRONISED BY THE PRINCIPAL AND MOST DISTINGUISHED FAMILIES IN SOUTH WALES. MR. RICHARD B. BOULTON, SURGEOX-DENTIST, 72, Crockherbtown, Cardiff continues to supply his beautiful MINERAL TEETH, upon the first known and most scientific principles, including the Engraved Gold Suction Plate also, with Gutta Percha, and beautiful Artificial Gums. They are supplied without the extraction of roots, or giving the least pain, and for a natural appearance, general utility, and ease in mastication, they cannot be equalled by any dentist in the West of England or Wales, or excelled in any part of the world. Persona who have failed to find satisfaction in other hands, are particularly requested to call. Teeth effectually Stopped with Gold or White Cement; scaling, extracting, irregular teeth brought into position, and all operations of the mouth performed with ease and safety. Attendance at Mrs. KELAN'S, Confectioner, opposite Bush Hotel, MERTHYR, as follows :—Wednesday, July Is and 15th August 5th and 19th Scp-ember 2nd and 16th October 17th and 21st; November 4th and 18th t December 2nd and 16th. Attendance at Mrs. EDWARDS'A, 173, Commercial-street, (near the Westgate Hotel,) NEWPORT, every FRIDAY. No charge for consultation.—Charges strictly moderate.—Attendance daily from Ten to Five, except as above [643 DRAPERY.— £ 3,700. IMPORTANT NOTICE OF SALE BY R. AND W. DYKE, No. 2. BUTE-STREET, NEAR THE HAYES BRIDGE, CARDIFF. T) & W. DYKE, having purchased the STOCK of Mr. W. MORRIS (who is leaving 0 Re the neighbourhood) at a large discount off cost price, are now offering the same at an IMMENSE SACRIFICE from former prices, in order to effect a clearance of the whole, to make room for an entire NEW and FASHIONABLE STOCK, suitable for the approaching season. jr. R. & W. DYKE beg to call the particular attention of large buyers and charitable societies to lots of Goods which will be made up to suit them, at such prices that must command a. ready sale. During the Sale, the Establishment will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. System of businessREADY MONEY, AND ONE PRICE ONLY. c¡¡- Observe the Address—R. AND W. DYKE, TRAFALGAR HOUSE, No. 2, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF [1656 CABINET & CARPET WAREHOUSE, 19, DUKE-STREEJ, CARDIFF. DANIEL LEWIS begs respectfully to invite the attention of parties about JL7 to Furnish to his extensive STOCK of CABINET FURNITURE, of all descriptions. BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY, KIDDERMINSTER and FELT CARPETS. SILK and WOOL, WORSTED and UNION DAMASKS. FRINGES, BELL-ROPES, LOOPERS, OilRIS and FLOAT LACES. GILT CHfMNEY and TOILET-GLASSES. PAPER-HANGINGS, in great variety. FLOOR CLOTH, MATTINGS, and DOOR-MATS. FEATHER BEDS, HAIR and WOOL MATTRESSES. WINDOW HOLLANDS, TABLE COVERS, &c., &c. N.B. AGENT for the Sale of Mr. CHARLES CADBY'S CELEBRATED PATENT PIANO- I FORTES, instruments of the best Manufacture, and universally acknowledged to be equal to any make in England. [1228 GOLDEN KEY GENERAL & FURNISHING IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT 9, ANGEL STREET, CARDIFF. MESSRS. LOWDER and SON beg to call the attention of their friends and the public to their extensive stock of GENERAL and FURNISHING IRONMONGERY, consisting of Bronzed and Black Fenders, Fire Irons, JAPANNED GOODS of all descriptions, DISH COVERS, BATHS, MODERATOR and other LAMPS, COLZA OIL, REGISTER STOVE GRATES, COOKING APPARATUS, Gas, Ventilating and Suspension STOVES, JOYCE'S STOVE at PATENT FUEL, IRON BEDSTEADS, &c., &c., &c. AGENTS FOR MILNER'S SAFE AND DEED BOXES. 998 f o¡, SIR CHARLES M. R. MORGAN, BART., HAS FIXED i, '0 j THE ANNUAL SHOW OF STOCK, AT THE NEW MARKET PLACE, NEWPORT, FOR TUESDAY, 15TH DECEMBER, 1857. SILVER CUPS GIVEN BY SIR CHARLES MORGAN J For the best yearling Bull, North Devon breed. For the best Boar. 1 For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto. For the best Fat Pig. For the best yearling Bull, short horned breed. For the best Ram Lamb, long wool. For the best two-years-old Heifer, ditto. For the best Ram Lamb, short wool. For the best yearling Bull, Hereford breed. For the best yearling Cart Colt or Filly, bred by til For the best two-years old Heifer, ditto, exhibitor. For the best Fat Ox that has never won a prize. The Stock to be bred and fed by, &nd the Property of the Exhibitor at the time of Showing.—Cross Breeds excluded THE FOLLOWING SILVER CUPS GIVEN BY OTHER GENTLEMEN:- Capel Hanbury Leigh, Esq., Pontypool Park-A Cup, Brood Mare, half bred, the Foal to be shown with tb* for thohest Yearling Heifer, bred by tbe Exhibitor. mare, or satisfactory proof given that the mare is in foal- William Mark Wood, Esq—.A Cup, value Five Guineas, John E. Rolls, Esq The Hendre.—A Cup for tbe W for the second best ditto, bred by, and being the bona fide Pony, under four years old, being in the possession of th* property of a farmer not farming his own estate. exhibitor twelve months previous to the show. Colonel LasceIles-A Cup, for the best Glamorganshire J. p. Gwynne Holford, Esq., Buckland, Breconshire. „ A Cup for the best Yearling Colt or Filly, got by' William H. M. Style, Esq.—A Cup, for the best Fat thorough-bred horse, and bred in Monmouthshire, CH* Cow. morganshire, or Breconshire. _J Thomas Powell, Esq., The Gaer-A Piece ef Plate, Godfrey Charles Morgan, Esq.—A Cup, for the b-A value Ten Guineas, for the three best Cows, in milk, or Three-years old Colt or Filly, got by a thoroagh-bf* within three months of calving. The Exhibitors for this horse, and bred in Monmouthshire or Glamorganshire, prize must be Tenant Farmers, or persons not possessing E. M. Curie, Esq., Itton Court.—A Cup, value sei^ landed property exceedingiJOO per annum, and living in guineas, for the best Four-vears-old Col', Filly, or the County of Monmouth, Glamorgan, or Brecon. ingi got by a thorough-bred"horse, foaled and bred in tM James Rennie, Esq., Maindee-A Piece of Plate, for county of Monmouth, and being the property of the exbJj the best pair of two years-old Heifers, in milk, or within bitor six months previous to the day of showing. three months of calving, bred by, and being the property Charles Croft Williams, Esq., Roath Court.-A Cap of the Exhibitor, residing in the County of Monmouth or value not less than five guineas, to the Exhibitor of tb' Glamorgan; cross breed excluded. best and most useful Implements in Agriculture. T. W. Booker Blakemore, Esq. M P.—A Piece of Crawshay Bailey, Esq., M P.—A Cup value ten guine#* Plate, value Five Guineas, for the best pair of Two-years- to the tenant farmer, in Monmouthshire not pMsessiof old Heifers, in milk, or within three months of calving. landed property exceeding £ 300 per annum, fortbe be* Frederick Justice, Esq., Belle Vue—A Cup, for the Root Crop, consisting of Mangold Wurtzel, and Swediw. best pair of Yearling Steers. 0r Common Turnip, in all not less than fifteen acres. Samuel Homfray, Esq., Glen Uske—A Cup, for the competitors for this prize must bo subscribers to tW best Two-years old Heifer, bred by the Exhibitor, and be- Town Cups, and make their entry at the Tredegar Estef inghisproperty at the time of showing. Office, on or before the 11th November, 1857, and pay »J D. R. Williamson, Esq., The Lawes, Perthshire-A the same time five shillings towards defraying the expert Cap, for the secoml best Yearling Bull,short horned breed. of the Judges appointed to awarrl the same. William Phillips, Esq., Whitson House-A Piece of G. R. Greenhow Relph, Esq" Beech-hill, near Usk Plate, value Ten Guineas, for the best Bull, under two A Cup, value ten guineas, to the Tenant Farmer of W years, d, t'la^ use^ f°r a season with the Exbi acres or upwards, in Monmouthshire, whose farm is undf; bitor s cows, and being in the possession of a Tenant the best general system and course of husbandry • who* Farmer nine months previous to the day of show, who fences and roadways are in the best condition, and wW resides on Caldicotor Wentloog Level. has the best general stock. The Stock (Bulls and Rft"? The Town Council of Newport.—A Cup, value Twenty excepted) upon the farm shown, must have been wholUf Guineas. The terms and particulars of this prize have not kept on the farm for the preceding six months Th yet been determined upon but will be announced in must be two bond fide competitors, and the Judges to haT»5 kandbi Is to be issued in a short period. discretionary power to withhold the prize if there be Rt. Hon. Sir Benjamin Hall, Bart., M.P.-A Cup, for sufficient merit. The competitors for this prize to maW the best Ram, any Welsh Mountain breed. their entry at the Tredegar Estate Office, on or before tbo Lady Hall, Llanover Court-A Cup, value Five 11th November, 1857, and pay at the time five shilling Guineas, for the best pen of six Breeding Ewes, any Welsh towards defraying the expenses of the Judges appointed44 Mountain breed. award the same. George Houifray, Esq., Glen Uske—A Cup, value Five W. P. Herrick, Esq., Beau Manor Park Loughboroagb. Guineas, for a pen of the best four Mountain Wethers, Leicestershire.—A Cup, value five guineas to the Ten#9! bred by the Exhibitor, in the Couuty of Monmouth. Farmer of not more than 150 acres, whose farm is situat* Octavius Morgan, Esq M.P., The Friars-A Cup. for on the south side of the road leadin* from Newport W the best Boar and Sow, of any breed, under a year old Chepstow, and is under the best general system and courff W. S. Cart A right, Esq. Newport—A Piece of Plate, of husbandry, fences in the best condition, and ricks for the best Sow and litter of P:gs, of any breed, the made and thatched. There must be two hnnA fide coJJJ' litter not to exceed four months old. petitors, and the Judges to have a discretionary power V> John Logan, Esq., Maindee House -A Cop, value Five withhold the prize if there be not sufficient morrt Guineas, for the best Ihree-yeais-old Cart Colt or Filly, competitors for this prize to make their entry at the Tr? to be in possession of the owner twelve mouths previous degar Estate Office, on or before the 11th November, lS&< °mi,e 8 i Tz^r. » tt'ii a n e n time five shillings towards defraying tb' Thomas Gratrex, Esq King a Hill-A Cup, for the expenses of tho Judges appointed to award the saL. best Two-years-old Cart Colt or Eiily, bred by, and George Rollings, Esq., Llanarthan.—A Cup, value being the property of the Exhibitor at the time of pounds, to the Tenant Farmer of not more than 60 acM showing. nr which shall be the best cultivated, in the parishes Augustus Morgan, Macben Rectory—A Cup, for Rumney, St. Mellons, Marshfield, Peterstone, St, Bride'/ the. ^1VPvyhfhUn Gall°Way' br6d by> and the Pro* or Coedkernew, whose ditches and grips are properly M perty of the bx • their fences neatly laid, and their crops clean, and Admiral Ro ey lundy A Cup, for the best Cart put in. There must be four b„na fide competitors, and tb* Mare and Foa to be in possession of the Exhibitor twelve Judges to have a discretionary power to withhold mo"th? P"°r <;he 8^ow- t „ prize if there be not sufficient merit. The competitors & Sir Joseph Bailey, Baronet, M P., Glen Uske Park—A this prize to make their entry at the Tredegar Est»*f Cup, for the best Cart Stallion that has covered in the Office, on or before the llth November, 1857, and pay 5 virIf Monmouth, 1857. the time five shillings towards defraying the expense# William Jones, Esq., Clytha—A Cup, for the best the Judges appointed to award the same. SUBSCRIBERS TO THE FOLLOWING PRIZES, INHABITANTS OF THE TOWN OPNEwpolH: AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. £ s. £ s. Allen, Mrs. Tredegar Arms, Newport 1 1 Hopkins, "VV., hairdresser, Newport.. 1 1 Philpotts, Richard Haysgate 1 i Baker, Richard, Llanvihangel ..1 1 Hughes, George, Penpergwm 1 1 Price, William Bishton 1 Baker, D„ Chepstow 11 Hyndman, John, Newport 1 1 Prichard, George, Llanvihangel.Aber- < Ballard, T. A., woolstapler, Newport 1 1 Ion, Matthew, Tredegar II gavenny 1 f Batchelor, T. B, Newport 11 Ion, Richard, Newport II Pride. William, Lanvihangel! *Rogiet 1 < Bateson, George, Newport 1 1 Irwin, James, Bassalleg I 1 Prothero.Charles,Llanfrechfa Grange 1 f Bassett, Alexander, C. E 1 1 Jenkins, John, Bassalleg 11 Pontypool Iron Company •• 1 t Beacon, Proprietor of 1 1 Jenkins John, jun C'aerleon ..1 1 Rees, W. S Croescaeninon .1 Bird, —, merchant, Cardiff 1 1 Jones, William, Farm Field 1 1 Rees. W T Hollv Honse 1 « Bland, John, Bristol 1 1 Jones, .Jenkin, 1-ark, near Cardiff ..I 1 £ j. 1 » Bolt. Henry, "builder, Newport •• 1 1 Jones, John, Llwynyner • t l PanthriWgOCh •• /-I Brewer, T. L., Dariygraig 11 Jones, Joseph, Gelly wasted Ill 1 v*\ Brewer, John, Machen 1 1 Jones, William, Coedkernew 1 1 Rirhorrio' t u mas' aindra 1 Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian, l'ro- Jordan, Charles, PiJigwenlly 1 I Remolds'W.G^bersavenny I 1 prietorof 11 Keene, Mrs., Goldclift i i Roberts J b' PiUewenliv 1 Clark, John, merchant 1 1 Keene, Rees, Tencreeg 1 R^ers. Ebenezer, Aberi?ne' I" 1 Clarke, Wm painter, &c, Newport. 1 1 Keene, Richard, Penhow 11 Rosser, Thomas High Cross .1 i ColUns, Henry, Duffryn .1 1 Langley, William, Lanvair I 1 Russell, John, Wyelands "I Cross, Thomas, Rtsca.1 1 Latch, Joseph, Newport I Sainsbury, William, Castle Inn, New- Daniel, tdwaril, saddler, Newport .1 1 Lawrence, John, Cwmbran II port .1 Davis, H. J., solicitor, Newport • I 1 Lewis, Thomas, tailor, Newport I 1 Samuelson, Barnhard, Banbury, Oxon 1 Davies, John, grocer, Newport 1 1 Lewjs, ^°hn, Tydee I l Scard, Simeon, corn merchant, New- < Davies, Thomas r., Langstone Court 1 1 Lewis, C., Tredegar place, Newport I i port 1 } Dew, Mrs, Llanvetherine .1 1 Lewis, Rev. E. F., Portskewett ..1 1 Scard Moses Newport I I Dew Henry, mercer, Newport ..1 1 Lewis, T. F., maltster, Newport 1 1 Senior, John, Newport! 1 } Dowle, George, Caerwent .11 Lewis, Mrs., Llangibby i Seys, John, The Graig 1 1 Dowle, John, Claypit Farm, near Lewis, David, Great House, Llanarth I 1 Seys, Charles Tregwiilim 1 » Chepstow • • "J J Lloyd, John, Kings Head Hotel, Sharp Robert', Hewelsfield Court ..I I Duckham, Charles, Salisbury Farm.. 1 1 Newport i i iinmerset. Colonel MP 5 Durham Robert, butcher, Newport 1 1 Long, Mrs Rogiet 1 I Speary, William, Newport 1 Duffield, John, Risca .11 Ludlow, Daniel, Newport 1 J Star of (iuxnt Pronrietor of .I Edwards, Thomas, Llanarth l l Lyne, Charles, Newport .I l stone J. sTiinn'ernent maker New- '• Egelstaff & Son, Hotwells, Bristol .1 1 Maule, James, road surveyor, Christ- port i 1' Iv^s' KTllndTwrasNeWPOrt"- } 11 St?atton, Richard, B^ad "HintaL tvans, Menry, Lianaowias ..11 Merlin, Proprietor of 1 1 Swindon 1 I EvaL;ComeliuL,&eSonrnauc&e°w 1 I MUner' Th' ^T } 1 Toogood, R. M., Newport .I Faulkner IIv dru<*eist PillirwpniiJ i n MUner, Thomas, Nash l • Thomas, Benjamin, Newport.1 Gammon,' George, Tredegar Arm^ MoI £ an' Kewport 1 } Thomas, Griffith, King's Arms Inn, Pillo-wenllv 11 V,eeS'St> Mellons •• 1 Pillgwenlly 1 Garraway, William, B.istol 1 1 Morgan," EdwaJd Pwitr v «1 ■ Thomas, Thomas, Tydraw,Lantiithed I £ Gregory, Henry, Cambrian Brewery 1 1 Morgan, Wm, druggist, i Sar«r°w f't- ^ar'H n 'v Grout, Joseph, stationer, Newport 1 1 Morris, David, Rifca gWenUy } i Vernon, S. est .f England Bank, g&5sffi £ ha?si £ «." -I i i llallen Samuel T., Westgate Hotel. 1 1 Oliver, C II, printer and stationer Wells, Edward, clnal Office, Newport 1 1 Hare, John, & Co merchants, Bristol 1 1 Newport; •• •• ..1 1 Wells, Nugent, silversmith, Newport 1 1. Harrhy, D., wine and spirit merchant, Parker, William, Caerwent 1 1 Westell, James. Crown Inn, Newport 1 i Newport 11 Perkins, Thom is, ilathern .1 1 Wilkes, Thomas Newport .1 i Hawkins, Capt, Shirenewton .1 1 Phillips, Joseph, Penvan 11 Williams, William & Co. timberm'er- Hawkins, J.. surgeon, Newport .1 1 Phillips, Philip, Newport 1 1 clients j Hereford Journal, Proprietor of ..1 1 Phillips, Charles, Wm. IV. Inn, Ne w- Williams, John, Splot.l 1 i Hereford Times, Proprietor of i J p0rt Williams, Morgan, Llandevaud 1 f Higgins, Henry, Woollaston Grange 1 1 Phillips, E. J., chemist, Newport 1 1 Witliams.T.R.CaerIeon 1 1. Hobbs, Henry, innkeeper, Newport.. 1 1 Phillips, S. M. & II., merchants, New- Williams, William, Red House, Ely 1 t Hodges, Henry, Bristol i port x Wiuter, M T. S„ Hartridge 1 1 Ilomfray, L. A. Glen Uske I 1 Phiihps, James, Trosteven l I Workman, Henry, Coedkernew .1 1 Hookey, G, R Hi.,ca Lodge I I Phillips, John, chemist, Newport 1 1 & 1 A Piece ot riite, value ten guineas, for the best Bull, Cow, and Offspring, the Offspring being under two years old, the Cow being in milk, or within three months of calving, and she and her Offspring having been bred by the Exhibitor, and the Bull, Cow and Offspring, being his property at the time of showing cross breed excluded. A Piece of Plate, value ten guineas, for the best Fat Cow, fed by the Exhibitor, and being in his possession twelve months previous to the day of showing. A Piece of Plate, value ten guineas, for the two best Fat Cows, of any age, to bo fed by the Exhibitor, in the County of Monmouth, and to be in his possession nine months previous to the show. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the two best Fat Cows, of any age, to be fed by the Exhibitor, who resides on the levels of Caldicot or Wentloog, and to be in his possession nine months previous to the day of show. A Piece of Plate, value ten guineas, for the best pair of two-years-old Steers, (which shall not show six broad teeth, full up,) bred and fed by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of showing. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the best pair of Yearling Steers, (which shall not show four broad teeth, full up,) bred and fed by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of showing. A Piece of Plate, value ten guineas, for the best pair of Yearling Stock Heifers, (which shall not show four broad teeth full up,) bred by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of showing cross breed ex- oluded. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the best pen, consisting of four Yearling Wethers, long wool, (which shall not show four broad teeth, full up,) bred and fed by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of sbowinc. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the best pelir consisting of four Yearling Stock Ewes, long wool, (which shall not show four broad teeth full up,) bred by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of showing. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the best pen, consisting of four Breeding Ewes, long wool, (which shall not show six broad teeth, full up,) under three years old, bred and fed by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of showing. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the best pen, consisting of four Breeding E ves, long wool, above three years old. bred and fed by the Exhibitor, and being his property at the time of showing. A Piece of Plate, value ten guineas, for the best piece, (not being less than ten acres,) of Swedish Turnips, growing within the County of Monmouth and if a portion only of a field be exhibited for this prize, the piece so shown, to be measured through the whole length of the drills in that part of the field which may be selected for competition. A Piece of Plate, value five guineas, for the best piece, (not being less than five acres,) of Swedish Turnips, grown by a Tenant Farmer, in the County of Monmouth, who does not farm more than 100 acres of arable land and if a portion only of a field be exhibited for this prize, the piece so shown to be measured as in the last prize. A Premium of two guineas and a half, for Farm Servants or Labourers, for the longest servitude, uninterruptedly, under the same master, on the same Farm, or under the same family. A second Premium of one guinea and a half ditto. A third Premium of one guinea ditto. --0 All persons intending to compete for the Prizes to be given for Swedish Tarnips must leave a notice in writing, of such their intention, with Mr. R. K. JONES, at the Tredegar Estate Oifice, on or before the 33th day of September, 1857, and pay at the same time five shillings, towards defraying tha expenses of the Judges appointed to award the same. No person will be allowed to compete for the two prizes given for Swedish Turnips, in the same year, nor any person who took either of the two prizes the preceding year. The Horned Stock must be in the Show Yard by 12 o'clock, and the Sheep and Pigs by 2 o'clock, p.m., on the day previous to the Show, and the Horses, by 10 o'clock on the day of the Show, for the inspection of the Judges, ana remain until 3 o'clock p.m., or be disqualified. That not more than one servant be allowed with each Exhibitor's Horned Stock, Sheep, or Pigs. That no Exhibitor or any person interested in the Stock off-ired for competition ex- cepting one servant, shall be present during the time the Judges are inspecting the Stock. The Qualification of the Stock to be exhibited for the above Prizes, to be proved to the satiafaction of three Gen- tlemen, to be named by the Committee, previous to the Exhibition. The proprietor of the Stock to be exhibited for each of the Town Prizes, to reside within twenty five miles of the Cattle Market, Newport, and •much distance to be ascertained by admeasurement along the nearest road, to the residence of the contending parties. The Exhibitor for each of the Town Prizes to be Tenant Farmers, or Persons not possessing landed property exceeding £ 3 '0 per annum. No person to be admittted a claimant for any of the Prizes given by the inhabitants of Newport and Neighbourhood, unless a Subscriber, and his subscriptions be paid into the hands of Mr. Sydney Evans, or theWest of England and South Wales Banking Company, Newport, on or before the llth of November, 1857. All persons exhi. biting, or persons who may have exhibited illegally, or not conformably to the Rules of the Shew, will be dis- qualified, and not allowed to enter again. All animals having won a prize at a former Cattle Show are disqualified, for competing for the Town Prizes; and it is not permitted that any animal be exhibited for two prizes the same year. (See Special R ites), All Stock, Implements, &c., intended to compete for the above prizes, to be entered, and the certificates to be deli- vered between the hours of 10 in the morning, and 5 in the afternoon of Wednesday, the 2nd December, 1857, to Mr. R. K. JONES, at the Office, in the Cattle Market, Newport, and each Exhibitor to pay One Shilling for each entry. No person will be admitted in the Show Yard, before two o'clock on the day of the Show, w Ibout paying J Onp Shilling. Tickets may be had of Mr. Charles H. Oliver, Printer, 21, Commercial street, Newport, an payment of One Shilling. An AUCTION for Stock on the day of the Show. Application to be made to M:et>s. COliJ^ii" • LIUS EVANS & SON, Auctioneers, at or before Eleven o'clock on the day of the Show. ) A Catalogue of the Entries will be published on the day of the'Show, to be had at the Gates in Ruperra-ctreet, » j at Mr. Charles H. Oliver's, 21, Commercial-street. Price Sixpence. q For particulars of Prizes to be given for Poultry, see handbills. AN ORDINARY AT THE K[NG'S HEAD HOTEL, AT FOUR O'CLOCK. D Sept. 19th, 1867. A i I